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Chapter 6.

A week later

'Santana, for the love of everything that's holy, sit down. You're making me dizzy.' Quinn groaned at the Latina.

Quinn had been on bedrest for a week and Santana had been waiting on her hand and foot, feeling guilty still about the whole thing in spite of both Quinn and Brittany telling her that it had been an accident and it wasn't her fault.

Santana slowed down to a halt as she had just finished loading the washing machine with the bedsheets of both Quinn's and her own bed, and then she had put on new, freshly washed ones. Now she was on her way to the kitchen to make something for lunch as she was starving and she was sure Quinn was too. It was way past 2 pm and they hadn't had any food for hours, since breakfast.

Quinn's ankle was alot better than it had been a week ago, Santana was happy about that since it meant Quinn was able to move more than she could earlier though Santana refused to let her do anything too strenous.

'Santana, please. Honey, I know what you're doing and you have to stop, okay? I'm not an invalid. I was hurt yes, it happens. It was my fault as I was the one that decided to jump over the couch okay? Not you. We were bickering as we usually do. There was no way I was going to pass that up. I love our friendship and the way we act. It's fun and all in good nature. I don't believe for a second that you would consciously do anything to hurt me as I wouldn't you.'

Santana sat down next to Quinn, facing her as her friend spoke.

'I know you're not but I can't help but feel guilty. We're adults and we shouldn't act like kids.'

'Santana, I love that we are adults and still act like kids. It's fun and sometimes it's needed, at least for me.'


'Yeah.' Quinn nodded. 'Now, when are you going to ask Brittany out?'

Santana groaned, leaning back and resting her head and back against the back of the couch.

'Q, please just stop okay. I don't even know if she likes me as in like like me. As more than a friend. It's taken me a long time to be able to actually hang out with her in the park or watch a movie. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that, okay?'

'Yeah yeah. I know you like her as more than a friend Santana. You deserve to be happy. It's been quite a while since you had someone special in your life, you know besides me.'

'Oh don't flatter yourself Blondie.' Santana quipped. 'I always knew you were special. Ow. What the hell Q?'

Quinn had smacked the side of her head as Santana spoke the last part.

'That's for calling me special.'

'You just said yourself that you are.'

'You know fully well what I meant, Satan.'

'Yeah yeah. Bitch.'


'Watch it Lucy.'

Quinn once again slapped the side of Santana's head.

'Ow stop hitting me Q. It hurts.'

'Well duh. Quit calling me Lucy then.'

'You know you love it.'

'Whatever, go fix lunch. Slave.'

'Oh so now I'm your slave? What happened with me sitting down 'cause I make you dizzy?'

'I changed my mind. Fix my lunch Satan. Or I'll hit you again.'

Santana groaned but got up, not risking being hit on the head again. Quinn could get a mean hook in.

A couple of days later

Santana gets out of her building to go for her usual run when her phone goes off as she gets a text message from Brittany that only had one word in it.


Santana frowned and started to worry, she responded.

What's wrong?

I need help. I'm at the park, usual place. Please?

On my way.

Santana ran as fast as she could to the park and the place she usually met Brittany, the Alice statue. She arrived just ten minutes after the texting and looked around. She couldn't spot Brittany anywhere. She picked up her phone and texted her.

I'm here. Where are you?

As soon as she sent the text, she heard the sound of someone recieving one. She lifted her head and spotted Brittany. She was standing between some trees up on a small hill with her back to Santana. Santana hurried up to her and stopped beside her.

'What's wrong Britt? Your text said you needed help.'

'So you wanna go for a run?' Brittany asked.

Brittany sniffled slightly. Santana got even more worried. She had never seen or heard Brittany cry before and it made her want to hug her and protect her from the world. Brittany evoked the protective side of Santana, she had always done that somehow ever since they met.

'Britt what's wrong? You're scaring me.'

'Come on San, let's run. I'll race you' Brittany smiled a lopsided smile and had yet to turn to fully face Santana.

'Okay let's run' Santana sighed, if Brittany didn't want to tell her what was wrong she wasn't going to push her.

'Alright, let me just tie my shoes properly and I'll be ready.

Brittany bent down to tie her running shoes. Santana gasped as she saw her face. She had a handsized and handshaped bruise on her cheek, tears streaming down her face.

'Britt? Who did this to you?' Santana asked softly, but feeling her inner Snix coming to life. 'Where's Riley?' she asked then and looked around.

Brittany broke down as Santana threw her arms around her, partly to steady her and partly to comfort her, and as she held her she comfortingly rubbed her back with one hand and with theo ther stroking her hair gently. She let Brittany calm down first before firing off any more questions.

Some minutes later, Brittany had finally calmed down enough to be able to form coherent words and sentences again. Santana led her over to a bench carefully, holding her hand tightly in her own but stayed quiet, letting Brittany decide when to start talking. She didn't want to push her to do something she wasn't ready for.

'I'm ... I'm sorry' Britt said finally, 'I shouldn't have texted you. You were going for your run.'

'Britt I'm fine. I can run another day, a day off is nice sometimes.' Santana said, choosing her words carefully.

Brittany sighed, and played with the hem of her own shirt with her free hand while Santana held on to her other hand, gently stroking it.

'I'm .. you should continue running. It'll be good for you San' Brittany tried to persuade her to go. 'I'll be fine. I'll just go home and let you do your thing. A day off may be nice but you're in the process of writing a book and running is good for you. Clears your mind and helps you focus on your task.'

'Brittany, I'll be fine. I just want to know that you're okay. That's all I need to know. I want to help you, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Your text scared me.'

'I .. guess you want an explanation. I'm just ... I don't know where to start.'

'Britt, all I want to know at this very minute is if you're okay. You got a nasty bruise there. You want to go to the hospital and get checked out? Make sure your pretty face isn't severely injured?' Santana replied, gently ghosting her fingers over the bruise on Brittany's cheek. Brittany gasped, both at Santana's words and at the sensation of her warm fingers feeling cooler than the bruise's heat.

'Are you okay Britt? Really okay?'

'Physically yeah. I'm fine. I'm not hurt, it's just a bruise.'

'Oh good. You don't have to tell me what happened Britt if you don't want to.'

'I .. I want you to know. You're my best friend, but I don't know how to start.'

'How about this. I'll cook for you tonight, I'll have Quinn go somewhere with someone. We can hang out and watch a movie at my place.' Santana said, smiling at Brittany telling her she was her best friend. 'That's if you want. You can bring Riley if you want to.'

That caused Brittany to start crying again and Santana instantly moved closer and wrapped her arms around her.

'I .. I' Brittany stuttered and choked on her tears.

'Breathe Brittany, breathe.' Santana tried to calm her down, confused as to why she started crying at her words. Then it hit her, something must've happened to Riley. She almost smacked herself for suggesting watching a movie while maybe Riley was in the hospital or worse, dead.

Brittany calmed down finally enough to be able to make coherent sentences as Santana unwrapped herself from Brittany. She gently wiped Brittany's tears away with the pad of her thumb on her free hand as Brittany started to try and calm down. She still sobbed occasionally but she was calming down.

'Riley's other mom came and took her from me' was all Brittany managed to get out before starting to cry heavily again.

Santana just sat there, staring at her for a second before wrapping her up in her arms again.

'I'm sorry Britt. I'm so sorry' Santana cooed in her ear, softly rubbing her back and stroking her hair. 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

Brittany's whole body shook with heavy crying she was borderline on trouble breathing. Santana started getting really nervous about her breathing.

'Brittany, I need you to calm down sweetie. You're starting to loose your breath. Look, I will help you get her back. I promise I will do whatever I can to make it happen.'

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