"Look at you, you're such a pitiful little Umbreon."

My eyes opened and my ears shifted on my head, suddenly alert to the darkly feminine voice that called me. A quick scan of my surroundings revealed that I was in an endless plane of white grass blowing in an almost false wind. Above me was a similarly blank sky that also seemed to go on forever.

I frowned recalling the voice that I had momentarily forgotten due to the utterly bizarre environment I was seeing I looked around "Who's here, who said that?" I had no idea what kind of person would say that, but I wasn't about to let them get away with it… if they were smaller than me.

"What, stupid and deaf?" chuckled the voice "How are you ever going to stop what's coming?"

Realizing the source was behind me I turned to spot a smallish mass of dark matter glaring at me with bloody crimson eyes. It was something out of a dream, just looking at it made me feel uncomfortable.

"I… I don't know who or what you are but I don't think you're in the position to insult me… you're just a floating mass of talking crap."

"Give it time Umbreon, you'll see in due time."

I blinked and when I opened my eyes I found myself looking up at the regular boring old blue sky. Isn't it great that you only figure out you're in a dream when it's over, because I think it is.

If you have the powers of observation you've picked up that I am an Umbreon. Good job, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Speaking of backs, I was actually laying on mine when I woke up form that utterly bizarre dream. The grass under me felt soft, but I was anything but comfortable.

Just a few weeks prior I had left my family to live my own life and to get away from them. My only older sibling, a Flareon, had left years before and one of my younger siblings, an Espeon, had left several months before me and I felt it was about time for me to leave. Part of me did feel bad though, I left in the middle of the night without telling anyone… without saying goodbye to my mother and father or my other three siblings. I didn't think of myself as a bad person for doing it, just a young whippersnapper trying to live his life away from the grasp and gaze of the ones that gave him that life in the first place.

Yawning I sluggishly rolled onto my feet and stretched as the sun's everlastingly annoying UV rays gripped my darkness loving form. My first thought was food and my second thought was how lazy I was feeling and wondered if the grass beneath me was enough to sustain my life force.

Then an idea went off in my head as more and more of my brain cells started to work. I was living only a few hundred yards from a stupid little human town… Pallet was its name I think. All I would have to do was use my ninja like sneaky guy skills, swoop down like the badass mother lover I knew I was and take all the food I could get my hands (or paws) on. It was a flawless plan, it couldn't fail.

No possible way.

With my wits backing me I strode towards Pallet down looking prouder and more incredible than an Onix doing the worm. Nothing could even dream of stopping me. Hugging the wall of the building that was closest to the forest I peeked around the corner. Several little dainty houses dotted the sparse town and nothing too remarkable was within my sight.

"Hm…" I spoke quietly "Looks like I'll be home fr-"

"What are you doing?" sounded a male voice right next to me. Since we're all being brutally honest here, I almost crapped myself. No joking, I literally almost pooped myself when he said that. I jumped took a few stepped into the open and turned to the source of the voice.

Before me stood a Pikachu, the classical 'super cool cute douchebag mouse' Pokémon that every trainer about to get a starter had wet dreams about. (I'm sorry, was that to mature for the kids?) He stood on his hind legs with a blue scarp wrapped around his neck that flowed in the wind behind him.

"Stay back-"I said "You don't wanna get into a fight with me."

Looking very confused that rat smirked "What're you talking about?"

"What am I talking about, what are you talking about? Leave me alone or I might have to take you out!" I said in my most menacing tone.

"You must be a wild Pokémon huh?" spoke the Pikachu "You're super aggressive."

"You bet your ass, now leave me alone man… I'm just looking for some food. No need to get yourself hurt."

"Oh Spark, there you are what are y-"spoke yet another voice from behind me. After being conditioned by the first scare I simply staggered back to look at the new figure.

"What the Mew!" I shouted as I got farther away from what I realized was a male human. He had pale skin and disgustingly gross black hair. His dark clothing suggested that he was some kind of emo with a black shirt with black jeans.

I frowned and yelled "All I want is some freaking food!"

"Spark, you found an Umbreon!" sounded the human with excitement that didn't fit his appearance "There's no way I'm not catching him."

'Nice' I thought 'Now I have a battle on my hands.'

The Pikachu, who was apparently named Spark shrugged "Sorry buddy, looks like I'm gonna have to fight you"

"Trust me, you're the one that's going to be sorry." I said as my form crouched "Get ready, 'cus I'm about to ruin your day." To tell you the truth I was not very happy about needing to fight. I never did enjoy battles all that much. But I did enjoy winning. Oh the glory of standing over your opponent all badass and grand, it was something I was very much looking forward to after I kicked this Pikachu's ass in his own town.

"Spark, quick attack go!" shouted the trainer stupidly. I doubt trainers ever really thought about this, but whenever they gave their Pokémon a command it basically informed their opponent of their battle plan.

Something that I did know was that Pikachu's had a reputation for being stupidly fast but I had never seen it in person, so when that rat charged me I was seriously shocked by the mouse's agility. Even with the warning his trainer had given me I just barely had enough time to side step the aptly named quick attack. As the Pikachu passed me I made a weak attempt to hit him in the back, which missed seeing that the dumb mouse was about four feet away from me by the time I started to swipe.

