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Chapter 1.

'I'm going out for a run' Santana yelled into the apartment she shared with her best friend Quinn. 'Wanna join me Lucy?'

'Are you hinting something there Lopez?' the reply came from inside Quinn's bedroom.

'No' Santana dragged out her reply, smirking to herself.

'Just get out of here, you bitch' came the reply.

'I love you too Lucy' Santana shouted back as she exited the apartment and shut the door after herself.

Quinn and Santana had been inseparable for years, ever since high school. Now at 25, they were still living together, even though Santana could now afford to live alone. She didn't want to abandon Quinn so they lived in the same apartment they had moved into when they first got there at age 19.

Quinn worked at a coffee shop right now as a barista. She was serious about her coffee. After college she had briefly worked as an assistant to a law firm but she had been let go when they were doing budget cuts. After that law firm, she had managed to get another assistant job at another law firm but had been let go from there too about a year earlier.

Santana smiled as she was thinking about her best friend. It really had been only them since they moved here. Their old high school friends was scattered all over the States, but once a year they got together for a reunion.

The annual reunion was coming up in about a month, anniversary of their high school graduation. Quinn and Santana always went together as each other's dates. Neither of them had had any serious relationship since they came to New York. There had been shorter relationships or one-night stands but nothing too serious.

Santana secretly loved the Glee club reunions but she would rather die than actually admit it to anyone, only Quinn knew she really enjoyed them.

She laughed to herself as she descended the stairs of her building to go running. Running everyday helped her clear her mind and get fresh perspectives. She did that everyday to clear her head. She was a published writer under a pseudonym and she was always careful to not have her face on posters and the covers of her books. She hated the visibility it would give her. She didn't want to be famous but she loved writing so she stayed behind the scenes.

She turned her ipod on and put the earbuds into her ears before tightening her ponytail. The playlist started and she started running with sure steps. Her trail led her towards Central Park. She loved to run in there. It was big, but it was such an amazing place. Beautiful was the only word that could describe it.

She ran for a few miles before she got to the artificial pond near the Alice in Wonderland statue. She usually stopped there for a breather and to admire the statue and the round, enclosed area around it. She sat down on a bench as she watched the statue. This was something she always did. It was like Alice spoke to her, gave her new ideas and perspectives for a few minutes before she started running again.

She continued on her way through the park. Everywhere around her she saw people. It was quite a busy day. She was working from home so she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted basically, though Quinn had to go to work everyday so she was usually left to take her runs alone. Today Quinn had the day off however but she wanted to sleep in apparently so Santana let her.

'Riles, stay away from the edge' a woman's voice was heard through the music playing in Santana's ears.

'Riles, I'm not telling you again.'

Santana looked around and saw an adorably, cute, blond little girl that couldn't be older than 4 or 5. She smiled at the cute little girl standing by the edge of the pond, maybe a little too close to the edge but it seemed like someone at least had their eyes on the little girl so Santana decided to not interfere and ran past the little girl. Suddenly she heard a scream and a splash through the music and quickly turned around. The little girl had fallen into the pond and the as she was so small, there was a possibility she'd drown. Santana reacted with lightning speed and ran towards the little girl faster than she thought was possible and dove right into the water, almost knocking herself unconscious on the bottom but she fought through the pain and swam upwards towards the little girl that was now submerged, still fighting to get back up to the surface. She grabbed her around the waist and swam upwards and broke the surface where they were met by a very worried, scared face of a blond, blue eyed woman that appeared to be the child's mother. The blond was standing just on the edge of the water, about to jump in to help Santana out but Santana motioned for her to stay and instead to grab hold of the girl to get her out of the water.

'Riley, oh my god are you okay baby?' the woman reached out for her as Santana had managed to get them both above water. 'Come here honey' she took her from the brunette and hugged her tightly as Santana got out of the water with the help of a couple of guys that had stopped by to see if they could help. She stood there, dripping wet while the blond woman stood a few feet away, still hugging the little, now crying, girl tightly.

She turned around so she was facing Santana, blue eyes meeting brown. 'Thank you' the blond mouthed towards Santana, and the brunette could see her eyes were tearing up. She smiled at the blond and shook her head as to say 'Don't mention it'. She decided to just go home. She needed to change clothes, and see if her ipod could be saved. If it wasn't saveable, it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't like Santana couldn'd afford a new one, but she liked this one.

She turned around to go home, but not before being stopped by a hand on her arm. She turned around once more and was facing the blond woman, who still was holding the little girl in her arms tightly. The girl was still crying hard but not as hard as she had been.

'Thank you so much miss' the woman said as Santana turned around and was facing her.

'It's nothing, I assure you' Santana smiled at her. 'Is she okay?'

'Yeah, she's just a little shaken up I think but I will go and have her checked out.'

'Good, you can never be too careful with such precious little girls.' She smiled at the little girl that now had started to sneak some glances at the brunette.

'I'm Brittany by the way. And this little girl is Riley' Brittany smiled at the little girl as she introduced her.

'Hi there Riley, I'm Santana' she introduced herself. 'I'm glad that you're okay, maybe I will see you two around again?' Santana continued.

'Maybe you will' Brittany smiled. 'Riley, what do you say? You wanna see miss Santana here again?'

The little girl had stopped the heavy crying and was now down to sniffling. Brittany held her on her hip and used her free hand to reach up and wipe some stray tears away from the little girls cheeks. The girl nodded faintly.

'Are you sure you're okay sweetie?' Santana asked Riley. 'Does it hurt anywhere? Maybe I could take you to the hospital?'

'No that's okay, you've done enough' Brittany said, sounding a bit harsh. 'I mean you saved my baby girl. I can never thank you enough for that.' She smiled to cover up the harshness.

