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Chapter 10: A Proper Meeting

The said person waltzed his way to them in an elegant manner. His red blazing hair almost made the blunette squint.

Kuroko could only stand speechless.

"Good evening," the younger redhead greets the two before looking at the frozen blunette

"I am Akashi Yuuto's son, Akashi Seijuro. It's nice meeting you for the first time, Tetsuya-kun."


Kuroko's POV

I was dumbfounded as I stared directly at his eyes. I won't forget those eyes. Those mysterious orbs of gold and ruby, that burning red locks; and for the most part, that voice that emanates superiority and firmness.

I could not be mistaken, this guy in front of me is Aka.

"Tetsuya? What's wrong?" my father asked in concern

"I was staring for too long!" I gasped

"Excuse me, I'm fine. Nice to meet you too Akashi-kun." I responded dumbly as I took his extended hand for a shake.

Was it my imagination? I thought I saw him smirk. I decided to brush it off. But seriously, although I wished to see them again, I did not expect it to be so soon. It was even more confusing that Aka may be Akashi Yuuto's son, the sole heir of Rakuzan Corporation, the biggest and most successful corporation in all of Japan! I don't get it, it made my head spin. I was rooted on my spot and waited until both of the moguls were gone. Akashi-kun remained there in front of me looking amused.

"Surprised?" he asks

I flinched at the sudden question. I knew what he meant, he knows that I knew who he was the moment I saw him.

"You have no idea..." I retorted. Unconsciously, my lips formed a curve that would make out a small smile.

The two teens went out to the balcony for a private talk. Four pairs of colorful eyes followed their figure as they disappeared.

"For the first time, huh...?" Kuroko mimics as he leans his elbows on the balcony's plinth.

"Technically, it is the first time." Akashi replies smugly

"Aren't you afraid, Akashi-kun?"

The redhead's eyes narrowed upon the other's question. "Afraid isn't in my vocabulary, Tetsuya."

A stupid question, that's what Akashi thought. He was molded as an epitome of excellence, thus; fearfulness, weakness, and feebleness are out of the question in his lifestyle.

"I meant, what if I talk." the blunette clarifies. His eyes devoid of emotions

"You agreed that you wouldn't, I hold onto that." Akashi stated simply. Kuroko couldn't argue further knowing that Akashi had stated a fact, he doesn't go back on his words and neither does he want the redhead as his enemy, now knowing he is the heir of Rakuzan Corporation. If ever he reveals Aka's dark secret, the Rakuzan Corporation would undoubtedly be involved causing trouble for their company too. He sighs.

"You really are too much for me to handle." the smaller one comments, closing his tired eyes with a long exhale.

"Likewise," Akashi gently touched Kuroko's cheek before tilting his chin upwards to stare at cerulean eyes that did not even show anything despite the action. "I want to know you, what you are thinking."

Akashi's heterochromatic eyes gleamed beautifully under the moonlight, Kuroko could not help but stare in awe, and fear. Never did he see someone emanate such superiority, he was very much different from his father.

Kuroko was about to say something when a blur of yellow almost tackled him to the ground causing him to tumble backwards.

"Hurts," he mumbles under his breath

"KUROKOCCHI~!" the thing wails as he latched himself on the now suffocating blunette

"Oi Kise, get off Tetsu." A dark figure stomped his way to the clinging blonde and hacked his collar away

"That hurts-ssu!"

Kuroko was rooted on his spot, not only Akashi was here but also Kise and Aomine? Kuroko could make out the reason on why was Akashi here, but them...?

Akashi faked a cough and the two instantly made a proper distance to introduce themselves.

"Akashi-kun, what...?" Kuroko gasps

The redhead just smirked.

"Yo Tetsu. You probably know me but Im'ma introduce myself properly, since Akashi said I have to," Aomine huffs lazily while scratching his nape in annoyance. "The name's Aomine Daiki, a professional basketball player, and Tōō Sports Industries..." he pauses "Heir."

