Waiting for Superman

This is my first ever CSI fanfic story. I really enjoy the Greg/Morgan pairing a whole lot and this idea just came to me from the song title Waiting for Superman by Chris Daughtry.

Chapter 1 Prologue

Morgan was in the break room holding onto a plastic cup that contained coffee and thought deep and hard. She was looking down at the table while her honey blonde hair touched it unaware that her co-worker Greg Sanders was on the side looking at her. Ever since they met Greg has been enticed by her beauty and has had a massive crush on her. She was unaware of his crush on her but did recuperate the same feelings.

Morgan got up from the chair throwing the cup of coffee in the trash and left the break room unaware of the dark brown eyes of Greg's. She walked through the whole lab as she was aware of David Hodges her best friends looking at her as he held papers and folders of evidence.

She then went out of the building and ran at top speed until finding a building about a block away, putting her back against it and went down sliding to the ground. Why did she have to have feelings for Greg?

She's talking to angels, counting the stars

Making a wish on a passing car

She's dancing with strangers, falling apart

Waiting for Superman to pick her up in his arms, yeah, in his arms

She could totally relate those few lyrics lines of the song Waiting for Superman but why did she feel that way now. She shouldn't feel this way for another person who works with her. It would complicate things even farther. But there were people she worked with who knew of her playful relationship with Greg.

"You can take boyfriend Greg with you." said DB Russell to Morgan as he left and she made a weird face that made her confused

Julie Finlay was talking to her boyfriend and went into a lab that Morgan was in and Julie got embarrassed by it and tried to explain the situation.

"Don't be embarrassed I'm glad someone around here has a personal life" she recuperated to Julie

"Really aren't you going out with Greg?" is what Julie responded back with and Morgan quickly denied it

She and Greg would play with each other and say "You miss me already?" then there was their conversation about Las Vegas and Los Angeles how she said Los Angeles was better as it had a more illustrious history, the Lakers basketball team and the ocean. He called her a beautiful blonde and calls her Hollywood once.

Now that she thought about she can see Greg having feelings for her but she keeps waiting for him for some reason. To come save her or something but he doesn't have the courage but she can't wait for him forever. But is forever waiting for her? Why does she feel like this at all?

"Morgan." said a voice to the side as she looked up

She saw Greg there standing just about two feet away wearing black sunglasses and his CSI vest over his casual clothes. Then there was his short medium brown hair.

"Hey Greg." said Morgan

"Are you alright? You seemed kind of out of it at the lab?" responded Greg as he sat down beside her

"Just a lot going on in my mind you wouldn't understand." said Morgan

"Try me." replied Greg as he looked at her sweet blue eyes

She looked at him as she can't tell him of her feelings for him. It would just complicate things between the two of them. They shouldn't even be together at all as it's mandatory for co-workers to not even be together.

"I'm sorry I can't." said Morgan

"You can't? You always talk to me about almost everything." told Greg

"I just can't Greg." Morgan exasperated looking down at her hands

"Morgan." said Greg concerned

"No Greg just leave it at that okay. Just let me be. Go. I want to be alone right now." said Morgan as tears starting streaming down her face like a waterfall

"I'm not letting it go." said Greg

"Well, try Greg." said Morgan getting up to her feet looking at him as he hasn't been taking any hints from her

"We're co-workers and when one of us is down and being closed it usually means they need to talk to someone. I thought you would like to talk to me." said Greg

"I don't want to talk to you okay Greg. Not now. I can't handle this. Just forget about it." said Morgan

"I won't forget about it." said Greg finally getting up looking straight at her now

"Bye Greg." Said Morgan walking away then turned around "I will see you at work tomorrow."

"Yeah." said Greg looking at her right there as she turned around and left

Greg just stood there by the wall as he put his side to it watching Morgan leaving him there. She turned around again at him for a few seconds then looked forward. What was it that he was missing? What was it she wasn't saying to him when usually they talk about almost everything?

She's waiting for superman

To lift her up and take her anywhere

Show her love and climbing through the air

Save her now before it's too late tonight

Morgan kept on walking going farther losing Greg behind her. She wishes that she didn't do that but she did. She wants him to figure it out why she is being so stubborn and distant. She likes him and he can't see it when he talks to her or let alone looks at her.

She got to her car opening it up and went on the seat putting the key in starting the car. She buckled up and left. She couldn't handle any of it, she couldn't work. She pulled back going into the streets and went on driving into the streets. She knew she can't handle being around Greg for a little while with all the stuff going around in her head with some of it that she wants to deny.

She's waiting for superman

Like I said this is my first CSI fanfic. Please review I would really like it. I'd love the feedback from anyone who reads this.