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Night's point of view

"I'm going to be the first to say that we should split up."

"And why would we do that Rubes?" asked Razor, his large red and white eyes glared in confusion. The day had begun and our trainers had told us about their choice to let us explore the city. We had just gotten outside the Pokémon Center when Ruby announced her plan.

"Because it would be really cumbersome to have a group of seven just wandering around the city. We're bound to do different things anyway so why not split up now." The fox shrugged "Plus I wanna be with people I haven't gotten the chance to really talk to." She looked right at my sister "Namely you Aqua."

The Vaporeon's eyes went wide "Me? W… Well I guess I'd be okay with spending the day with you."

"And I think I'll join you." Added Dexter with the flick of a tail "That is, if you don't mind."

"I-"started Ruby.

"We don't." interrupted my sister in an out of character moment.

"You don't?" I asked her.

Ruby shrugged "If he wants to come with us that's fine," the fox eyed me "Maybe we can talk about what you guys did in Mount Moon."

My face went deadpan "Ha" My attention went to Spark "Then it looks like I'll be going with you."

"What?" laughed the Pikachu "You already getting tired of me?"

"He won't be if I come." Said Razor, the Bulbasaur flashed me a look "We haven't really gotten the chance to actually talk Night, plus if I'll be spending the foreseeable future with you it might be good for me to know our resident darkie."

"Oh… I'm flattered." I replied before turning to Ion. I knew that the Jolteon had been constantly hitting on my sister and if he was going to do that I needed to make sure he wasn't some kind of freak.

"What about you Ion?" I asked "Wanna join the cool guy group?"

Ion smiled "I'd love to Night but already know Spark and Razor really well." He looked right at my sister, like, literally directly at her and said "Aqua and I have some things to talk about and I want to get to know Dexter a bit." He turned to me "But we can get together later."

'Yeah, whatever mister suave… you son-of-a birch tree'. Whispered my thoughts. I put on a happy face "Whateves, looks like it's just us then guys."

"Alright." Sounded Ruby "Have fun ya morons, try not to kill anyone?" she started to turn around "We'll see you tonight."

"Bye Umbreon, Spark, Razor." Said my sister as Ion stood next to her.

Dexter simply waved, I wondered if he was up to something but the thought didn't have time to fester as they started to walk away.

"Well." Stated Razor "Looks like we better find something to do."

"Shouldn't be too hard." Responded Spark as he looked around "It's the big city, there's bound to be an adventure waiting."

Azelf's point of view

"Celebi, is there something you wanted to talk about?"

The guardian of time stood before me, one of the strongest Pokémon alive, and one of my closest friends "Azelf… Yes there is, something vital."

I stepped on the soft grass that hugged the ground of Celebi's forest in Johto. Being the busy guy I was it was always hard to find time to talk with the green psychic, but if he needed me I made it a priority "What's going on."

"This… this thing with Arceus… it has me worried." Spoke Celebi, his large blue eyes glaring at me.

I nodded "We're all worried about Arceus Celebi… believe me."

He shook his head "That's not what I'm talking about…" He paused "Azelf do you completely trust Arceus?"

My fists tightened at what sounded like an accusation. Arceus had never given us any reason to not trust her in the past, I had to see where this was coming from. "I'm sorry… that almost sounds like you think Arceus is lying?"

Celebi sighed "Azelf I've known you for a long time… so long that I don't remember ever not calling you a friend. I know that you're smart, too smart to think that the dogs would be able to just attack Arceus in Sinnoh out of nowhere."

"She was ambushed." I said "She was caught off guard and they took advantage of that."

"Dialga and Palkia didn't notice? Last time I checked they literally live directly under her." Sounded Celebi before sighing "I'm not saying it's a complete lie, I'm just saying it's suspicious."

My anger started to show "Are you serious Celebi? Your doubting Arceus now… in the time she needs us the most?"

"Don't straw man me Azelf, I'm just asking questions." He crossed his arms "I'm saying these things in confidence, some of the other Legendaries are asking questions too."

"Who?" I replied quickly.

"Darkrai-"started Celebi.

"And you trust what Darkrai says, do you forget what that piece of garbage has done?" I asked "Are you forgetting about the incident where he blatantly broke one of Arceus' laws?"

"There's another side to that story Azelf… and anyway that doesn't exclude him from speaking an opinion." Spoke Celebi.

