The sun is just setting when the girl with bushy brown hair that reaches to her shoulders looks down at the cliffs of Tōjinbō and smiles. A tear rolls down her cheek when she gazes upon the jagged rocks getting pummeled by the ruthless waves below.

She wears a brown jacket over a tight red shirt with short sleeves, brown short shorts, red sneakers, and has a digital camera inside a black carrying case she straps over her shoulders; and by her current appearance, she hasn't taken a bath nor eaten in days, or perhaps weeks.

Bright white lights shine behind her back and soon those lights are accompanied by shifting red and blue lights as the sound of tires crunching the ground below them that then skid to a halt invades her senses, and soon after doors can be heard opening and closing in a hurry.

She sobs. She doesn't want to look back while she's thinking on her life:

My name is Lucia Akiramoto. Welp, I ain't got much to say to myself right now, except: You tried girl. This could all have been avoided if I hadn't told my dad, all those years ago, about the spirits I summoned and played with; about the flying men and women and the fairies. He claimed he loved me no matter what, but ever since that day he's treated me like some sort of freak.

Oh, he's not alone. All the kids my age think I'm weird, and so they shunned me. Mom was a bit of a bitch too... until before the end. Bless her; if it wasn't for her I would have jumped years ago, but alas, fate played a cruel hand and took her from me; bless her eternally-free soul.

...I hate it! I hate this life so much!

Ah, but I shouldn't say that. Even with the dirty looks and shunning, I was never really picked on; I was left to be on my own. Those medications they wanted me to take, I never drank a single pill and they trusted me, even though I was so young. And then there were those old folks; bless their now-free souls. I was so relieved when they said they believed me and shared their own experiences with me, but they were old. They died and left me alone with mom and dad.

Mom... again, she's the reason I didn't do this before, but she was such a bitch at first. She was the first one to spank me when I said grandma was waving at her. It took her a few years, but she talked with grandma in one of her dreams and eventually learned the truth. While I waited for that, though... the old folks and the wild animals kept me company. Oh, where are the animals now? Probably dead and free too.

The papa I used to love so much, before I opened my mouth and told him of my gift, that same man attacked me when he, my uncles and aunts, and cousins and so-called friends, found out I wasn't taking my medication. It's been perhaps a week or so since I left that dark house now; I haven't found any decent food, I've been drinking dirty water (I don't recommend drinking that stuff), and now here I stand, at the edge of life and death; the door of this prison to freedom; and my ...dear father stands behind me with the cops and doctors, ready to spit out more lies to convince me of letting myself get captured.

I'm too tired. I'm too tired of this shit; I don't care anymore about what's left behind. The time has come for me to be free.

Dear spirits that hear my pleas, who have guided me, who have kept me company all these years, I pray to you now, at the end, to make my death as quick and painless as possible. Don't let those demons behind me cloud my judgment or dampen my resolve. I beg of you, TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Behind the girl, one set of footsteps can be heard getting close. The man in the brown coat, with the short black hair and dark brown eyes, the aged blue jeans, and the old plaid blue shirt stops when the girl snarls, then shouts "Lucia; this is your father speaking! You will stop this charade and come back home immediately!"

Lucia remains standing and looking to the sky before her as she replies. "Why? So you can force me to be normal, is that it?"

She turns her head and reveals her blank hazel eyes and dirty, bony face as she smiles and says "well I'm sorry DAD, but I'm not going back to that prison. I refuse to be what you want me to be and ignore who I am."

The man clenches his fists and snarls softly, then takes a step forward and commands "Lucia, I ORDER YOU to come home! I've been worried sick about you. I need you back, safe and sound, do you understand?"

The female officer behind him turns her loudspeaker on and says "Miss, please step away from the edge! You are not alone in this world, and your father loves you! You can't just throw that away. ...Please think about what you are doing to him! Think of all the good things you could still do!"

The brown-haired girl slowly tilts her head to the left, smiles sweetly at them all, turns away from the edge and bows, and then she quickly turns around again and jumps.

