Hello Vampire Diaries Fans! This is my first time doing fanfics for "The Vampire Diaries" I hope you guys enjoy!

A/N: Elena and Caroline starting College! Bonnie's little brother, Jake arrives in Mystic Falls as he knows about the truth about Bonnie's death, Damon and Tyler discover that another witch who related to Bonnie is working with Katherine as Silas plans to kill all the Originals, Vampires, Witches,Warlocks, werewolf, Hybrids and even Humans. Stepfan is trap in a cage and being torture.

Plus, Secret Circle's cast will appear in this chapter!

Elena POV:

I just woke up and seeing Damon staring at me with his beautiful grey eyes and started smiling at me.

" How long were you staring at me?" I asked.

" Just few minutes, I can't resist your beautiful face." he laughed.

" I can't believe it! Jeremy is actually back! This whole time he was dead and now he's back!"

" Yeah! Thanks to Bonnie!" said Damon.

" Yeah! I just want to know why Bonnie going to town without telling me." I question.

" Maybe she has a lot of stuff on her mind, I mean the girl went through a lot by bringing back Jeremy."

" I have a feeling something bad is going to happened, I can feel it!" I cry in tears.

" Hey! Don't worried!" Damon replied as he was holding on to me. " Everything will be fine!"

As soon he say that, Damon phone rings and it was Tyler.

Damon answered. " What do you want? Wolf Boy!"

" I need you to come over here ASAP! I have bad news to show you." Tyler replied.

" Alright! I'll be right over!" As soon he hangs up, Damon got dress to leave.

Jeremy POV:

I'm here back in Mystic falls, I should be happy that I'm still alive now. Really I'm upset by Bonnie sacrificed her life for me. I never wanted this to happend! I love Bonnie! I hated that Silas is getting into her mind to bring back everyone in Other side. Yes, Bonnie still here as a ghost and I'm the only one who can see her. But, I'm going to find a way to bring her back to life whatever it takes! Bonnie save my life a bunch of time, so it's my turn to return a favor.

I was chillin in Mystic Grills research how to bring someone back to life on Google, But, Suddenly, Bonnie pops out of nowhere as I hear her beautiful voice.

"Hey Jer! What are you doing in here? Are you suppose to be a school right now?" she asked.

" I'm not going." I replied back.

" What? Jeremy, This is your Senior year!"

" I know that, But I'm still not going!"

" Why? Is it because of me?" she asked me

I look away as I was crying in tears.

Bonnie got closer to me as she made me look at her with her beautiful eyes, " Jer, don't blame yourself because of me! I made that decision by myself, I did it for you, Jeremy! I love you and still do! I never wanted this to happened either! I should be going to college with Elena and Caroline and be with you! I can see our future together as a real couple! Going to the movies, on a real date!"

" I can see that too! Bonnie, I can't keep your secret. The others should know that your dead. They already thinks I'm hiding something from them."

" Don't say anything! Not just yet! I need to find out what Silas is up to!" said Bonnie.

" No! Bonnie, I can't let you do this! Silas will go after you!"

' I can handle this, Jer! Do you trust me?" she asked.

Oh boy! Here goes this trust me word! She knows I can't say No for answer. I took a deep breath and spoke.

" I do! I just don't want nothing happened to you."

" I'll be fine!" she gently kiss me. " I promise! But, you mister are going to school, I don't want you to miss out in life."

" I promise!'

Then, she disappears. I don't have any choice but go to school. I know it's going to be difficult for going back to school and everyone thinks I'm dead.

Damon POV

I finally made it to Tyler's place, I wonder what the wolf boy wants for me? I hope it not a trap. I knock on the door as Tyler opens the door and say come in. I storm in as I demand what's going on! Before he could answer, A african teenage boy walks up to me as he looks up to no good but, smiled so evil.

" Well, Well, Well! Damon Salvatore! " said the boy.

" Do I know you?" I asked.

Then the boy say some spells that will cause me pains and have the power like Bonnie.

" I take it you're a warlock! But, I don't know you!"

" I'm Jake Bennett! Bonnie's little brother! I'm here to find Jeremy Gilbert!"

" What you want from him?" I question.

" I need him so I can communicate with my sister! I need to warn her whatever she is. Silas is coming after her! And he won't stop till he find her!" Jake replied.

" What? Silas is dead! My brother, Stepfan got rid of him!"

" Actually he didn't! Silas is still here as Stepfan's Doppelganger!"

" It's true! And Stepfan is somewhere trap in a box drowning!"

" Damon you owe me a favor, you turn my mother into a Vampire, so do me a favor! Tell me where is Jeremy or I will kill Elena! Do you really want that?"

" Damn Bennett!" I whisper to myself. " Jeremy is at Mystic falls High. But Whatever you do, Don't hurt him."

" Trust me! I won't do that to my sister's ex. And Thank You, Damon Salvatore!"

Klaus POV

I've been beating up really bad and been trick by my old friend, Marcel as he brought me to Silas! And I can see that Katherine and a girl named Melissa Glaser who's related to Bonnie Bennett and a boy named Adam Conant is also working with Silas.

" Thank You, Marcel! I will have big plans with this Original!" Silas Laughed.

" Marcel why?" I asked.

Marcel laughed like it's ricdicclous. " Are you kidding me, Klaus! I wanted to kill you since I first met you! But, I use you to get to the cure which you fail!"

" You was pretending all this time!" Then, I started to attack, But, Melissa use some witch spells to cause me pain.

" Not so fast Klaus! You won't do that? If you do! I'll destroy your brothers and sister and mostly Caroline! Now, we don't want that do we?" Melissa smiled.

" What do you want?" I said as I was in pain really bad.

" You know exactly what I want, Klaus! Where is Bonnie Bennett! Tell me or Elijah, Rebekah and Caroline dies!" Silas demands an answer!

To Be Continued...