A/N: Hey, guys! I don't know what I did here, but don't you think Akura-ou is a bit underrated? It's sad because I really like his character. I want more of him in the manga so I could have more fics to write about. Haha. He's has this impact/impression on me that I can't let go; as a result, this happened. I'm not shipping him and Nanami, though if he gets more scenes in the future, I think I'll be the crazy fangirl who'll daydream about that. Oh, BTW, please do drop a review. I appreciate any kind of criticisms. Enjoy!

Scarf Woman, you truly are an interesting one. I thought you were just a weak human girl whom I met five hundred years ago, but the fact that you are right in front of me now makes me wonder. What other godly acts could you do? Aside from taming that bastard traitor Tomoe and having a lot of god allies, do you still have something up/off your sleeves? How come you're here? What are you? Fn. I should have taken you before; it was a grave mistake for letting you go at that time.

You know, if I weren't actually busy with that Yukiji woman, my attention would be all yours. The strange fruits in those containers were really tasty, and I'd like to have more if you have some left with you. I'd also want to see another festival with swarming ants going around in circles. Watching them from a height is a pleasure, but then I remembered that you don't like high places. You'll die if you fall. Why are you so fragile? I could crush your skull with just one hand, and it wouldn't take much of an effort. Hah. You're lucky I'm interested in you.

"Woman, I find your presence irritating…"

I don't understand anything about you at all. You are weak, and I'll repeat that as many times as I want. It's the only truth in humans. Hell. I don't even care about your kind; and since you're below me, you should act accordingly. But what happened back at Yomi-no-Kuni? It was the most humiliating moment of my existence— to be saved by a human land god, to be saved by you. I was swallowed up by the darkness again, yet your beaming face drove out everything when I saw you appear from the light. I acted on impulse, embracing and accepting your warmth for the first time. I was surprised myself, but I swear that it won't happen again. Your magic will not work on me twice.


You're nothing special, though I'd like it if would play with me again, Scarf Woman.