Reisen Udongein Inaba, whom has just been asked a most bizarre request by a newcomer, recovers from the shock of the question and glares at Lucia through her glasses, and then says "now listen here, Lucia Akiramoto, you shouldn't really say such weird things. You might get hu-KYAAAH~!"

Before she knows it she has the human girl clinging from behind and groping her against her will. It takes the rabbit girl a few seconds to recover from the surprise to scream and grab the girl's arms, pull them off with great effort, and then toss said human away. "What's the big idea you pervert!?"

After flipping in the air with grace and precision, the human girl lands on her feet and ignores the Moon Rabbit while groping the air and saying "how delightful; soft and silky, yet strong and perky. You must REALLY be some sort of goddess... or a very sexy rabbit who takes great care of her skin."

The Moon Rabbit clenches her fist in front of her chest and speaks through her teeth. "Why you-! DIE you PERVERT!" Before long she removes her glasses and shoots the girl with her danmaku bullets from her fingertips, aiming specifically at her head.

Lucia expresses her surprise with a yelp and watches awestruck as the bullets get closer to her, but her face suddenly relaxes and she bends her body back and slightly lifts her right leg, and to Reisen's surprise the girl spins to the right as if dancing in the air, and lands safely next to the bullet barrage.

The rabbit girl narrow her right eye and frowns while taking a spell card on hand and says "a pervert with skills, huh? Don't think you're getting away that easily! Lunatic Sign, Hallucinogenic Tuning (Visionary Tuning)!"

The human girl stares perplexed at the rabbit girl and asks "umm, what'cha doin' holding your hand up like that and mouthing words I can't hear?"

Reisen's eyes glow bright red as she grins darkly and says "so, you're new around here. Let me welcome you the way all perverts should be welcomed."

Lucia is suddenly trapped in a net-like ball of bullets that slowly constricts. It disappears after moving an inch, multiplies and moves sideways, and then continues shrinking.

The human girl gets nervous as she looks up toward the cluster of bullets making that net that keeps getting closer to her, and whimpers. "H-hey, what's with the weird light show?"

The furious Moon Rabbit chuckles, and then says "don't worry, this will only hurt for the first five minutes. You won't die, but it will still hurt."

The human girl yelps and moves quickly as soon as the closest set of bullets seems to disappear, but now, after the bullets become solid again, she finds herself between two walls of danmaku.

She raises her hands defensively and shouts "hey, hey, hey, hey, calm down! Y-you can't be THIS upset over an innocent grope, right?" She drools and makes a perverted face as she adds "oh yes, those hot and sexy bunny boobs."

Reisen snarls and shouts "YOU DISGUSTING PERVERT!" She then adds large orbs that rain down on the human, who finds herself moving left and right with precision to avoid the attack raining down on her.

Lucia bends back to avoid an orb to the face, but doing so causes her to touch a few bullets with her back. She yelps and jumps left, getting caught on the shoulder by a whole cluster of bullets, and on the hip by one of the orbs.

She screams out loud and starts to cry, giving the Moon Rabbit great satisfaction, but then her satisfied face twists with pain when something flashy hits her back repeatedly, forcing her to stumble forward and cancel her spell.

Keine stands behind Reisen with a steaming hand raised and glaring down at the rabbit girl while asking "what exactly is going on here? Who gave you the authority to activate a spell card inside the village?"

The onlookers chuckle and point fingers while Reisen holds her back and grunts in pain, and then she manages to growl and shout while pointing at the newcomer "that little pain-in-the-ass groped me! I was just teaching her a lesson!"

Lucia shivers while hugging her knees and whimpering with fear. She lifts her head when she hears Keine's voice and smiles as she cries "you saved me! I knew you were an angel! ...EEP?"

The history teacher easily lifts the human girl up and holds her under the arms, and then sweetly asks "Lucia, dear, did you really grope that girl behind me?"

Lucia smiles and nods while casually saying "why yes I did."

Keine smiles sweetly, giggles softly and darkly, bends herself back just slightly, and then smashes her forehead on Lucia's.

The human girl is once again crouching and holding her head in pain while twin-waterfall tears roll down her eyes. She whimpers "uuu~ I'm sorryyyyy~."

The teacher sighs, then says "as punishment, you'll wash the dishes and prepare the baths for a week." She turns around to face Reisen and strictly says "and you; another outburst like that and I'll file a report to Kotohime, got it!"

The rabbit girl panics, straightens up and salutes the teacher, swiftly grabs her medicine bag, and is off and running towards the other end of the village with haste.

