Title: For the Good of a Kingdom

Author: Silent Figure

Chapter: Eight

Author's Note: Hey all, it's a shorter chapter than I would've liked but I am stuck in the middle of the next scene. The story is mapped out, scenes have been written and more will come. My apologies for the length between chapters. I've been traveling and working a ton. But I haven't given up on this story or "Revenge is Sweet". Some of the others will be a bit longer. This one and Revenge are my priority. Thanks everyone for sticking with me and for the reviews!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the Sailor Moon franchise.

"Who wants transparency when you can have magic? Who wants prose when you can have poetry? Pull away the veil and what are you left with? An ordinary young woman of modest ability and little imagination, but wrap her up like this, anoit her with oil, and hey, presto, what do you have? A goddess."- Duke of Windsor, The Crown

The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the dining room of which the Supreme Queen of the resurrected Silver Alliance was sitting in was filled with the sounds of a child's laughter. The Queen giggled along with her precious bundle of joy sitting on her lap. "You're so silly", the Queen said to her daughter with a light shake of her head.

"No I'm not", Rini replied in between giggles, only to be tickled once more. "Yes you are", Serenity continued.

"No", the little girl practically screamed between her uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Serenity finally let up and rubbed noses with Rini before settling her back into her chair, "Mhmmm….you are a little goober".

The little girl clapped her hands together and shook her head. "No you are", she childishly countered.

This was the scene Jupiter interrupted as she made her presence known to her Queen, before Serenity could reply to her child's taunt. "It's time", Sailor Jupiter stated simply with a mixed look of slight apprehension and obvious seriousness.

A sigh escaped Serenity's lips, "Very well. I will join you in just a moment." Jupiter just nodded her head in acceptance and shut the door behind her. Jupiter could hear through the door as Rini asked her mother if she was leaving. She was certain that, in a way, Serenity's heart was breaking.

The two had never really been parted, because Rini's existence remained a secret all of her schooling had been within the palace walls. Not to mention the fact Serenity was going to meet with the father of her child, and she refused to give him knowledge of Rini's existence. She imagined Serenity's thoughts were in turmoil over the situation. She did know that she, herself, was feeling beyond apprehensive. Mercury and Venus had already encountered their former lovers, whilst she and Mars would have that whole ordeal ahead of them. And it was inching ever closer by the hour.

"How'd she look", a voice she immediately recognized as Mercury's interrupted her thoughts. She'd apparently been distracted by them as she had come rather quickly upon the transporters, where the rest of the inner sailors were waiting, with the exception of Venus who was off finishing with the final details of their departure.

"Like you'd expect", Jupiter replied with a shrug, her eyes glancing at her fellow comrades who took in the information with nods of their heads, their eyes all revealing their own thoughts in a way mirrored Serenity's feelings.

Jupiter gave a sigh and took a seat in one of the armchairs sitting in the reception room for the transporters. "Why do I have a sickening feeling that we are all walking into a world of trouble", she asked finally, unable to keep that thought to herself any longer. It'd been plaguing her since they set up negotiations.

"Because we usually are when it concerns Earth. We were hardly at peace once we became Sailor Scouts, virtually every evil being in the Universe wanted that damn planet. And really if you think about it, not much has changed. Since we left it's made the planet more vulnerable, and you know how our timing seems to work. Since we're showing up again it's about time the bad guys show up too", Mars replied bitterly as she continued rechecking their baggage, making sure they didn't forget any of the necessities, shoving items into pockets just a little more forcefully then before.

"Still would've been nice to enjoy five more years of peace", Jupiter said with a bit of a huff as she placed her chin in the palm of her hand.

"Yeah I know", Mars agreed, only a hint of sadness leaking through her voice, as she came to a full stand.

Before they could continue one of the attendants came through the portals. Mars proceeded to lift up the baggage and hand it to him. "Thanks Mr. Takahashi", she said as she let go.

"No problem Mars. Is this the last of it", he asked glancing down at the two bags in his hands.

