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It was already past noon. The sun was about to set, and the Seirin team were sprawled all over the gym, exhaustion being apparent. After playing basketball non-stop, their bodies felt really heavy, as if they were carrying loads behind their back. Sweat covered their faces as they breathe raggedly. Sure, playing basketball was fun, but who said it was easy?

Their brown-haired coach smiled, putting her fists unto her waist. "Good job, everyone. Let's all wrap it up for today! Make sure to get some rest at home." Nodding, the young coach went to the locker room to fix her own things, preparing to leave as well.

It wasn't even winter yet, but she could already feel the cold lingering in the air. Riko shivered, gently rubbing her arms. 'Wow, it's so freezing! I should've brought a thicker jacket..' she thought. She could hear whispers. Whispers that turns into chatter. When she's all set to go, she couldn't help but peek through the doors, aching to know where the noise is coming from. 'What's up with them,..?'.

Riko can hear the first years seething with excitement, getting louder by the minute. She could distinguish one of the voices clearly, Furihata-kun, was it? Probably… Her curiosity kicking in, she walked up to them with eyes filled with wonder. "What's are you guys talking about?" she said, acting a bit annoyed.

Furihata looked up, wearing a dashing smile. "Ah, Coach! There was just this rumor that everyone's been going on lately!" He and his fellow freshmen couldn't help but feel giddy. "Some said we're gonna have a transfer student! Can you believe it? A transfer student in the middle of the school year!" Riko replied with a short 'Ah', not wanting the freshman to continue. Call her crazy, but seeing those boys gush, it was obvious what it was about. "It's a girl, isn't it?" A bored expression stuck on the short-haired girl's face.

The first-years were taken aback (with exaggerated gasps), struck with horror. This time, Fukuda spoke up. "It's not just a girl, Coach! I heard that she's from overseas! And that she's an awesome musician! And that she's also great at sports too!" Furihata cut his friend off, and instead, raised both his hands and was clutching the air in a very absurd way. "I also heard that she models! Though it's obvious since I heard that she has one hellova bod—"*BONK* Their team captain, Hyuga, punched the back of both the first-years' heads. A vein throbbing at his forehead.

Hyuga sighed. "Morons. Don't talk like that in front of the coach. It's not her fault she's not se…" A minute passed. Two minutes passed. Three minutes passed. Riko was patiently(?) staring at him, her face being overshadowed by her bangs. Hyuga lost the words he was gonna say, and instead, "Oh Mitobe. You called me, right? I'll be right there." he walked away from the potential threat. Riko hissed, "Mitobe doesn't talk, you dingdong!"

As the two sophomores bicker (mostly Riko), a redhead with a large build spoke up while a basketball spun on top of his finger. "I can't believe you people. Getting excited over a stupid rumor." Kagami was sitting at a bench, sighing. "Who would believe all this crap, anyway? Doesn't she sound a bit way too perfect? Are you even sure it's a girl?" Now that made them go thinking. Then a wave of sighs got loose, inevitably feeling depressed.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I knew that!" The coach laughed like a proud lioness that she is, "Kagami-kun is right! Rumors are hardly true! I bet that there never was a transfer student in the first pl-" She was cut off by Koganei, who was also ecstatic about it. With his hands balled up into fists, he defied "No! It's true, swear! I even saw her with my own eyes!" He used his fingers to stretch his eyelids wide open, emphasizing his cat eyes. He was a bit too close for comfort, so Riko, whose face was red as a tomato, had to push him away, painfully. After regaining her composure, she crossed her arms and asked "Oh yeah? Then where is this mysterious transfer student, huh? Why didn't she come to school?"

"From what I heard, she collapsed in the Faculty Office, just this morning." Izuki reasoned out. "I think she was sent home..." The boys felt sorry by the incident, but delighted by the confirmation, and once again they gushed over it. The coach couldn't help but facepalm, 'What in the world-? Ugh, they're so naïve…' She just shrugged it off. 'No wonder they don't have girlfriends. They're hopeless.' she huffed with dignity, and smirked to herself. Riko decided to go home ahead.

Soon after the coach left, the others followed one by one. Almost everyone went home save for Kagami, who was still sitting by the bench, playing with the basketball. "Do you think it's true?" Out of nowhere, Kuroko asked. Kagami shouted a powerful 'GAHHH!', before ultimately smacking the bluenette's head. "Dammit! Stop sneaking up on me like that, Kuroko!"

With a scowl on his face, Kuroko massaged his head. "I don't sneak, Kagami-kun." He looked at his hand, then proceeded to massage his head once again. "I thought I was bleeding…" Sensing that his friend wouldn't apologize any time sooner, Kuroko just sighed and repeated his question. "So, Do you think it's true? About the rumor, I mean."

The redhead placed his palms on the bench as he sat back a bit, relaxing his head a little. "Does it even matter? The winter cup is a few weeks away, and all of them are too preoccupied with that shitty nonsense." Kagami closed his eyes, imagining what it'd feel like to win in the winter cup. "I just hope that they'd get more serious about this." All was calm and peaceful, until his school bag was thrown to him by Kuroko, hitting the redhead face first. "The hell, Kuroko!?"

Kuroko, ready to leave, smiled. "I admit that the winter cup is some serious business," He walked straight to the door. "but that doesn't mean that we can't have fun in the process." He looked back at the redhead, "Let's go home." and waited for him to tag along.

"..A-ah, you go on ahead…" the redhead suspiciously said, beckoning the bluenette to leave. Kuroko blinked his eyes, a silent 'what?' being asked. Kagami kept looking from left to right, sweat slowly dripping from his face. " I-I uh, still wanna practice…" Now that was suspicious. Reaaally suspicious. Instead of just turning his head, he faced his whole front towards Kagami, who was now acting more cautious. "Hey! Didn't I tell you to leave?"

"What are you hiding, Kagami-kun?" Kuroko was slowly approaching the redhead. "H-ha? Hiding? I'm not hiding! Who's hiding? Certainly not me! I'm not hiding anything!" Kuroko's face got a lot more serious now, and was now in front of the redhead. "You didn't kidnap her, did you?"

The redhead flushed red, whether from embarrassment or anger, it was hard to tell. "THE FUCK, KUROKO?!" the redhead slammed his hand to the bench he was sitting on, and if you look closely, you can see he made a dent. "Fucking Dammit! I sprained my ankle, okay!? I can't stand 'cause I sprained my fucking ankle! I didn't kidnap no shit!" Kagami took his shoe and sock off, exposing a large purple-ish bruise. Kuroko simply said 'ah' at the sight.

"With the way you're acting, you can't blame me for thinking that way." The bluenette was trying to tend the broken foot. "How did it happen, anyway?" Kagami, who was slightly sulking, wasn't looking at Kuroko, instead, out the window with the dark sky. "…I…" he was scratching his face. "… I jumped too high and didn't land properly…"


"Fuck you, Kuroko."

Author's note: I hope this chapter is better than the one I made last time D: I'd love to know what you think, no need to be shy! I honestly think that Kuroko accusing Kagami being a perveted kidnapper was really funny XD If I was so twisted and black-hearted, I would've went with that plot =3 But then I thought 'OMG. Kagami fangirls would .'

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