"Alright, they headed this way!" Finn points though a forest.

"Then let's kick some villain butt!" Jake stays beside Finn, as Flame Princess stays beside Jake.

"Be careful FP, everything is flammable here." Finn points out.

"Alright, I won't touch anything." Flame Princess moves on, only burning the grass below her feet.

Finn and Jake jump up into the trees.

"You're going to have to move on foot, Princess." Jake adds.

"No problem." Flame Princess continues on foot.

They all progress on. Flame Princess continues on foot, and Finn along with Jake continue to climb up.

"Glob, these are tall trees." Jake comments.

"I know. We should probably go back down to get back to FP." Finn and Jake start to make their way down, but monkeys appear. "Hey little buddies. Is this your home? Don't worry, we'll go back down." Finn says. Suddenly, the monkeys eyes turn bright red.

"Finn? They don't look right." Jake points out. By the time he notices it, the monkeys attack. They jump onto Finn's face and start to claw him.

"Jake! Get them off me! Get them off me!" Finn cries as he struggles to get them off.

"I got you, bro." Jake stretches his arm to get them off, but more monkeys appear and attack Jake. "How many monkeys are there?" Jake asks.

"Is something wrong up there, boys?" Flame Princess hollers.

"Killer Monkeys!" Finn screams.

"That's odd... I'll come get you!" Flame Princess goes up to get them, but Evil Feral Bores start attacking her, so she can't help Finn or Jake at the moment. "Get off of me!"

She fights off the Bores as Finn and Jake fight off the Monkeys.

"Why are these Monkeys attacking us?" Finn asks.

"A better question is, where did these monkeys come from?" Jake adds.

The Bores charge at Flame Princess and she flies over. She blasts one in the back, but the others surround her. "You stubborn Bores!" She shoots fire all around to hit all of them, and sets a little of the forest on fire.

"Careful, Princess!" Finn reminds.

"Sorry, just had to get these things away from me!" Flame Princess looks to see a tree on fire. Finn quickly puts it out, making Flame Princess flinch.

"Come on, Finn. It's not safe here!" Jake says.

"Alright, Princess. Follow me." Finn and Jake continue on, avoiding the Monkeys as Flame Princess does the same.

They keep going until they see a Falls.

"This looks like a good place to fight." Flame Princess turns around to face the enemy, but they ran away. "Looks like they gave up." Flame Princess continues on, but snakes appear from the rocks.

"Get them!" Jake hits the snakes and they try to keep going up. The path ahead is not very good footing, though. Finn slips, and Flame Princess grabs him.

"Help!" Finn screams.

"Don't worry, it's just water. You're a water elemental." Flame Princess says.

"Dude's seriously afraid of water." Jake explains.

"Now why would a water elemental be afraid of water? It would be like me being afraid of fire. Unless, you lied to me!" Flame Princess yells.

"No, it's not like that!" Finn tries to explain as his legs dangle.

"I could drop you right now if I wanted to!" Flame Princess threatens, turning into her angry state.

"Princess, it's not what it seems. He's made of water, but he can't control it." Jake explains. Flame Princess calms down and takes a deep breath.

"Is this true?" She asks. Finn nods. "Is he lying?" Flame Princess asks Jake.

"No, he means it. Neither of us are lying." Jake answers.

Flame Princess helps Finn up. "I am deeply sorry about that. I still have trust issues."

"It's okay, FP. I really blew it." Finn bows his head. Flame Princess pushes his head back up so he can look at her eye to eye.

"It's okay, I just kind of over reacted there." Flame Princess smiles.

They all reach the top of the falls.

"Awww, look at the puny little beings, making up. Why don't you kiss while you're at it?" Another familiar voice speaks. They all turn around to see a big green ogre with dark green grass hair.

"Donny, you jerk!" Jake comments.

"I thought I told you to get lost the last time I saw you!" Finn pulls out his sword.

"This time, Donny not alone!" Donny says.

"Not alone? What do you mean not alone?" Flame Princess asks.

"Oops, said too much. Now must die!" Donny does a clothesline and hits them back down the Falls. Donny jumps down to fight them.

"Come on! Let's deck this guy's snozz!" Finn says. A necklace Finn picks up starts glowing. It's BMO!

"Finn! I'm here to help you! I have some of Bubblegum's Technology, and I can analyze this villain! One moment..." BMO scans the enemy. "You remember him as Donny. He might be very predictable and not very smart, but just look at his arms! One punch from those bad boys can knock you clean off of the Falls! Be careful!" The necklace stops glowing.

"Alright, watch for his attacks, and dodge at the right moment... go!" Finn, Jake, and FP charge at the big guy and dodge his attacks well.

"Stand still!" Donny tries to hit him, but Finn has the speed advantage over Donny. Finn slashes his face, and Donny screams. Donny hits Finn and he almost flies off. He is able to grab the ledge and pull himself back up.

"As Flame Queen, I command you to halt!" Flame Princess tries to stop him, but it's no use.

"You're not the boss of me!" Donny says very immaturely.

Flame Princess sighs. "It's like I'm dealing with a baby... a very big baby."

"I'm not a baby!" Donny stomps the ground and breaks the platform gives away. They all fall to the next stone platform. Donny gives a very evil look.

Finn's necklace glows again.

"Look out, Finn! He's changed fighting tactics, now you must change yours!" BMO cautions.

"Make puny little guys fall!" Donny continues to smash the platform to make the heroes fall. They fall another floor of stone platforms.

"This ends now!" When Donny jumps into the air, Flame Princess moves underneath to catch him. "He's... really... heavy!" Flame Princess struggles to mutter her words as she starts losing strength to hold him up.

"Come on! We've got to help!" Finn and Jake help her and with all of their strengths, they throw him off the falls.

"Donny sink like rock!" He screams as he disappears from their sights.

"Good thing we took care of him." Flame Princess sighs in relief. They finally make it to the top of the Falls and keep moving on. After that, no other enemies appeared to block their path. They get to a castle that looks old and abandoned.

"This looks like the place." Finn says. They reach the entrance.

"I don't know, dude. This seems a little too easy." Jake responds.

"And you would be right, Jake." Once again, another familiar voice is heard. They look up to see a little cat wrapped up in bandages glaring at the heroes with her lavender eyes.

"Who's that?" Flame Princess asks.

"Me Mow! I thought we took you down!" Jake says.

"You never finished the job! You thought I was too weak to be a threat, but look at me now! I have plenty of villains to cover me!" Me Mow grins.

"Wait, you're the one behind this?!" Finn yells.

"Correct. I have to thank you for sparing me, because now I can finish the job!" Me Mow pulls out a remote, and a trapdoor appears underneath Finn, Jake, and FP. FP is able to fly out, but Me Mow pours water on her fire, and she falls in as well. "Let's see you survive in my Deadly Underground Mines! Hope you like mining for Diamonds for the rest of your pathetic little lives!" Me Mow manically laughs.

How will Finn, Jake, and FP get out of this one? Find out next time!