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Chapter Twenty

The Ending is the Beginning of All Things

The cups clinked happily in the room. Those sitting around the low table laughing and catching up. Ichigo had probably downed a half a bottle of sake on his own, but Renji had to have taken just as much. Rukia was nursing her own drink, though, her eyes lit with some sort of mischief that the espada mates could tell. Ichigo sat happily in the middle of Grimmjow's lap, falling to the side now and then, nearly burying his head in Stark's lap as he laughed at something. Grimmjow and Stark were both flushed with alcohol. Nnoitra and Ulquiorra were both in heavy discussion with Kenpachi and Inoue respectively. As far as they could tell, Nnoitra and Kenpachi were setting up yet another sparring match, and Ulquiorra and Inoue were discussing what else but the cubs.

"Grimmy! When we having more cubs?" Ichigo said, leaning back drunkenly.

Grimmjow snickered. "Well, next time you come into heat, of course, baka. Except this time, we're only going to have two at a time, got it? No more nearly dying because of all four."

Ichigo frowned. "But…hic…how do I pick just two?"

Grimmjow rubbed his back in gentle circles. "We'll get there; you got a while before that happens."

"Yeah, Ichi-nino, not going to risk it again, no?" Stark said, patting him on the leg.

"I'm glad everyone could come!" Ichigo announced with a grin, his face as red as his name suggested. "I can't believe we've been a year mated already!"

They had all decided that they would choose the day that they had first encountered Ichigo as his anniversary. After all, all four had been with him in the span of that first twenty four hours, so despite the less than pleasant first encounter with Nnoitra and Grimmjow, they agreed. Of course, Nnoitra and Grimmjow had made up for it many times over since then. And tonight, all four cubs and Nel (who eventually gave up never-ending chase, thankfully) were spending the night with Aunt Halibel and her fraccion.

After the cubs had arrived, they'd stayed with Urahara for another three months while an appropriate place was readied for them in soul society. That gave Isshin, Karin and Yuzu sufficient time to spend with them before they headed off to the relative safety of soul society. Szayel had opted to go earlier and ended up being heavily involved with Mayuri. Needless to say, there were weeks that Kurotsuki-taichou was nowhere to be found, and eventually when they surfaced, it seemed Szayel was very pleased with himself and walking a bit funny. No one ever mentioned it though, because no one really wanted to know.

Halibel and her fraccion had stayed for a while but then went to soul society and quickly became integrated easily into the world. She and her fraccion also became Ichigo's go to for babysitting. The cubs were a handful at best, and it took several people to keep them in check, because unlike human babies, they were born running and flying in Chou's case. There were more than one occasion various shinigami brought back a squirming and flailing cub where they had escaped the watchful eyes of their sitters. Of course, Lilinette and Tesla also took equal turns taking care of the cubs, though usually it was a tag team effort.

It had taken the others in soul society some time to get used to the sight of Ichigo with his mates. Once they were born, his Zangetsu returned, and his wounds healed quickly (with Inoue's aid), and he now wore his familiar black shihakuso again. The espada had all wore similar outfits to what they had as arrancar, only now they were free to choose colors and all stayed away from the white Aizen had enforced on them. But watching Ichigo wander place to place with anywhere from one to all four of them had caused some interesting issues.

For one, people didn't know what to think. More than once he found himself dragging a couple of them behind him by the hand. It was decidedly odd, Ichigo was smaller than all but Ulquiorra. And of course, not everyone knew about the arrangement in the first months they came to Soul Society. And with motherhood, Ichigo had not entirely returned to his normal self, and none were sure if he ever would. His features had softened a little more, and he kept his hair long, usually pulled back at the nape of his neck. Most different was the distinct curve of his hips now, not extreme, but in just the right angle it was there. The subtle changes drove his mates to madness.

So it was he was wandering through shops looking for something for the cubs when he felt someone's hand on his ass. Now, this wasn't an unfamiliar thing, both Grimmjow and Nnoitra were real perverts and would proceed to practically molest him in the middle of a crowd (not that he ever complained too loudly), so he hummed.

"Oi, hands off 'til we're home, pervert," he muttered and the hand squeezed. He turned around and found himself looking at a shinigami he was unfamiliar with.

"The hell are you doing?" he asked, calmly, very glad he'd left Zangetsu home. He was wearing a blue kimono and hakama today, his clothes having recently acquired a bit of a unisex quality.

