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Ah yes chapter 8 will be the ghost tour and it will only contain the Hex Girls, Dmitri and Ivan. Just to give you all something to look forward to.

Dr Magnason was walking through his maze. It was probably one of the most expensive parts of the manors construction. The walls of the maze were three metres high and the inside walls were covered in words. None of the words were in English, all of it was in Russian. The words told various stories, some mythological some real and they were the only way to navigate the maze without memorising it. Of course one of the paths led to a statue of a Minotaur. What kind of a maze would it be without one?

The stories about leaders lead to the area of the maze containing a long stone table with eighteen seats on each side and one at the head of the table. Around the walls of the room were forty statues of various leaders which ranged from Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson and Karl Marx to Lenin and Genghis Khan. That was where he had held many meetings with a wide range of people. They ranged from the Chinese gun and ammunition maker 沙漠枪 (Desert Guns) members of the Canadian and American governments.

What was most important about the maze was it's centre. It had been prepared with the aim of it being a suitable location for anything spiritual. It had been designed with the purpose of being used to activate a certain tablet he had acquired however it would be now used to heal him using another tablet and a female Wiccan. Of course that all depended on if Sharpshot could find a Wiccan with the necessary requirements. Which he had no doubt Sharpshot would if there was one at the concert. He needed to be healed before Operation Hydra could enter its final stage.

It had been good to tell Vladof about his past. Out of his top three mercenaries Vladof was the one he was most friendly with and he was the one most worthy of his trust. Besides it had only been fair, Vladof had told him about his past before. He wasn't troubled by his past, it had happened and no it longer mattered. The present was far more important.

What troubled him was how to get the Wiccan to aid him. What if they refused?

Luna had finally managed to get Dusk up after twenty minutes of dodging various projectiles which ranged from drumsticks to books. The three girls were now sitting round the table after finishing their breakfast, or giving up trying to finish it in Thorns case.

"So what should we do today sisters." asked Luna when she had finished her orange juice.

"We could practise our new song." suggested Thorn before clutching her head. "Urrgh my head."

"You're not practising in that state Thorn. You'd barely be able to sing with that headache." said Luna in disagreement. "Besides I won't let you embarrass yourself like that."

"I can practise if I want to Luna. Besides you're not the boss of me." said Thorn moodily from across the table.

"Stop being such a bitch Thorn." said Dusk sitting next to Luna.

"Says the bitch." replied Thorn as she crossed her arms. At first remark Dusk threw a spoon at Thorn, luckily (or unluckily depending on what you, the reader, wanted to happen) it completely missed Thorn. Luna sighed in relief, the last thing she wanted was Thorn and Dusk fighting.

"Now that is settled may I make my suggestion." asked Luna.

"Sure." mumbled Thorn irritably.

"Why don't we try find out more about Gigagen and Dr Magnason. They are searching for you after all Thorn." said Luna.

"It's not like they are specifically searching for me. They merely said a female Wiccan, not Thorn." replied Thorn.

"Stop being a dumbass Thorn. How likely is it that there is another female Wiccan here with a beautiful voice whose talented at singing?" said Dusk.

"There could be another." defended Thorn.

"Sure there could be." said Luna rolling her eyes.

"It's not like I should be concerned about Gigagen anyway. It's merely the Dr who was searching for a female Wiccan. Gigagen have their own things to do." said Thorn.

"He owns Gigagen Thorn. How fucking stupid could you be." replied Dusk.

"Oh I'm the stupid one now. Says the girl who once spent an half the trip here searching for a phone which was right in front of her." Thorn spat back.

"Quit it you two." said Luna as she put an arm in front of Dusk in an attempt to prevent her from jumping at Thorn if she tried to. "So are we going to go find out more about Gigagen and Dr Magnason or not?"

"Obviously I want to." said Dusk.

"Fine." mumbled Thorn as she gave in.

"Then its settled." said Luna as she got up from the chair and walked over to the door leading to the front of the bus. "I'll be waiting outside." Dusk then got up from her chair and said

"C'mon lazy ass." she then dragged an unamused Thorn out of the bus.

Vladof was quite stunned, he never knew Alexsandr had been through something like that. His respect for him had grown drastically, Vladof knew that he would not have been able to handle things like the Alexsandr had. Instead of giving up Alexsandr had prospered and achieved so much. Vladof would have thought about it more if Dr Magnason had not returned.

"Looks like you have been thinking." stated Dr Magnason as he sat down across from Vladof.

"Of course I have Alexsandr. I never knew you had suffered like that." replied Vladof in respect. Alexsandr merely waved his comment away.

"It's in the passssssst and no longer mattersssssss Vladof. The presssssssent is what matters. Ssssspeaking of which let usssssss finish our game." said Alexsandr. "But before we begin there are two thingssss I wisssh to tell you which I learnt when I wasssssss injured ssssso horrifically."

