The Weakest Link

Your team is only as strong as your weakest link. So what happens when the whole Divas Division seems weak and you're the only strong point? It's time that justice is brought to the Divas Division. It's time to wake up and realize wrestling is about skill and talent and not just going out into the ring and skipping around in some skimpy outfit and flipping your hair around. It's time to go back to the days when the Divas looked hot and were smart and tough at the same time. It's time for a revolution.

Madison Gilbert sat in her 4 bedroom condo watching RAW and hanging with her two roommates Roxy and Jessica. Madison is already semi established in the WWE and Jessica and Roxy are new talents that are working the Independent Wrestling Circuit. This is a rare day off for Madison and she's bumming around in her grey sweats and a black CM Punk shirt.

Roxy's full name is Roxanne Rodriguez. She is 28 years old and has long curly brown hair down to her shoulders. She's of Puerto Rican descent and was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and is wearing black lounge pants and a black Hounds of Justice Shield shirt.

Jessica Mendez is 27 years old and has naturally blonde hair, but streaks it with dark black streaks. She's the resident rocker chick and was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is wearing black lounge pants and a black Shield shirt she made herself that says Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta on the back of it and it has a picture of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on the front that she took at a recent event.

Madison Gilbert is 28 years old and was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She goes by the name Maddie "Main Street" Gilbert or The Southern Comfort in the ring. She is friends with a lot of the WWE Super stars and Divas.

Jessica suddenly gets up off the couch like she is pissed off about something and goes into the kitchen.

Madison: "Hey Jess, what's up?"

Jessica: "This shit pisses me off."

She makes a wild gesture towards the TV where Kaitlyn and AJ Lee have just finished their Divas match.

Madison: "It's TV. There's supposed to be drama involved. It's the WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment and these two are just providing the Entertainment part."

Jessica: "They shouldn't let those Mean Girls try to dominate their time. I love Kaitlyn and I love AJ. They're both strong and tough and not worried about being cute out there in the ring. They have actual talent and actual skills. Then you have these stupid bitches going out there trying to wrestle with zero skill and zero talent and real women like these two get put on the back burner while they do their idiot routine out there. It's insulting. As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to destroy all of those Mean Girls when I get to the WWE. I'm going to be a one woman wrecking ball and take them all out one diva at a time."

Madison: "You know what? You're actually on to something with that one woman wrecking ball thing."

Jessica: "I know I am. The problem is I'm not in the door yet. Nobody has any idea who the hell I am or what the hell I am about."

Madison: "Make yourself known. That's how Seth did it."

Jessica: "Seth is also a man. Male Superstars have it easier than females and are accepted more."

Roxy: "Dude, you are going to get nowhere with an attitude like that. Just because you are a woman and he's a man doesn't mean you deserve any less respect. You need to stand up and take charge and make those people see that you're a one woman wrecking ball. Granted, there aren't a lot of big known names on the Independent Circuit, but you can make an impression that will earn you your stripes."

Madison: "Holding the Championship belt for 6 months is a start. They notice when you start stacking up championships under your belt. That's how I got in. Hunter saw my tapes and saw that I could dominate and I was in."

Roxy: "No, you're in was Paul Hayman. If you never ran into CM Punk at that gym in New Orleans, this story would have a different ending I'm sure of it."

Madison: "Yeah. I would've got in the WWE Divas Division about 5 years sooner. I'd be established right after NXT and that big Divas Pay Preview match they did. If it wasn't for that Royal rumble, I would still be fighting for my spot. Hayman held me back if anything came out of that relationship."

Roxy: "You knew he was shady. What made you decide he was going to treat you any different then he treated his other talent?"

Madison: "The fire in my heart and the desire to be the best Diva in the world. That's what made me take on Hayman and that's what made me feel like I was going to soar and I did. I soared and I conquered and the smartest thing I ever did was send that fat walrus packing and walk my ass into Vicki's office and ask for my own spot."

Jessica: "Just like that. You walked into the head of management's office and demanded a spot on the roster."

Madison: "Yeah. It was just like that. Trish was with me and we were planning my take over basically. Hayman and I got into this huge fight outside the Diva's locker room and he tried to pacify me and tell me how he thinks I'm special and I have talent. I told him if he was looking for an ass to kiss he needed to find Curtis Axel because I was done with him. He insisted on trying to pacify me and I got pissed and shoved him and he fell on his fat walrus ass on the floor. It was awesome."

Roxy: "That had to be one hell of a scene backstage."

Madison: "Oh it was. The Shield had front row seats to it. They were coming out of the Super Stars locker room when I shoved Hayman onto his ass like he was nothing. I think I actually heard Roman go "Oh shit….Dammmmn" when I knocked him down."

Jessica gets a proud smile on her face.

Jessica: "That's my boy. He doesn't like Hayman. Hell, nobody likes Hayman."

Madison: "Hence why I staged the attack on him in the middle of the ring. First, he's out there lying his fat walrus ass off about sending Brock to beat up Punk. Then he's going to sit there and try to tell me not to air our dirty laundry out in public."

Jessica: "That line sounds familiar."

Madison: "Yeah. Exactly my point I wanted to make. He used that same bullshit with Punk when he was sitting there professing how much he loved him and was like a father figure to him and blah blah blah. So, I had his ass kicked. Then Punk tried to get involved in it and I gave him his own GTS. He didn't know how to handle the fact that a woman was fighting with him because I guess the WWE has a rule where the male super stars don't touch the female super stars in the ring. So, I told him "Go ahead. We're bending that rule tonight." And he gave me one of those "All right" shrugs of his shoulder and waved me on like "Bring it" so I brought it."

