Heya! Let me start by saying that this is my first fanfic for Kuroko no Basuke. I just recently got into the anime/manga and just fell in love. I mean it has (a) hot boys, (b) awesome basketball players, and (c)...hot, SWEATY boys ;P. Anyways, this is just a flashback prologue thingy where I introduce my OC. This story will have an OC x Canon pairing but as of right now I don't know who to pair her with as of yet.

Prologue: Past Promises

"Ne, Yuna-chan?" asked a small pale boy, no older than eight, with light blue hair and matching eyes. He was sprawled on a grass meadow with another person, a fair skinned girl with short wavy black hair and light greenish aqua colored eyes. The two children stared up at the clear blue sky which was peppered with the white puffs of the clouds.

"Yeah, Tsu-chan?" replied the little girl as she turned slightly so her eyes would fully land on the face of her best friend.

"Do you think I'll ever find something that I'm good at?" he questioned softly, looking at the girl with a deep glumness held in his azure eyes. The girl sat up from her laying form and the boy followed. The young boy looked down at his short clad lap with his spiky locks covering his eyes. "Will I ever find something I love with all my heart? Like you do with art or your brother with music?"

The little girl placed her small hand on top of his and she smiled when he faced her,two distinct dimples appearing on her cheeks. "I'm sure you'll find something you're good at in time. My mommy told me that inspiration has something to do with it. I think you haven't found the thing that makes your heart pump whenever you see it, yet. But, I know you'll find it one day because I believe in you, Tsu-chan!" she encouraged and the little boy was moved by her declaration. She always shined so brightly and he was drawn to her luminance which made him feel like he could accomplish anything. But soon that light would be gone.

"I wish you didn't have to leave." The boy sighed as he gave her hand a squeeze. "Why did Thailand have to be so far away?"

The girl sighed as well. "Yeah, I wish it was like right down the street or something but I can't do anything about it. I wish Mommy and Papa didn't have to travel so much."

"I'm going to miss you, Yuna-chan."

"Me too, Tsu-chan." The two children sat in the grass looking on in silence not staring at anything in particular. The mood becoming depressing and gloomy and the little girl felt like she was suffocating. "I can't take this anymore!" she said standing up abruptly.

The little blue boy blinked. "What's wrong, Yuna-chan?" he asked. The little raven held her hand out to help him stand up and he took it nonetheless. The kids stood up to stare at each other, one more confused than the other.

"Nothing's wrong but if I keep thinking about the fact that I'm being separated from my best friend, I'll start crying really hard and I don't want to do that." she admitted before lifting up the boy's pale hand and laced their pinkies together. "I'd rather leave on a positive note so we should make a vow."

"A vow?"

"Yeah, something that'll help us remember each other for years to come." explained the young girl. "No matter how many worlds apart we are, we will always remember the faith we had in each other and continue to strive to do our best."

"Okay." The boy replied with a nod and a smile.

"I'll go first! I, Shiraiwa Yuna, promise to become the best artist that Japan has ever raised!" she proclaimed. "Now your turn, Tsu-chan."

The boy nodded. "I, Kuroko Tetsuya, promise to find something that inspires me and when I do,I will become the best I can at it." The two shook their hands, binding themselves to their promises.

Sooo there it prologue. It was pretty action packed and intense, huh? Lol just kidding but anyways this is my base for the story (If that's the right word :P). Next chapter, the official beginning, will be where I present the issue (I think).