Meanwhile, backstage the girls are celebrating a victory slapping high fives and hugging.

Jessica: "That was totally bad ass. We dominated those Barbie blow up dolls."

Roxy: "Nobody can touch us."

Nikki, Brie and Alicia recover from being beat to crap and go straight into Hunters office.

Nikki: "Really Hunter? It's come to hiring female henchmen to beat up the divas now?"

Hunter: "Hello Nicole, Brianna, and Alicia. Yeah, I saw the match and I loved it. Nice night we're having so far, isn't it? Look, they aren't henchmen. They're new talent and this is their thing. All three of you are professionals. It's your turn in the spotlight. Fight back if you don't like them beating on you."

Nikki: "Beating us up? They jumped us. The whole arena went dark. There was no possible way we could see to defend ourselves."

Brie: "Not to mention that Maddie is insane. She tripped Nikki in the locker room for no reason and then proceeded to blow her a kiss as she left. There were no cameras around. This was not a promo for the show. She's insane."

Hunter: "Look, this is not tattle tale time. We're all adults. There's no need to sit and point fingers and call names. That's being a poor sport, Brie. You lost the match fair and square."

Brie: "Lost the match? This wasn't their match to get involved in. They weren't invited to this fight and yet, there they were turning off the lights on us."

Hunter: "And again, you're a professional. You don't like the end results defend yourself. Challenge the Divas of Justice."

Brie: "Oh we will challenge them. You'd better believe this isn't over. And you'd better check Maddie. She's insane."

Hunter: "What goes on between Nikki and Maddie is their personal business not mine or yours. So keep your nose out of it. I'll talk to her about the incident as for what happened tonight, watch your backs."

Nikki: "Whatever."

She storms off in one of her moods.

Brie: "We will be challenging the Divas of Justice or what the hell ever they call themselves. More like psycho bitches."

Hunter: "Oh and some advice for Nikki don't provoke Maddie and she won't get hurt. It's that easy."

She leaves Hunters office and Alicia follows her. Jessica, Maddie and Roxy are coming up the hall to talk to Hunter about their victory.

Alicia: "Oh look, it's the psycho bitch pack now."

Brie: "You three bitches had better watch your backs. We're getting revenge on you and you're going to pay for that little attack out there."

Roxy: "I'm shaking in my boots."

Jessica: "You three Barbie blow up dolls are not going to do anything to us. You can challenge us and we will accept, but you will not hurt us. I can promise you that right here and now."

Brie: "We'll see about that."

Maddie: "You didn't learn from what I did to you last time you tried to beat me, Alicia?"

Alicia: "It's payback time."

Maddie: "That's so cute. I'll see you out there."

Alicia: "Count on it."

Jessica: "Run along children."

Brie: "Bitch."

They leave and Jessica, Roxy and Maddie go into Hunter's office.

Hunter: "There are the girls I actually wanted to talk to. Come on in and have a seat."

They come in and sit down.

Hunter: "You did it. You've got yourselves a place on the roster. That was unbelievable. You got all three of them."

Jessica: "That was the idea behind the attack. I'm glad you enjoyed watching us out there. So, I take it the promos worked."

Hunter: "Not only did they work, but we have more ratings than before. You saved the divas division."

Maddie: "I told you it would work. Now all I have to do is keep from knocking all three of their heads together in the locker room. Nikki has this really bad habit of talking shit behind someone's back and I don't take lightly to that. If it's not in the ring, it's personal."

Hunter: "I can agree on that. She does like to talk about people behind their backs a lot. That's why I wasn't really paying her any attention when she came in here to yell about my female henchmen."

Roxy starts smiling.

Roxy: "She knows her number is up and all the other plastic Barbie blow up dolls back there."

Hunter: "Welcome aboard ladies."

He calls for his secretary to bring in the contracts. Jessica and Roxy look at each other with excitement in their eyes, but keep the cool as a cucumber outside so not to make a scene in the boss' office.

Maddie: "I know that feeling well."

She squeezes their shoulder. The same brunette that brought Maddie's contract in brings in the contracts for Jessica and Roxy and a third contract.

Hunter: "Now, Maddie is already a part of the roster, but this contract is for the Divas of Justices as a group."

Maddie: "May I?"

Hunter: "It's yours. Please do look it over."

She picks up the contract and looks it over having gone to business school she knows all there is to know about contracts and marketing.

Maddie: "Divas of Justice. Are we totally sure we want that as our name? It's legally binding once we sign this paper."

Jessica: "Hell yeah."

Roxy: "Bring it on."

Maddie: "All right. You're on, Hunter. We own the name and all creative rights to it. Nobody else can use Divas of Justice or our look. All merchandise is run by us first and we have last word on all of our stuff."

Hunter: "You got it. Damn, it's good to see a beautiful woman who knows what she's talking about."

Roxy: "We all know what she's talking about. We were in the same business classes. So, there's no screwing us over."

Hunter: "I would never even think about screwing you guys over. Are there any demands you'd like to add to your personal contract, Roxy or is it Diamond Dust."

Roxy: "Behind that door, it's Roxy. In the ring, it's Diamond Dust."

Hunter: "Ok."

Roxy: "Well, no. I don't have any other demands to add. Maddie covered it. I own my name and all creative rights to it. All merchandise goes through me and anything related to Diamond Dust also. I have the last say on anything with my image or likeness on it."

Hunter: "You got it. And you Jessica?"

Jessica: "Same thing. I own my name and all creative rights to it. I own The Resident Rocker and Jessica Spitfire. I have last say on anything with me image or likeness on it. All merchandise goes through me first."

Hunter: "You got it and I take it that goes for the Divas of Justice too?"

Maddie: "Yes it does and I want you to prepare yourself for a Divas of Justice verses The Shield match too. I want to mix it up with the guys."

Hunter: "I'll see what I can do to make that happen."