"Yep sure is. Tell them we'll be down there in a few minutes. Would you mind asking if everything is already set up", she asked of him patting him on the back as he turned with a nod of his head and went back through the transporter's portal.

"Ladies", a new voice greeted them and the three inner sailor scouts turned to face the uniformed Soldier of Time.

"I just wanted to say that I wish you all the best. Remember to keep your guards up, and your wits about you. Don't kid yourselves, the Black Moon is coming. They may already be there. Truly trying times are a head of us, perhaps the hardest we'll have to endure with the time line as it is. We must do what we can to put things back in order, or the consequences will be far graver then you can imagine."

"We will", the Inners replied, with a nod of acceptance. Sailor Pluto hesitated for a moment as if she wanted to say more but settled for a "Good luck" and a couple of hugs before she disappeared, more then likely in search of their Queen.

"Why does she feel as though her ominous warnings will somehow encourage us? They just make everything seem bleaker and darker", questioned Jupiter with a sour look on her face.

Mars let out a chuckle, "Yeah. Notice though how she never gave us one of those speeches until after the Apocalypse? Guess what'll happen next is probably going to be worse."

Everyone in the room let out a groan, even Mercury. "How could anything be worse then an Apocalypse", Jupiter huffed out.

"You should be more grateful. She's just preparing you for the reality that awaits us down there. She's not wrong you know. So you better have your game faces on. This is no joke", Venus suddenly interrupted, slightly startling her fellow Senshi.

"Geese what's your problem", Jupiter asked still not really having moved from her position in the armchair.

Before Venus could reply, Mars answered for her in a sarcastic mutter, "Because she's the one who has got a harsh reality awaiting her down there."

"If you have something to say Mars why don't you just say it", Venus demanded giving her second in command a hard glare.

Mars returned Venus's glare with a grimace of her own before finally speaking loudly, her hands on her hips, "Do you really think this plan of yours isn't going to cause a disturbance in our diplomatic mission?"

"To be honest, I don't care if it does or if it doesn't. I made my reasoning's plain to you all as to why I opted to keep the Terrans out of the loop on her arrival. And we voted on it. It passed, unanimously in case you've forgotten. Your vote was yay, I don't know why you suddenly have reservations now."

"Technically the outers weren't included in the vote", Mercury piped up earning her leader's swift attention.

"And now you have reservations as well? As to the outers, they were not included because they are not going. It doesn't involve them."

"I didn't say that I have reservations. I'm just saying technically it wasn't a unanimous vote", Mercury replied maintaining a cool and collected demeanor.

Venus couldn't help from rolling her eyes, "Great. Really? Because unnecessary corrections are a good idea right now."

"Whoa guys tensions are high are high enough as it is and for good reason. Mars, I get why you have reservations. We are all walking into a tense situation and we are going about this in a not so trusting manner with them which is sure to win us even more tension. But Venus is right, we voted on it for good reason. The risk is too great giving them all of Serenity's arrival plans. No one here has faith in the Shitennou, no one. Let alone when it comes to the safety of our Queen", Jupiter stood up and refereed.

"And do I need to remind you that when we visited the future not so many years ago they were absent of it? We are entering unchartered territory. It's best we treat it as such", Venus continued.

Mars who stood silently with her arms crossed, just simply grimaced and nodded her head. "I agree in not trusting them. You all know this. But this is public ceremony. The likelihood of them pulling a fast one is limited as much as I hate to say it. I just feel like the repercussions we'll face after this little stunt, will not really be worth the trouble."

"Well it's too late now I'm afraid. We are overdue for our arrival", another voice intervened. The Senshi glanced to the entrance to find their Queen standing there, arms crossed with a slightly bemused expression on her face. They all stood silent a moment, hesitation on all their faces, with an inability to move into action spurned from their subconscious unwillingness to meet with their pasts. Serenity's eyebrows rose in slight surprise. They were just as terrified as her to get this started. She had seen them battle monsters and great evil and yet she had never once seen them hesitant to act.

"Well best get to it shall we", Venus finally offered breaking the spell of inaction and silence. The other girls immediately stood and formed up for entry through the portal, Serenity offering them a smile of reassurance from her place at the entryway.