"Well, couldn't resist this handful, you see," he said, obviously trying to sound flirty, his beady black eyes sending a shiver down Ichigo's spine. Nope. He didn't like the guy. But he was going to wait. He was evil sometimes.

"I suggest you back off, or someone is going to remove that hand," he said calmly, glancing around seeing Grimmjow and Stark arguing over some possible clothes for the cubs.

The man squeezed harder, and Ichigo was thinking he was going to take off the bastard's hand in a moment. "Oh, you're far too delicate to do such a thing."

That was it. Grimmjow and Stark had nothing on Ichigo when someone said that shit. He grit his teeth, dropping the little outfit to the table. Instead he smiled sweetly. "Well, why don't we find out, come on, big boy," he said, waggling an eyebrow.

Grimmjow and Stark looked up to see Ichigo leading the unsuspecting shinigami out the door, and telltale waggle of his hips made both of them sigh and follow right after. This happened now and then. Ichigo was perfectly happy to have his mates take care of perverts. But sometimes, one would really piss him off, and then, well, they weren't there to keep the pervert in check, they were there to keep Ichigo from killing someone. But it didn't mean they didn't enjoy the show when their beta did something like this.

They watched with knowing smirks as Ichigo shoved the guy against the wall roughly and looked him up and down. "Delicate, huh?" he asked the guy.

Grimmjow groaned outwardly. "Shit, he didn't say that…keep a look out for when he snaps or we're going to be cleaning up the mess for a week."

Ichigo leaned forward, his hands running over his body softly, then one hand curled around the neck. A subtle shift and black nails were digging into flesh of the guy's neck and a red streaked mask was starting to cover half his face. He held up another black clawed hand in front of his face. "You know who I am?"

The shinigami looked like a trapped animal, and shook his head. Grimmjow and Stark groaned. What an idiot! No wonder the orange hair hadn't tipped the guy off.

Grimmjow stood behind him and put his hands on his shoulders, dodging the expected slashing blow from the free hand that wasn't wrapped around the guy's neck. "Ichi…now now, we don't need to have a little bloodbath today…"

Ichigo fixed him with a stare and slashed again, this time cutting a deep swath in Grimmjow's forearm. He stared at it and sighed. "You are so much trouble, Ichigo Kurosaki!" he announced and kissed him on the neck.

He sighed and the mask faded, the claws receded, and he was still clutching the neck of the guy in front of him. "Grimmy, see, I knew something, that's why I left Zangetsu at home."

"I-Ichig-go?" the guy asked. "K-kurosaki?"

Ichigo grinned and tossed the annoying shinigami into the street, setting him to roll about four times. He looked up at Grimmjow. "He called me delicate."

Grimmjow nodded. "I heard. Not too smart. Nothing delicate about you, berry boy."

By the time the first anniversary came around, though those things had stopped happening. Well, for the most part. Already tonight he'd sent three different drunks flying out the door, one woman and two men, for trying to get in his pants. And now he flopped down on a comfortable male body and sighed. He heard his mates snickering and turned to see he'd landed in Renji's lap instead. He frowned, looking at the very red faced red head. He shrugged and stayed put anyway, getting a glance from Rukia that his drunk mind couldn't decipher.

All in all, it was a great anniversary!

OPTIONAL LEMON – No story impact whatsoever. If you enjoy, please do, if not, skip to the end of the Optional Lemon section. J

Ichigo had already downed another bottle of sake singlehandedly when he felt himself being lifted up. He stumbled, giggling. He looked up to see a leering Grimmjow holding him up.

"Ichi, we got a surprise for ya! Come on!"

He hiccupped and stumbled with Grimmjow, and looked around, wondering where the others had gone. He grinned. For his surprise, no doubt! He wondered what it would be. Finally they were back at their house and Grimmjow steered him into the bedroom, where he giggling fell into the enormous bed they had (it had to fit five after all).

He felt hands on his face and he turned his head into a passionate kiss, but he frowned. It didn't taste right. And wait, it didn't feel right. This mouth was much too small. He blinked and his eyes cleared as he saw raven hair. He gasped and pulled away to see an entirely nude Rukia in his bed. His drunk mind flipped around and he saw Grimmjow leaning against the doorframe with a grin. Then he felt hands running up his back and he moaned to feel someone kissing on his back, but was surprised when a fall of bright red hair cascaded over his shoulder. He turned to see Renji over his back.