"Spark, quick attack again!" shouted his trainer.

Before I could even blink the Pikachu swept across the few feet separating me from his foot and I soon found myself with said foot in my jaw. My body twisted to the ground and I got a nice face of dirt for my reward. I could feel him behind me and I doubted he would have let me get up, so I started to kick up the dirt in a lobby excuse for a sand attack. When the sound of a distressed electric rodent hit my ears I saw my opportunity to strike.

I turned around and bashed my head into the Pikachu's gut, forcing him to emit a guttural moan and hold his belly. Using the advantage I had gained I did a slight leap, planted my two front legs on the rat's stupid head and pounded it into the dirt under me. But just like a trainer that had just beaten the last of the elite four, I didn't have much time to be proud of myself.

"Spark, shock him." sounded his trainer. I, of course, had no time to react as the Pikachu placed his to arms around my wrists and jolted me up with his electric juices. Now you have to understand this before I tell you anything else, I had never been shocked before. I had no preconceived notion of what it would feel like… which is kinda ironic seeing that my father is a Jolteon.

Well right when the attack started I felt my ears pop and all the muscles in my body finally rebelled against the tyranny of my brain and decided to not listen to its commands. They all tightened as pain wracked my nervous system. I wanted to scream more than anything, but nothing would come out. Finally I pulled myself away and out of the yellow mouse's grip.

As I planted myself I felt a sharp pain shoot up my right front leg from my ankle and knew it was strained without thought. Lifting it up in the classical injured dog pose I pondered my next move as Spark stood up, his blue scarf miraculously clean from dirt.

Then I noticed something, I didn't see the stupid Pikachu's stupid trainer behind him. Then it occurred to me that we had switched places and the goth of the year was standing behind me. The guy that was trying to beat me was standing right behind me looking at how I just raised my injured leg. Before I could turn around to see what he was doing a very hard metal object whacked me right in the Achilles tendon.

What followed was a sickening, twisting motion that almost made me sick as I closed my eyes in what I now assume was fear. That feeling lasted for a few seconds and then stopped. Quickly opening my eyes I saw that I was in the same place that my dream took place in before. The white sky and grass were back, but a dark foreboding moon stood in the black space of the heavens.

"What the…" I spoke to myself.

"Look at you." Sounded the female voice from before. I turned to the source and saw the same black swirling mass with two large eyes from before.

"You're such a pitiful weak Umbreon."

Suddenly that landscape disappeared as the twisting motion started up again and before I really knew what was going on I was laying on a very cold white floor.

"Ugh…" sounded my groggy form "What the…" I lifted my head and low and behold, the Pikachu that had just kicked my butt.

Despite the fact that he had just fought me, he looked very friendly. He had a bright smile and a kind look in his eyes. Extending a hand he asked "Need some help?"

Now being the too cool for any help when I actually needed it type of Umbreon I ignorantly and stupidly stood up myself, causing a nice extra amount of pain to my injured ankle and leg.

"Oh wow Jack, you actually just caught an Umbreon." Spoke the voice of an old sounding human male. Turing my head I was correct, an older man in a lab coat about as white as the floor and brownish gray hair.

"What you thought I was lying Oak?" spoke the human I had seen just before.

Then it hit me, that son of a birch tree had caught me… I was his Pokemon from there on out. He and his Pikachu had beaten me and now I stuck with them.

Without warning the Pikachu, Spark, extending a hand "Hey, I'm Spark. It looks like we'll be spending a lot of time together."

I frowned, but shook his hand lazily "Yeah yeah."

"Sorry about your ankle and leg there, I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine." I said curtly "Just don't expect us to be friends."

Spark raised a brow to that point "Wow, really aggressive aren't ya. Well sorry I was just trying to be nice." Said the Pikachu honestly.

"What are you guys talking about?" spoke my now trainer that I guess was called Jack by the older human. He knelt down to be at our level and smiled at me "Well buddy, how you are feeling?"

What kind of stupid question was that? How was I feeling…? I don't know, pretty crappy since I not only just got my ass kicked by some trainer who had literally just left the lab? Idiot. I frowned "The same way you'll feel if you don't get out of my face in two seconds."

He seemed to sense the aggression in my tone and smirked a little "I get it, you're hurt huh?" He dropped a bag that I had neglected to notice before and pulled out a weird looking spray bottle "This'll heal you right up." The human reached for my injured ankle and my gut reaction was to smack him in the face, but thanks to my amazing skills of self-control I only slapped his hand.

Jack recoiled back (ha, a rhyme) and frowned a little "Do you want me to help you or not? I hurt you Night and I wanna heal you now."

The only word out of that sentence I heard was "Night". Seriously dude, Night?. He looked about 17 maybe 18ish to me and all he could come up with in his years of experience was Night? What the Mew is that about. I was flabbergasted, so much in fact that I didn't even notice when he held my injured paw in his hands and sprayed it. By the time he sprayed my leg I was already feeling the effects. It was healing, he had helped me.

"There." Spoke Jack as he stood up, his greasy black hair coming down near his eyes "That's better right?"

I shrugged "Maybe."

He smiled "Good, because next stop is Virdian Forest"

'Viridian?' I thought 'Oh god this guy wants to go on an adventure'