She still hadn't moved, her own reluctance showing through. Mars was the first to go through followed by Jupiter. Mercury was stopped a moment by Venus's order, "Go ahead and send Mr. Takahashi back through once you've arrived. I'll be down there shortly."

Mercury only nodded before she disappeared through the portal leaving Venus alone in the room with Serenity. She turned to her, taking a deep breath before saying, "You remember the plan?"

Serenity rolled her eyes, "Yes, of course I do. I will await for the signal", she reiterated for what felt like the fiftieth time that week.

Before Venus could reply the whirl of the transporter opening interrupted indicating someone coming through. Mr. Takahashi appeared with a good-natured smile. "It's all ready down there for you. Just awaiting you two", he explained.

Venus smiled gratefully, her hands reaching for his and giving them a good squeeze. "Thank you. Make sure she gets down there will you?"

This caused Serenity to groan again. "I'm not a child. I'm a Queen. I can get down there myself. Very easily I might add."

"I will make sure", the older gentlemen reassured the commander of the Senshi with a smile and a chuckle earning a headshake from his Queen.

"Good. I will see you in a week handsome", Venus winked at the old man before turning to Serenity, " And I will see you down there your highness. Don't be late". And within an instant Venus too was gone through the portal leaving Serenity to herself. Serenity licked her suddenly dry lips, her fear almost swallowing her whole. It was happening, there was no turning back or putting this on hold any longer.

He stood stock still, one foot slightly forward in anticipation, his noble chin raised proud. The throne of his ancestors was at his back, the grand ornate doors of Elysian's ball room stood in front of him, closed. He could hear the excited thrum of his people drift on the current of the breeze through the open windows. Servants stood at the ready for a signal alongside the doors.

The most influential diplomats, politicians, and world leaders lined the ballroom, their tones hushed in deference to their king. He did not move from his position even as he heard the sudden rise in volume of the crowd outside, the sounds of cheers and jeers rising with each nearer step. Even as the sentiments of the outside world seeped into the inside and the people within the ballroom began to become restless he remained perfectly unmoved. Instead the only motion he made was his hand moving to rest on the hilt of his ancient sword, his long deft fingers curling around the cold crafted steel of the pommel. Somehow the firmness of the molded archaic metal kept him grounded.

While his exterior gave no hint of his true feelings, on the inside he could barely quell the raging chaos that was his own suspense, his heart slamming against his rib cage despite the outwardly controlled slow and steady rise and fall of his chest. The collar of his traditional Terran royalty regalia felt tight around his throat, his armor heavier then normal.

An overwhelmingly strange feeling came to him suddenly, an image of his former wife by his side formed in his mind, her delicate pale hand coming to rest on his shoulder, a comforting warmth spreading from her ghostly finger tips into the muscles of his chest and sinking into his heart, steadying its beat, calming the rush of his blood. As quickly as he saw and felt this haunting mirage was it gone. The harsh reality sunk its teeth into him almost immediately for thinking such thoughts, it was his white uniformed Shitennou who stood to either side of him and it would be her very real unforgiving form walking through those doors in a mere matter of seconds.

His breath halted and time seemed to stop as the grand doors opened wide, sunlight from the window lined hallways temporarily blinding him, sounds of the media and the cameras snapping held by the publicity in the room barely registering. The sudden overwhelming sound of his heart beating filled his ears and made him deaf to the commotion around him, even to the announcement of her arrival, as he saw five hooded forms step into the ballroom. The doors closed behind these figures that were walking down the center of the room, effectively sealing off the outside world, the streaming sunlight, media and all its uproar.

Before the proud warrior kings of Earth approached the five planetary soldiers and rulers of the inner solar system. The Five Queens adorned outfits that despite their fashion being ages old, fit into this future. They all adorned the color of their home worlds, their lips and chins were the only features visible as their enormous priest like hoods fell just below their noses.

