The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: #1
Pen Name: MinaRivera
Characters: Carlisle/Esme, Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Word Count: 345

Beta: Mauigirl60

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Young Love

As the car maneuvered down the path out of the lakeside after a long day spent with family and friends, Esme sat in the passenger seat, searching in her purse with a sense of urgency.

"What are you looking for?" her husband Carlisle asked from behind the steering wheel, amusement shining through his voice.

"Ssshhh . . . I just need to take a picture," she answered in a whisper, taking several things out of her bag in her quest for the one object she was actually looking for.

Carlisle rolled his eyes. "I can't believe there's still memory left in the camera after all the photos you took today—"

"Ssshhh!" Esme hissed, swatting her husband gently on his arm.

Carlisle chuckled, amused and yet confused by his wife's behavior. "Why do you keep shushing me?" he asked curiously.

"Look behind you!" she said, then let out a whispered "Aha!" when she finally found her camera.

Carlisle looked through the rearview mirror and smiled, seeing his son and his son's girlfriend sleeping after a day at the lake.

In the back seat, Edward slept with Bella in his arms, both content with their proximity. Bella was wearing one of Edward's white cable-knit sweaters to ward off the cold, while he had his arms wrapped around her from behind.

They were cuddled together, gentle smiles on their faces.

Esme snapped a quick picture of the young couple, who were clearly in love and happy, and then returned to her seat.

Carlisle released one of his hands from the steering wheel to grab his wife of twenty year's hand.

"Ah," sighed Esme. "Young love!"

Carlisle chuckled, peeking again at the couple through the rearview mirror. "No, I think our son has found the one, Mae."

Esme smiled widely and peeked back too. "I think you're right, Carlisle."

Edward smiled, keeping his eyes closed and tightening his grip on his young love. It filled him with joy hearing his parents talk about him and his Bella because they were right.

She was definitely the one for him.

Thank you for reading. xo ~Mina