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"The secret is out…"

-Skye, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Eleven Minutes

"Kill the fish tank," Phil watched as Fury left the Bus. He knew he would have to work harder on Skye. He had seen the recordings and knew she was still in contact with the Raising Tide. While they still were working on the encryption, he could tell this was done in the style of Skye and Raising Tide. Phil made his way up to cockpit. She would always offer a good solution.

May was busy checking the controls. Simmons had been working on them and added new controls for the upgraded shielding. While she was happy that Phil dealt with Fury, the kids had been ecstatic when Tony Stark showed up and provided a 'consult' on the Bus' features. She stayed out of the way and watched as Phil was talking with Pepper. She only caught a little bit and something about a cellist.

Phil made his way into the cockpit, "So May, I thought it would be good to talk this over a bit."

"Ah," was May's response as she made an adjustment in the controls.

"I still think we need her," he saw the flicker in May's eyebrow. "Skye. She has the skill to bring them into a team."

May motioned for Phil to move. She had to get to the other side of the cockpit and verify the controls were matching. She went through the cross checks of a few more, then need his help.

Phil watched her point at one of the flap controls and nodded. He hit the control the same time she hit the other. The console lit to show an override. He smiled, "Works." Turning back to her, "So, I am guessing you talked with Ward about getting her trained."

She shrugged her agreement.

"Well, then we'll need to watch them. I need him to help her along, not turn her into a robot."

May smiled and turned back to the controls for the extra boost engines. They were tricky. She had to time the response from the changes she made. Phil was watching her. Waiting for her to get done with the sequence. It took her a little while. A few more settings were made before she smiled back at him, "Robot?"

"Yeah, I know. Hill basically said the same thing. Something about a porcupine, I thought it was poop. But…well, he needs a little too."

May reach down to get a power screwdriver. She put it to use pulling out one of the control panels. Handing the screws to Phil, she turned back to the panel. She was busy with the adjustments and held out her hand again. Phil put the screws back in it and she sealed the panel.

"With Ward working with Skye, she should be busy. We'll be able to monitor her as she goes." Phil watched as May took her seat in the captain's chair. "But I think you should back her up. Watch her moves and she if she is deflecting anything. We need to know if she is more than what she presents."

May turned to eye him.

"Yes, I know she is good with computers and it is entirely possible that she is even more than that. If you see that, I need to know."

May nodded and turned to the controls in the front of her position.

"And most importantly, we turn her."

May turned back and looked at Phil, "Right."

"Okay, good talk. Glad we agreed." Phil walked out of the cockpit.

He got a little down the passageway and looked at his watch, "Hum, eleven minutes. Longest talk yet."

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