That night, Keine sighs contently as she enjoys the hot water in her bathtub. She rests her head just over the water and has a towel wrapped up around her hair.

She takes some of the water on her hand, drizzles it on her face, and after another content sigh she says "you're good at this you know. I've never enjoyed a bath that was as perfectly tempered as this."

Outside the house, in the darkness of night, the dirty Lucia struggles as she places a log in a hole under the bathroom, blows on it through a bamboo shoot to keep the fire there going, then asks "and how in the world did you even enjoy hot baths by your own? Really, you guys need technology here!"

Keine giggles form inside and says "don't be too hasty on bringing technology in. Sometimes the simpler things in life make us value life itself a bit more each day."

The human girl merely grumbles, then the teacher adds "and I've almost always have had help you know."

A lusty mischievous grin takes Lucia's face as she says "Ohh, I see~. So you use your gorgeous looks to snare the men, and have them do your bidding!"

A washtub flies from the bathroom's wall and somehow lands right on top of Lucia's head, knocking her momentarily to the ground, and then Keine giggles and casually says "oh no, nothing like that. I just have a friend who is pretty handy with fire. I haven't seen her in a few days though; which is kind of strange; but I'm sure we'll see her around."

While the girl rubs her throbbing bump she mutters angrily while wondering if the sexy teacher is actually a markswoman or something like that. That washtub's destination was too precise to be a coincidence, and the fact that teacher is speaking so casually after causing so much pain makes her think that it's something that happens daily.

She gives up thinking so much with a sigh, stands up, then a woman's head with green hair that wears a pointy blue hat with a yellow star and sun on it, floats toward her, cackling like a madwoman; her voice echoing all around the area; and sticking out her tongue for good measure.

Lucia smiles at the woman's head, picks up a log, then smashes it on its hat, crumpling it in the process while crushing said head on the ground. The head whines with pain while the human girl sighs and says "oh dear, I'm so sorry. I thought it was just a prop."

The woman's head is naturally angry, and rises back up while shouting "what the hell is your problem young lady!? You're supposed to be peeing your pants with fright!"

The human girl merely smiles and says "oh trust me, I've seen scarier things. I prefer spirits like you, Miss."

The woman's body promptly appears. It's wearing a blue robe and blue cape with white borders, and has a ghostly tail instead of legs. She places her head back on her body and oddly calmly she says "you may call me Mima if you like."

When the girl sees this, she begins to drool a bit at the sight if the curves present on that creature's body, and then just stares at the gorgeous chest before her.

"Mima" she whispers as she stares some more, then looks at the evil spirit, smiles, then asks "I am Lucia, and can I touch your boobs?"

Mima stares back with curiosity. She tilts her head cutely and says "well that's a very uncommon request you know." She then sighs with a smile and says "but sure, why not. Knock yourself out."

The human is already behind her and groping to her heart's content while analyzing what she feels. "Ooh, lovely texture. Kind of cold, but surprisingly womanly, and with plenty of bouncy lift for a spirit. You have quite a wonderful body. Dare I say 'PERFECT'!?"

The supposedly-evil spirit giggles as Lucia gets off of her, then says "why thank you. I put a lot of effort into making this body as believably real as I can."

Lucia bows back while saying "you are most welcome Miss Mima. It was..." She starts to drool a bit while saying "my pleasure~!"

Keine is in her sleeping robes as she stands behind the perverted human girl. She crosses her arms and taps her foot impatiently, then says "well I WAS going to heat the bath for you, but it seems a nice cold bath will do great good for you! Now get inside and clean yourself up!"

The human girl hops on the spirit's arms while she's being surprise-scolded, but hops off and lands besides the teacher, waits for her to stop talking, then points and says "Keine, are you jealous because I haven't analyzed you yet?"

The history teacher crosses her arms over her chest, blushes, and says "I'll have you know I am just fine. I am, however, worried for you. Your kind of behavior is very unladylike, and furhtermo-ho-ooOOOORE!?"

Lucia is holding Keine from behind, and while she gropes her host, Mima laughs and laughs until she falls to the ground and rolls around while holding her sides.

After the girl jumps off and away from the gorgeous teacher, said woman stomps the ground hard and shouts "what is the matter with you? And what the hell are you doing now?"

The human girl is prostrated in front of the magnificent woman and keeps revering her like some goddess. "Oh beautiful goddess of such perfect proportions, lift, stretch, warmth, and bounciness, please forgive this peon of small chest size for wanting a taste of that godly body of yours!"

The evil spirit grins mischievously after lifting herself up, points at the newcomer while grinning wider, and says "oh, I really like that girl of yours!"

