Title: For the Good of a Kingdom

Chapter: Prologue

Author: Silent Figure

Disclaimer: I in no way own any of the characters or worlds that are portrayed in this fan fiction.

Author's Note: So I know it has been a very long time since last I posted. Believe it or not I have kept up on the writing. Unfortunately I have started some new stories, which has slowed work on some of the old ones. This one I just couldn't wait any longer to post. I really do hope you all enjoy it. I am completely revamping Revenge is Sweet and am part way through with that, I've decided to change some of the story line a bit. Not too major. Anyway let me know what you think of this new one.

"I am aware that I am surrounded by people who feel that they could do the job better, strong people with powerful characters, but for better or worse, the crown has landed on my head." – Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown

Cerulean blue eyes watched the rise and fall of the tide with admiration and an almost childish awe. They traced the recurring movement of the waves drawing the sand in and out, in and out, mesmerized by the fluidity of the natural and constant motions of the ocean. Just watching the waves was almost as comforting as listening to the soft rush they made as they crashed against the shore. "What are you thinking about", questioned a deep sultry voice.

Blinking cerulean blue eyes met midnight blue eyes. "I'm thinking about how the ocean is constant", replied the cerulean blue eyed blonde haired woman.

"And what else", the man, whose lap the young woman rested her head upon, asked with a knowing smile. It was not uncommon for him to notice when she was withholding some of her thoughts.

"And how I hope we are as constant as it is", she replied impishly revealing what she had been, at first, a little embarrassed to admit and had considered keeping to herself. But he was never fooled by her short and simple answers and could always tell when there was more to be said. And truthfully she never regretted revealing those slightly embarrassing and cliché thoughts. He never judged her and often thought her foolish for being embarrassed for saying such things. Sitting up she faced him, her eyes taking in his handsome face. Black strands of hair fell messily into midnight blue eyes, which gazed back into her own. His face reminded her of the fairy tale princes her mother had told her about in the days when her mother still read bed time stories to her. In truth he was more than she could ever have hoped for.

They looked at one another briefly before he leaned in and kissed her chastely. "Do you think we'll be together forever Darien", she asked biting her lip, smiling as she did so for her joy could not be contained on a bright, beautiful day such as this.

"Well I don't know Serena, that all depends on if you can forgive me", Darien replied with a mischievous gleam in his eye though he kept a straight face.

Serena rose an eyebrow in suspicion for she knew that look, "Forgive you for what?"

"For this", he replied with a huge grin as he picked her up and carried her into the water, her body light and easy to run with while carrying.

She let out a shriek of surprise as he dumped her, full body, in the ocean. She came up spluttering water out of her mouth before launching herself at him, which forced him to fall back into the water, soaking them both entirely despite the fact they were both fully clothed. When he came back up grinning she knew she was in for an all out war, which did come, and in the form of some rather intense splashing. The splash war went on for several minutes until they were both left breathless and panting from all the laughing and swimming. Grudgingly they called a truce leaving the war for another day. It didn't take Darien long after the truce was called for him to reach out for her and pull her to him, bringing her body flush against his. It wasn't just the cool air settling around their drenched forms, which made him crave her warmth. It was something internal that he had never been able to fully comprehend nor did he care to. It was as if his body could not bear to be separated from hers for too long. "So do you forgive me", he whispered in that deep sultry tone sending shivers up her spine, which oddly enough had nothing to do with the sun was beginning to set, a cooling breeze descending like a blanket on the summer evening. His lips lightly grazed her cheek and made for a trail to her lips. But once they arrived at her lips, his lips parted with her skin and hovered just above them.

"I think I can manage that, but only if we're together forever", she replied with an eager grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Then my love you have a deal", he agreed wiping a stray strand of wet blonde hair away from her face before he closed the distance between their lips for another kiss only this kiss would neither involve a mere grazing of the lips or be chaste. This kiss was filled with joyous passion and a deeper love then either had been prepared for at such a ripe young age.

The blinding light is what tore her from the dream realm. Her eyelids fluttered open to reveal her confused cerulean blue eyes. They blinked a few times before a groan elicited from her lips and she rolled over in her bed. "What time is it", she questioned groggily as she sat up slowly, her eyelids lowered to help her further adjust to the slightly unbearable bright light of dawn illuminating her formally dark room.

