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Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Pairings: Akashi/Furihata, MidoTaka and implied Ootsutani (my beloved crack ship!)

Rating: M (no, seriously, it's not an M because of kissing – it's very smutty)

Words: 60 526 (yeah, it was meant to be one-shot)

Summary: Kouki was scared of many, many things but it's Akashi he fears the most. So of course one of these days he just had to bump into him, right? Story about once scaredy cat and one boy who despite being excellent in everything is quite lonely. AkaFuri with MidoTaka and Ootsutani moments.

Let's get started, shall we? ^.^

If there was a thing that you couldn't say about Kouki it was that he was brave. Sure, he was nice, friendly, and funny, but, not-so-deep-down-at-the-heart, he was a coward. He wouldn't talk back to anyone in fear of their vendetta (you never know just how many psychos are out there and how sensitive they're), he wouldn't walk into any dark room, and even felt a little creeped out in bright, but too silent rooms. Hell, sometimes he had anxiety attacks before going to sleep—be it worrying over ghosts or burglars or the incoming exams, he always found something to be scared of.

Lately, his nightmares were haunted by the red and yellow eyes that followed him everywhere, waiting for him to turn his back to them. And then there was this voice... so calm, so nice to hear and even more fearsome because of the things that were spoken in that creepily, well-intentioned tone.

Yes, Rakuzan's captain was making Kouki scared shitless.

"I don't know why you're so stressed over the fact that you met that psycho kid once," mumbled Kagami one day, while stuffing his cheeks with some insanely long bread. "If everything goes right you won't have to see him 'till Winter Cup when we'll kick his ass once again."

Kouki twitched and at the same time felt both relieved and disappointed. He wouldn't admit it to anyone but lately he was taking care of his fears by fighting them head on—like purposely going to the toilet without turning on every light on the way there. Once he talked back to Hyuuga-senpai (who seemed genuinely surprised and didn't have the time to get angry, thank gods for that). A few times, he'd left the window open at the night, telling himself that living on the first floor was kind of safe (don't think of ninjas and ropes, nope, no Spiderman-like scenarios). So when he was listing all of his main fears, somehow Akashi was on the top of that list—to tell the truth, Kouki was so scared of him that he couldn't get the guy out of his mind. Every redhead on the street was him, just as any boy who had a nice and elegant voice.

When he first saw Akashi—seconds before he started to be afraid—he thought that Teikou's ex-captain was actually pretty normal… Not overly tall, with a calm and beautiful face, kinda cute even. But then… well, scissors and all.

"Akashi-kun is able to make such an impression, Furihata-kun, but he's not very dangerous, at least not after he lost for the first time in his life. Even if he won in the summer play-offs." Kuroko smiled at him a little and then added: "But I suppose he won't forget about both Kagami-kun and you, since you interrupted his meeting with others. Knowing him, he sees that as some sort of rebellion."

Sweat appeared on the brown-haired boy's temples and he had to resist the urge to squeal.

"Hey! I just came to say hi!" shouted Kagami.

"A-a-and I just was... standing there. Not doing much, right? And that was over a year and half ago!"

Kuroko shrugged.

"I don't know, but he doesn't like when people are where he doesn't want them to be."

Oh, great. Kouki was already half-dead with fear when Kuroko added, in a light tone, that because Akashi's father was a yakuza boss, he was accustomed to his orders being taken seriously but didn't mind small fries so much.

It was a miracle that Furihata didn't faint at this point.

As for Akashi, he was fuming with boredom and anger. Not a good combination if you asked anyone who knew him even slightly. Granted, his attitude changed slightly after the defeat at the last year's Winter Cup, but he was still pretty scary and that day, the Rakuzan team decided to sweat with blood but give it all they had. Even Kotarou shut up and was running around the gym with everyone, trying to not look too eager. Their Sei-chan was a good captain and basically a nice guy, but when he was in this state they all knew it was better to not stand out.

He was bored because there was no way for him to train even a little more today; he had already overused his muscles a little and he wasn't going to ruin his health for few more laps. And he was angry at Shintarou—or more precisely, at that half-witted weakling, Takao. How dare he?! Remembering it again made him forget about boredom, but enhanced his anger and something else, something that he wasn't going to acknowledge. He touched his cheek once again and decided to go to Tokyo and give that little bastard a good lecture. And maybe a few threats, but he supposed that Takao was immune to this considering he was so close to Shintarou.

