Authors Note: So as a not native english speaker this story may contain bad english and also spoilers for peolple who do not know the story.

So, important things to say:

-MC from P4 is called Yu Narukami because reasons

-Cursing and some adult stuff may be touched (or more)

-my oc will not have wild card!

-not gonna tell you about pairings. It will be a secret for the beginning.

So, hope you have fun reading this :)

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The train wasn't as full as he was used to back in his old country. Actually it was quite the opposite: I was almost completely empty except of one old lady who seemed to be ready to die in any moment in his opinion. But the armless Hoodie jacket-wielder carried it of well and put up his usual emotionless face on. His sports pants, which fitted to his black top and his dark brown sweater, tweaked a little bit. He probably just had bad luck that his pants were millimeters too small. To cap it all began his long spikey hair to inch. If he wouldn't wear the hoodie anybody could see his hairstyle that made him look like an untended punk. On the other hand his face and body build seemed a bit feminine, not that he particularly cared.

At last he heard the message of the speaker he was waiting for:

"We arrive at Inaba shortly. Please have your luggage read and wait until the train has fully stopped. We thank you for travelling with us." He immediately ran out and dragged his travel luggage with him. The about seventeen year old took out a small piece of paper out of his jacket pockets and looked at it. Then he proceeded to read the checklist out loud for himself:

"Let's see…First the paper registrations for the Yasogami High…then to my new home…okay…got the address…then establish myself in. If I still got time I should buy some things if Joe forgot to send me something. So…what time is it…twenty o'clock?! Ah, crap, I forgot to set the watch…stupid time zones…Okay, ten o'clock, that's right. Well then, let's go to my new school. Let's hope I don't have to waste too much time. I want to relax before all that trouble begins…I seriously should stop to talk to myself…But I really hope that Joe didn't forget the things he should send me." Lastly he walked off in the hope to find a taxi or something like that what he also found after a little walk. He luckily had enough money with him even though he prayed that there is a bank in that noplaceville where he could get more money. But he had to worry about it later. He looked outside and observed the sky. Not a single cloud was there and the streets were almost empty. But it was most likely because of the time. The young man hoped that it would stay to be so quiet because he liked that.


After a while he arrived at the school at last and he looked at it for a moment. It had two buildings: One with three floors the other with two. It looked decent but still pretty small for him. It seemed that one would study here for only three years. The students seemingly already had lunch break since they walked around all over the school. He didn't let it confuse him and took the direct way to the secretary office to do all the paper work- and also hoped that nobody would notice him. But as he feared he got prying eyes on him and the whispering already began. He could understand some sentences amidst the word chaos:

"…That guy looks cool! Do you think he comes to our classe?"

"No way! He looks like is a third-year! Look how big he is!"

"Nah, I guess he is only about one hundred and seventy centimeters?"

"Look at that wannabe cool guy…Such people are disgusting!" He slowly began to close his ears to those dialogues and walked faster. He just had to learn here and that's it. He didn't have to make friends at all. He had enough back home. Once he finally arrived the secretary gave him papers he had to sign. To be sure the person asked:

"So…your name is…John Connor?" He confirmed it with a nod and could already go. He walked as ordinary as possible so that he could avoid people to talk to him. When he got absorbed in thought he bumped into someone and he instinctively hold his hoodie to hide his hair. Then he heard a pissed of delinquent voice:

"Hey! Watch it pal, damn it!" He looked up and was right him being delinquent. A skull t-shirt under the on the shoulder wearing school uniform, some piercing, a scar and short bleached hair. Yep, definitely looking like a delinquent and not like the best student he thought. He didn't want to have trouble so John just stood up and walked away. He already wasted enough time but he wondered why he didn't heard anything from the guy behind him or was stopped by him. He nevertheless continued making his way to his new home.

Out of sight the punk turned around and looked at another person who stoppe him from doing anything by laying a hand on his should. The person wore the usual male school uniform but had a blue cap on. The seemingly brawler said then:

"That punk didn't even apologize! If ya didn't stop me I would have beaten his ass for that...Well thanks for that, Naoto, or I would have been suspended for that…" The person named Naoto shook the head and replied:

"For what are friends for, Kanji-kun? But he seemingly dislikes showing his hair. He almost panickly wanted to hide his hair under that hoodie." Kanji sighted and mentioned:

"Do ya have to analyze anything like that? Well, see ya at Junes."