Her father's jaw drops. He can't believe what he is seeing; he doesn't want to think his own daughter just jumped to her own death and left him alone, and while he stares in shock with his mouth agape, the officers and paramedics all rush toward the edge.

They call for her and look down to see if they can find her, hopeful that she might have got caught on one of the jagged rocks by her jacket, but by the time Mr. Akiramoto reaches the edge and looks down, they all give up on finding her alive and call for a search for her body.

Lucia feels herself drifting on some warm, feathery light that she feels is carrying her numb body through a tunnel. She puts no resistance whatsoever; although feeling so numb resisting might be useless either way.

Finally, after what feels like days, her journey ends, and her body rests someplace cool, hard, and grassy.

At that very moment, a woman with dark auburn hair and red eyes, who wears a red amulet at the neck of her dress; which is white, red and black and designed to look like a full moon under a red sky and black grass; approaches the fallen girl. She also has a pair of cute ears that match the color of her hair, adding a certain charm to her looks.

This woman looks at the girl sprawled unceremoniously on the ground, sighs, then says to herself "a human of the great outdoors I see. Ah well, let her be. The youkai around here will soon prey on her."

She dismisses the girl and continues on her own way, walking among large bamboo shoots that make it almost impossible to see the black dusk sky.

Lucia moans as she shifts around, scratches her belly, and merely continues sleeping with her arm on her chest, her other arm above her head, her legs spread wide, and her head tilted right.

Moments later, two girls pass by while talking amongst themselves, but quickly stop when noticing the human.

Mystia Lorelei, a night sparrow; has grey eyes, pink hair, pointed owl ears, and wears a brown hat and matching brown and white dress she adorns with numerous bird-shaped ornaments that match the colors of her purple and lilac wings and feathers.

Next to her is Wriggle Nightbug, who has short teal hair, blue eyes, has a pair of antennas coming from her head, and wears a white shirt with long stylized sleeves, a pair of blue, knee-long baggy pants, and a black cape with red lining that resemble insect wings.

Mystia is the first to spot the moaning human, and points at her then says "look at that; a human, sleeping outside a house in the middle of the forest!" She drools as she adds "now that's not something you see every day. She looks so... juicy."

Wriggle grabs her friend and pulls her close, then asks "wait, what are you doing? I thought you quit eating humans."

The bird girl giggles mischievously and says "yeah, but she doesn't know that, right? Come on, let's scare the pants off of the newcomer!"

The insect-like girl grins mischievously, then pats her belly while looking satisfied towards elsewhere and loudly says "I've had my fill today, so you may have this one." She thinks for a moment and then says "wait, hold on. I thought you didn't eat potential human customers either."

"I don't eat those from the village, but this one's a newcomer, so she's fair sport. And it's not that you could take her from me anyways," proudly says the night sparrow as she gets closer to her potential meal; drooling and licking her lips while groping the air.

The bug girl grips her friend from the back of her dress, easily pulls her back up, and angrily says "just a darn minute! What is that supposed to mean? Game or not, those are big words, birdie!"

The girls begin to argue as to their differences in strength and power, and go as far as to use demonstration shots to the air.

As their blasting and bickering continues, Lucia moans unhappily as she sits up, smacks her lips while rubbing her tired little eyes, then looks around herself before standing up and realizing it's nearly dawn.

She walks up to the arguing girls with a drowsy look on her bony face, then rubs Mystia's wings and smiles while saying "what a cute little angel. My, your wings are so soft."

The bird girl immediately yelps and hides behind Wriggle for protection, then suddenly shouts "hey, hum-err; dinner is not supposed to take me by surprise!"

The human blinks twice; her tired eyes give her great trouble to open up again each time; then she smiles and weakly says "my, I thought Heaven would be a bit sunnier. Tell me little angels; do you know where I can go wash up? I'm afraid I haven't taken a bath or brushed my teeth in a long time, and it appears I brought the smell over with me after I died."