Seeing his furrowed brow and slight twitching of his hands caused the rest of the team to practice even harder—no one wanted to be kicked out just because they got on Akashi's bad side while he was in a bad mood, but he wasn't paying them any attention. He packed and marched out of the school, ignoring everything and everyone and deciding to not go by car since that would be too flashy and trains weren't uncomfortably crowded at this hour. If he timed it right, he would catch Takao after Shutoku's practice. If anything, their coach was known for being absolutely anal about the time—practice started at this and this hour and ended at this and this to the last second. Seijuuro had to admit he'd been quite amazed when he learned about that. Being strict on-court and off-court was the only way to completely stop any nonsense initiatives from players that could ruin the whole grand plan.

One day, he mused while taking a seat far away from giggling girls that were looking at him, he was going to ask Shutoku's coach for a game of shogi—he knew that the man was quite the tactician, he could tell it from the one look they shared right before the game started. He could always recognize a good shogi player when he saw one and Shutoku's tactics in that game were definitely not Shintarou's doing—he was more about striking from a distance and, truthfully, was sometimes so predictable it was boring.

Something he couldn't tell about that cheeky boyfriend of his.

To learn that Midorima—who was always doing the "proper" thing—following his parents' dreams and being a book example of "not exciting"—had a lover was surprising. That it was a male lover was shocking, he had to admit. Certainly he didn't see that one coming. He had even been pretty sure that Shintarou was asexual and would end up with some proper trophy wife that his parents would have already chosen for him. Briefly, Akashi wondered just how many people knew about them and if he should threaten Takao with exposure, but decided to let it go. He had a soft spot for his ex-teammates and didn't want Shintarou's parents to go to the extreme. And he was more than curious about how much that little bastard could change Midorima if he already was able to coerce him into kissing and quite passionate groping in a place where they could be seen. And they were, of course. The blush on Shintarou's face was quite amusing, but not as much as his stuttering. On the other hand, that Takao...

Seijuuro gritted his teeth once again and smiled sinisterly when he realized just what he'd tell that little shit. Oh, yes. That idiot definitely wouldn't like it. Not noticing that everyone around him suddenly decided to change seats, he basked in his own glory and thoughtfulness.

This was going to be good.

It was a good thing that Kouki didn't look into the mirror while walking home. Seeing a zombie would freak him out. With his hollowed face and paled skin, he could pass for a Homestuck cosplayer that suddenly decided to jump into a high school uniform. But he didn't care. The only thing that haunted his thoughts for hours was one word.


Furihata knew he was a person that didn't have much meaning—even while playing, every good thing he did was accidental and he wasn't fooling himself into thinking that someone like... like a y-y-yakuza boss' son (ohmygodohmygodohmygod) would even remember him while there were people like Kagami and Kuroko around. But… there was still a chance and that panicking part of him was sending him darker and darker scenarios. Maybe Akashi didn't like the way he looked and how he dared show himself without even so much as combing his hair? Or maybe he was annoyed by Furihata's cowardice? Or maybe he'd actually said something he couldn't remember because he was so scared?

He didn't even quite catch the moment he got to the train and he almost missed his stop. And at that moment he decided it was stupid. He was working himself up over something that would probably never happen. Why would someone like Akashi remember someone like him? Especially after such a long time—there was just no option. The thought was a little depressing, but at the same time he was relieved. With a newfound energy he whirled around—deciding he would stop by library and take some book about paranoid thoughts and how to control them—and immediately crashed into someone. They both fell and while Furihata was laying on his back, thinking about just how screwed his life was, the other person already got up and hissed.

"I'm so sorry!" he started and then he looked at himself and saw that there was coffee on this other person. Steaming hot coffee. "Oh god, I hope you're okay! Did I burn you? I didn't watch where I was going and... so sorry! If you need clothes to change I live nearby and... Maybe we need to go to the hospital?" he added, completely horrified.

The person in front of him was still bent over, picking something up from the floor, showing him his back—a quite nice back, from his perspective, a round ass in nicely fitted pants, long and slender legs... When that thought passed his brain Kouki blushed and shook his head. It wasn't nice to ogle a girl like that when he bumped into her. But then the girl stood to her full height and first, he saw shoulders too broad for a girl and then he noticed that this boy was wearing a white, sports blouse. Feeling guilty—coffee on this kind of material would never come off—he opened his mouth once again but suddenly he realized that on the blouse, written in blue letters, was "RAKUZAN". The boy had short, magenta hair and when he looked down at Kouki, with heterochromatic eyes that were full of fury, Furihata knew his life was going to end.

If in some way Akashi didn't remember him from before, like hell he was going to forget him now.

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