Midori and the others (Speak Adachi, Teddie, Naoto and Rise) gave it another shot to get to Kanji's dungeon and this time the shadows weren't stronger than they were supposed to be. Another positive thing was the fact, that the atmosphere was pretty okay, considering how almost everybody seemed to despise Adachi, since he indirectly made Nanako clinically dead for a few minutes. The dislike was especially strong from Yosuke-sempai and Naoto. The former probably because his crush got murdered by him and the latter most likely because he was a criminal police officer and she was a detective. On the other hand they had a different problem...

"I can't see a thing through this steam! And it's wet as hell! Was it that bad a year ago?", Midori exclaimed annoyed and looked at the others. Well, he thought he did, since he barely can see their shapes. The exchange student can practically feel, how his clothes sucked up the water in the air and this didn't felt good at all. Rise replied to his question casually:

"Well, the only one out of us who was there was Teddie and he doesn't want to tell us what happened here-" Suddenly they heard voices which Midori would define as wannabe homosexuals or fabulous guys. Or both.

"Oh, what refined pecks!"

"Don't be scared~! I'll be...G-E-N-T-L-E~!" A short silence occurred and the American stated with a serious tone:

"Well, I guess I know what happened here. Adachi, cover my back and I cover yours." The criminal just snorted to that and stated disgusted:

"I'll kill you if one of these assholes touch me." Midori snickered to that a little and explained amused to their confused faces:

"Pff...assholes...you know it's funny, because that's the only different place to put their-" Before he could end this sentence however Naoto interrupted him with a flustered face:

"I believe that's enough! How far do we need to walk, Rise?" Midori could swear he saw Rise grin at that and he didn't understand what the big deal was except that it was pretty bad, even for his standards. Nevertheless the idol summoned her persona and analyzed the area. After a while she made a thoughtful face and said:

"Hm...I thought I just imagined it but...the dungeons don't have as many levels as before. We only need to go down about...four stages?" Naoto held her chin and said thoughtful:

"Hm...what could be the reason?"

"Shadows!", Midori yelled and pulled out his pistols, but the female detective didn't really listened, so she asked confused:

"Shadows! Over there! Trying to kill us! Let's party!", he clarified before rushing into the with Naoto and Adachi behind him, while the bear and the idol provided back up. They didn't really decided on it, but Midori was the leader of the team, until they got the other personae back. He was interested how they would usually do things, but until then, he had to make orders like now:

"Okay, I handle the magic, Teddie the healing and buff support, Adachi the physical beat up and Naoto, you'll be our allrounder damage dealer! Got it? Go!" The frontliners dashed into the fray and Midori used the Zio-Bullets first with using only one gun, while he used the other hand to take out his music-player and hit random, since he didn't had enough time for searching for something right.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Standing Friends

He frowns and shot a shadow approaching Naoto before jumping back and yelling:

"God damn it! I hate random! Okay, one more time!"

Majikoi A-2 OstCyber Battle

"That's better! It's showtime!" He said with a grin and placed another electric shot on a shadow in front of him. Adachi on the other hand hacked away one shadow police officer with Magatsu-Izanagi copying his movement and turned around with a disbelieving look:

"Are you serious right now?!" Midori proceeded to make a copy of Rangda, using Gogo as a physical tank and fire magician and went behind his persona, using it as cover while reloading. After he was done he looked at how the others were positioned: Naoto was taking cover behind one of those wooden pillars, only coming out for shooting and using her persona, Yamato Takeru, for its speed to disrupt the enemy formation. Rise and Teddie were further back in a safe distance, so he didn't had to worry about that. At last he spotted Adachi with his persona doing his thing: Wrecking thinks like a berserker. Midori didn't quite understand why he wanted a gun. A cleaver fitted his suicidal charge much more in the male detective's opinion. To get his attention he kill stole one of the ex-police's victims and yelled loudly over the battle turmoil:

"What? It's not like it's bad or something!" Suddenly he heard Rise's voice echoing inside his head:

"I don't see a problem. I played music all the time last year. By the way, you can just ask me to put up a mental link with the others. Saves your breath."

"You can? Since when?", he asked surprised and let Gogo nuke another shadow in front of them with a well placed Agidyne. Rise in the meanwhile elaborated:

"Since we did that SP-Training we noticed that we were able to get other abilities too, so yeah." He nodded impressed and made a hand movement to the others to follow Adachi, who was practically a juggernaut right now.

"Ah okay...wait, you played music in other people's heads?", he asked a bit worried, that she can do that. The last thing he would want is to get forced listening to Friday from Rebecca Black while fighting. Naoto decided to take part into the conversation while shooting at the enemies like her male classmate did:

"Yes she did. Though it was often the same one." He could literally imagine how Rise pouted to that and her voice indicated that she did:

"It fit! And Yosuke-sempai's music was...not really fitting."