The youkai girls find themselves looking at each other in shocked disbelief while being unable to make an answer for the girl, but then the night sparrow finally snaps out of confusion and says "human, you are not in Heaven. You are in Gensokyo, and you are my meal! Now lie down so I can eat you properly!"

Lucia giggles joyfully, but her stomach full of trash aches her and causes her to double over while wincing in pain. She recovers almost immediately and says "what is this? I thought there was no pain in Heaven. Hmm, maybe I screwed up." She frowns and looks down. "Or maybe the spirits weren't as good to me as I thought."

Wriggle frowns and angrily says "listen golden-locks, you are NOT in Heaven. You're not even dead; but if you want to be, my hungry friend here will make short work of you!"

The human girl tilts her head right and looks at them funny while softly saying "but my hair is brown. Why would you call me golden locks?"

The youkai are getting impatient. They don't know Lucia's hair was completely brown before. Now she has a wide golden highlight on the right side of her crown going all the way to the back of her head.

Mystia finally loses her patience and launches toward the girl while declaring "enough with your trying to psyche us out! You're min-AAAIIIIEEEE!"

The night sparrow and night bug are pelted by several red orbs that explode quite violently, and almost as soon as the barrage begins the bird shouts "retreeeeeat!"

Lucia watches with curiosity as the youkai she thinks are angels run away for their lives.

She then turns around and gazes upon the woman with the animal ears, who says "I guess you're lucky I decided to come back or you would be dead and in the stomach of a youkai right now."

The human girl turns her body around, kneels, and then suddenly starts to cry.

The dark-brown haired woman sighs and says "oh jeez, no need to get emotional now; just a 'thank you' will suffice-"

The girl finally speaks through tears. "I can't believe it! I'm being greeted by a beautiful goddess!"

The woman stares at her in disbelief, groans as she scratches her cheek, and wonders if she should smack the girl on the head and continue on her own merry way before she regrets coming back.

A bit of sunlight now brightens the road as the sleepy Lucia follows the beautiful woman to whatever destination. She still believes she's in heaven, so she thinks she's going someplace magical.

The woman sighs irritably and then says "like I said, I am Kagerou Imaizumi, and I am a werewolf, not a goddess, do you understand? Were! Wolf! And stop calling our home 'Heaven'; this is GENSOKYO!"

The human girl chuckles dreamily as she walks behind, slumping while she smiles; making herself look rather creepy (what with her bony dirtied aspect); and says "but I'm dead. I threw myself off the cliff and I died. I must be in Heaven since I don't see pits of fire everywhere."

Kagerou groans impatiently, but she sighs off the irritation and simply keeps going. "Come on, just hurry it up. The village is just a few minutes away." Lucia follows her diligently, though seems she's just about ready to drop from exhaustion.

Finally, after some uncomfortable minutes of silent walking, they arrive to the entrance of the human village, where a woman with long silver hair that has blue highlights, brown eyes, and wears a blue dress with short white sleeves, a red bow on the chest, and a strange hat with red glyphs on it seems to be observing something.

When she notices the wolf woman and the girl, she smiles and walks over to greet them. "Well, this is unexpected. You, helping a human reach the village?"

Kagerou's cheeks turn a bit pink as she clears her throat, then says "n-never mind that. This one here needs special help. She insists she's in heaven even though I told her a hundred times she's not dead; that she's in Gensokyo."

Lucia sees Keine and stares at her with those exhausted eyes, smiles, then mumbles "eheheh, another... gorgeous goddess. I hit the jackpot." She yawns loudly "and yet I am so tired."

The silver-haired woman approaches the girl, makes sure she's not hurt, then grabs her by the cheeks and lifts her sight. "Young lady, listen to me carefully. You are in Gensokyo, a paradise for youkai. You are currently at the Human Village, a safe community for humans and human-friendly youkai. You are not dead, you are alive and well, and that's why you are tired. Did you understand all of that?"

The girl stares silently. What she's just been told is slowly sinking into her tired mind, and slowly, but surely, the realization eventually hits her.