"It is time for your morning bath my lady. You requested I wake you early so you may be fully prepared for the planetary meeting", a woman's voice replied. Serenity quickly realized it was her maid, Annette, and the world she had just been in was one of the distant past, a world where she had not been a Queen and her name had merely been Serena. A world that seemed long forgotten to those around her.

"Thank you Annette. Is it drawn", Serenity questioned running a hand through her mussed hair before untangling herself from her sheets and scooting to the edge of her California king sized four-poster canopy bed.

"It is my lady", Annette said with a curtsey before leaving her Queen to herself so she could bathe in privacy.

Serenity proceeded about herself by slipping off the edge of the bed and removing her nightgown before slipping into the warm tub that had been waiting for her in the adjoined bathroom. For a good ten minutes she allowed herself to relax away some of the stress the dream had brought upon her and simply rest in the tub before she set about to clean herself and begin her preparations for the day. After her bath and once she was robed she called for her maid to help her with her hair. As Serenity sat down at her vanity she watched through the mirror as her maid proceeded brushing the flaxen tresses, which had once been a beautiful golden blonde. As Serenity looked into the mirror seated on her vanity she couldn't help but stare at her facial features which, somehow, over the years had become practically foreign to her. There were so many differences between the girl she had been in her dream and the woman she was now. Her hair had turned to the silver blonde she had had in her previous life, the hair of her Queen mother, not her Earthen mother of this life. Her eyes, though still cerulean blue, had become unnaturally intense in their color. And in them she found none of the emotions she had expressed as a younger woman. She did not see the innocence she had had that day on the beach so long ago.

Those who surrounded her often told her she had matured into someone far more beautiful than the girl she had once been. Some wrote of her beauty and described her as becoming untouchable and the child she had been had not turned into a woman, but rather a goddess. She was no longer described in the same way Serena had been. People saw her only as Serenity for it was Serenity who had, had the flaxen tresses and intense cerulean eyes. It was Serenity who practically breathed grace and had been described as a goddess. After surveying her face she finally met with her own eyes once more and studied what lay in them instead of how they looked and found that they seemed so lifeless, so cold and so different in comparison to Serena's. "What would you like your hair to be like today, my lady", Annette questioned forcing Serenity to turn her scrutinous attention away from the mirror.

Serenity's gaze quickly drew away from her reflection to look at her maid's through the mirror. The blue-eyed brunette smiled gently as she waited patiently for her answer. "A braid will do for today I think", Serenity replied thankful that, though her hair was rather long, it was not as long as it had once been. Instead it fell a few inches just below her hips, something she had decided to do after her move. A change was always needed with a new start, and her iconic hairstyle had, to her, become outdated. Besides the twin bun hairstyle was something both Serenity and Serena had shared. She had to make a break from the Serenity of the past somehow, something had to be different in her appearance to make her feel separated from the young woman that had lived ions ago even if it meant giving up something so characteristically Serena. Serenity closed her eyes and decided to change the subject of her thoughts. Instead she chose to focus on the relaxing feeling of her personal maid running her fingers through Serenity's hair, weaving her tresses into a complex and tight braid.

Once Annette had finished with Serenity's hair, she set about to pick a dress for her mistress so used to the routine she could guess at her mistress's preferences. After a few had been displayed for her, Serenity finally settled on a white low cut halter dress with beautiful pink diamond studded straps that criss crossed showing off a daringly open back, the waist too was pink diamond studded and then the short train left upon it a look that would drive any man senseless. "Your accessories my lady", questioned Annette as she walked over to the chest of jewels resting in Serenity's walk in closet.

"The usual necklace please and the pink diamond tear drop earrings", Serenity replied looking herself over in the mirror, she looked as though she were ready for a ball though she was merely going to a meeting and later holding a feast in the honor of her guests.

Annette walked back over to her after retrieving the asked for items and once Serenity had moved her braid out of the way Annette slipped the lovely necklace over Serenity's neck and clipped it for her before handing the Queen her earrings. Once it was all on, Serenity walked over to the full-length mirror and looked herself over. "You look like a goddess my lady", Annette said proud of her handy work before bowing and taking leave of Serenity who remained rooted in her position in the mirror silently searching for something other than the goddess Annette had just described her as.