'Nothing noone else would've done.' Santana smiled. 'I just happened to be there first.'

'Yeah, but you saved her still.'

'Just glad I was there to save her. She's a precious little thing.' Santana said, still smiling at the little girl.

'Well I'll let you go change' Brittany said, seemingly a bit distant and uncomfortable.

'Yeah, I think I need to before I catch a cold.' Santana laughed nervously a little, noticing Brittany's body lanaguage.

'Bye Santana' Brittany said and the little girl gave her a small wave.

Santana smiled and waved back.

'Bye Brittany, bye Riley' she smiled at them. 'Maybe I'll see you around.'

She turned around and ran home, her thoughts swirling through her mind. As she got home, she got into a hot shower. It might have been April and spring, but it was still pretty cold out and having jumped into a pond full of cold and dirty water made you kind of cold to the bone. She got out of the shower; wearing only a towel she was going to her room as she accidentally bumped into Quinn.

'Hey there Lopez, watch out. You might swing that way but I don't.'

Santana rolled her eyes. She knew Quinn was totally fine with her being a lesbian, and she usually flirted and joked back but today her thoughts were not in their proper place.

'Shut it Lucy' she hissed.

'Whoa whoa, what's crawled up your panties? Wait don't answer that.' Quinn made a face.

'Quinn, I'm just .. my thoughts aren't in the right place right now, okay?'

'I .. I .. sorry' Quinn said sheepishly, blushing slightly and staring down at the floor, making circles on the carpet with her big toe.

'What's wrong with you Q?' Santana asked seeing her behaviour. 'You don't have a crush on me do you?'

'No' Quinn mumbled.

'Oh my god. You do, don't you?'

'No, god no, Santana. I love you but not like that. Only as a friend.'

'Mhm' Santana said, not entirely convinced as she entered her room to get dressed.

'Honestly Santana, I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable with the jokes or anything. I just .. I think I may have .. feelings for someone. Not you, not you' she held up her hands as she stood in Santana's doorway.

'Quinn, unless you want a free peep show you have to turn around right now' Santana said as she grabbed her underwear and bra to put on.

Quinn quickly turned around but continued talking.

'Honestly Santana. I love you, you know that, but only as a friend. However I do have feelings for someone else.'

'Oh? And who might that be? Do I know him? Or is it a her?' Santana teased her friend.

'It's a he actually. You know him. No it's not Puck.' Quinn rolled her eyes as she knew her friend's question. Santana closed her mouth as she continued to get dressed behind Quinn's back. 'It's Sam' she mumbled.

'Sam?' Santana exclaimed as she turned around, now fully clothed. 'You can turn around now Quinn.'

Quinn turned around, but she wasn't giving Santana eye contact.

'Why are you so fidgety and nervous Quinn?' Santana asked.

'He's your ex. I didn't think you were okay with it.' Quinn mumbled.

'Quinn, I don't care who you're dating. I'm gay remember. I don't care who any of my ex boyfriends are dating as long as it's not me. Unless they hurt you, then I'll go Lima Heights on their asses.' She said.

Quinn giggled at that last sentence and shyly looked up.

'Seriously Quinn, I'm perfectly fine with it. You deserve to be happy.

Especially for putting up with me all these years.' She added and winked.

'Oh god, we're so sappy right now' Quinn started to giggle.

Santana joined in as she walked to the kitchen to prepare a late lunch, and as they sat down to eat Santana seemed to be a little bit distant.

'Lopez, what's wrong with you?' Quinn asked as she saw how Santana barely ate anything of the salad she had made them for lunch.

Santana snapped back to reality.

'I .. um. I think I met someone during my run.'

'Really? Who is she? What does she look like?' Quinn started firing off questions at her that made her giggle.

'Quinn, what the hell?'

'Sorry, I'm just interested in your love life' Quinn teased.

'Oh I knew you had a thing for me.'

'Oh don't flatter yourself. So .. who is she?'

'Her name's Brittany. She's blond with blue eyes and has a killer body.'

'Okay' Quinn nodded, urging her to continue.

'She has a daughter named Riley and she looks just like her. So cute.' Santana sighed.

'Oh, she has a daughter? Well that doesn't mean she's straight you know' Quinn said softly, sensing that's what Santana was thinking.

'Oh I know, but she just .. she seemed really distant and at the end of the conversation, when I asked if I should take her and her daughter to the hospital, she kind of freaked out.'

'Whoa, wait, why the hospital?'

'Oh, I uh .. I saved her daughter from drowning in the pond. You know by the Alice-statue.'

'Wait what? You saved her daughter from drowning? And you mention this now?'

'When would I have mentioned it? It's not like I'm doing it right at this minute. It's done.'

'Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Go on.'

'Yeah, so I saved Riley from drowning and then we said that maybe we'd meet again there some time. Then I asked again if Riley was okay and if I should take them to the hospital. She nearly snapped at me that I'd done enough. Then she tried to smooth it over with saying that I had saved her daughter and that's why I'd done enough.'

'I wouldn't worry about it Santana. She probably was just on edge after having her daughter nearly drown. I think her snapping is pretty excuseable under the circumstances.'

'Yeah, I guess you're right.' Santana sighed.

'Oh my god. You're totally smitten with this woman already, aren't you?' Quinn smirked.

'No' Santana said, not sounding very convincing.

'You totally are.'

'Maybe' Santana grumbled. 'She's just so gorgeous, but it's like she's .. I don't know. Afraid of something. She was a bit distant at times too during our talk.'

'Hm, well until you see her next time, I think you need to stop thinking about it because it'll drive you crazy.'

'Yeah, I think you might be right.'

They continued their meal under small talk. Quinn noticed Santana at times drifting off but came back just as quickly.

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