Keine smiles as she looks at Kagerou, points at the girl and says "ah, looks like she got it. It appears she's exhausted! What happened to her?"

Kagerou shrugs and says "She was about to get eaten by some youkai, but I scared them off. She kept calling them an-"

Finally, when the information finally sinks and processes in her mind, Lucia suddenly shrieks and shouts "WHAT!? I'm not dead? Bu-but... but that means I was about to get eaten! But I jumped! I swear, I jumped and... and..."

Her exhaustion gets the best of her, and as she wobbles around and moans while trying to keep on her feet, she smiles at the girls and says "shit, I'm not dead."

She drops on the ground on her face and everything becomes a dark void for her.

Lucia can hear herself moan and stir about as she slowly wakes up. When she opens her eyes she finds herself inside a large wooden house and looking straight up at a beautiful woman with long, braided silver hair and dark-grey eyes that wears an interesting nurse's outfit that's alternate with red and dark blue on either side of the hat, shirt and skirt. The outfit also has stars making constellations on the blue areas.

She smiles at the woman and whispers "you are a goddess, I just know it. I really did die this time."

The woman places her hand on Lucia's forehead and says "you almost did. You were so malnourished, and your entire nervous system was just about to shut down. I got here just in time young lady; sleeping for a whole day normally isn't a good sign at all."

The girl suddenly gasps and opens her eyes wide, and looks around until she finds Keine. She gulps and whispers "what? I sur-survived? No... This can't be!"

Keine sighs and says "you were right Eirin; she truly was trying to kill herself." She looks at Lucia with disappointment and asks "young lady, why are you attempting such a horrible thing? Don't you know the Yama will send you to hell for that?"

The brown-haired girl slowly sits up, ignoring Eirin's request for her to stay down, then she suddenly breaks down and cries while hugging her knees.

"That's not faaaaaair!" She holds her head down after the bellow and cries "my mom, the old people, those animals, they all were freed, but I can't be free too! It's unfair! I want to go to them!"

The Lunarian grabs Lucia by the head and forces her to look up, then says "you pathetic human, stop and listen to yourself! You should stop your damned moaning and start being thankful for your life! Those you love wouldn't want you to just end your life just to be with them! That is selfish thinking!"

The human girl struggles for a moment and pulls herself free from Eirin, then crawls behind Keine like a scared child, and then she glowers at the silver-haired beauty from the side of the teacher's hip and shouts "you're one of them, aren't you? You just say pretty words to calm me down then force those pills down my throat so I can't see the spirits and stop believing in magic! Well SCREW YOU! The spirits are more fun than you stupid humans!"

The nurse and teacher look at each other in shock, then the former looks at the hiding girl and says "you idiot, we are surrounded by magic and spirits! What are you talking about?"

Lucia points at the woman and shouts "no, what are YOU talking ab-?" but her question falls short when the realization hits her, and now she's raising an eyebrow while looking dumbfounded and asking "wait, what did you say?"

Keine pats the girl on the head, and speaking clearly she says "Miss, you aren't in your outside world. You are in Gensokyo now."

The outsider looks up at the motherly figure touching her head, and softly asks "Gen-Gensokyo? I heard... from those two girls that... but they disappeared."

As she says this she walks away from Keine and look out the window closest to them, and up in the sky she sees the fairies flying far away, going in circles around each other while humanoid creatures go about their businesses. Some look fierce, but others look cute and friendly.

As she looks outside Eirin says "ah, so she's only just arrived. Well then young lady, welcome to Gensokyo, a paradise for youkai and home for things long forgotten by the world outside."

Keine promptly adds "yes, welcome young girl. You'll find that, in here, magic is part of our everyday living, so I don't really think anyone will try to force you to forget about it."

As the women speak, the girl lifts her hand and says "my name is Lucia; Lucia Akiramoto." She then keeps her sight on a particular fairy and whispers "hey, you; come on over."

