Epilogue: At Some Distant Time and Place

The Scion entity noted a distant planet, which had the unmistakeable signs of civilisation about it. It signalled to its companion.


The companion did not answer; it had been somewhat uncommunicative since leaving that last world.


Another long pause in communication, then the Other signalled back.


The Scion entity took a long time to puzzle this over. They had to carry out their task, to search new worlds for the possible end to their quest. What was the Other saying?


The Other's signal signified quiet smugness.


The Scion entity was equally unable to understand this. The concept was almost beyond it, so long had they been searching.


The Other changed course, moved closer. At this rate, they would collide -


They touched, brushed, moved apart. A few dozen shards were exchanged. The Scion entity could not understand why this had happened. And then it examined the new shards that it had acquired.

One was … different.

It had been formed around the exotic energy bestowed upon the Other by the being called Hope, in the course of returning the Other to functionality. It made use of that energy.

The Scion entity tapped into that shard, made use of its capability. Energy flowed from the shard into the Scion entity, reviving it, revitalising. This added energy instead of removing it.

The Other was also making use of the same shard, it noted. The shard was able to be split, shared, split again.

It was the answer.

The quest had been successful. At long, long last, the quest had been successful.

No more would the entities have to roam the universe, pushing civilisations to war, and harvesting the results.

All could share now in the bounty of the Hope shard.


The Other had reached a farther conclusion. PARTING. SHARING.

The Scion entity had been roaming the universe alongside the Other for so long that it had trouble parsing the concept. They would split up, and share the Hope shard among their kind; each one they encountered would also pass it on.

And eventually, in the fullness of time, they would find one another once more.


Their courses changed, moving diametrically opposite to one another.

One last signal passed between them before they drew too far apart to detect one another. Both sent it, at the same time.


End of Epilogue.