Keine points at Lucia and shouts "STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW!" She then looks at Mima and shouts "AND YOU STOP ENCOURAGING HER!"

Lucia stands up with a hungry face, drooling mouth, is groping the air, and prepares to pounce while saying "forgive me my goddess, but I MUST taste heaven again!" She then jumps toward the woman with her hands aimed toward the chest.

The silver-haired woman winds her body back and smashes her attacker's head with her own, causing said human to see a bright flash before the endless darkness. Keine then picks up the body like a sack of rice, casually waves at Mima, and then walks back into the house.

The evil spirit chuckles happily, then says "I think I just found a very entertaining source of amusement!" She pauses for a moment, then frowns and says "oh pipe down boy. I'm not like that."

At the crack of dawn, in the deep parts of the Forest of Magic, a little blue-haired fairy dressed in what looks like large flower petals, kneels on the ground in front of a small batch of flowers and cries inconsolably.

She looks upward and angrily shouts "you big bully, what did you do to her? Bring her back right now!"

Muse stands tall with her open palm aimed at the little fairy. A foul red aura oozes around her spirit-body as she grins wickedly towards the little crying girl before her.

She raises her left fist as she reaches for the fairy's forehead and grips her tight, and asks "why? Are you doing to do something about it?"

The little fairy gets lifted off the ground. She cries, she screams, she kicks and flaps her feathery white wings, but she can't escape the vicious vampire's grasp.

Muse laughs hard and says "if that's all you can do, then you are pretty much screwed little tike. Say goodnight~!"

The little nature spirit surprises the vampire with a surprisingly well-aimed shot in the eyes and flies away. The angry alchemist vampire snarls as she opens her singed eyes which glow with red intensity towards the little creature.

She jumps off the ground, grabs the fairy by the leg and pulls her down, smashes her face-down to the ground from 8 feet of altitude, then places her knee on the dazed girl's back.

She grips that soft blue hair and lifts the crying fairy's head. "Kudos to you, you little whiny bitch. You have successfully pissed me the hell off, so I'll make this twice as painful for you. Say hi to your little friend for me, will you?"

Before the little fairy can moan her answer, Muse's hand glows red, and in just a manner of seconds she absorbs the little fairy's magical essence into herself, and then just chuckles as that child-like body disappears, and slowly becomes a tiny little bush with brittle little flowers growing on it.

The alchemist flicks one of the flowers and watches with amusement as it turns to ashes, then grins and says to herself "how I missed the magic from the fairies; so pure, so clean... and so easily corruptible once it's in my possession."

She looks at her hands while she opens and closes them; as though testing them; then turns around with a gasp and hides behind a tree.

Shortly after, a girl with a thick grey wolf's tail, short grey hair with matching wolf ears, and aquamarine eyes, wearing a simple, but alluring brown cloth over her body, approaches the area while sniffing around.

She has a very colorful parrot on her shoulder, who smacks her head with its wing and anxiously says "we shouldn't be here! ...Quit sniffing around and let's go home! I'm getting a very bad feeling! BAWK!"

The girl continues sniffing around uninterrupted and says "relax. I just... wanna see... what this smell is. Smells unique."

The parrot moves around the girl's shoulder impatiently, then anxiously says "no, no! Let's go back, squawk! There's something wrong here and I don't want to find out what it is!"

Muse jumps from the pair's right and grabs the wolf girl by the neck, easily lifting her to the air as she takes flight.

She tries to catch the parrot as well, but the nimble bird is already out of reach and squawking "SATORI, SATORI-SAMAAAA," by the time the attacker takes flight.

The vampire scoffs toward the parrot while the wolf girl tries with all her might to scratch herself free, but any cut she inflicts on her attacker heals almost instantly.

The wolf gags when trying to speak while Muse merely observes her with curiosity.

She twists her hand enough to make the girl's neck snap to disable her, then sinisterly whispers "so young, and yet having such a strong magical essence. I thank you for coming here to offer me this gift. I assure you, it will not go to waste."

Her hand begins to glow light red and the poor girl wakes up and begins to scream, but those screams die down soon, and instead, weak whines and whimpers take over.

Muse grins with dark satisfaction while staring at her prey, but then frowns and drops the grey and white wolf on the ground. She then looks at the creature with disgust and says "to think all this wonderful magic is wasted on disgusting beasts like you. As soon as I am able to, the first thing I'll do is take back all the magic stolen by you mongrels."

She snarls at the whining wolf on the ground, then takes off to who-knows-where, leaving the defenseless creature to die on its own.