"It does, at least when it comes to Arceus. At every turn he's purposely gone against anything Arceus wants to happen… ever since she had to put Giratina in the distortion world Darkrai's been blocking anything Arceus wants. Even now as she's dying and she needs us the most." I preached "Celebi… I'll… I'll think about what you've told me alright…"

Celebi took a step towards me "That's all I'm asking Azelf. I'm not sure if these doubts are founded but I needed to tell you."

I nodded "Okay Celebi… think about what I said alright? I'm confident you'll come out on the right side."

As I got ready to teleport away I closed my eyes. The last think I heard before heading back to Sinnoh was Celebi replying "I hope you do too old friend."

Night's point of view

"So, does anyone actually have any ideas?" Razor asked looking at Spark and me with genuine confusion. "Cus' I don't have any."

I was a little surprised by his question "Dude I've been caught for like, four days." I turned to Spark "Do you know anything?"

"Like I said…" started the Pikachu as he rose a finger "There's adventures to be had, we just have to find them."

I rolled my eyes "Okay-"I stopped myself as I glanced down an alleyway. For a splitting moment I saw a black figure moving around a corner and something seemed very suspicious about it.

Razor noticed my distracted eyes "What's up Night."

I frowned "I just saw something weird… looked sort of familiar."

The Bulbasaur suddenly jumped into action and rushed past me "Wanna check it out? I'm bored out of my mind."

Spark looked unsure as he stroked his scarf "Maybe we shouldn't, it could be dangerous."

"Aw, come on Spark-"replied Razor "Didn't you just say there were adventures to be had?" he glanced down the alley "Well, we just got one."

I shrugged "I wanna check it out."

Spark thought for a second before a smile flashed on his face "Then I've been outvoted," he walked past me and into the alley "Let's go see what this mystery person is up to."

Razor smiled "That's the Spark I know." He said before looking down the side street "Let's go."

I had never spent much time in human cities, the only one I had ever been to previously was Pewter and barely walked around there. Cerulean didn't seem as big, but as I walked into the alleyway I could tell it was at least as dingy. The main streets were far from pristine, but these side streets were shamefully stinky. The walls were darker and various piles of trash decorated the sides. From the look on their faces Spark and Razor were about as impressed as I was, but we weren't there to sight see.

When we reached the corner I peaked around it "This is the way I saw it go."

Around said corner was mostly a dead-end with another alley connecting to the side.

"Then they must've gone this way." Said Razor before trotting around the corner. His bottom half was still sticking out when he stopped, then backed away.

"What's going on Razor?" I asked as I approached and turned the corner.

I was met with a blade pointed a few centimeters from my face coming from the wrist of an angry looking Zorua. The black fox looked serious, his sharp blue eyes glaring into mine with a calm ferocity. The fox was also oddly wearing clothing, as in, a dark jacket that seemed to fit him very well. The blade in question seemed to be coming out of his wrist, the aforementioned jacket covering the source.

"I don't like being followed." Spoke the Zorua distantly. Spark came around the corner and saw the situation "And now there's three of you."

"Don't…" I stammered "Don't kill us please."

He sighed and lowered his paw "I won't… just tell me why you were following me."

Each of us stayed silent, probably wondering what we had just walked into. Literally seconds before we were only looking for a little fun, and now we were looking at some creepy fox dude that didn't seem too happy to see us.

"Are you listening to me?" spoke the Zorua again.

"We just thought you looked weird." Spat out Razor "So… we kinda followed you."

Silence followed again as the fox's blue eyes scanned us. He was still vaguely familiar, but I couldn't figure out who he was. You'd think I'd remember a Pokémon wearing cloths…

"I don't have time for this." Said the Pokémon with a sigh "You're clearly no threat to me, so I really don't care about what you do."

I recoiled "Rude-"

The fox ignored me "You can follow me if you want, I really don't care." He motioned ahead "Right around this corner is a safe place, so if you need something to do talk to someone in there."

"A safe place?" asked Spark.

The Zorua looked unimpressed "You don't know about the Resistance?"

All of us looked utterly confused as we answered the question with complete and utter quiet.

The fox frowned "That's disappointing…" he eyed us, examining very clearly and without care "Well you're definitely not Rockets-"he motioned behind him "There's an entrance guarded by a Machoke a short walk away. I don't know what you're doing with yourselves, but if you're interested about what your fellow Pokémon are doing I'd go check it out."

"I'm sorry." I piped up "Who are you? You threaten us with that knife thingy and then two seconds later you invite us to some place?"

"I agree." Spoke Spark, crossing his arms "How do we know this isn't some kind of trap?"