"So new home, new luck I guess…" The Japanese fellow from America arrived at his house. It wasn't really spectacular since it looked like a normal Japanese house. There was just a basement, a kitchen that was directly connected with the living room and another floor for his sleeping room. But what he was interested in was the garden, since there was a big tree.

"I totally have to make a tree house someday", he thought and went to the basement after he inspected the other places. It seemed that Joe handled everything so John only had to take out the stuff he brought with him. He closed the door behind him after he stepped in and looked at a certain package among the bunch of other packages on the ground. He opened it and muttered to himself:

"I'll never understand how he could smuggle those things to this place…" He saw two handguns with silencers among of some books and a battle knife. He took the weapons and examined them.

"Hm…SIG Sauer P226 Service Pistols…more the fan of revolvers but you can't get everything. There isn't much ammo either…well for self-defense it is fine I guess…Hope that they won't put me into prison for that. Alright let's go to that Junes everyone is talking about. There is nothing in the refrigerator." After he ended his self-talk he put the weapons into his pockets and went out. He would pack out the rest later. Maybe.


Arriving at Junes he saw a big shopping mall with everything a normal human would wish for. But it was still small compared to the things in America. He nevertheless bought a lot until he dragged two big shopping bags. It was quiet away so he sat down in the Food-Court and drank a soft drink. Suddenly he got a call from his mobile phone so he picked it up.

"Connor here?" He heard a familiar voice shouting:

"You know exactly whose number that is. Joe here! And? How is the situation?" He sighted tired because he thought that call was quite unnecessary.

"I just arrived here. Nothing important. Just the usual things. Signed papers in school, walked into a thug, bought some things for the house…How did you even got those things here?"

"Business secret. Wait, you walked into a thug and nothing happened?" The voice had doubts about the truth of that sentence.

"Nope. He either was stopped or calmed down. Whatever it was, I hope that I don't get into the same class as him. Class 3 in the second year and I totally have no motivation for str-"Suddenly someone shouted right behind him:

"Hey, yer the same guy who walked into me and didn't said anything! Wait, yer in the same class as me, Rise and Naoto?!" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before saying "call you later" while turning around to the people behind him. He saw Kanji and Naoto and a lot of other people. The one with the headphones stood up and waved his arms while saying:

"Kanji, don't yell like that! There are still other people here!" He noticed a blond boy with a rose on his flamboyant collar and just continued to drink his coke. John didn't know why but he had a strange feeling when he looked at the blonde. Suddenly Naoto stood up and walked to John while extending her hand and smiled.

"I hope we will have a good year together. My name is Naoto Shirogane. A pleasure to meet you." The young man from America didn't accept the handshake and said instead:

"And I don't care. Do me a favor and don't try to be friends with me. Besides I do not shake hands with random people. Especially when they are male." Before anyone could say anything the hoodie wielder took his grocery bags and walked away while calling his previous talking partner.

"What is his problem?! He is so rude, right, Yukiko?!" The girl with the green and colorful modificated school uniform and the light brown was raging a little while the black and long haired girl in red was nodding in agreement. Kanji complained while looking around:

"Where the hell is Rise anyways? And why does he think, that Naoto is a guy? You can hear it at her voice!" Yosuke sat down and replied:
"Well, we all fell for that so I can't blame this guy." Naoto was blushing a little bit and assumed:

"Maybe I should wear something that fits a girl…" Suddenly they heard a girly voice and saw a girl with two brown pigtails running towards them.

"Sorry, I am late…Did I miss anything?"


"Okay, we should continue to talk in English." John sounded kind of stressed and pissed because of the little talk he had and Joe asked:

"Why? My Japanese isn't THAT bad. My wife AKA your mom is Japanese, remember? But if you insist."

"It's not about your Japanese. That punk I talked about earlier was RIGHT behind me. And his friends I think."

„Oh, that's bad". The young Connor didn't knew if it was sarcasm or not but after he said bye he hung up. While walking he passed by a small electronics shop in the shopping district. He was sure that it would be going in ruin because of Junes but he instantly focused on the news. He saw the word "dead" in the local new and continued to read:

"Tohru Adachi was found dead in his jail cell. According to the police there were no signs of someone going in or out. Was it Suicide? A curse?..." He had read enough and ran to his house. Inside he leaned to the front door and grinned:

"Gotcha you son of a bitch…"