This is Lord of the Rings fanfiction. The characters and settings are not mine and belong to Tolkien. These are just a bunch of silly little stories in no particular order that I thought up as background for another story. Again none of the characters are mine. The rough idea is that Elrond is looking through old things of his sons and remembering the stories behind them.


The bow was small and light, around half size. Perfect for a child of around nine years. Elrond turned it over in his hands, vaguely making out faded markings where hands had gripped and scuffed the finish many times. Somewhere in the chest was a battered leather quiver of matching arrows. They had been Elladan's and he could remember the day he had got them as clearly now as ever.

The twins had been around nine at the time, still small enough to be cuddled at the end of the day, but somewhat leggy and lanky to look at. They still looked almost identical with large grey eyes, long dark brown hair and cheeky grins. Maybe it had been because they had looked so similar that they had found it so hard to grow apart that summer.

Not that they had really grown apart, but the differences in their personalities had become more obvious, especially to those outside the family. For the boys always had been different. Elladan had always been moving and wriggling. The base of his desk in the school room was marked from many kicks, and on any morning he could be found in the garden before breakfast practising whatever skill he meant to learn. For Elladan was very determined, indeed he could be called stubborn. Or difficult.

Elrohir on the other hand was a different child. He was a listener, quiet and attentive. He had liked nothing better than to cuddle up on his mother or father's lap and look at books or practise a little writing. Elrohir had an endless patience and curiosity, something his brother tended only to show when the topic involved included the word "battle". Although he too enjoyed the physical training all the young elves completed, he was finding it harder and harder to keep up with his brother.

At the start of the summer it had been announced that children's training ranges would now be open in the evening as well as during lesson time. Elladan had lost no time in drawing his father's attention to this fact, even during an important feast.


"Ada!" Elladan's insistent voice cut across Elrond's words.

Elrond looked up, soon finding his small son leaning over the table a few seats away. It was an important feast day in Rivendell, celebrating the beginning of the summer and the coming of age of a generation of young elf warriors. There were many important visitors, many travelling from Lorien or Mirkwood for the occasion and he and his wife were fully occupied entertaining them.

Both boys had been wildly excited that evening, it had been the first time either of them had accompanied their parents in an official capacity to a feast such as this. Maybe he should have noticed something else on his eldest's mind. He had sat unnaturally still as he had been prepared for the occasion. Not even a complaint about hair-pulling. But not now Elladan, whatever you have to say not in the middle of this discussion on cross cultural relations.

"Later child." Elrond held up a hand for quiet. Elladan sat down again grimacing at Elrohir, before stuffing a large number of potatoes into his mouth.


But Elrond had not counted on the lapse in conversation as a new elaborate centrepiece was brought in.

"Ada!" Elladan spoke loudly spraying small bits of potato on the table. People turned to watch, and before he could reprimand him Elrond had the satisfaction of seeing his son turn red to the tip of his ears and sink back into his seat.

However he had a feeling that whatever Elladan had to say, it would be beyond his patience to hold it in for the rest of the meal. Taking advantage of the wait between courses he excused himself and gently led his son to a quiet corner of the hall.

Elladan's eyes were wide in distress as he looked up at his father.

"Oh I am sorry Ada! I did not mean to."

Elrond looked down at the child. The twins were dressed alike in simple creamy silk tunics and small silver circlets in the shape of fallen leaves, arranged on hair braided back from their faces. This face was flushed, and close to tears.

"I spoke in haste Ada. It was an accident."

Elladan was well aware that the sweets and small toys customary for this celebration had not yet appeared on their table and even worse the fencing and archery displays were yet to come.

"No harm was done Elladan, but be more careful in future."

"I will Ada!" Elrond was rewarded with a beaming smile.

"Now Elladan," an inquisitive look from his son followed as he was already half turned back to the table where a large dish had just been deposited, "What was it you wished to say?"

Elladan hopped up and down in excitement, the pudding forgotten.

"Oh Ada! We are now allowed to train in the evenings, Ada!"

So, this was what it was about. An expectant look followed with sparkling eyes.

"I mean to increase my skill with the sword Ada." Elladan stated resolutely looking up at his father's face. Elrond began to laugh, he knew what was coming next.

"Glorfindel told me that you were once a very fine swordsman." Elladan hopped from one foot to the other, waiting.

"I would love to help you train my child," Elrond laughed "That is, if you will have me?"

Elladan flung himself at his father, hugging thin arms tight around his neck as he was picked up and swung round. Elrond could feel people staring at them again, and was sure that his immaculate robes were getting crumpled, but frankly he didn't care.

This was a feast for families.