"You don't, that's the point. If you don't want to go… then don't." the fox started to walk past us "If do end up heading that way make sure you mention that Zain sent you and that you're okay."

"And now we're okay?" asked Razor before pausing "Wait, is your name Zain."

"Oh no, you caught me…" lazily said the Zorua as he walked away "Don't follow me, I have things to do and I don't want anyone getting in the way." Once he had said his peace the fox walked away, his footsteps forever silent.

"So…" I said looking in the direction Zain had told us to go "I think we might've found that elusive adventure you were talking about Spark."

The Pikachu shrugged "So we have…"

Ruby's point of view

"You know Dexter, I've been thinking about this for a little while and now that I know a psychic I feel like I need to jump on the chance to ask." Said Ion as we walked through the streets of the ever so colorfully named Cerulean city. "Can you read minds?"

A gust of wind rustled the fur atop my head as I cocked said head in interest "Yeah Dexter, can you read minds?"

"No." said the blue eyed Espeon quickly "Well… not in the way you might think."

Being completely honest I can say that I don't like new people. Not even Dexter personally, I just hate having to meet new people. Night pissed me off the moment I saw him, his quiet little sister annoyed me, and Dexter threatened me. By that time I had gotten over Night (mostly) and his sister, but Dex was a new arrival… he still had a little bit of time before I could trust him with a few things.

"W-What do you mean?" stuttered Aqua as she trotted next to the Espeon.

I looked to the side and saw the psychic's eyes flash, he seemed interested in talking about the subject "It's hard to explain really. I can't speak for any other psychic but I need to focus my full attention on reading someone's mind, and even then I need them to let me do it."

"So you can't just read the thoughts of a random person off the street right?" asked Ion before nodding "But still it's cool that you can even do that."

Dexter shrugged "I suppose it is." He was silent for a moment before saying "So where are you all from? I'm assuming Pallet town but that might not be the case."

"You're mostly right." I replied keeping my vision forward "Ion and I were born and raised there, hardly ever left until several days ago."

"But Aqua where was caught by my trainer…" started Ion before glancing at the Vaporeon in question "Where are you from Aqua? I don't think I ever asked."

Even from the meager amount of attention one gets from having three people expecting an answer out of her I could tell that the Vaporeon was nervous. Her eyes darted around to the three of us before saying "I lived in the forest… there's not all that much else to say."

"She's also Night's sister." Added Ion looking at Dexter.

"He knows, Night told him." I said before sighing as I tried to change the subject "So… I might have a plan about what to do."

"Really? What?" asked Ion "I'm up for basically anything."

I smirked and pointed ahead of me "How about we finish the fight with those Rockets." They all looked ahead and saw the Glaceon Pidgeotto pair making their way into a side street. If you asked me what I thought of Team Rocket I would tell you that I hated them with all my being and if I had a chance to cause them some trouble I would take it. "I wanna teach them a lesson."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea-"started Aqua.

"Dexter what do you think?" I turned quickly to the Espeon to see his opinion.

"I think we should." Spoke up Ion "Team Rocket is a group of criminals and punks."

"And you Dexter?" I asked again, ignoring Ion the way I had for years.

The Espeon looked bored "I sincerely don't care."

I pouted at his indecision "Fine then." I glanced back at the side street the Rockets had wondered into "Ion and I will have our fun if you don't mind."

Night's point of view

"Zain told you I would let you in?"

I nodded nervously at the massive Machoke before me "Uh… y-yeah."

"H-he told us to um come to you." Said Razor avoiding eye contact with the guard as much as possible.

"I donnknow-"said the fighting type as he crossed his arms "Why would he do that? We're pretty busy right now, did he give a reason?"

"Zain told us to come to you." Said Spark without a hint of anxiety "If you won't let us in I'm not sure if he'll be too happy about that."

"Let 'em in Giga." Spoke a male voice from behind the Machoke. I looked pass the veritable wall of meat to see a Buizel with a wide smile and a happy disposition "If Zain said that they're okay then they're fine."

"Thanks…" I replied before trailing off to let him know I wanted to know his name.

"Blake." Spoke the weasel "Come on in, I'll show you the place."

All of us seemed turned on by Blake's attitude and followed without hesitation. We went through the door and entered a long stairway that headed down. Light came from both ends and lit up the reddish walls.

"So what do you call yourselves?" asked the Buizel, he turned his head slightly to look at all of us.

"Razor." Piped up the Bulbasaur.