He practically started off the bed, falling back into a set of arms, and looked up to see he'd landed in Stark's.

"Wha…I know I'm drunk, but I'm not hallucinating drunk. Why is there a naked Rukia and Renji in our bed?" he stammered.

Nnoitra placed a kiss on his neck surprising him. "Don't you like our gift to ya?"

"It is really for them too, a thank you from last you, if you will, Ichigo," Ulquiorra said from his other side.


Grimmjow smirked. "And we get to watch, so go have fun, berry boy."

With that, he was shoved forward onto the bed, and somehow, his mates had managed to strip his clothes off in the process, though he couldn't for the life of him remember when or how they did it. This is why he never drank sake. Dammit!

But soon, his lips were captured by Renji's domineering ones and he groaned into them, feeling Rukia's small hands on him. He'd know they were together for the last few months, but he never expected this…

"Ichigo, you sure?" Renji whispered in his ear. "I mean, I know we're a little drunk, but I don't think we could give in to this otherwise…"

Ichigo turned to stare in those dark eyes and growled. "Fuck yes…"

Renji grinned. Before long, tiny hands were encircling his arousal as Renji worked magic with his mouth up and down his back and neck. He was writhing in pleasure as Rukia's mouth suddenly enveloped him. He gasped as he saw her raven head bob down on him. Then he felt Renji behind him, slowly teasing the flesh of his perineum and his entrance with slick fingers. He groaned at the not unfamiliar stimulation.

"You fuck her," Renji purred. "While I fuck you into oblivion."

He gaped for a minute. "But, I've never…uh…"

Rukia came up with a pop, eyes wide. "Oh my, well, so I do get to take some part of your virginity after all," she said with a sultry voice.

Ichigo blushed again, but it might have been the sake, he wasn't sure. He had never been "gay" or "straight" after all. But he just hadn't had sex before his experience with his mates. So he was curious of course, as he doubted any of his mates would ever let him top. So this was really a unique opportunity. He felt a finger slide into him and he groaned, arching back. Rukia moved with purpose, pulling him over her. He found himself fondling the small breasts and amazed at how the flesh rolled under his hands.

He reached his hand down, running nervous fingers down into her wetness and was so surprised at how damp and warm it was. Before he even knew it, Renji had shoved him forward, and he found himself grinding a very hard arousal against her hip bone. He moaned as he pushed up with his arms, and she nodded to him as he slid himself into the warm moisture. His eyes bugged at the sensation. It was warm and wet and felt like silk around him. Then he was pressed all the way in as he felt Renji's throbbing arousal against his own entrance, and without a second warning, he was sheathed.

Ichigo was beside himself. Suddenly, and quite accidently, Renji brushed his sweet spot, sending him into a low throaty moan. Renji's head popped up, looking at the espada who nodded knowingly. He frowned and angled again, and pressed against that soft spongy place. Again, he felt the world blank, and he sunk deeper into the warmth below him. Before long, Renji picked up a steady rhythm that was rocking him forward, and into Rukia, who's hips were rising from the bed to meet him. It was almost like he didn't have to do anything, like Renji was the one fucking Rukia through his body. It was maddening!

He felt something hard rubbing against him and he wondered if that was a sensitive spot for Rukia, so he snaked a hand down, and at the top of the entrance there was a smooth little nub of flesh. He almost couldn't stay in contact with it with the speed Renji was slamming into him. But he managed, and soon enough, Rukia was writhing and moaning under him until she clamped down on him with a long low moan. He felt himself go as soon as she did, eyes rolling into his head as Renji slammed into his prostate and released himself. The rush was heady and it seemed to have burned away most the sake. He groaned and rolled out from between them and onto his back.

Of course, not to be outdone, he was promptly pounced by Grimmjow and Nnoitra. They grinned at him, and glanced at Rukia and Renji who were coiled around each other, now watching the two former espada, licking and sucking on Ichigo's spent body. Soon enough Stark and Ulquiorra made their way to the bed, adding their own hands and mouths to the mix. Renji and Rukia watched, wide eyed as all four attacked Ichigo at various points, sucking and licking him until he was moaned and obviously once more aroused.