The four Sailor Senshi stood in a v formation with their Supreme Queen directly behind them, at the center of the v. Finally, they came to a halt in front of the raised dais where he stood with his men. From the right stood Jupiter, a dark olive green long sleeved v-neck was visible just under her cloak. Gold embroidery adorned her neck line and her dress was bound with a gold cord. Next to her, slightly in front of the Queen stood Mercury. She wore an almost black looking dark blue cloak that contrasted against her royal blue one shoulder dress embroidered with sapphires and jewels on the shoulder. Venus stood next to her, and was draped in a golden cloak that fell against her lighter golden off the shoulder dress with a sheer sash wrapped around her shoulders. Mars stood just behind her next to the hooded Serenity in a red one-shoulder dress with purple strips of grosgrain ribbon crossing the front and red gems that met at the places the ribbon crossed. She wore a deep purple cloak. Just behind them, however, Serenity was almost entirely shrouded in a plain white cloak.

Endymion appraised the group, curious as to the elaborate state of dress the Senshi wore in comparison to their ruler. Endymion was just about to welcome them when he saw Venus's manicured hand rise up above her head, her love me glowing chain snaking around and up the arm slowly, wrapping around her pointer finger aimed at the ceiling, her head still bowed. Eyes widened around him, he heard the swords of his Shitennou unsheathe, the hum of their own power vibrating in their bodies rising to counter what looked like a threat. But instead of an explosion just a golden beam shot up into the air like a beacon and the white hooded figure Endymion was sure was Serenity had a ball of light begin to glow from her chest that grew and enveloped the figure. Endymion could feel his hairs stand on end as a wave of power crackled in the air, almost too fast for the eye to see a bolt of light shot down from above into the glowing ball of power. The tension in the air fizzled, and the light began to recede. Standing before them, stood Serenity, unveiled in all her glory.

She stood proud looking directly at Endymion in a white silk v neck dress wrapped in a grey blue sash criss crossed around her middle, the length falling limp to her feet. She wore an ornate silver see through over coat that matched the length of her dress. A matching silver wrap was attached at her shoulder and draped over her left arm along the over coat. Her flaxen locks, were up into a complicated twisted bun, with two ringlets framing her face, a long silver sparkling veil hung from the bun and fell down her back to her feet. And a v – tiara with a white pearl dangling on her forehead crowned her head. She looked every bit the expectation one would have of the Supreme Queen of the Silver Millennium. Her bold beauty was breath taking and he found himself truly stunned. He had always thought her beautiful, but this, this was unimaginable.

He had known she would grow to look like this, he had after all visited a different future where she had looked much like she did now. But there was still a stark contrast between this Queen and the one he'd only briefly met in the Black Moon invaded 31st Century. This Queen did not have the softness the Neo-Queen Serenity he had met had. Hers was a colder beauty, one more like Serenity's past life mother. It took a crinkle at the corner of her mouth, a hint of a smirk to wake him from his surprised stupor.

Serenity had not come on the passage alongside her Senshi, she had transported directly to Earth. The White cloaked figure was probably a hologram or casted wraith to hide the fact that she did not go through Crystal Tokyo. He didn't know how to feel about this, whether it was truly insulting or not. He knew his men were unhappy, for this theatrical stunt had been pulled with no forewarning and no local insight. He set aside those thoughts for she needed to be publically greeted and he would have to find his tongue. "Welcome Neo-Queen Serenity to the Elysian court. We ask that you come here in peace, bring no ill will into this house, and in return we offer you a bed in our home, a place at our hearth, all the hospitality Elysian has to offer and the protection of diplomatic immunity", the words were ancient, ones he hadn't heard uttered since he was a young man in another life but still their tradition felt appropriate.

There was a brief moment of silence before Serenity gave him a diplomatic smile, with a slight bow of her head. "I come here seeking only peace and I accept your invitation Neo-King Endymion and thank you for your hospitality, it is much appreciated. Though I come not alone", she said dutifully lifting a graceful hand in gesture to the women in front of her, "I bring with me the Queens and Guardians of the Silver Millennium Empire."

"Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Venus", Serenity announced, each respective Queen pulling down her hood as she spoke, revealing their crowned heads. "I ask of you the favor that your courtesy and invitation extend to them as though they were me."