He nodded "Cool. You guys know about the Resistance?"

"I feel like we should, people keep talking about it." Said Razor with a laugh.

As our little group reached the end of the stairs the place opened up and a little lounge area appeared before us. The walls were shades of reds and violets with chairs and sofas positioned around the room with care. Various Pokémon talked around tables and a bar in the middle of the area had a slew of drinks behind it.

"This is just the front area." Casually said Blake as he sauntered through the room, waving at the Pokémon that seemed happy to see him "Follow me to the back and I can answer any questions you might have."

"Spark." I said quietly "Do you think we can trust these guys?"

"I think so." Replied the Pikachu "They seem like good people, but we should see what Blake has to say first."

The four of us went through a backdoor covered with a cloth shade and entered a much smaller room with a small couch and chairs surrounding a table.

"Take a seat and we can talk, I'm always excited to tell others about what we do." Said Blake as he motioned to the couch.

Razor, Spark and I did just that and found ourselves sitting across from the polite Buizel that we had just met.

"So." Spoke said Buizel as he settled down into a chair "You wanna know about what we do."

"Starting off-"said Razor with interest "What are you guys? Like, why do you call yourselves the Resistance?" I was glad he said it, I wasn't a fan of asking the first question.

Blake nodded "It's a sensible question. We call ourselves the Resistance because we're resisting Human dominance and the groups that hurt Pokémon. Namely Team Rocket, but there are others."

Spark looked pleased "Really? That's cool. I've…" he paused "I've always hated Team Rocket, I'm glad that there are others that want to stop them once and for all too."

I noticed Spark's intense reaction, or, a reaction more intense than the others that I had seen from the mostly docile Pikachu. His face got tight and I could tell this was coming from a place of pain. I took note on it but let the moment slip away, I didn't know him well enough to bring it up.

Blake smiled "I like your passion." He looked right at me "Is there anything you wanted to ask Night?"

I was taken aback by the sudden attention "Me? Um… I guess why did you just let us in like this? You barely know us."

Blake slowly nodded "I knew you'd ask that eventually, didn't know it would be so quick!" He leaned in towards us "We know what your group did on the road here, you fought a few Rocket grunts to save two Nidoran." He stood up "Those Nidoran are friends of mine."

"To be honest we kinda got knocked out during the fight." Said Razor "Actually, I don't even remember the fight ending, just waking up afterword."

Blake looked a little nervous "Yeah… that was Zain doing what he does."

"What!" yelled the three of us in tandem.

"He didn't hurt you or anything. Just a little Night Daze." He placed his hands on his hips "All you need to know is that Zain noticed you and told us about you after he saved the Pokémon that the Rockets had captured." Blake smiled "We wanted to thank you guys so telling you about what we do is just a part of that."

The Buizel looked at a clock on the wall "Actually, sorry to suddenly be so rude, but I need to get going." He looked back at us "You can hang out in the lounge area as long as you want to, any friend of the Resistance is welcome here."

Fern's point of view

It's been a little bit since I've been around, but it's time for me to give my view on things. Requ-sorry, Dexter must've told you a lot about me along with Dawn. I'm a Leafeon like any other. Beige fur with leafy appendages, brown eyes and a red bandana wrapped around my neck.

At the time I was trying to relax after avoiding Claire for the tenth time that day. The Pikachu was clearly trying to find me, but hiding with the Resistance was a good way to keep her off my trail. The little underground bar was a nice place so I really didn't mind.

"And I still have to find Dawn." I said to myself. I was confident that the Purrloin that I had run into while on the way to the city was Dawn, and I cursed myself for not jumping at the chance to ask her some questions when I did. But I couldn't just attack her and force her or anything violent.

I sighed 'But she did a terrible thing… I'd be justified." I thought before shaking the thought from my head 'But she probably did it for her mother… so I can't hold her completely responsible.'

"At least I can rest now" I told myself quietly as I scanned the room. Suddenly a Pokémon caught my eye, a Sneasel that kept casually looking at me. Seemed suspicious.

The dark type and I caught each other glaring and just like that we both became aware that I knew the Sneasel was a Rocket. My heart raced as the Rocket stood up and slowly made her way towards me. It was time to act.

"Fern?" asked a confused male voice that I dreaded the moment I recognized it. I turned quickly to see him, still as cutely naïve as ever with his red eyes glaring at me. A Pikachu and a Bulbasaur flanked him and all I could do was quietly mutter.


And I only had a few moments to save his life.