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Thought speak: 'Hello'

Speech: "Hello"

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~Chapter 2~

In the middle of a shaded glade sat a figure. They were perched, cross-legged, on a small stump in the middle.

A pointed ear twitched, as a frown formed on the beings face. Reaching out with his mind using a spell, he sought out the consciousness of his future pupil.

Upon contact he was immediately slammed with an intense searing pain. Working quickly, he placed a layer, like a mental membrane, around a dark storm that raged in the young rider's head, effectively containing it for now.

He sighed and allowed himself to slouch back, breathing in deep breaths to recover from the taxing expenditure of energy.

"I had hoped that this wouldn't happen,"the elf sighed.

'I know, but you knew there would be a risk when you made your decision' came the deep reply from within his mind.

"Yes, and I wonder if I made the right choice.'

No reply came. None was needed, they both already knew what the answer was.

In the dark of the night, a massive slitted eye snapped open. A deep growling sound permeated the quiet as the eye, seeming to glow slightly in the dark, whizzed around it's surroundings.

'What's wrong my friend?'

The silence stretched on.

'Glaedr, what troubles you?'

When no answer was forthcoming Oromis sighed. He could only wait until his partner decided to speak.

Blood, fear, metal, death. The familiar smells assaulted his senses.

He spun, ducking under a crude club-like weapon, and sliced the monstrosity's torso in half. His blade glowing a dull blue in the night.

The chakra laced blade continued to mutilate the surrounding figures as he lay waste to them.

Naruto kept a calm fa├žade as he butchered the nameless creatures. This was his justice for his family. Not a family through blood, nor even race, but through bonds forged over centuries.

It was the justice that his family deserved. A family that he hadn't seen in over 4000 years and never would see again.

Naruto jumped, swinging his blade upwards slashing open the chest of another beast. He twisted in midair continuing the swinging arc bringing down his sword in a vicious slash. He pumped an intense flare chakra into the blade, almost obliterating the being on the receiving end.

Naruto rose slowly from the crouch he had landed in, surveying the battlefield.

Satisfied with his findings Naruto turned swiftly on his heel and strolled away.

It came back slowly. First the slow rhythmic pulses of his heart. Then his toes and fingers, phantom pains shooting up his slightly numb limbs as he moved them.

Eragon winced as he sat up. Apparently his back was still quite tender.

He jumped, startled, when a hand delicately clasped his shoulder. Groaning as pains travelled up and down his back, he turned to see Arya sitting at his bedside, while Saphira's head stuck through the entrance flaps of the tent.

"How long was I out?"

Arya favored him with a small smile, "A while."

Saphira bent her head over and nudged his forehead with her snout,

'You drifted off near the end'

Eragon could feel her concern for him radiating through their link.

He grunted and tried shifting to his feet, needing to hold Saphira's head for support at the start. His entire body throbbed.

"How can I train?... How can I fight, or use magic?... I am just about standing as it is! I am a broken vessel."

"You can sit and watch," Arya responded, an echo of doubt creeping into her tone, "you can listen. You can read, you can learn."

Eragon scowled, walking stiffly out of the tent towards the centre of the camp.

After being handed a bowl of stew Eragon stormed off, Managing to make it back to his tent without collapsing. Arya was gone, leaving just him a Saphira alone.

'Do not be so angry little one, they did not cause this.'

Eragon glared through the tent wall at her.

'Just leave me alone.'


Eragon groaned again, now Saphira was grouchy with him. He really shouldn't have let his temper get the better of him.

The pounding of marching feet filled the stone hallway through which a large contingent of Dwarves marched. This was the force of warriors sent by the dwarf council to retake Orthiad and seal it off permanently.

The plan was to sneak in through on of the old tunnels and launch a surprise attack at dawn, hopefully catching them off guard.

A large stone wall loomed ahead. Various clinks could be heard as the Dwarves readied their weapons.

The wall split in half vertically, swinging outwards on silent hinges. The Dwarves surged forwards getting into defensive positions, expecting to be met with fierce opposition and unforgiving steel... Only for none to come.

Unnerved at the oppressing silence, they quickly regrouped and cautiously moved into the city, expecting an ambush. They were certainly not expecting the sight which met their eyes.

Blood saturated the earth and was splattered over most of the walls up and down the square, horribly mutilated bodies littered the ground. It was as if the very gods had smote them down in a terrible fury.

Some of the less experienced dwarves emptied the contents of their stomachs at the gristly sight and putrid smell of the rotting bodies. The veterans pulled their weapons closer apprehensive and on guard immediately.

Thost sighed, as the commander it was now his responsibility to clean this up.

"Back to the tunnel!" He ordered. "Kramr! Gorhad! Take some men and start clearing this up!"


The named dwarves set about their tasks. Thost strode away, barking orders and rubbing his head anticipating the head ache that was sure to come.

Far from the bloody scene, Naruto calmly strolled through the forest on his way to someplace called 'Surda'. At least that was what the map he had found said.

After butchering the beasts, Naruto had gone through the camp searching for anything that might be of use. He had found several things, most were inconsequential. Others were more important like the map and bundle of documents written in a primitive language unknown to him.

However, Naruto was able to decipher parts of the documents by having a group of shadow clones work on it. Apparently a resistance group called the 'Varden' was based in the mountains and the 'Urgals', as they were called, were to attack and eliminate them.

Naruto smiled, it was good to know that people were resisting, however futile it was.

He knew that without the dragons or riders, the Varden had no chance of ever taking down the murderer.

Still, Naruto wanted to at least have a look at them, for curiosity's sake.

Meanwhile in a darkened room in Aberon a child with violet eyes shuddered, gasping as she backed into one of the corners of the room, pulling her blankets tighter around herself.

Something was coming and it would be here soon. It was dark, it was powerful and it terrified her.