Before Keine and Eirin can properly introduce themselves, a fairy with long green hair in a side ponytail tied with a yellow ribbon, blue eyes, and who wears a blue dress with a white line at the bottom and white sleeves flies over to the newcomer and stares. "Yes? What did you call me over for?"

The women are impressed by how easily the fairy answered to a mere whisper, but neither one can express their surprise, while the brown-haired girl giggles and says "oh, nothing in particular. You're just really cute and I wanted to see you up close."

Daiyousei gulps and gets some space while blushing, then stammers a bit before saying "th-thank you. Um, are you some sort of pervert?" Before the girl can answer, the fairy merely turns around and flies away while saying "what a weird human."

Lucia waves back at her and sighs, then turns a completely different face toward the women inside. Instead of seeing the tortured soul of a crybaby, she now has the peaceful face of a girl that has seen the gates of true heaven before her.

Ignoring this Eirin says "well, Miss Akiramoto, I am Eirin Yagokoro, and you will now come back here and lie down. Regardless of how you may feel right now, you are still very weak and you need to rest."

"Hi, Miss Eirin. Please call me Lucia." As she says this she bows her head, and then she sighs as she weakly stumbles sideways toward Keine, who catches her before she falls.

As the teacher takes her to the futon; carrying her like a bride; the girl lifts her head and asks "and... what's your name?"

She continues to smile as she is easily and gently settled back on the futon, then the woman replies "I am Keine Kamishirasawa, Lucia. Don't you worry about a thing; I'll take good care of you while you rest."

The girl continues to smile as she slowly falls asleep, and just as her eyes close she says "such... gorgeous... bodies."

Keine and Eirin blush, look at each other, then back at the girl, then the Lunarian says "looks like this child will be an interesting one to watch." The teacher merely nods.

Meanwhile, somewhere behind the Hakurei Shrine, a small shower of purple sparks snap and pop in the middle of a small clearing, scaring away the fairy Star Sapphire, who has long brown hair she adorns with a small blue ribbon, yellow eyes, wears a blue dress with white frills and yellow stars that adorn it, and has large transparent butterfly wings.

The small shower of sparks quickly increases, and moments later a swirling black rift opens up. It stabilizes after a moment and everything settles down, but then a faint voice can be heard screaming from within.

As the voice gets closer, the rift begins to close, and then the voice can be heard screaming "AH! No you stupid gap, I'm still in here! STOP CLOSING!"

The gap suddenly shrinks; reality around it bends in order to make itself look like a mouth that's ready to spit something unpleasant; and with a loud pop a girl with grey hair, wearing a blue and white maid-like dress, and holding a large dark spear with a red crystal on the center, drops on the grass face down after being spat out; and then the gap closes up.

The girl grunts as she lifts her head to glare at her surroundings with those grey eyes of hers, rearranges the left curl from her face, spits out grass and dirt, then says "stupid gap! It took me a whole damned year to get that whistle and it does this to me. When I get that Rika and that Ail, I swear, I'm gonna kill them both, TWICE!"

She stands up with her spear raised above her head, and then declares "nobody and I mean nobody makes a fool out of the great Muse!"

After her declaration, she rubs the red gem she adorns with a black ribbon on her chest, raises that hand to the air after she's done, then begins to cast some sort of spell, however it soon fizzles and she ends up looking like a fool.

She lowers her hand and stares at it for a while, clicks her tongue in frustration then says "shit, I spent too much power stabilizing that damned rift. I'll have to-"

"Hurry My Lady, it came from this way!"

"Hold on Rika, jeez! There's no need to hurry!"

Muse snarls towards the sound of Rika's, and another girl's voice, then jumps away while saying "a hasty retreat is needed today, but tomorrow will be another day!"

After she's gone, the curious Star Sapphire keeps watching her from behind a tree branch and follows her with her ability to sense movement, until that girl simply vanishes to the northeast.