"It is done", He announced giving a diplomatic smile of his own, which led to a customary round of applause. Serenity bowed her head in thanks.

"Come, find rest here after your exhaustive journey", he paused just long enough for her to catch the hint that he knew of her ploy before continuing, "we have rooms for you and a grand feast planned in your honor. Let us save the work for tomorrow."

There was a small slip of a smirk on her face again, before she nodded her head in acceptance and answered politely, "That sounds wonderful."

He stepped down from his dais to her level, her escorts hesitated but a moment before parting before him. He came up to her, for a brief moment he caught a flash of surprise and a hint of fear enter her eyes before he offered her arm. The slip lasted only a second, completely unnoticeable to the untrained eye. She took his arm, her eyes never leaving his as his hand tucked hers into the crook of his arm.

The flesh-to-flesh contact was brief, but the feeling of home, of rightness from so small a moment was almost overwhelming. The ghostly touch that haunted his dreams and even his day-to-day reality was now real, and upon his arm. They walked forward to applause towards the doors that would lead to the living quarters, knowing the Shitennou would follow a similar customary greeting with her Senshi after the two monarchs had departed and the ovation receded. The doors shut behind them and they were met with a deafening silence. Endymion licked his suddenly dry lips turning to Serenity with the intent to speak but she beat him to it, "Are they to be paired by rank?"

"It is custom", he replied a little grimly. The Senshi would be escorted with their Terran counter parts based on rank structure, which not so serendipitously also meant their former lovers.

Serenity nodded her head in acceptance. "Lady Fortune smiles on us all I suppose", she tried to joke though it had more meaning then she allowed to be expressed. She took the opportunity to pull her hand back and step away as they came across a window. He almost closed his eyes as he felt her warmth leave him. She turned her back to him and walked forward towards the nearby window, looking out over the crowd of jubilant and protesting people.

The sunlight fell upon her in the most agonizing way, the silver of her garments glinting in the sunlight like diamonds, he felt as though he were looking at some sort of apparition of a goddess and not his former Queen. He watched the array of emotions flit across her eyes as she took in the signs of support and of those of hate, a sadness suddenly seeping into her frame. "You look", he began to say until she turned towards him startling him in that she paid him mind as soon as he spoke, "different".

He realized he had settled for far less then he was thinking. She looked heartbreakingly beautiful but he had too much pride to say such words. A delicate sliver eyebrow rose at his choice of words. "I mean in a good way", he finished, suddenly overcome with the feeling as if he were a teenage boy again, faced with his very first crush.

Her head bowed a little and she allowed a graceful smile to fall over her features. "It's the hair I'd assume", she supplied for him, her cerulean gaze meeting his again.

"I've only ever seen you with your trademark hairstyle or it all the way down. Never, like this", he complimented his voice almost breathless as he uttered his last word.

She turned fully to face him now, the crowd of what used to be her people briefly forgotten. She licked her own lips and was about to speak a smile still on her face, before he continued, "And it's back to its old color. I have to say I'm quite surprised you'd even choose a different hairstyle all things considered."

Her arms crossed, her smile slowly fell from her face. "Why is that", she questioned trying to keep the offense she felt from showing, she knew where that comment stemmed from, what it could lead to.

"It's just that the other hairstyle was so Lunarian and you are, I mean you live there now. It would just be something I thought you'd keep given your history with it. Not to mention you had worn that hairstyle every day that I've known you, I called you buns", he explained with a light chuckle in remembrance.

She briefly thought about prodding further but surmised it was best she not dredge up the subject, it may lead her to explain more then she was willing. "I thought a change best", she just answered not wanting to go into the details about why she had rid herself of that hairstyle. On the inside she had flinched at his use of that nickname, a lover's pet name. Endymion immediately was not satisfied with her answer. He couldn't help but want to continue, and he was about to prod further when he heard the sounds of applause emit from the closed doors.

