Everyone he loved was dead. That was the fact stuck in Paul's head for the last three days, or maybe four. Paul lived in Blaine county up in the desert. It seemed the perfect seclusion from the city of plastic idols known to inhabit the populace of Vinewood. Paul grew up in San Andreas up to the age of eleven, then he went to Hogwarts. Recently graduated, he finally moved back to San Andreas to find that he was the only member of his family to have avoided the crime of Los Santos. What was the point of being taught to be a wizard just to come back to a muggle populated city with no knowledge of his powers? Paul asked himself.
He decided he would make a difference, he would be a hero, and most important of all he would make sure the whole state would know the name Paul Iron. Six foot seven, long black hair, and quite muscular.
These were the features of Paul that made him look like Severus Snape on Steroids. With his deep voice he said to himself "Well, time to get started."
And that he would do. Paul Iron, the man that learned every spell you could possibly learn from the books at Hogwarts was about to begin using those spells to put the criminals of the city in their place, and that place was prison. Or so he hoped. So Paul went for a drive in the mountains, and luckily by a long shot he found his first case. With binoculars he viewed from a distance a murder in progress. Three men had apparentlty kidnapped a man and put him in the back of a trunk, he witnessed the whole thing. Luckily he caught all three of their license plates so he could track them down. He began to follow the one in the black sedan. He was led to a house in Rockford hills, he parked just outside the man's driveway and watched through the windows with his invisibility cloak on. Paul could see three people at a dinner table, one was the murderer and the other two he assumed was his son and daughter. It was perfect, Paul had an instant plan. With his listening he had found that the son's name was Jimmy, Paul had what he needed. He went back to his car and pulled off his cloak and made a call.
"Hello" said Phill "Hey man, it's Paul"
"Hey what's up man?"
"Well, I was wondering if you could get me a Pollyjuice potion"
"That it?"
"Yeah, so it won't be a problem?"
"Nah, don't worry about it. I'll bring it to your house by tommorow"
"Thanks man"
Then he hung up. It seemed taking down this piece of garbage was going to be a walk in the park thanks to his wizard neighbor Phil. The luck of coincedence that he would find a fellow student living right next to him was just too perfect, so they helped each other out from time to time. Tommorow was the time to begin the strike.