Rika, the beautiful maid of the Hakurei Shrine; who has wavy brown hair that reaches her lower back, sky blue eyes, and who wears a beautiful and elegant kimono that's white at the top with long detached sleeves, red with white bands at the bottom, and who has small, soft angel wings on her back, a sapphire yin-yang around her neck, and a curve-enhancing ribbon around her waist; is the first to arrive at the scene with a most distressed look on her face.

As she looks around the area her excitement dies down, then she says "but I swear, I felt it here! It was VIVIT's whistle, but someone else came through!"

Reimu Hakurei, the Assassin Maiden of Paradise; who has short dark-brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a red vest, white detached sleeves, a red skirt, and adorns her head with a large red ribbon and red tubes on either side; lazily walks into the clearing with her metal gohei on hand.

After throwing some lazy glances left and right, she sighs and says "Rika, sweetie, you've been working too hard; what with Chiaki's antics and Lykamei's visits on top of everything; I think you need to take a day or two off."

The angelic maid excitedly flaps her wings and says "but my lady, I'm sure of what I felt! Let's summon big-brother Ail, I'm sure he'll say the same thing! We made sure to be able to feel it when she came over... to avoid making her wait too long in case she got lost!"

A girl with long wavy blonde hair that has a bit of it tied to the left as a braid with a purple ribbon, yellow eyes, and who wears a blue outfit with a white apron on top, as well as a matching blue witch's hat with a purple ribbon around it, casually wraps an arm around the angelic maid and chuckles.

She pats the girl on the chest once; revealing her black spaghetti-strap camisole; and says "I've told you a hundred times you needed a break, and now you're breakin' down, ze. If you ask me nicely I'll teach ye how to take it easy."

Rika sighs irritably and says "please Miss Marisa, don't make it worse than it is. I know what I felt; there's no mistaking it."

Convinced by her maid's insistence, Reimu crosses her arms and looks around a second time, then narrows her right eye slightly and says "well, regardless of that, you need some time to rest, so take the rest of today off and tomorrow as well. As for whatever you felt, let's all keep our eyes open, just in case."

Marisa chuckles, and then is knocked away by a girl with long blue hair and red eyes who wears a round black hat adorned with peaches, a blue and white dress with rainbow-colored tabs around the part of the white shirt that's over the blue skirt, and a large blue ribbon tied around her waist.

She wraps her arm around Rika and coos, then glares at the witch and says "treat my Rika nicer, you rude witch! She's delicate, unlike you!"

The ordinary magician stands back up with a nasty grin on her face and her Hakkero on hand, and says "oh really? Last time I checked that girl was as tough as nails. Even tougher than you!"

The celestial grabs the hilt of her sword and says "oh? Well then, perhaps I should show you who's the tougher one, little human; and maybe teach you some manners while I'm at it."

Rika holds Tenshi back, while Reimu holds Marisa, then the maid angrily says "no fighting so early in the morning! At least wait until after lunch!"

The tense girls both sigh, and then speak at the same time. "Fine! I'll get her after some warm lunch!"

They both look at each other and say "don't start with that!"

Two loud thwacks and two separate thuds signal the immediate end of the debate. Reimu blows on the steam that rises from her gohei and then says "none of that 'speaking-at-the-same-time crap. It's too early for that!"

Marisa and Tenshi twitch and shiver on the ground as their steaming bumps beat like hearts, while Rika is already holding a first aid kit on her hands.

Two days later Lucia wakes up at the now-familiar house of Keine, the village's history teacher, and stretches and yawns while the world around her spins a bit.

"Mmm, those medicines pack a wallop," she comments as she rubs her eyes and sits up on her futon.

She gets off her lazy butt and admires the green and white-polka-dots pajamas she's wearing, grimaces, then says "polka-dots are not really my thing, but I mustn't look a gift horse in the mouth."

She takes off to the bathroom where she prepares for her new day, and adds her new head ornament gifted by Keine; a simple-looking blue ribbon. Simple, but to the girl; by the way she giggles when looking at it; it must mean a lot already.

She looks in the mirror while putting that ribbon on her head just right, and then, once again, admires the new gold highlight on her head. She touches that portion of hair and feels it's softer than the rest.