"Well, good that I'm here now!", Midori joked before he grabbed Naoto and ducked an incoming pistol wave from the police shadows. She muttered a thanks while blushing and he slapped himself mentally to not think how cute she actually is. He quickly stood up and ran forwards to Adachi while he was busy convincing himself.I'm not in love, nope! I don't even know how it feels like! It's just awkwardness, that's it! When he finally catched up with the genocidal guy he heard him mutter frustrated:

"I can't believe I'm on your side now..." He hacked at a fat police shadow and Midori finished it off with a Bufu-headshot. Now Teddie took part into the conversation as well and said confused:

"I don't want to be overbearing, but how can you fight like that while talking?" Midori shrugged to it and replied after jumped out of a Zio-Attack and giving Naoto a free shot:

"Skill and experience I guess!" He then proceeded to take turns with Naoto. When he had to reload, she shot and the other way around. He mentally facepalmed for not getting the idea sooner. All of a sudden however Adachi complained annoyed:

"Question! Why the fuck do I still have a meat cleaver?" Midori found it ironically since he thought before that it fitted him, but he said with a sassy tone:

"Easy: Would you give a convict, who apparently was a murderer and a little bit batshit insane when he committed his deeds, a gun?" Adachi grumbled to that but didn't said anything more. They continued to travel through the bathhouse, killing shadows, but the green head felt, that they moved way too slow. They didn't even arrived the second stage of the dungeon, so he yelled at the others:

"All right guys, nuke these guys! I don't want to waste anymore time!" Everyone nodded in aggreement and prepared their attacks.
"Vorpal Blade!"




The full area in front of them got, like Midori said, nuked. The magic from Teddie, Naoto and Midori fused together into her bomb out of ice and fire and Magatsu-Izanagi cut it in several pieces, making it explode at multiple locations. After they got vision again, there was not a single shadow left. The male student raised his fist in victory and exclaimed pleased:

"Okay, it got a hell of a lot easier clearing those shadows! AoE-Skills for the win! Glad we got your persona first!" He smiled at his female classmate with the blue hat and she said humble with a slight blush on her cheeks:

"Thanks for the compliment but it's not only me who does all the work." The American just gave her an amused smile before using some heal bullets at them. Rise on the other hand questioned worried:

"Are you sure you should use your bullets like that?" He however just shrugged to that and said casually.

"Hey, I'm not spamming them like a CoD-Player, so I'll be fine. Let's move on guys."


"Okay, what. The fuck." When Midori heard about Kanji's shadow he didn't expect the sight in front of him. It was a half naked Kanji with a really creepy face, but the thing he was inside (No innuendo intended) was a giant, black-white muscular thing with a rose garden around its neck and wore two mars symbols as weapons. Next to him were to similar colored, smaller muscle man and they all made some poses. Shadow Kanji gave them all a wink (mainly the males) and said with a flirty tone:

"Hello! I see you are here for the love~!"

Suddenly the faces of all three enemies exploded and the others slowly looked over to Midori, who had his revolvers already drawn. He then said in a faking shocking tone: "Oh no, my trigger finger slipped. Whoopsie."

Adachi just sighed and asked with a serious tone: "Are you always shooting people in the face without question?"

"No, I shoot lethal shadows in the face without question. Besides, I already know about his shadow, so no curiosity there. Also, he had a rape face on and his way creepier than you said he would be, so I had the right to attack him", Midori explained but then felt a shudder running over his spine. Was it just him or were the three shadows breathing hard? And sounded aroused? Hearing that he shoots everyone with his buff bullets.

"Uh~Yeah~! I like it tough~!"

Hearing the horny tone he said emotionless tone: "...They're going to rape me, aren't they?"

"Don't be scared~!"

Shadow of The Colossus: A violent encounter

"Kill them. Kill them fast." Immediately after he said it he began to run to the left of the room and like he expected, all three of them rushed after him. Luckily Adachi and Naoto intercepted the two smaller ones, so it was pretty much three versus three with support on their side. He reloaded his guns and decided to go with his stronger arsenal: Megido-Bullets. He didn't brought any high class elemental bullets with him since he couldn't carry that much and because he knew that almighty attacks would always work, hence the Megidoloan-Bullet in his pocket as a last resort. Until then he practically spammed his bullets. He had thirty shots, so it should be enough with Gogo using his physical reflection and fire magic from Rangda. Sadly he underestimated the toughness of the shadow.. The shadow was already hit by five of his Megido-Bullets and didn't look like it would go down soon. Another thing that was annoying was that while it wasn't that fast, the wide swings it made could easily knock out an elephant and Midori didn't want to test out how it would affect him.