The first of the Senshi and Shitennou pairs would be entering the hallway. He was supposed to have taken her to her quarters already. And while the prospect of being around Zoicite seemed nice, an escape really, the awkwardness Zoicite and Mercury would be experiencing would only amplify his and Serenity's. "Well shall we", she offered catching on to at least some of his thoughts.

He nodded and offered her his arm once more, she looked at his arm with some reservation before retaking it. A part of him cringed inwardly at her hesitations, it felt so unnatural to have her treat him as she did now. He'd never had a moment with her where she was so guarded in her answers nor when she would shrink from the mere touch of him, not even when they were young and barely knew one another. She'd been entirely open to him whenever she spoke to him when they were strangers who masqueraded as heroes. When in his arms she'd linger just a little too long after he'd have just scooped her up while dodging an enemy attack.

They walked in silence, her eyes looking around the palace, taking in the portraits, picking out the various differences between this lifetime and her other one. She'd been so busy taking in the interior of the palace she was surprised when they came to a stop in front of her door. "Your quarters", Endymion stated as he reached for the doors, opening them for her and walking forward into the grand chamber.

She stayed behind a moment, hesitating, again. She swallowed deeply before stepping forward into the room. "Your personal quarters", she asked shocked he brought her here of all places.

He turned to her with a mirthful smile upon his lips, as if she were being silly. "My old ones. When I was prince these were mine, but now I've moved into my parents old quarters as I am King."

She nodded, her eyes glancing around the room marking the very stark changes to the room from the one Princess Serenity knew well. "That would make sense I suppose", Serenity replied still stunned she'd be staying in quarters traditionally only used for the royal family.

"It's different from what I remember", Serenity stated taking in the entirety of the room, noticing the whole color scheme was so unlike how she remembered. Gone were the dark blue sheets, black furniture, and all of the items Prince Endymion had so cherished. In fact, the color scheme felt more Lunarian with whites, silvers, and golds. "You do not like it", he questioned somewhat surprised.

Serenity licked her lips again and tried to keep from letting out how very uncomfortable she was. Whether it was visibly showing it or even saying it. She couldn't show him this, her inner panic. This room was home to many vivid memories of their beginnings. Though the décor had changed and this was a second life, the atmosphere of their story still very much dwelled in these rooms. "No it's wonderful. Thank you, though I find myself surprised I'm not going to be in the traditional guest quarters", she replied wringing her hands as she stepped further into where she would be staying for the next week.

"I thought this better. It has an adjoining parlor to your Senshi's rooms. They are inhabiting the Shitennou's former quarters. Given you have four guardians and we had this kind of space available I thought it only befitting."

"So you have no heir", she blurted out, knowing Mina had told her otherwise already, but still there was a deep need to hear it from him. She had already checked his ring finger, there was nothing there but he was a handsome man, and he had always had a reputation prior to meeting her in both lives.

He let out a low chuckle that sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine, "No, I have no heir. And I have not yet remarried." A blush stained her cheeks, for being so overt at having curiosity over such things.

She was not supposed to care, she looked down and away to hide the rouge of her cheeks, wiping a loose strand behind her ear. "You do not wear a ring", he stated his eyes on her hand. She stopped and looked at her left hand mid gesture before nodding. "I have not remarried either", she replied meekly, her eyes downcast, her heart beat increasing a little.

She thought about lying to him further and saying she had no heir as well, but she opted to wait and see if he would ask of one. A moment of silence befell them and she looked up slowly, he looked hesitant. He was going to ask it seemed and a part of her panicked. Her breath caught in her throat. Could she lie to him? She would have to. Would he be able to tell if she was lying? As his mouth opened an audible female gasp broke the silence first. "My lady". Serenity looked behind Endymion and relief, happiness washed over her all at once as she spotted a familiar friendly face.

Endymion cleared his throat as the woman who had unknowingly joined them, came around from behind to stand beside him. She didn't step towards Serenity further, not willing to fully enter without his permission. He turned to look at her, arms crossed, and gave her a nod before she rushed to the Queen who embraced her with welcome arms shouting her name, "Celeste!"