She then steps away from the mirror to admire her own slightly-tanned skin and recently recovered athletic body, makes sure her above-average breasts are perfectly perky in their bra, and then practices some dances steps she mixes with martial art moves, and then finally puts on her clothes before leaving the bathroom.

She walks out of the house portion of the school, takes a deep breath, then Keine calls "Lucia, don't forget to pick up the soy at that place I told you about."

Lucia pouts, but then sighs and says "alright, fine. I have the note." She takes a step away and the teacher says "I saw that! Don't pout young lady! It's unbecoming. Now please enjoy yourself. Try to get used to the village's market if you can."

The girl isn't sure how that teacher saw her pouting, but she doesn't want to get scolded again so she hurries along while calling back "alright, thanks, see you later Keine~!"

Later that morning Lucia finds herself looking toward the first kiosk of the market area and admires the fresh foods they are selling. They are quite large in size, unlike those of the outside world, and look to be quite tasty.

While she looks at the kiosk she doesn't pay attention to where she's going, and eventually bumps into someone.

She yelps and bows with her eyes closed while apologizing. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!"

A familiar voice quickly and nervously replies "oh no, no, no, it's alright, I wasn't looking either! ...Oh dear..."

When Lucia opens her eyes, she sees she has bumped against Mystia. The bird girl fidgets and moves her wings around uncomfortably while saying "uhh... h-hi; how have you been? Eh-heh."

The human girl smiles at the night sparrow and happily says "oh, it's you; the girl that tried to eat me! I've been fine; just getting used to livin' here."

The cute bird girl cups her hands together over her chest while looking around her feet nervously, then says "um, look, about that night... umm, I don't really eat humans anymore. I was just trying to scare you, so-eh? Oh? Wh-what?"

Lucia has caught Mystia in a tight hug, and while being embraced, the night sparrow feels as though all her worries and fears are being drained out of her, leaving only joy and bliss.

After the hug is done, the night sparrow is so elated she has forgotten she was nervous and ashamed in the first place, and now seems happy and in bliss.

The human girl then pats her on the head and says "it's all forgiven. Anyways, I should get going. I want to get better acquainted with this place before heading back. See ya."

As the human leaves, Mystia's face becomes a bit flushed, though she's too elated to care for anything other than waving at the girl without looking back at her and mumbling "heh, b-byee..."

After some time passes the bird girl slowly frowns, pats herself on the chest and shivers a bit, then looks around while asking herself "um, wait, was I groped? When?"

The rest of the day the eager Lucia walks by every store, every kiosk and every stand she can find; and gets the soy, of course; but as the day passes, though her enthusiasm remains the same, her face gets filled with disappointment.

And so that night, after taking her bath, she and Keine enjoy supper while the young human girl keeps looking distant toward the window behind the teacher.

Concerned, the woman asks "Lucia, is everything alright? You seem distant this night."

The young girl looks up at her host, then says "it's just that... I went through the whole market place today and I didn't see any stores that sell doughnuts, or ice cream, or shakes, or any of those yummy treats."

Keine gives the girl a sympathetic look, then says "but Lucia, surely you can't expect Gensokyo to have such things. After all, technology isn't as developed in here as it is in the outside world."

Lucia's skin pales after she drops her chopsticks next to her plate, then looks straight at the woman's eyes and asks "what? No chocolate bars? No éclairs? No scones? No chocolate-filled sweets? No croissants? No DOUGHNUTS!? NO ICE CREAM!?"

The history teacher shakes her head for every mentioned treat, causing the girl to lose more and more skin color until she's as white as a ghost.

The young girl sighs after smiling dearly, then she suddenly screams a bloody scream that shakes the windows of the entire structure and those around it. She takes off running, ignoring Keine's commands to sit back down, runs to the kitchen, grabs a knife, points it at herself, then declares "seppukuuuu!"