Kuroko might have forgotten that one detail about Aomine Daiki, he once read an article about him in Basketball Monthly, a famous magazine featuring different kinds of basketball prodigies, that he was also the son of the company president of Tōō. Thinking back he recalls having to read Kagami Taiga being rivals with him.

"My full name's Kise Ryouta, I'm Kise Yuuzaki's son~ You know, the president of Kaijo Airlines~ And a part-time model!" he winks at the last statement.

"So that's why he was familiar, he was the one I kept seeing on billboards and ads." Kuroko muses in his thoughts. Despite seeing him with a mask on, he could make out a few features that were evident when he first saw him, but now he could see their faces clearly. (Not including Ahomine though, since he already saw his face.)

"Now that's done," Aomine slings an arm around Kuroko, a habit of his during the time he was with the blunette. "Lookin' like a real rich kid, huh Tetsu~" he jokes

Kuroko cringed his nose at the thought, "I was merely forced in these clothing, Aomine-kun."

"I think Kurokocchi looks absolutely cute~" Kise lilts

"You two are indecent as always." a gruff voice was heard just behind Kuroko

"You are late Shintarou," Akashi implores "Where is Atsushi?"

"I had to get my lucky item back inside. Murasakibara was called in by the head chef..." the bespectacled greenhead explains

"Ah. Nekotama." the blunette notices as he points at the porcelain the taller one was holding "So that was Midori-kun."

"Hello Kuroko," he nods, the blunette greeted him back mumbling a 'Good evening'. "I am Midorima Shintarou, son of Midorima Masato, or should I say Shuutoku Corporation's president." he introduces as he adjusts his glasses with his bandaged fingers.

"...And I am a tsundere-nodayo." Aomine mimics

Kise hid his giggle seeing Midorima was pissed.

"I am not a tsundere." he denies

Aomine just shrugged while Akashi just kept observing Kuroko who looked amused.

Shuutoku Corporation, like Rakuzan, is allied with their company. It made Kuroko internally muse that this wasn't just a coincidence. In which he proved to be right when he saw Akashi's smug face. It made his eye twitch in annoyance. Kuroko also noticed the lack of another person, he was about to ask about the purple giant when a loud apology was heard.

Speak of the devil.

"Sorry I'm late, Aka-chin. Otou-chin talked to me about the dessert menu." he lazily drawls

"Very well," Akashi nods.

"Hello Kuro-chin," he drawls, ruffling the smaller one's fringe despite the annoyed look Kuroko gave before handing a small plate of cake. "Here~"

It was the same kind of cake Kuroko was eating earlier. Kuroko's eyes visibly sparkled, muttering 'Thank you", which made the others envy the giant. As always, Akashi remained impassive, only a smirk was plastered on his face.

"Tetsuya, this is Murasakibara Atsushi. He is the son of a famous chef and is aspiring to be a pâtissier. Most desserts tonight was made by him."

"It's delicious." Kuroko mumbles, the fork's tip still touching his soft lips "But, it would be rude if I were the only one eating." he tilts his head

"Aaaah~ Then Kurokocchi can give me some," Kise fantasizes, imitating a love struck girl who was ready to be spoon-fed.


Just a mere centimeter away and the blonde's model face could've been hit by what they could make of a pair a scissors. Everyone froze 'cept for Aomine who was holding back a fit of laughter for the poor model. Robotically, Kise faced the redhead who had a maniacal grin directed to him.

"I-I'm just kidding-ssu..." he nervously laughs.

"Come, we should now come inside. We don't want everyone catching a cold now." he turns to Kuroko as he wraps an arm around Kuroko's back and ushered him inside.

It was a long day, Kuroko thought as he contemplated the things that happened. He stared blankly outside the car as it sped through town.

"Are you alright?" his father asks in concern

"Yes father, just a bit tired." he answers numbly

"Just a bit further and we'll reach home, you can rest by then."

Kuroko gave a sharp nod before resuming his thoughts about five colorful teens he properly met that night.

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