That morning Lucia finds herself glaring hatefully at the "boring" sweet dumplings and the manju before her.

She pokes the buns twice, sighs as her face drops on the wooden table, then suddenly rises from her knees and shouts "I can't TAKE it anymore! I need my ice cream, I need my doughnuts! I NEED MY SUGARY SWEETS!" She ends her shouting with an ear piercing screech before dropping back on her knees.

She moans and sobs as her tears drip to the ground, and in a sad undertone she says "what horrible punishment this beautiful fair maiden has to endure just because she tried to end her own life. Life is a bitch."

Keine stands behind her with her hands on her hips. She sighs at the pathetic sight before her and says "maybe I did hit you too hard last night."

Lucia twists her body like a contortionist to look at the woman with a most disturbing smile on her face, and then whispers "maybe I should learn to acquire a taste for melons~."

"You disturb me sometimes" casually says Keine. "Right then, if you're done moping, I would like you to come with me to the Hakurei Shrine. I believe it should be enlightening for you to meet some people there."

The girl is now doing a head-stand while twirling her legs around without letting her body budge an inch, and even as she performs this ridiculous exercise she bluntly replies "I don't want to go."

Skipping ahead a few minutes, she's now crying as Keine pulls her by the ear and forces her to walk beside her all the way to the village's eastern exit.

The girls arrive to the shrine via the long, long stairs, and to Keine's surprise Lucia shows no signs of fatigue at all. "You sure are tough. I remember my first time up those stairs. I was so winded when I reached the top I had to sit for an hour and breathe."

The human chuckles, lifts a thumb up, and then says "I keep my body in shape for many, many reason, including minor nuisances like going up stairs."

Rika now stands in front of them and bows while saying "welcome to the Hakurei Shrine Miss Keine and Miss... Oh my, who is this energetic young lady?"

Before the teacher can speak, the human has moved so fast in front of Rika, even her ribbon and golden highlight have an afterimage. She has hearts in her pupils as she says "my name is Lucia Akiramoto. Can I PLEEEEEAAAAAAASE TOUCH YOUR BOOBS?"

The angelic maid's wings flap hard as her entire body twitches, and the confused girl looks forward and asks "what?"

The maid yelps and moans as her chest gets groped from behind, and somehow she manages to say "n-no, M-Miss Lucia, tha-ah-aht is n-not polite!"

Lucia drools and coos with delight, then says "so soft, gentle, kind and full of love! You gorgeous angel, please marry me!"

One very furious Tenshi grabs the human girl by the hips and pulls her off the angelic maid; allowing said girl to breath and rest; and furiously growls "don't you dare touch her again, you disgusting, filthy human! ...HYAAAAAA~!"

The celestial yelps and screeches as said filthy human clings on her back with her head facing down, and is giving her celestial posterior a good groping.

Lucia hugs be butt, and looking blissful she says "ahh~! This is a celestial butt! So firm and strong, yet soft and womanly! A perfect peach!"

Tenshi runs around in a circle while crying "WAAAAAH-HA-HAAA~! She's like a cockroach! GET HER OFF OF MEEEEE!"

Reimu comes running from the living quarters, smashes the human off the celestial with her gohei, then says "don't be such a loud crybaby, you sil-eeEEEEEE!?"

She now has the guest clinging on her back and groping her chest while saying "oh my, you and I are boobs-sisters. These are strong willed and gentle; tough, but womanly; average, but admirable! We should-EEP!"

The shrine maiden grabs the clinging human by the head, throws her over her head and smashes her on the ground so hard, the vibration and the sound of the impact makes Keine wince out loud.

She then growls as she grabs Lucia's chest, and squeezes mercilessly while growling "you sick, depraved fiend, I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

The human guest writhes around while screaming "AAAHHHH~! Reverse raaaape! S&M! S&M! WAAAAHHHHH~ I don't like thaaaat!"

Moments later, Lucia's inside the living room of the shrine, smiling as casually as though nothing has happened, even though her chest aches quite a lot.

Rika walks over and serves her some tea, then says "that really was very impolite of you, you know. As a girl you should value the meaning of personal space a little more."

The human girl merely shrugs while taking her tea and drinking it, nodding after taking the first sip as her way of thanking the gorgeous maid.

After she sets the cup down she suddenly twitches and grunts, and almost spills the whole thing after seeing a cute little girl with large brown bat wings, and a girl with sexy black fox ears and an orange tail entering the room.

The little girl has long teal hair that reaches half of her lower back, violet eyes without pupils, cute little fangs in her little mouth, and wears a light-brown dress she adorns with a teal band she wears around her waist and ties behind her back, a cute white and black ribbon on her head, and a pair of pink socks.

