Labyrinth of London : the case of the missing bloggers

"Sarah!" Jareth shouted for the twentieth time. Sarah had not been in her room this morning when Jareth had woken up and she wasn't anywhere in the flat. Jareth was starting to worry now.

"Eve! Where are you?" Sophia shouted next door. Sherlock added to the voices as he let himself in and started asking if John was there.

Sophia was the only one that relaxed as she found a note, which she could tell was written by Eve, explaining that something had happened in America and she'd gone to catch the first flight back that she could. Happy that Eve was safe, Sophia went to try and stop Sherlock and Jareth arguing.

As Sophia closed the door to 221C behind her, she bumped into Mrs Hudson. The two nodded to each other in understanding and they ascended the stairs, both of them standing in the doorway and shouting "BOYS!" Sherlock and Jareth turned to the two in the doorway and looked instantly sheepish as they saw Mrs Hudson, but their attentions turned to Sophia as the landlady went back to 221A.

"Where's Eve?" they both asked. Sophia rolled her eyes before she gave them an answer.

"She's been called back to America, apparently something happened." she told them as she wandered towards the kitchen to make some tea.

"Have you checked that?" Jareth questioned as he followed her.

"Not yet, I was too busy coming here to stop you two killing each other." she replied snarkily as she walked past him to get her phone. Jareth smirked as she walked away; already suspecting that he knew the answer.

Sure enough, Sophia joined the two consulting detectives several minutes later and announced that Eve hadn't been called back for any reason.

"Two of her co-workers are coming over here to find out what's happened. They should be here by this afternoon." she informed them, before she turned and walked back to her flat to get changed out of her pyjamas.

Sherlock's phone beeped a few minutes later, breaking the silence that had descended over them as they had begun to ponder the possible whereabouts of their missing friends. Sherlock pulled it out of his coat pocket as Jareth's went off, followed by Sophia's downstairs.

Without a word they all grabbed their coats and scarves and ran outside to catch a taxi, wondering why Lestrade wanted to talk to them all.

Lestrade said nothing to the three of them as they walked into his office twenty minutes later; he only pointed to the three small envelopes on the edge of his desk.

"Where did you get these?" Sophia asked, picking one up and handing it to Sherlock. Jareth took the one Sophia held out to him, leaving Sophia with one of her own. Had Lestrade not been so confused by the appearance of the envelopes and the missing halves of the duos, he would have laughed at the movements of the three people in front of him. It was as if they were synchronised and Lestrade smirked as he watched them all turn and examine the letter.

"You're not the type to laugh at us Lestrade" Sophia noted, seeing the DI's smirk as she flipped the envelope over.

"You're not usually the one to tell me that Sophia" Lestrade quipped. "Where's Eve? Or John? Or Sarah for that matter?"

Each black coat froze at the mention of their missing friend and the three of them ripped open the envelopes. They stared blankly at the cream pieces of paper inside, holding only an address.

"Perfectly formed letters, slight left slant. Right handed, middle aged woman." Jareth muttered.

"Block writing, indentations on points where the pen has been held in place. Some attempts at delicate writing which were unsuccessful, laziness... Man in his late forties." Sherlock added as he examined the note in his hand.

Sophia gave no explanation to the note in her hand; she just stared blankly at the back of the page. Something was bugging her about the writing, but she just couldn't place it. She also knew it linked to the tiny message written in the centre of the flipped note.

'You'll wish you'd never run'

She knew the information was somewhere in her cluttered mind, she was just about to find it when Jareth's savage snarl made her snap out of her reverie.

"Where does this lead to Lestrade?" Jareth snapped as he placed the note address-side up on the DI's laptop keyboard. Lestrade picked the note up and typed it into his computer, looking briefly as Sophia's phone went off in her pocket.

Sophia drowned out the commotion in the office around her as she listened to Eve's co-worker complain endlessly about not knowing where to go and time zones.

"Get in a taxi and tell the driver to take you and your boss to 221 Baker Street. I'll sort out the payment when me and my co-workers meet you there." Sophia snapped her phone shut after her order, hoping to avoid any further conversation with the annoying American agent.

"We have to return to Baker Street" Sophia told the three men as she turned back to them. Sherlock and Jareth nodded and walked out of the door, Sophia noted them trying not to run through the office.

"Thanks for letting us know these were here Greg. I'll explain later, as soon as I figure it all out myself, right now I need to go" Sophia said as she marched out of the office to follow Jareth and Sherlock. She stuck her head around the door a second later.

"Could you get Anderson and Donovan out of the way for me, they're stopping Sherlock and Jareth getting to the elevator and I sense blood will be spilled otherwise..." Sophia tailed off as Anderson's nose broke under Jareth's fist and began to bleed profusely.

"Never mind" she muttered as she went to drag Jareth into the opening elevator next to the one in question, walking past the two idiots, grabbing Sherlock's arm and pulling him along too.

Sophia glared at Jareth accusingly during the entire taxi ride from Scotland Yard to Baker Street.

"He deserved it." Jareth muttered grumpily under the teen's accusatory glare after several minutes, breaking the silence.

"I know Jareth, I heard the name 'Sarah' mentioned in his usual snide voice even though I was in Lestrade's office. Right now we all have other things to worry about than an irritated Anderson" Sophia explained. Jareth and Sherlock nodded in agreement as their thoughts drifted to their taken bloggers.

"That was fast" Sophia muttered as the taxi pulled up outside Baker Street. It snapped Jareth and Sherlock out of their thoughts and they climbed out of the taxi to get a better look at the two men standing outside 221 Baker Street, making all of their deductions while Sophia paid the driver.