The woman easily grabs the knife, throws it away, holds the girl in a sleeper hold, and while said girl is being knocked out the history teacher says "why don't you just relax, hmm? There are healthy and tasty treats here too. I'll teach you about them after you wake up."

Lucia taps Keine's arm twice, and then the teacher lets her go after a light gasp of surprise, and then the cutie falls flat on her stomach while smiling and seeing flashes before her eyes.

The teacher sighs and says "it'll be safer to head-butt her next time." She then proceeds to fan the girl's face with a paper fan to revive her.

The next morning, Lucia is at the small park in front of the school eating some dumplings while tears keep flowing out of her eyes. She has her jacket wrapped up around her waist due to it being nice and warm outside, though that's the last thing on her mind.

She watches as the children walk into the school, while sobbing and speaking to herself. "Sweet. It still lacks the delectable texture of doughnuts, or the cool sweetness of ice cream."

She sighs sadly and then adds "they don't even have hot chocolate. I won't survive long in this world."

Her attention suddenly turns to some commotion happening to her right. It appears an elderly woman has fallen and the people are trying to help her get back up, but then the men and women suddenly spread and start speaking the name "Udonge" repeatedly.

Curious about it, the sweet-toothed girl takes her bag of dumplings and heads toward the commotion.

As she gets closer she can hear the old woman whimpering as though in pain, while a young woman coldly says "calm down lady, I happen to have something that will help, but you first need to relax and stop moving."

Lucia tries to look through the crowd while thinking "well, she sounds like a total bitch. Still, the people seem to respect her. I should be more of a bitch too."

She finally decides to ask to one of the women "hey, what's goin' on here?"

The woman turns around, and for some reason she grabs Lucia by her sleeve and pulls her in while saying "you look strong! Help Udonge with the old lady!"

She's pushed inside the crowd against her will, and soon she lays her eyes on the one called Udonge, and her jaw drops, she lets her dumplings fall to the ground, and she stands in place while staring.

She discovers immediately that Udonge is a rabbit girl with cute rumpled ears that appear to have buttons on the base, who has long, beautiful lilac hair that looks like it's flowing like a soothing river, gorgeous red eyes behind a cute pair of glasses, and who wears a sexy white button shirt with a cute red tie, an alluring purple mini-skirt that barely hide her gorgeous legs, and, more importantly to Lucia, this rabbit girl has the body of a goddess.

She watches as Udonge finishes treating the elderly woman and is amazed of how quickly said woman gets back on her feet without a single ailment affecting her.

The people thank the Moon Rabbit for her work, while Lucia merely stares and imagines the girl with lights shining from behind while she's being wet with squirt guns by singing angels.

The rabbit girl notices the staring human, narrows her eyes with annoyance, and asks "hey you, what's the matter? Why are you staring at me like that?" When there's no answer at all the rabbit girl sighs irritably and asks "you wouldn't happen to be the human my master saved recently, right?"

The human girl walks closer as a bit drool starts oozing out of the corner of her mouth, and as if out of breath, she says "my name... is Lucia Akiramoto. What's yours?"

Udonge notices there's something funny about the girl before her and asks "hey, are you alright?" When the girl nods, she continues "ok, if you say so. My name is Reisen Udonge Inaba, and; you are drooling... and your face looks all red? Are you sure you're alright? I have medicine that will help you if you need any."

Lucia chuckles and mumbles "Reisen~ oh what a lovely name you have." She suddenly perks up, gropes the air, and in an annoyingly high pitched note she asks "can I touch your boobs?"

Reisen jumps back with a terrified look on her face and shrieks "WHAT!?"

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Muse and VIVIT belong to the Seihou series.

Lucia Akiramoto, Ail, Chiaki and Lykamei were all created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

OCT 2 2013

Written by

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A VERY important note I have neglected greatly (mostly because of absence of mind) is that my small bits of me interacting with the Touhou girls at the end of the chapters was fully inspired by Sonanoka21093 and her own antics with the Touhou girls. Read her works. She has her own canon world, and it ALL works great in her Touhou world AND the Touhou girls.

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