Down, down to Goblin Town….(because that's what I felt like calling this chapter lol)

AN: Please note that I based the prisons on Ursa Luna as the Butcher Bay prison. I would switch the prison to Butcher Bay, but I already named Ursa Luna as the prison in which Riddick met Cookie. (Gosh, I hope that made sense)

To get a feel of the prison I watched the walk-throughs of the Riddick video-game Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay walkthrough part 1on Youtube by Phroster1.


Cassie didn't see the spear fly, pushed up against Riddicks strong back, but she heard the screams, the death rattle of Paris's final breath. Little Jack, however, wasn't so lucky. She had looked away from Riddick just in time to see the spear pierce Paris's body and she screamed herself.

Immediately, Riddicks other arm whipped around his back (was the guy double jointed or something!?) and grabbed Jacks arm in a steadying hold. "Easy….." he ordered quietly, his voice low and rumbling. "….don't look, pup. Just breathe."

Johns was cursing a blue streak and Zeke was holding a trembling Shazza. Imam had tried to cover all of his childrens eyes, but he only had two hands and Riddick was willing to bet one of them had to have seen something.

His pack was falling apart, scared, tired and hungry. His mate and pup were still shivering at his back and he was surrounded by strange alien foes. All this did not a happy Furyan make.

"Just do as they want….for now." He growled out the order. "Can't take'em on, not all of'em. Not like this." Well, actually, he probably could have…..if it wasn't for his newly found pack and mate. He wouldn't risk his mate and pup, but these alien fools had it coming.

The three holding the ropes approached, sure-footed and as silent as death. Following his orders, none tried to fight being tied (not even Johns, though he cursed a good deal) then they were roughly prodded into a haphazard line.

His mate and pup began to panic when two of the aliens tried to pry them from Riddicks back. Though he himself was fighting the urge to gut the witless fools where they stood, Riddick tried to calm the two of his most important pack members.

He gave out another low, alpha growl. "Settle down, both of you!" he hated the fearful, teary look in his pups eyes, the scared panic in his mates. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you!"

Even though he meant it with all his being, that very statement that came out of his lips startled him. After all, hadn't he said the very same thing to little Cookie? . . . . .


As he always did in a new prison environment, Riddick immediately began learning the entire layout of the slam; it's little nooks and crannies, tunnels and dead-ends. Knowledge of the surroundings of a prison could literally mean life or death; knowing where some convict anxious for a fresh kill could be hiding, waiting to jump you, or some nook to hide himself when the guards came around so he himself could pounce.

Ursa Luna was built simply by a series of jail cells interlocked together like cubes, (including the 'delousing' station which was really just another way to undermine a prisoners humanity) a mess hall, and a sewer system. The top of the prison was lined with electrified barbed wire and watch-towers for guards with guns. No mercy.

The usual cries of 'Fresh meat!' and 'Come'ere newbie!' had finally stopped, probably because Riddick had snapped the neck of the first inmate who had attempted to shiv him for his boots. The fool had no idea who he had been f***ing with.

Then his name had begun circulating around the prison; `Riddick, it's Riddick` and after that he had wisely been left alone…..except for the kid.

The same little prison mouse that had taken the guards cookies had been following him. It was rather amusing, really, the kid was pretty good at stealth. Anyone else the kid could have fooled but he, of course, was Riddick. . . . .not your average convict.

The Furan turned his silver shined gaze to the small nook he knew the child was watching him from. "Hey, kid. Wanna show me around?"

…..and that was how the little blonde prison-mouse, whom he had nicknamed 'Cookie' for his love of the sweet, became the first member of Riddicks first 'pack'.

-end flashback-

Now Riddick and his new 'pack' (even after he had sworn to himself he would never have another, would never be responsible for another group of people) were being herded towards what looked like an extremely large ant-tower, a raised point coming out of the ground that looked, to Riddicks shined eyes, as if it were made out of glowing sand. There was no doubt in Riddicks mind that this was an entrance to their captors underground world…..


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