There were tears in both of their eyes and it was almost painful to watch how excited and happy Serenity was to see Celeste who was but a friend. A flash of jealousy rose and fell within him because she cared so much to see her again and there was no real emotion shown for him, before his rationale sunk in. Their last meeting prior to their five year separation had been the worst moment of their history yet. The brunette pulled away from the Queen's embrace and started wiping at her eyes. "My apologies. It is so good to see you. I've been assigned to attend to you during your stay", Celeste explained happily.

"That is wonderful", Serenity exclaimed truly excited to be reunited with Celeste who had been one of her personal attendants in the Crystal Tokyo Palace.

"I best leave you to get settled", Endymion interrupted. Serenity turned her eyes back on Endymion and gave him a nod and mouthed "thank you". He simply returned her nod before exiting shutting the door behind him. Serenity's eyes lingered just a little too long on the door. Was that it? Was that to be how it was between them for the rest of her stay? Minimal words, little really said, mildly pleasant.

"My lady, you have become…stunning", her former maid breathed in awe. Serenity turned her gaze back to the woman before her, who now clasped her hand an eagerness for discussion in her eyes.

Serenity smiled gently at her before replying, "Thank you Celeste, the compliment is appreciated."

The woman nodded her head before linking arms with her and guiding her around the room. "I must apologize for not joining you on the Moon. We have tried. I write to my sister often-"

Serenity halted their movement and shook her head, "No, Celeste don't apologize. Annette has told me everything. Your husband's health must come first."

Celeste's green eyes teared up a little before she turned her head away. "The doctor's say the journey could make it worse. And they have no idea howliving on the moon could affect the cancer. There have been no studies published here you see. And with the diplomatic strain as of yet, it is not like there have been opportunities."

Serenity listened and replied sincerely, "I hope to remedy that while here. And I must apologize, those strains were caused by myself and my laws."

Celeste shook her head, "I do not blame you. How you all were treated, are still treated it is unbelievable they should call us a modern, new world."

Serenity grimaced at the thought. "Still though my laws affect more then just our relations with all of them, they have affected our relations with those like you. Families broken apart, separated all because of a failed marriage", Serenity countered starting to truly feel the ramifications of her laws, her behavior now that she was faced with one who suffered because of that.

Celeste clucked, "It was more then a failed marriage that lead to all of this. Things have not been the same. Vargas's party has gained influence now, simply by igniting prejudice. They are calling to test all people now for signs of Lunarian ancestry or rebirth. And there are rumors testing on some regions of the planet has already begun."

"They were calling for that while we were still here. Endymion would never allow them to go that far, surely."

Celeste had a look of apprehension on her face causing Serenity to pause. "Surely", Serenity insisted.

"He may not have a choice if Vargas and his party gains anymore power or support. That is why these negotiations must come out positive. It could turn the tide away from Vargas's favor. What the people will, the King must listen and do. The people of Earth must come to know you again, to love you all again or they will not only turn against Lunarians, but each other."

Serenity's mouth parted in disbelief, she had known these negotiations were of great importance, but not quite how important. Here she had thought the alliance was only for an external threat, never did she think she'd have to face this.

Serenity swallowed hard, her mind reeling from the gravity of such news. A hand coming to rest over her mouth she turned her back on Celeste, her body taking her closer to the open doors of the balcony, where a cool breeze drifted in. She did not hear what Celeste said next as her eyes took in the green trees swaying in the wind just outside, sound seemed to blur and there was a strange peace that overtook her. Home, it felt like home and all the problems she had just heard would fade away at anytime. She closed her eyes briefly basking in the rays of genuine sunlight upon her face.

But sound resumed as she felt a new presence transport into the room. She turned to find Mina standing in her room with a satisfied smirk on her lips as she explained in an 'I am not sorry' manner, "My apologies my Queen. I did at least participate in the ceremony but once in the hall I felt it beneficial to extract myself from what could be considered a bad situation. Didn't want to start off our trip with a brawl between senior leadership."

Serenity sighed at that before saying sternly, "It appears we have much bigger concerns then you pissing off General Kunzite." A look of concern immediately overtook any other emotion on Mina's face.