Jessica: "And how did you land the entrance with The Shield?"

Madison: "Funny you should mention The Shield. See, I was coming out of the trainer's room after Hunter told me to go get checked to make sure I could go out there and give 100 percent in the ring. Which I passed with flying colors of course by the way so I am coming out of the door and Seth Rollins is walking passed the door. Somehow, he managed to be behind the door when I opened it. Lucky for him, I didn't hit him with it. I spooked him and he jumped back. Then I apologized for almost killing him with the door and took him out to lunch."

Jessica: "You took Seth out to lunch."

Madison: "Yes I did and he was a perfect gentleman the entire time. We walked around the LA Live Center which is a little shopping area next to Staple Center in LA to kill some time before the gig and I told him my idea to jump Hayman. He told me we had to include Dean and Roman or it wouldn't be a Shield attack and I said of course. Then, we went back to Staple Center and he introduced me to Dean and Roman and we all sat down and talked about jumping Paul. Then Seth pops off with "Why don't you come down with The Shield tonight" and I asked Vicki if I could be a little provocative out there and she gave me permission and the entrance was born."

Jessica: "Please tell me you got some Rollins action that night after the gig."

Madison: "Jess, you sound like the other guys. Yeah, I got a little bit of Rollins action as you put it."

Roxy: "Rollins action includes what exactly?"

Jessica: "Well, anything that Seth did to Madison is Rollins action. Kissing, touching, sex that's all a part of it."

Madison: "Oh if that's the case, then there was serious Rollins action going on that night."

Jessica about loses her teeth in amazement and shock that her best friend may have possibly nailed one of her favorite wrestlers.

Jessica: "You sly little bitch. I want all the details."

Roxy: "Can you handle all the details? You're damn near jumping out of your skin now."

Jessica: "Shut the hell up. Spill it, Maddie. Come on, I want to live vicariously through you."

Madison: "All right, keep your panties on. I thought you were more interested in how to get your foot through Vicki's door and into one of the Mean Girls asses, but if I must bore you with the obnoxious details of how my date with Seth Rollins went, then I guess that's what I have to do."

Jessica: "Now it was a date. First, it was you took him out to lunch to make up for almost killing him with the door and now it's a date."

Madison: "The date came after the gig and lunch."

Jessica: "Did he kiss you at any point in this alone time?"

Madison: "Yes. He made the first move and kissed me after lunch that afternoon."

Jessica: "Wow, he doesn't waste any time. Doesn't he have a long term girlfriend he's lived with for 2 years?"

Madison: "Apparently, they broke up because she got tired of the gig life."

Jessica: "Did you happen at any point in this afternoon walk to mention the fact that you don't date people you work with and did you happen to bring up that it makes the work environment complicated to him or are you just leading the poor man on thinking he can have some sort of normal relationship with you on the road."

Madison: "Dude, we went to lunch together. I didn't expect him to reach over and kiss me. Then I won my match against Nikki Bella and tripped her in the locker room on purpose for talking shit about me. He decided that we needed to celebrate my victory and I was going to go out and celebrate anyway. So, I went out with him and we met up with the rest of the gang at Lucky Strikes."

Jessica: "So, that's a "No" on the "I don't date coworkers" and the "Complicated work environment" question I asked. Are you interested in a normal relationship with him on the road?"

Madison: "Whoa, slow down. Back up the boat a bit here, Jess. Seth and I are not in a relationship by any means. I still don't date coworkers and don't want to complicate our work environment even though Hunter could care less if his workers are together or not as long as we keep our drama out of the ring."

Jessica: "So, why did you go out with him if you're not interested in a relationship with him? Did you do it so you could sit and brag to us about your conquest?"

Madison: "No."

Roxy: "I told you she couldn't handle the details of what happened."

Jessica: "What details? She went out to lunch with him and kissed him. Those aren't details. I don't want to see her leading him on. Seth is a good guy and a very sweet person. I don't want to see him get hurt because he's more attached then she is."

Madison: "He's not attached to me. We aren't even serious. Bowling is not a serious date and we ate at the Olive Garden all you can eat pasta bowls. Dude can put away food like nobody's business."

Jessica: "He's a wrestler and he does cross fit. Of course, he's got a huge appetite. Ok, you kissed him after lunch and there was some touching. What happened at dinner?"

Madison: "Well, he liked me kissing him at lunch and he did make a point in taking me to Olive Garden alone. So, I asked him if this was considered a date and he said he was just taking his friend out for a victory dinner. Then I pointed out the obvious that he had made a point in front of the other guys to say he was taking me out as opposed to "Hey let's all grab some food together." And he smiled and said "Yeah. You got me. I guess this is a date."

Jessica: "I'd go with that friend taking out a friend thing. He doesn't sound like he's trying to be very romantic at this point in the game."

Roxy: "Cuz he's not being romantic. Its two friends going out and he just happened to kiss her in the process. He doesn't sound like he's trying to scope out a girlfriend to me."

Jessica: "Would you like my honest assessment of this?"

Madison: "What is your honest assessment of this?"

Jessica: "Seth is flirting with you. He liked your kiss and felt chemistry on his part. He wanted to explore it further by taking you out to dinner. You flirted back and kissed him back. So, it's a mutual flirting situation at this point so he's comfortable putting his arm around you or snuggling up to you in a public place."

Madison: "He brought up that Hunter didn't care if his super stars dated each other. He laughed right in my face when I said I didn't want Hunter to get the wrong impression about us."

Jessica: "Yeah. It's a mutual flirting situation. Did he kiss you again at any point after dinner or during?"

Madison: "Yeah. He kissed me again