"Well, at least he doesn't use magic", he said mostly to himself but to his demise the shadow shouted in its fabulous voice:


"Fuck you Murphy!" With that he jumped out of the lightning, leaving him open for a wide swing from the muscle man. Gogo couldn't cover the American in time and because of that he flew across the entire hall and landed next to Naoto, who fought against one of the smaller ones. She looked at him with shock and Midori groaned in pain before shooting at Naoto's enemy. Seemingly she did a good job of weakening her opponent, since it dissolved into nothingness and he merely kill stole that one. Luckily Naoto didn't care about that and asked concerned:

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah...Crap." He searched through his pockets for a healing bullet and realized that he only had the Megidoloan-Bullet left. Naoto noticed his foul mood and asked:

"What is it?"

"I have only one Megidoloan left! I need to save it for a one liner!" By the mention of that the girl just raised her eyebrow and questioned confused:

"One liner?"

"Don't ask. He always does that." The two of them looked at Adachi who just finished his opponent with a brutal Vorpal Blade and walked up to them. Then Midori noticed how Teddie was keeping Shadow Kanji at bay until he finally got up again. The male detective made a painfull face when he tried to get up and said:

"Well, good news are, I have a plan. Bad news, I think my rips are a little broken even with higher defense...again." He could feel his blood rising by the memory in which he was the intruder's bitch. However Rise just asked interested:


"I tell you later maybe. Anyways, I try to get his attention with Gogo and you finish him. Alright...upsy daiSY! Ouch!" He tried to stand up again and he managed to do so, but only in pain, making his movements duller than usual. He gritted his teeth and was ready to rush in to help Teddie, but Naoto held his shoulder and scolded him:

"You're in no condition to properly fight, less dodging!"

"I can handle that!", Midori said a bit annoyed that they think he can't move anymore. Adachi on the other hand agreed with Naoto for once and said angry:

"Stop being selfish!"

"I'M NOT SELFISH!" Everyone got startled by his scream and even he was confused for why he did that. The moment he heard "Selfish" it was like a bomb exploded inside of him. He breathed deep in and replied in guilt:

"Sorry...fine. Give me an opening and I shoot him into oblivion." The criminal and the female detective just looked at each other with disbelief, but in the end they just nodded and went to help Teddie. Midori lied down on his stomach and tried to get a clean shot with his last, but powerful bullet. Until he got the perfect opportunity however, he had to watch how Magatsu-Izanagi had a slug fest with Shadow Kanji, while it got supported by ice attacks from Kamui and fast sword attacks from Yamato-Takeru. While seeing that, he had to wonder: He heard that their personae evolved twice, but the only one having this final form was Kouzeon. Was it because Silver wasn't around or could they somehow restrict their powers? Midori had to investigate this.

"Bufudyne!" With that Kamui froze Shadow Kanji's feet on the ground, immobilizing it and Midori grinned, since it was his turn now. He yelled at the shadow with joy:

"Hey! I got something for you to suck!" Shadow Kanji was confused and said:


"No homo", Midori replied with a badass tone and pulled the trigger, nuking Shadow Kanji. Heavenly breathing everyone was glad it was finally over. Now they only needed to get out, so the male detective asked:

"Anybody wanna help me up?" He had to suppress a smile when Naoto volunteered. With her as a leaning support they made their way out of the dungeon. Outside she however suddenly asked worried:

"Why were you so aggressive when we said selfish? If I remember correctly you said yourself that you're selfish." For some reason anger built itself up inside of him but he managed to ignore it this time and explained to make her stop asking:

"That was a joke! And I don't know, it makes me angry for some reason. I try to hold it down next time."

He didn't notice at that time, that Naoto had a bad feeling about it. And this bad feeling would prove itself to be true. But this is a story far in the future.


Omake: One-Liner discussion

Rise: "Was that really necessary?"

Midori: "Yes. I need that to get through the week."

Adachi: "It was stupid."

Midori: "I know, I could have went with a TFS reference, but nah."

Adachi: "TFS?"

Midori "You don't go on the net that much huh?"

Adachi: "Well, maybe because there is not connection in ANOTHER WORLD YOU DIPSHIT!"

Midori: "Okay, no shower for you for a week."

Adachi: "You can't stop me!"

Midori: "How about I just turn around the TV and you hit the ground then?"

Adachi: "...I'm sorry."

Midori: "Good boy!"

Rise: "I don't know if you're a good guy or a bad guy..."