They leaned back, Renji pulling Rukia into his lap against his freshly hardening cock. In a minute he wouldn't be able to help it, watching the four alphas rile up their beta. Finally, Grimmjow had enough playing and lifted Ichigo up bodily, Ichigo instantly wrapping legs around him, as he roughly seated him on his own cock. Ichigo released a pained and pleasured moan. "Fuck, Grimmjow! Give me a minute…"

Nnoitra was behind him, six arms now caressing. "Nah, Ichi, you don't need a minute tonight," he said, biting at his neck and seating himself into him beside Grimmjow. He arched his back into Nnoitra's hands and screamed out in more than a little pain at the sudden intrusion. "Dammit!" he growled.

Stark was beside him, kissing him. "Ah, pobrecito, you know you love it rough…"

His hand snuck between Grimmjow and Ichigo to begin pumping away at him as Nnoitra and Grimmjow set up a rocking pattern between each other, alternating brushing his sweet spot each time, sending him into a mewling mess of moans, all swallowed by Stark's kisses. Then a hard thrust sent him off the mouth and he growled and sunk his teeth into Grimmjow's shoulder. Grimmjow responded with a growl of his own and thrust in even harder as blood ran down his front.

Stark smiled. "Grimmjow has first blood tonight!"

And with that, they brought Ichigo around again, pulling his orgasm free and both sending off into him with a brilliant burst of reiatsu twining together. Ichigo was getting tired but he felt a mouth on his as soon as he was pulled off Grimmjow and Nnoitra. Ulquiorra had taken a spot between his legs and was quickly awakening his arousal as Grimmjow and Nnoitra lazed on the other side of the bed. Meanwhile, he was lifted up and Stark was behind him now. He groaned and leaned back against the brunette primera, but was shoved forward to his hands and knees, where he was met with Ulquiorra's cock. He reached out and greedily sucked it into his mouth moaning as Stark slammed into him.

Renji couldn't stand it anymore, he lifted Rukia up and slid her down on him, letting her ride him as they watched. He leaned back, hands plat, legs out as she slowly rode up and down, using her hands on his knees to support her. Neither one could take their eyes off the scene before them as Ichigo screamed a muffled release around Ulquiorra.

When all was said and done, there was a heap of very sweaty, very exhausted arrancar and shinigami in the bed when the door was opened the next morning by Halibel. She blinked, ushered her fraccion and the cubs out, saying something about going to the garden for a few hours.

END OPTIONAL LEMON – If you read, hope you enjoyed the little thing. Less of a three some, more of an orgy. *shrugs* Ah well.

Two Years later

Ichigo sat in the grass and watched the four cubs scamper and play. They'd grown so much in that time, equivalent to a five year old child. And they were being chased by Nel, as usual. Nel, though, had recovered her memory and somehow had retained the ability to shift between a child and a grown woman. He glanced down beside him at the wiggling one year old beside him. The bright red hair was a giveaway, but the tiny petite features were too. He looked up at Rukia and Renji, making out like teenagers while Ichigo watched over the baby. She was sleeping, but Ichigo didn't mind. After all, his were old enough now to nearly be independent. Well, by hollow standards anyway.

He looked up to see Stark, who now wore a captain's haori, the Taichou of the Hollow division. Shinji had become his fuku-taichou for division fourteen. Technically, Ichigo was the co-taichou. They had decided that the divison should have one arrancar and one vizard work together, and what better choice than a mated pair. Halible had taken the co fuku-taichou position, but was out now due to her fraccion Apaci being heavy with cub at the moment.

Then he sighed deeply and smelled the musk of his mates growing stronger. He growled and Grimmjow, Stark, and Nnoitra's heads all shot up from whatever they had been doing. Ichigo felt the keening purr emit from his throat and a flush assail his body. Last time, his heat had been triggered artificially by his hollow. This time, this was a normal one. The cubs were big enough to be on their own, and his body was ready to go again.

He snarled, and saw Stark was the closest. He jumped and began to attack him with little thought, a dance as old as time to determine the stronger of the two of them. Stark smiled, breathing in the pheromones deeply. It seemed Ichigo had chosen him for this round. They had promised, no matter what, to let Ichigo choose only two of them. He was too kind and loving to give up any cubs.

Renji and Rukia picked up their little bundle as Nnoitra gathered up the other four cubs, ushering them away, as Ichigo pounced his mate and they both tumbled to the floor in a confusion of limbs. Of course, Stark ended up on top.