As Serenity glanced herself over a hand strayed to her most prized necklace. It was three strings of diamonds, lightly studded and three pink diamonds connected each line in the middle of their arch, a gift from him that had been given to her on her honeymoon seven years ago. She sighed and mentally slapped herself for thinking of the past; it never did her any good.

Having had enough of such dreary and depressing thoughts she walked out of her rooms and down the corridor before coming upon a set of double doors that she knocked on lightly. One of the doors opened to reveal another of the palace staff who let Serenity in and gestured for the Queen to keep quiet. She nodded and entered into her favorite place in the entire palace, a pink room filled with toys.

There, across the room, in bed lay the only thing that brought life and love into the Queen's eyes. Sitting down beside the small bed her gaze drifted over the sleeping four year old girl's face. She watched with awe as the little girl's chest rose and fell peacefully. She could not help but move a stray pink strand of hair away from the child's face, a face that reminded her so much of her own at the child's age. That gesture caused the child's eyes to flutter open in confusion as to what had disturbed the girl of her sleep. "Mommy", the girl asked groggily as she sat up rubbing her eyes of the sandman's dust.

"Good morning sweet heart", Serenity whispered as she rested a hand on her daughter's leg and gave it a gentle pat.

"Do I have to get up now", the child asked her eyes finally focused on her mother as she scooted closer to her mother's maternal warmth.

"No small lady I just came in to say good morning. I won't be able to have breakfast with you this morning", Serenity explained as she brought her daughter onto her lap.

Still tired the little girl rested her head against her mother's shoulder. "Why not", she questioned her big pink eyes looking up at Serenity.

"Because I have some business sweet heart, but we'll have lunch together ok", Serenity said as she rubbed her daughter's back in circular motions knowing that her daughter was close to falling back asleep.

"Ok", the child replied breathlessly as she drifted back into the dream world. Serenity smiled as she carefully adjusted her daughter back into a laying position and tucked her in.

Lightly kissing her forehead Serenity whispered, "Mommy loves you Rini, never forget that."

Standing up she gestured for the nanny to follow her out of the room for a private conversation. Once the door was shut and the two were in the hallway Serenity spoke, "Make sure she doesn't sleep late, she has a lesson with Artemis in the library at eight."

"Of course my lady", the nanny replied with a curtsy before Serenity dismissed the nanny back to her work.

After that she walked down the many corridors to the grand ballroom where she would await the arrival of her guests. As she came upon the huge double doors she nodded her head in gratitude at the doormen who opened one of the doors for her. As she stepped in to the well-lit private ballroom she smiled as she spotted her life long friends and guardians waiting for her at the bottom of the grand staircase. She walked down the stairs and once upon their level was surrounded by them. "Have they arrived yet", Serenity asked looking into the faces of the only Sailor Scouts who resided in her palace.

"No, but they shall be here within the hour", spoke up the leader of them all, a woman she knew as Mina but who was more often then not referred to as Sailor Venus.

"And the preparations are set for dinner", Serenity asked turning to look at the tallest of the warrior women.

The soldier of Jupiter nodded her brunette head confidently and replied, "Of course the feast shall be as grand as you hoped it to be."

"Good, good", Serenity half muttered ringing her hands nervously; it had been so long since the entire group of this planetary system's soldiers had been together. Not since she had just taken up residence at the palace five years ago, she realized.

"You are nervous", inquired the blue haired sailor, Amy. Serenity met her friend's analytical sea blue gaze and tried to smile.

"Whatever for", asked Mina as she wiped a strand of her sun kissed blonde hair behind her ear.

"I fear our dear guardian of time what with the shift and all", Serenity admitted hesitantly knowing full well her friend's shared some of Sailor Pluto's sentiments.

"Perhaps she won't be as harsh on you as she was the last time she saw you", comforted Amy with a gentle smile.

"Doubtful", scoffed the raven-haired sailor of Mars for she knew that Serenity's actions were something Pluto openly disagreed with and were the cause of multiple arguments between the Queen and her friend.

"Thanks Raye", Mina grumbled sarcastically as she pinched her friend on the arm, they had no need to make things any more tense then they already were going to be.

Before Raye could retaliate the familiar sounds of the inner planetary transporters being used rang through out the room and the Inner Senshi stilled in their actions, before walking to the attached waiting room for the transporters.

