Tony's P.O.V...

"Her home town, where she was born," I tell him and sigh remembering her opening up the door with a sad look on her face. Seeing me and letting herself smile for what I guess what had been for 3 months. "How was she?" Tim asked, I can feel him looking at my face, watching for a reaction to these questions.

"She was, broken. Sad, lost," I tell him, going off into a cloud of memories. Of us kissing before I got on the plane and left. "Why did I have to let myself come home!" I yell finally letting my thoughts get the best of me. I turn to the side of the elevator and punch it.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled, slapping me across the back of the head. "Why'd I have to leave?" I finally break, feeling the tears that I promised myself I wouldn't let fall, slide down my face.

Tim's P.O.V...

I didn't know these questions would affect him so much. Watching him fall apart in front of me was sort of sad. Watching the one guy that I thought wouldn't settle down, crying because of a women who I have heard thousand's of times, he didn't have feelings for.

"It'll be alright. She'll come back," I tell him trying to calm him down after Gibbs yelling at him. He shakes his head and looks at me. "She's not coming back," He whispered and leaned his head against the cold metal.

Gibb's P.O.V

Watching the man I thought of as a son fall apart made me go against my better judgement. Those 4 words that I don't believe made me say 3 worsd that I never thought I'd say in my lifetime to DiNozzo. "Go after her," I tell him and watch as he lift's his head.

"How? I'm stuck in the damn metal box!" He yelled kicking the side of it. I sigh and shake my head. He can be an idiot at times. Tim looked at Tony and smiled a little. "I think he meant after, we get out of the elevator," Tim told him.


Ziva's P.O.V...

I sit in my car holding my cell phone, thinking of calling him. I've been opening and closing my phone for the past hour but not being able to dial the digits that are so familiar, that I can dial them with my eyes close. A knock on my window makes me jump, I look and see a lady with greying hair peeking in. "Your parking meter has run out," She tells me. I look at the grey thing in front of my car and squint at it seeing that my parking meter, had indeed run out.

"Thanks for telling me," I tell her then start my car. She gives me a nod and a smile before carring on walking into the hospital. I pull out of my parking spot and make my way to Mossad, force of habit I guess. Going there when I'm in Israel. When I arrive, I flash my ID and walk into the director's office.

"Ziva," Orli says to me, not even looking up from her paperwork. I smile at her and sit in front of the desk. "I'm pregnant," I tell her, she looks up at me with a slight smile on her face.

"Congradulations', Who is the father?" Orli asks me, I smile and she knows. "Oh dear, does he know?" I shake my head, tears building up in my eyes. She walks around the desk and pulls me into a hug.

"I miss him," I tell her. I feel her nod her head and just hold me. I blink and feel the warm liquid fall down my face. "I'll be alright, I promise," She tells me and kisses my forehead motherly. I pull back and look at her. "It's twins," I tell her, attempting a smile but failing.

"Why don't you call him?" She asks me. "I just can't. I want to but, something's stopping me," I tell her and pull myself into a standing position. I start to pace, taking out my phone. "Call him," She encourages me.


Tim's P.O.V...

Tony had fallen asleep a few minutes ago and it had been quiet besides the wimpers you hear from him every few minutes. "He's a wreck," I tell Gibbs. I see him nod out of the corner of my eyes as I'm looking at Tony. It was silent for another few minutes until the sound of Tony's phone, the ringtone I had come to know as Ziva's ringtone.

He had jumped awake and picked up the phone. "Ziva?" He asked into the phone. I hear the voice from the other line let out a small yes. "Where are you? Are you still in Israel?" He asked her all in one breathe.

Tony's P.O.V...

"Are you still in Israel?" I ask her, hoping she would say yes. "Yeah, but I'm calling to tell you something," Ziva tells me, I can tell she's been crying because I know what her voice is like when she had been crying.

"What do you need to tell me?" I ask trying to sound cheerful but not doing a very good job at it. "Listen Tony, I'm pregnant," She says and I go silent. "Hello?" She asks into the phone after a few minutes.

"You're pregnant?" I ask her not believing what I had just heard.