Sherlock/NCIS crossover

Eve stifled a yawn as her laptop started back up, it having died when McGee had taken the charger to fix and the battery, halfway through a conversation with Sophia on Skype. Even though she'd moved to America to work at NCIS several months ago, Eve still helped out with cases in London when Sophia or Sherlock wanted to talk the case out with someone.

Eve grinned as Skype loaded automatically and contacted Sophia again. Eve shoved Bert the farting hippo out of the way so she could pull her laptop closer to the end of the desk and lean back in the swivel chair.

"Eve's back" Sherlock shouted to Sophia, rolling his eyes as he heard the shower start as he shouted it. He turned back to the laptop on the table and Eve grinning on the video feed.

"She just got in the shower didn't she?" Eve asked and Sherlock nodded, causing Eve to sigh.

"How much did Sophia tell you about the case before your laptop died earlier?" Sherlock attempted to continue where Sophia had left off.

"Sophia was explaining the crime scene and emailing the photos. I have them now, so tell me about the suspects" Eve replied, pulling up the email with the crime scene photos.

"Tell me what you make of the crime scene first; it helps to have someone like-minded talk through it" Sherlock told her.

"Three different blood pools, three victims. The young woman was stabbed first, the gap in the blood spatter in the wall and the spray on the second and third vic's shirts confirming it. Her husband was next, dropping without a fight from an ice-axe in his skull from the second attacker, who I think is still at large?" Sherlock nodded so Eve continued. "The ice-axe was then thrown at the first attacker, breaking through his ribs and straight into his heart, though one of those broken ribs pictured his left lung so technically he died twice." Eve finished with a flourish and Sherlock smirked.

"All without the autopsy reports" she added smugly and Sherlock rolled his eyes before he began to look through a pile of notes he had made. Sherlock looked up at the laptop as a voice shouted "Eve" and loud music drowned out Eve's words.

Eve quickly tried to shut her computer as she stood in front of it, hiding it from the person who had shouted Eve's name. Eve cursed as Abby dodged around the desk as she tried to counter, but Abby had already snatched Eve's laptop.

"Who are you?" Abby asked the screen.

"I would ask the same of you, but you match the description that Eve gave of her friend and colleague. I, Miss Scuito, am Sherlock Holmes. The world's first consulting detective" Sherlock answered and Abby squealed.

"I looked at your website and you're amazing! I read all your cases on your friend's blog too and it's really cool how you see things and use them to solve cases so quickly!" Eve tried to grab her laptop again, cutting Abby's fangirling short.

For a few minutes the two of them waged war over the laptop, pulling it backwards and forwards before Abby pried Eve's hands off and ran into the opening elevator. Eve ran after her, cursing her laptop's ability to charge quickly and hoping it would die before Abby showed the rest of the team. The doors closed before Eve could climb into the elevator and she growled a few expletives as she ran for the stairs to head Abby off before she got to the team.

By the time Eve got to the squad room Abby had placed the laptop on the end of Gibbs' desk and had plugged the charger into the spare plug under the plasma, not that Eve could see it because everyone was crowded around it. Eve could just make out Sherlock's voice in amongst the crowd which even Ducky and Palmer had joined. Eve pushed her way into the group and managed to get a glimpse of Sherlock grinning on her laptop screen, case apparently momentarily forgotten.

"Who has another question?" Sherlock asked, grinning even wider as he caught sight of Eve.

"I have one" DiNozzo said and everyone fell silent to allow him to ask. "Are you and your friend gay?"

Three voices in London shouted "NO!" and Eve headslapped DiNozzo.

"And I hope that hurt" Sophia said as she appeared on the screen behind Sherlock. "Thanks for doing that for me Eve"

"No problem Soph" Eve replied with a grin.

"No way" Abby muttered as she looked between the teen standing behind Sherlock and Sherlock himself. Abby spun to face Eve and all three consulting detectives (or former consulting detective in Eve's case) frowned in confusion.

"There is no way you did not tell us about that, you can't be" Abby said, turning around to the computer again as Sophia and Sherlock began to laugh.

"I can't believe they still haven't worked that out yet" John muttered as he joined Sophia and Sherlock, distributing tea as he did.

"Figured what out?" McGee asked, looking to Abby as she turned to Eve again.

"Why didn't I work it out before?" she asked herself. "Going to see family back in England, your ability to see everything at a glance, the friend named Sophia who you talk to on the phone a lot and on the computer" Abby listed.

"Are you saying what I think you are Abby?" Tony asked and McGee walked away and started tapping away at his computer. He returned a moment later and brought up a blog on the plasma screen, Eve's blog to be exact.

"That's it! Well done Timmy" Abby turned back to Eve as everyone else looked to the blog.

"I can't believe it's taken them that long to find out" Sophia said as she watched them look at the plasma.

"Not everyone has your brains you know, yours isn't eve-"

"I am only part Holmes, but I still would have worked it out quicker than them" Sophia interrupted John's point before he gave too much away. "Now let them working the rest out for themselves John"

"You're a Sherlock Girl aren't you? The older one who owns the blog" Abby questioned and Eve nodded. Abby squealed again and wrapped her arms around Eve, everyone's eyebrows rising in surprise.

"Why didn't you tell us? Didn't you trust us?" Tony asked, turning to Eve before the occupants of Baker Street spoke up.

"It was a bet we made actually" Sophia explained.
"We bet on how long it would take you to figure it out for yourselves, we honestly didn't expect it to take this long" John finished.

"Abby, let the girl breathe" Gibbs told her as he walked past. Abby let Eve go as Gibbs managed to sit in his seat.

"She showed off enough on the first day she was here DiNozzo, that wasn't obvious enough for you?" Gibbs added as he turned to the computer.

"Or the long black coat and dark purple scarf that her friend wore when she came over?" Vance questioned as he joined the group huddled around the laptop. The three on the laptop screen raised their eyebrows at the two newcomers and grinned again.

"So who wins the bet?" Vance asked, leaving everyone to wonder how much of the conversation he'd heard.

"So you can hear a lot from in front of MTAC, I'm surprised you heard that because Eve's computer speakers are rubbish" Sophia grinned at the NCIS director as he raised his eyebrows.

"You and Gibbs were just visible before the crowd set in, long enough for Sophia to walk past" Sherlock answered the question Gibbs was about to ask as he steepled his fingers.

"The bet was that someone on the team would work it out, I said it would take a few months, Sophia said 6 months and you two said up to a year" John told Sherlock before he tried to remember it.

"So you won the bet then Doc" Eve stated, not bothering to hide her surprise.

"Why the surprise? I may not be you or Sherlock, but I'm right a lot of the time too, which you seem to overlook" John looked pointedly at Sherlock and Sophia began to laugh. Midway through Sophia's bout of laughter Eve's laptop shut down, leaving everyone staring at the blank screen confused.

"I thought you fixed it McGee!" Eve complained as she went to look at the charger, only to find it on the floor rather than plugged in.

"I stepped over it, I didn't knock it out" Gibbs said before anyone could complain at him. Eve looked around at the group for the guilty person, her eyes narrowing as she noticed DiNozzo was now stood by Gibbs and no-one else had moved.

"DiNozzo" Eve growled at the same time everyone else shouted it. DiNozzo looked between the cable on the floor and the empty computer screen and said "oops". Gibbs whacked the back of DiNozzo's head as Eve walked off with her laptop, Abby following with the charger, in turn followed by Ducky and Palmer. McGee and Ziva went to follow, but Gibbs looked up at them with a glare that stopped them in their tracks.

"Where are you two going? You have work to do" he told them as he looked to the file on his desk which he has just received from Vance.