All of them watched as a tall Amazonian woman with a short blonde crop of hair stepped forth from the transporters her blue strapless dress trailing behind her and a blue choker accenting the length of her neck. Not a second later, a woman equally beautiful in an aqua dress which matched her hair and eyes stepped through, a child in her arms that was only a few years older than Serenity's, came from the transporters. The child's hair was a dark raven color and dark curious purplish eyes starred back into Serenity's.

Last, came the woman Serenity most feared to see on this day. A tall elegant woman dressed in black stepped forward her long greenish black hair swaying behind her and her crimson eyes sweeping analytically across the ballroom. Each of the newcomers curtseyed upon their arrival and stood silent before their Queen waiting for her to speak. "Welcome it truly has been too long", Serenity said gracefully acknowledging their curtsy with one of her own.

The new arrivals finally allowed smiles to grace their stoic faces as they stepped forward. The blonde sailor of Uranus was first to greet her Queen with a gentle hug, "My dear muffin head how are you?"

"I am well despite your use of that ridiculous nickname", Serenity replied with a chuckle after she had pulled out of her old friend's embrace.

The aqua marine warrior of Neptune stepped forward next with the child of Saturn rested upon her hip. Serenity one arm hugged the Neptune warrior saying, "You look wonderful Michiru."

Turning to the child in Michiru's arms Serenity smiled and lightly caressed the child's cheek, "And how are you little Hotaru? I have a daughter around your age who would greatly enjoy a play mate."

Hotaru squealed in delight and looked up at Michiru, "Mommy can I please go play with her. Please?"

Michiru grinned and rubbed noses with her adopted daughter before saying, "Of course you can as soon as we are done here darling alright?"

"Ok", the little six years old replied. Serenity took a breath and finally faced the last of her guests and for a moment silence fell upon the room. Everyone knew of the tension between their Queen and the soldier of time. Finally the great soldier of time let a smile befall her graceful features and Serenity in turn allowed one to slip upon her own lips.

They embraced and Serenity whispered in her ear, "Thank you Setsuna we will have the promised discussion in conference."

Setsuna stayed silent as she pulled away from Serenity's embrace her nod of satisfaction the only indication she had heard Serenity's words. "And where pray tell is the young princess of the moon", questioned Haruka.

"She is sleeping, though she should be up soon for her lesson", Serenity said assuredly.

After the inner senshi made their greetings with the outer silence fell upon the group and all looked to Serenity. "Well, if you would like Michiru your daughter can join mine in lessons and we can begin proceedings", Serenity suggested. Truthfully part of her would've rather delayed business for another day so she could simply enjoy the company of her friends who had been away for most of her reign on the Moon. Though if she looked deeper she would've found that that part that wanted to spend time with the Outer Senshi simply wanted to do it to avoid old wounds from resurfacing. The contents of the meeting most certainly would include the past, which would dig into her deeper than any knife possibly could. The other part knew the discussion of the past was inevitable and simply wished for the discussion to be done over with so it would hopefully never have to be brought up again.

Michiru agreed to Serenity's proposal and after a servant had been called she handed Hotaru off to the woman so she could join Rini. Once that had been settled Serenity gestured for them to follow her through another pair of doors on the opposite side of the private ballroom and down a corridor to another set of doors. Once opened it was revealed to be a conference room with ten chairs, the one at the head of the table reserved for the Supreme Queen. On the wall opposite of the head of the table was a large 3-D screen wirelessly connected to a computer operated by the Soldier of Mercury at the other end of the conference table. Once all of the Sailor Senshi had taken their rightful places at the table Serenity spoke, "So we have come here today to discuss our foreign policies towards the planet Earth, the new threat of the Black Moon, and the on-going reconstruction of Mars, Venus, Pluto, and Mercury. We're also here to draw up plans for reconstruction of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Are there any other subjects to be brought up at this meeting?"

Setsuna immediately took the opportunity to answer, "The alterations of the time line and how we are to deal with them."

The atmosphere which had previously been comfortable become tense upon the mention of the alternated time line, all glanced at Serenity who was part of the cause of change. "Very well", Serenity replied stiffly.

"Anything else", she questioned looking upon the faces of both her friends and counsel.

"Transportation of peoples to the rebuilt kingdoms of those planets currently under construction", Amy suggested.

