"So, they thought I was defeated so early, did they? Well, now that I am stronger than ever, it is time to get my revenge!" A figure in the shadows laughs. The figure turns to the tied up old king of ice. "You've been an annoyance for too long. It's time you get locked away forever. Take him away." The figure points to two smaller figures who lift him up and out of his castle. The shadow gets on a strange cat and rides to the Candy Kingdom. The figure sees Princess Bubblegum appear and begin her speech.

"The yesterday of man, lays in our grasp. We will lead their hearts and minds to absolute peace. Those who deny us, fight for the wrong side of battle, and will not succeed. Behold now, the promise of victory, in the visions of Ooo! Join us! The future awaits for all of us!" Princess Bubblegum finishes her speech as she reveals the new Bubblegum Guards. All of the candy people cheer, and a chariot appears for Bubblegum.

"These improved guards will truly test my capabilities." The figure smirks. He walks out of hiding and slowly walks towards the chariot and a guard detects him. The Bubblegum Guard tries to destroy him, but another familiar face appears and destroys it. The big Guard does down with a boom, and Bubblegum turns to see the explosion. Candy Guards appear with spears, but they go down as well.

More Guards turn around to see the Hooded Figure, but end up stabbed just the same. The Shadowy Man walks up to the chariot.

"Enough! You think you can walk in here and hurt my people like this? I will not stand for it! Guards, eliminate him!" Bubblegum commands. Guards surround the figure and Bubblegum walks closer. "You don't know who you are dealing with. It was brave of you to stand against me alone, but even more foolish. Take him away."

Bubblegum turns around and hears all of the guards thud to the ground. When she turns around again, they are all defeated. The figure gives a fiery leer to Bubblegum. She sends out more guards on horses, but they go down just like all of the other ones. She then sends in guards with full bodied armor to protect her. "This is personal now." Bubblegum pulls out a secret sword she was hiding.

The figure is reunited with three other figures.

"You know what to do, men." A familiar voice says.

"It can't be..." Bubblegum notices the voice.

"Charge!" They all attack and she sends her guards in. They both clash and it turns into a battle.

Who are these people? Find out next time!