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This Story is based off of this post on tumblr: smiledwiththem. tumblr. com post/61275142419/le-femme-mafia-of-seattle-rooftop s-air-strips

It is a Calzona Fic (There is some Caddison, though, be warned or whatever)

Also, A Shout Out to my awesome Beta/Sounding Board: scronkidile (she's on tumblr! follow her!)

Calliope Iphigenia Torres did not appreciate being woken up before dawn. Nor did she appreciate sirens, banging, or being told what to do. So when she got woken up at 5:36 am to the sound of police cars racing past her window and Cristina Yang trying to knock her door down telling her to get her ass out of bed, she growled her frustration.

"If the world isn't ending in the next five minutes, I'm going to be very angry! And you won't like me when I'm angry!" Callie rolled out of bed, pausing for a moment before slipping last night's dress on, and grabbing her Glock; if Cristina thought it was this important, it was probably work. "I'm not kidding Cristina, stop banging!"

The banging stopped. "Well, maybe if you didn't sleep like the dead, I wouldn't have to knock so goddamn hard." Callie yanked the door open.

In front of her stood Cristina Yang, La Femme Mafia's head of information. As she looked around the room, she noticed everyone was there. Addison, the redheaded accountant who had made La Femme a certifiable giant. Bailey, The five foot head of the militia who was affectionately known as "The Nazi." Meredith Grey, the mafia legacy in charge of technology. Her sister, Lexie, who was in charge of knowing the enemy. Teddy, the best medic outside of the law and April, La Femme Mafia's public face. As Callie took everyone in, she tried to remember the last time all of them had been in one room; it had to have been a year at least. What could possibly be so terrible that they were all here?

"Chief Webber is dead."

Calliope whipped her head around, stunned. Cristina's face was unreadable. The room was silent. "What? Who killed him? Who is his replacement?"

"No one knows. Derek Shepherd."

Addison stood up, pale. "Derek is the new chief?" She looked at Callie silently for a moment before pushing through the other members and entering the kitchen. She yanked open Callie's fridge and pulling out a bottle of wine. Noticing everyone staring at her with concern, she spoke. "It's drinking time." Meeting Callie's eyes, she just shook her head a poured a glass.

Teddy spoke up, drawing everyone's attention back to the living room. "What I want to know is who killed him? We have to have footage."

Everyone turned to Meredith. "Yes, we have footage. Of course we have footage." She cleared her throat, wincing slightly. "The problem is that she knew to hide her face from the camera."

Calliope's eyebrows drew down. "She?" She frowned at Bailey. "She knew?"

Bailey raised her hands defensively. "I can tell you she wasn't one of mine. My girls were all with me last night. We were having team bonding."

Everyone laughed. Bailey's idea of team bonding was activities like 200 Pull-Ups and games like Dodge The Bullet. There's a reason La Femme's armed forces were known to be deadly. Bailey ran a tight ship and there were always people wondering why she wasn't the leader of La Femme, why Calliope Torres had just inherited the job.

Calliope drew a deep breath. They need a plan. "Ok. Cristina, I'm going to need a full report and find out if Shepherd intends to honor the old treaties. Actually, April, just schedule a meeting. We might as well welcome him into power and start off on the right foot." She looked at Addison gulping down wine in the kitchen. "If Shepherd had a right foot."

The room grew silent as she tried to think of what else they were going to do. The only noises were the occasional rustling of cloth as people fidgeted and the sound of wine being poured into a glass. Suddenly, a new noise started. A gun cocking and releasing, cocking and releasing. One by one, all heads turned to look at Bailey. She stood incredibly still, looking challengingly at Calliope, her gun in her hand.

"May I suggest a something?" She pursed her lips as Callie rolled her eyes. "Oh Fearless Leader?"

Callie scowled. "Yes, you may, Miranda."

Bailey shifted angrily. "Well, Calliope, I suggest that our resident Xerox machine," she gestured to Lexie, "watch the video and learn as much as she can. She may not be able to see our renegade's face, but she'll be a little more equipped to recognize her."

"Fine." Calliope glanced at Lexie, whose eyes were nervously shifting nervously from Bailey to Calliope. She felt bad for putting Lexie between them. "Medusa, get Lexie the tape. Every little bit helps." She looked around the room and noticed Addison had sunk to the floor in the kitchen. "Alright, everyone out. Go about your lives. Get ready for a storm."

As everyone left the apartment, talking among themselves and making plans, she walked back into her bedroom. God, how many years had it been since they'd had to talk to Derek? Webber knew their history and had always made him watch from another room. Now, he didn't have a muzzle. Putting her gun away and changing out of her dress into pajamas, she wondered how to approach this. It'd been 15 years since Derek and Addison and 14 years since - Stop. Ok. Comfort Addison.

Callie walked out of her bed room and padded into the kitchen. She pulled another few wine bottles out of the fridge and slid down to the floor, across from Addison. She opened one of the bottles with her teeth and gazed at Addison waiting for her to speak. Addison had finished a little more than half of the bottle and was just looking at Callie with tear filled eyes.

"I don't want to deal with him anymore, Callie." Addison drew a shaky breath and looked down at her bottle. "I'm so done with it. I just want to move on and I can't. I have to see his stupid face every time we have a meeting now and I just can't." She took another swig. "It was one thing when he'd just kicked me out and I was standing there in front of him, fed and clothed and powerful and I was standing up for myself. Three years later, I was still single and it was getting embarrassing. Now, 15 fucking years after he throws me to the fucking curb, I'm single and alone and a fucking mobster." She started sobbing.

Callie took a large swig and scooted across the floor to sit next to her. "Hey, you're not alone." Addison dropped her head to Callie's shoulder. "You're not alone, I'm here. We're all here. Teddy is always ready to complain about men with you. Bailey holds your hair back after I've already passed out. Besides, you're still powerful and he's single, too. Tried to get Mer to defect to his side and she fucking punched him. If that's not having friends, I don't know what is. Besides, you know I've had your back since - well. I've had your back since we've met. I didn't take poor, homeless Addison in because I wanted to sleep with her. I took poor, homeless Addison in because she was poor and homeless and really hot." She smiled as Addison laughed against her. She felt her wipe her tears away. "Seriously, though, you're not alone and you're not embarrassing. You are a mobster, though. Sorry about that."

Addison sat up. "Thanks. I feel better. Can we still get gloriously drunk, though?"

"It's 6am, the Chief is dead, and your ex-husband is going to fuck us all over." She looked at Addison. "Sure. Why not?"