Everyone at the table nodded in agreement as it was definitely a subject that needed to be addressed, especially if they wanted the new Silver alliance kingdoms to flourish. "Well let us first address the simplest of matters: the on-going construction of our planets Mars, Venus, Pluto, and Mercury", Serenity said hastily so that no one could bring up the subjects that Serenity wished to be saved for last, though she would have rather the subjects not be brought up at all.

"Haruka and Michiru you have been supervising all these constructs under the instructions of Amy. How fairs these projects", Serenity asked looking upon the two responsible for the project after briefly glancing at the digital file popping up on the glass table which contained information on the subject at hand.

"Mars is definitely the nearest to completion when it comes to the task of rebuilding. The reassembly of an Earth like atmosphere has taken sometime. The former palace is currently being erected and the city markers are being set up. Before we completely restore the city we should wait until after we have already started migration", Michiru replied smoothly her voice carrying her pride of her project as Amy drew up telescope images of them on the screen at the back of room so that everyone could survey the current condition of the planet. Most wrote if off, barely taking notice or interest though the Senshi of Mars could not help but let a sad smile grace her lips as she saw an image of her long ago former home being erected. Though she had spent little time there beyond the age of six in her past life it still held a special place within her heart.

"Mercury's shields against the sun's strong rays has been erected and the atmosphere needed to support life is currently delayed since we're in need of a bit more energy. Once the atmosphere is in place we will begin construction on the Mercurian palace", Amy explained for she had personally overseen the project remotely, having ritual check ups with her fellow partners on the project who had actually done the physical job of overseeing, the images of the constructs appearing on the screen before the entire group. Just as her friend Raye she could not help but feel a bit of remorse, as she looked upon her former home that had long been forgotten.

Serenity nodded looking over the blue prints that Amy had digitally sent into the file in front of everyone's place at the table. Looking up her eyes met Haruka's dark blue ones. "We have just finished the atmosphere on Pluto and Venus, all that awaits is a shield for Pluto and reconstruction of both palaces before we begin on the rebuilding of the capital cities", Haruka said taking her cue from Serenity.

"This is all good, draw up the amount of crystal energy needed for Pluto's shield against the infernal cold there and the needed energy for the establishment of the Mercuraian atmosphere. And then update me as soon as Mars has been completed. Let's move on to the other planets that still need to be reconstructed. Amy you have drawn up the blue prints for them have you not?"

Amy looked up through the glasses perched on her nose and nodded her head before speaking, "I have, though, the processes for these planets will take a lot longer due to their gaseous states. We need to ration the crystal's energy so that it does not take too much out of you, for the job that has to be done will require not only an assembly of a new atmosphere composition but one of land. It'll take an incredible amount of time and energy. The palace plans are easy enough since the moon holds records of all of their states in the former Silver Millennium. It's merely just a matter of time."

"How long", Serenity asked looking at Amy who sighed in return. She knew of Serenity's haste to re-establish her mother's empire and knew the news would displease her.

"Twelve maybe fifteen years depending on the amount of immigrants we get. And even more years before it has a semblance of a city population. Your power may be able to restore those atmospheres but we still need the man power", Amy replied her eyes conveying her frustration as she had model images displayed on the screen for the group to look at.

"Well then let's try to make it twelve", Serenity said before glancing down at the blue prints on the table top computer screen, Amy had drawn up for the yet to be constructed planets, the ones Serenity was to approve of.

"That brings us to another matter Serenity. If we are to get more immigrants we'll have to formally lift some of your immigration policies towards Earth", Mina interjected her voice careful of her tone due to Serenity's resentment towards the planet.

"I see no reason why Mina. Plenty of immigrants have managed to find asylum here despite the barriers we have put up. Besides if we open those gates I think we all will quickly find ourselves flooded with people trying to escape the common conflicts, poverty and disease that occurs on Earth. We have yet to have the resources to handle such an amount of people", Serenity said seriously her voice taking on a sharp edge that all recognized, for when Earth was brought up things surely took a turn for the worse.

"Serenity we'll need the man power sooner or later. Perhaps we could start an immigrant quota when Mars is finished. How else do you plan on having growing populations upon these newly restored planets? Surely these planets aren't being rebuilt for any other reason other than to give humanity another place to live. You do realize we actually need people to create a population", Amy reasoned.