"Go ahead Alexsandr." replied Vladof, awaiting his friend's words.

"One. You can never control nature and Two." Dr Magnason then smirked. "Never go into the long grassss."

Jackson walked into the modified trailer which was Sharpshot's home. The bottom floor was a normal trailer with an extension made of wooden planks on one end. The top floor was made of scrap metal and was connect by some stairs and a hatch in the trailer's roof. He headed straight for the stairs which led to the observation deck and planning room. Covering the walls were various sniper rifles on plaques and pictures of Sharpshot in the various places he had been sent over his mercenary carrier. Among them were the Amazon jungle, Antarctica, India, China, Mongolia, Libya, Egypt, Siberia and Australia. Occasionally there was an animal's skull, one of Sharpshot's many hunting trophies.

Jackson pushed open the hatch and entered the planning room or strategie zimmer as Sharpshot called it. He saw Sharpshot standing in the corner and stood up straight and said "Jackson reporting in Sharpshot." The German sniper then turned and nodded to Jackson and said

"Come hierher Jackson. I've reformed die plan of attack for heute abend and I need to go over sie vith you." Jackson walked over and stood next to Sharpshot who stood up from his chair. He then walked over to the board and tapped part of the map of the concert site.

"You shall vait here bis vier other Vipers arrive. Then vhen the Hex Girls leave you fünf shall enter the bus through vhatever vay you deem easiest. If you find evidence you shall take a picture of it vith this camera." Sharpshot then gave Jackson a small compact camera. "Vhen you shall return here vith or vithout the evidence. Do nicht fail me Jackson."

"Don't worry Sharpshot I won't fail this time." said Jackson to his commanding officer. Sharpshot merely nodded and handed him a bottle of beer, holding another in his other hand.

"Let us trinken to the imminent success of Operation Pythonissam Venari." The two mercenaries then put the bottles to their lips and drank.

"You have won yet again Alexsandr." said Vladof from across the table. Since they began the game they had discussed many different subjects of interest to them both. From guns to prehistoric creatures.

"Ah yesssssss I sssssssee I did. That wassssss the lawnmower tactic Vladof. Very effective indeed." said Dr Magnason. "I believe you have my posssssst with you?"

"Ah yes I do Alexsandr." Vladof then passed Dr Magnason several envelopes before he stood up. "I believe it's time I get going Alexsandr."

"Very well then Vladof." said Dr Magnason. "Goodbye then my friend."

"Goodbye Alexsandr." said Vladof who then took his leave. The Dr then began to read the sender of each envelope. Most of them were from various who professors, drs, company's or acquaintances he knew.

Vincent Van Helsing

Robert Muldoon

Desert Guns

Roland Tembo

Dr. Tooksbury

Professor Svankmajer

Dael Industries

Dr Alan Grant

Rube Boy

Dr Ganglion

The last two were of immediate interest to him. He opened Rube Boy's letter first.

To Dr Magnason

You bloody bastard. You said that voodoo spell you gave me couldn't be beat. Well it bloody well could be beat and now me and the Ska-Tastics are in prison. Thanks a lot mate.

From Rube Boy

PS Fuck you

Dr Magnason laughed quite abit after reading the letter. He had given Rube Boy the book three years ago in exchange for a piece of amber Rude Boy had acquired. He had assumed the spell couldn't be beaten but it appears it could indeed be beaten. Looks like he needed to brush up on his knowledge of music based magic.

He then opened the envelope from Dr Ganglion.

Dear Dr Magnason

Stage two of Operation Hydra is almost complete. As you know we had a slight issue involving a K1V4.7 but I assume you that it has been resolved without causing any international issues. However despite the mishap this was a great success. We now know that the lethal gene works, or at least that it works in K1V4.7's. I estimate that it will take 6 months and two weeks till completion, which means we are ahead of schedule.

I assume you will visit to see our progress in person when you are healed?

From Dr Ganglion

PS May I request that more shrimp and fish is sent. Feedings seem to calm the piscivores.

That was good to know it had been resolved without incident. He didn't want 7.8 billon going to waste….nor did he want an international incident. The last thing Gigagen needed was unwanted publicity. Dr Ganglion was dependable and could be counted on to complete Site E. The fish would cost quite a bit, he already had a shipment of more meat and grasses heading north to Site C. But it would be worth the cost in the end. Operation Hydra would be completed.

His dream would become a reality.

Daniel was sitting at the table in his trailer browsing the web on his laptop. He was searching for information about a very specific thing, Gigagen and Dr Magnason. He wanted to know what Gigagen did and how Dr Magnason had so much money that he could easily throw it away on funding this concert yet not asking for any profits in return. His search for Gigagen brought up their website ".

