It was another day in the Biomes of Mojang, the Chickens were clucking, The Cows Mooing, and pigs Oinking. These sounds were accompanied by the sounds of metal hitting against wood as the head of an axe was cutting down a tree. The man holding the axe was none other than the local miner Steve, he opened his bookbag placing the blocks of wood in the bag placing it on his back. The sun was still up so he decided to go fishing as crafted a rod and headed to a local lake. Steve was one of those people who lived alone; he was loved by villagers, despite this he always felt something missing knowing he would have a similar routine every day. Steve had collected wood and caught some fish, so he would go back to his cabin to cook and eat it with bread, take a bath, and then go to bed.

Steve woke up the next morning getting dressed. The Sun was shining so he decided to go mining. he put on a set of Iron armor and a diamond Pick axe with matching sword and an iron shovel as he walked to a local cave. Steve pulled a torch from his bag lighting it as he proceed placing them along his path. He wandered thru the caverns finding a vain of diamonds. He noticed the vain was right next to a lava pit as he moved cobble to create a path to the rock as he slammed his pick into the side of the rock breaking the rock as diamond flew out landing on the makeshift platform. Steve placed them in his bag hearing a hissing behind him as he turned around. Just as predicted a creeper was right behind him swelling up

"Oh Crap!" Steve exclaimed managing to escape the blast as he fallow the torches to the surface. Two skeletons spawned behind him. The two undead archers were firing their bow as Steve drew his sword he charged knocking one into the lava as he cut the other's head off. Steve made it to the surface as he heard groaning. He could tell it was a zombie but something was off. It wasn't the standard groaning, it was softer, and sounded like someone was in pain as Steve found the cause of the noise. It was a Zombie but what surprised Steve was that it was female; her leg was cut open as she was limping as Steve drew his sword. The zombie and turned around. It looked Steve in the eyes, as he noticed she was crying as he sheathed his sword

"I Can't do this" Steve thought as he picked up a piece of cobblestone approaching the zombie, bashing the rock on her head knocking her out.

The Zombie woke up in a warm cabin getting off a bed rubbing her head

"What happened?" The Zombie asked leaving the room, she smelt an odor in the air. It was the most delicious thing she ever smelt. She wandered downstairs

"Good, you're up" A voice said as she turned around seeing Steve cooking Pork chops

"Who are you, why did you help me?" The girl asked sitting down as Steve handed her a plate

"My Name is Steve, I brought you here because you needed help, I patched your leg up" Steve said as she noticed the bandages around her leg

"Thank you" She responded

"I'm surprised you can talk" Steve said sitting next to her

"Why does hat surprise you?" the girl asked eating her meal

"I'm never met a zombie who could talk" Steve said

"We can talk we just never usually have anything to say" The Girl said

"So what's your name?" Steve asked as the zombie drank a glass of milk

"Oh Alice, I really appreciate you caring for me " the zombie said

"Don't sweat it, you can Stay as long as you want, but you'll have to earn your keep" Steve said

"I will" Alice replied