Serenity sighed before nodding her head in reluctant agreement knowing she was making herself sound ludicrous because she let her feelings towards Earth get in the way of her reason and her goals. Her power may have been awesome, but her power had repercussions that could involve the loss of life and while she had always known that choosing to rebuild would involve immigration from Earth she still had never had any intention of actually changing the system she had already set up for getting people to the Moon. "Set it up then, though we take no more than we have already until Mars is done. The Moon Kingdom's weight is plenty replenished in people."

"So this matter must be brought to the table Serenity. If we are to begin this new quota then Earth will have to be notified which means that the ancient laws you have put back into place should be revoked or lessened to a point. Silence cannot be maintained if we are to flourish. Contact will need to be re-established", Raye said her hands interlaced with one another as she looked to Serenity.

Rubbing her temples Serenity found an inner battle within herself, she had five years ago invoked her mother's previous laws and forbidden communication between the Earth and Moon. "You all know my thoughts on that. I think I have no need to say it", Serenity said defensively coming to a stand. Her beliefs about not involving the government of Earth were something she had yet to want to even consider letting go of. Opening the gates she would do, but getting the Monarchy on Earth involved was not something she wanted.

"Serenity be reasonable. Contact between us and them has to be re-established. Not only for this reason. The Black Moon is a dire threat and one that is increasingly emerging. The Moon Kingdom is not yet ready to make war alone", Amy interjected her voice serious and trying to convey the direness of the situation.

Serenity looked at Amy appalled. "You aren't just asking me to lift or lighten my laws. What you speak of is a treaty, an alliance."

Amy looked down in hesitation she had opened the Pandora's box. Getting involved with Earth and its government or rather head of government was the sorest subject for Serenity. "Yes, Serenity that is what must be done. Endymion has vast armies at his disposal and if we had call on them it would be much easier to defend our new nation and eventual empire", Raye answered for she knew that Amy was too meek to take on the fury of Serenity.

"No, no. I absolutely will not go that far", Serenity yelled as she paced back and forth, her mind replaying images of her past.

The sailor scouts all cringed and flinched at the sound of Serenity's voice reaching volumes that indicated anger. Serenity looked to them all as she spoke, "We have force fields and shields far beyond the comprehension of Earth that cannot be destroyed unless it is done so by me. What need have we of an army?"

"We cannot hide behind those force fields forever Serenity. True, it will protect us from the type of destruction that formally befell the Moon's Kingdom, but so long as the threat exists we will never maintain true safety. It is best we destroy it", Mina reasoned her voice conveying her passion on the subject.

"Does no one else remember the trip to the future we all took? Does no one remember that when I faced them I lost and was imprisoned in a crystal, healing from my wounds while my daughter was forced to find refuge in the past and then later was used against my past self. I refuse to let that happen. Not to mention Diamond shouldn't be attacking our world for at least another century, I mean weren't they rebels from Earth who were against our immortality", Serenity yelled slamming her hand against the table, the sound causing each Sailor to flinch.

Setsuna took up the defensive as soon as her area of expertise was mentioned, "You forget Serenity that this is a different future from the one you saw. Wiseman has existed since the time of the Silver Millennium, as has Nemesis. Diamond and his followers I'm assuming are older than you all in mortal years. They must already hate you for your power, though not yet your immortality. In the time line you saw in your youth they were not blessed as those of Crystal Tokyo were. They grew old and aged whilst you remained young. They were upon their deathbeds and their deeply imbedded hate became more then just about your power. Wiseman had been watching for years and decided that moment was best, they'd be easiest to convince, to recruit them and in return for their service they'd be given back their youth. He had to wait for the right circumstances to strike. Not only to recruit his minions but also to ensure Crystal Tokyo would fall. When he attacked in that timeline Crystal Tokyo had known peace for a long period of time. Their defenses would've been weakened because there would be no expectation of attack."

Sailor Pluto paused and allowed for the information she so willingly gave to sink in. "Now with your separation from Earth, Serenity you have given him an even more ample chance to attack. He can still recruit his minions because of their youthful ambition and most likely their naivety. Their youth and lack of inexperience will make them easy to control, though I doubt they will be making any wise decisions, as they didn't age. And while both the Silver Imperium and Golden Crystals are powerful, separate they are not nearly as powerful. Just as the Dark Kingdom once fed upon people's prejudices of the past so too can Wiseman since you and Endymion have once more established them. The Moon Kingdom may be left standing at the end of this war should the two of you not unite but it all will be for naught because our source of life and replenishment, Earth, will be destroyed. Without it you, Serenity, could not survive since all your power and energy would be used up to help your devastated people. For have no doubt your people and kingdom would be devastated once the war will be through. You need this alliance", Pluto finished, her words filled with prophecy and a distinctly foreboding meaning.