The website was coloured shades of green and white. The green was used for tabs, Gigagen's logo and the title of each page while the white was the background of each page. The website was simple. The title at the top of the screen merely had Gigagen's logo followed by the slogans "We bring the past to the present." There were only five different sections, What Gigagen does, Who runs Gigagen, History of Gigagen, Applying for Funding and lastly How to Contact us. He clicked on what Gigagen does. The page merely said Gigagen is the simplified form of Gigagenetics. We employ many scientists to research genetics and also enlist the service of qualified bodyguards when researching in dangerous locations. Gigagen is not affiliated with 沙漠or Vladofic Ассоциации оружия и транспортных средств Оформление in any way shape or form, it is just rumours that we are associated with such companies. Here at Gigagen we disapprove of mercenaries in any way shape or form. We also fund scientific research and historical restoration. To see if you apply for funding check the Applying for Funding section. Currently we are filming a movie about the Russian military in the past and present in the north of Canada and we are also prospecting for oil off the coast of Massachusetts.

It was suspicious already. The website said it disapproved of mercenaries but he knew for a fact that Gigagen did hire and use mercenaries. Although he had never met Dr Magnason he doubted the Dr was interested in locating oil or filming a movie. Daniel then scrolled to the top of the screen and clicked on the Who runs Gigagen tab. It brought him to a page with the same layout as the last. Although this page was far simpler. It merely said

Gigagen is owned by Dr Alexsandr Magnason who oversees everything Gigagen does. Nothing in Gigagen happens without the Dr's consent or knowledge. The Science division of Gigagen is run by Dr Karnabric while the exploratory division is run by Jericho von Drexel. This is not the same Jericho von Drexel as the one who attempted to rob the American Museum of Natural History ten years ago. Here at Gigagen we disapprove of mercenaries in any way shape or form and would never hire any.

That must be the same Jericho he had heard about, the one who commanded all of the mercenaries employed by Dr Magnason. From what Daniel had heard Jericho was extremely loyal to the Dr and obeyed all of his commands, not matter what they were. A mercenary had informed him that Jericho had returned yesterday and had said to report any security concerns to him. Interesting to think that this Jericho may have tried to rob the American Natural History Museum, very interesting. Daniel then clicked on the next tab, History of Gigagen.

Gigagen was originally called Gigaex which stood for Gigaexploartion. Two and a half years ago Gigaex merged with what remained of Ingen, creating Gigagen. Below was a small timeline of these events with a picture of Ingen and Gigaex's logos. There was nothing to interesting there, Ingen didn't strike him as important since he had never heard of it. He then clicked on the next tab, Applying for Funding.

If you need funding for a project and our one of the following you are eligible to apply for funding from Gigagen. Dr Magnason believes the following types of projects are worth funding:

Paleontology Digs, Historical Restoration, Scientific Research (preferred fields genetics or biological research) and Protection of the Environment and/or Animals

To contact us for funding see the How to Contact us page.

Concerts weren't on the lists, just as he thought. It trouble Daniel greatly. Why would the Dr give him $700000 in funding and ask for no profits if it wasn't under the list of projects Gigagen funded. There had to be something to gain, some method to his madness. He then brought up Google images and searched Gigagen. Most of the images were of Gigagen's logo however one picture stood out.

The picture was of part of a fence in what looked like a blizzard. On the fence was a sign which said


Beyond this fence is property of Gigagen. Trespassers will be detained. Safety cannot be guaranteed beyond this fence.

Why would Gigagen need a 10000 volt fence in the Arctic of Canada if they were merely filming a movie? Something didn't add up. Daniel would have questioned this further if at that moment he hadn't been distracted by the sound of what he thought was a truck. He looked at of the window of his trailer and sure enough it was a truck, a convoy of trucks to be precise, all of which had Gigagen written on the side.

Daniel sighed, this was going to be a very stressful concert.

Luna was walking through the concert site with Thorn and Dusk, or rather wobbling in Thorn's case. Every now and then Thorn almost fell over, only being stopped from doing so by her two sisters.

They were heading back to their tour bus after a fruitless search for new information about Gigagen and Dr Magnason when Dusk suddenly stopped and said

"Do you two hear that noise." At this Luna and Thorn stopped and listened aswell. They could indeed hear a noise.

"It's coming from behind us" said Thorn. The three musicians then turned around and saw the source of the noise. A convoy was going up the road next to the concert site. It was mostly Ural-4320s guarding M939. The M939 had a variety of cargo on them. Some had large crates with the Gigagen logo on the side, some had tarps over what Luna assumed to be tanks by the shape the tarp made, seven of them were carrying Mi-24 gunship and the rest were carrying various building materials and vehicles.

After the convoy had passed Luna smirked and turned to Thorn

"Still unconcerned about Gigagen."