Serenity sucked in a breath trying to calm her anger recognizing Pluto spoke the truth and one she did not want to hear let alone agree to. A treaty would mean she would be forced to talk and negotiate with him. Glancing to one of the windows in the room she looked over the blue and green orb with distaste. Five years. It had been five years since she left that dreadful planet and relocated to the Moon and with her she had brought a great many people loyal to her rule. She had not talked to him in all those years and had in fact, forbidden any such talk to occur as her mother had done in Serenity's past life. After her anger had been abated to the point where she could talk calmly and reasonably she turned to face her counsel, her gaze imploring them to understand. "Was it not I who defeated the Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon, Master Pharaoh 90, the god damned Apocalypse, and Chaos? All defeated by the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal. I had no need for armies then, I have no need for them now", Serenity said her voice cold and demanding.

Each sailor held their breath in anticipation of the response. They all understood the hardship being placed upon Serenity's shoulders and knew their case would be hard to win. Once more Setsuna chose to be the speaker, "Serenity all of those times you had Endymion with you with the exception of Chaos. His power completes yours and makes you stronger. Without it you are missing a vital part of your power. Since the dawn of time the Golden Crystal and Silver Imperium Crystal have been twins to one another. You will need Endymion's strength to defeat the Black Moon, his armies though somewhat useless against magic can only help rather than hurt especially because they are highly organized, a quality needed in a time of great chaos."

Serenity turned away again and forced herself to take breaths to calm her. "For the love of god Serenity, you and Endymion are soul…" before Setsuna could finish Serenity whipped around on her and yelled, "Stop."

Setsuna hushed immediately. "Don't you dare speak those next words for I refuse to hear them. It is my belief they have no basis and are untrue in every way and I shall not hear it contradicted. I command it to be so", Serenity harshly reprimanded her eyes straying to each of the other scouts faces, showing them that she would not hear it from any of them either.

Silence fell over the room once more, no scout dared now to face Serenity's wrath. Finally having had enough Mina stood up and placed a comforting hand on Serenity's shoulder. "The Black Moon is fast approaching. Princess Fireball has sent us images of their destruction upon other planets in their build up against us and warns us that they come soon for Earth and the Moon Kingdom. We have all worked too hard on rebuilding this kingdom to let it fall now, you especially. If Earth is our best option then we should take it Serenity. I know of the complications and consequences that will arise but they are well worth the safety of your kingdom, yourself, and your daughter", Mina explained soothingly as Amy drew up the satellite images Fireball had sent them.

Finally Serenity turned to face Mina and with a few intakes of breaths she allowed herself to be calm once more. She looked upon the images of the hostile take over's of far away planets in other galaxies that Amy had placed upon the screen. Pictures which showed a gruesome future, that perhaps could befall her kingdom if she made even one bad decision. Closing her eyes she forced herself to realize and acknowledge that her kingdom was her first priority not her feelings. She was no longer a normal girl named Serena whose choices simply affected just her. That girl had begun to fade away long ago when she became Sailor Moon and had been laid to rest just five years ago. She was a Queen now. "Very well, I want you all to draw up a treaty and one of you will personally go and present it to Neo-King Endymion after I have approved of it. If he rejects it persuade him to consider negotiations that I will attend, on Earth, not here. And each of you remember the oath you swore to me about my daughter. That will not be a subject up for negotiation", Serenity finally said crossing her arms before exiting the room having had enough for one day and needing to seek the comfort of her daughter.

Sighs and held in breaths were released with the exit of Serenity and the soldiers all looked to one another. "Well that went better than I imagined it would. I honestly believed we would not be able to convince her of it", Michiru said breaking the silence that had befallen them upon their Queen's exit.

Each of them let out a chuckle in acknowledgement of the stubbornness of their Queen. "Well we have a lot to do before the feast tonight, not to mention we have meetings with the civilian ministers to partake in, so we better get to it", Amy suggested which elicited groans from her companions. The work they had to do while here was not something they all particularly enjoyed.