The other girl has shoulder-length wavy orangey-red hair, orange eyes, has white on the tip of her orange tail, and wears a cute red ribbon on her right ear, a black tanktop and black skirt that reaches down to her knees, and simple black slippers. The human visitor compares her body to Rika's, and although not as ample around the chest, she loves what she sees.

Before either girl can even greet the newcomer, she's already in front of them and squealing with delight while kneeling in front of the bat girl and saying "you cute, adorable, sweet-looking little creature, you are so adorable! I'm Lucia Akiramoto. What's your name?"

The cute little girl hesitates a bit before saying "um, m-my name is Budou... Miss Lucia."

The human rubs the bat's hair while speaking with a cute, soft, high-pitched tone "Budou huh? What a sweet name for such a cute little creature." She then stands up in front of the fox woman, and immediately asks "can I touch your butt?"

The fox girl yelps and shouts "what da hell's wrong with yous bitch!? OF COURSE YOU CANNOT-AAAAHHHHH!"

The woman doesn't even know when it happened, but that human is already rubbing her posterior and her tail. At that moment Rika sighs and says "go ahead Chiaki, but don't kill her."

When those hands rub that tail Chiaki groans and drops on the ground, then looks up with a flushed face and begs "pl-please get her off!"

The angelic maid frowns a bit and is about to deal with the matter at hand, but Lucia is now sitting behind the table with Budou giggling on her lap while they cuddle and eat cookies.

The recovered vixen rises up with fire ignited in her hands as she growls toward the human, but her master raises her arm and says "no, no, you might hit Budou. I'm sorry, but go train in the backyard instead. You may use her face to practice."

Chiaki storms out of the living quarters with her ignited fists smacking her hips as she makes her way outside the shrine, then Reimu sighs and says "that girl is a real pain in the ass, if you ask me."

"I know," sighs Keine. "I know. But she's actually kind of nice once she gets that pervert streak out of her system."

Suzaku, a bird with red feathers, deep-red feathers on her wings, white eyes, and who speaks via telepathy, lands on Reimu's shoulder and asks "mom, do you wish for me to remove this person from the shrine?"

The shrine maiden shakes her head and says "no, no, it's alright. She's calmed down. Besides, I already punished her hard enough." She looks at Keine, smirks, and adds "she might need something for those chest pains she's going to get."

The history teacher holds her head as though in despair and says "I'm going to have to kick her out of my home."

After midday, Keine and Lucia return to the school. The brown-haired girl keeps rubbing the spot on her new golden highlight as she sighs and says "That Budou sure is a cute child, and so nice to talk to too."

The gorgeous silver-haired woman rolls her eyes and says "just remember not to go touching her inappropriately. She happens to be the adoptive daughter of a special friend."

The human clicks her tongue and grumbles "I am not that kind of a lolicon," to which Keine looks back at her with curiosity and says "so there ARE redeemable qualities to you."

Lucia suddenly gasps. In front of the school's entrance stands a beautiful young woman with long pale-violet hair that reaches her ankles and that she adorns with red and white charm-looking bows, red eyes, and who wears a burned-white, long-sleeved button shirt, and long red overall baggy pants she has covered with charms similar to the ones on her head.

The visitor forces herself to smile lightly when she sees the teacher, and says "Keine, it's been a while!" Her smile quickly vanishes when she sees Lucia drooling and panting on front of her, points at said human, then asks "and who the hell is this psycho?"

The human girl swoons when face-to-face with the long-haired girl and says "my name is Lucia Akiramoto. Can I touch your butt?"

The visiting girl smiles as a vein pulsates on her head. She lifts her fist and raises the middle finger, and then flatly says "go to hell you sick bitch. WAAAHHHH!"

The human girl has groped her posterior before she knows what's next, but the visiting girl is a fighter and she immediately throws a kick. Keine has to make her voice be heard so that the kick isn't too strong. "Mokou, she's human!"

Lucia rolls away from the girl as the kick flies above her rolling self, then she sits in front of the history teacher and says "firm and strong, and not too feminine. Still a soft butt..."

Mokou ignites a small ball of fire on her fingertip and darkly says "you've got a lot of guts to do what you did to me. I won't forgive you!"

The teacher is suddenly between the brown-haired girl and her long-time friend with a stern look on her face. "Mokou, calm down. She's just a little too energetic for her own good. Let me deal with her myself."

The fire in the immortal's finger vanishes, she groans with frustration, and then says "I see. This imp is the one that's been living with you these past days. I'm surprised you haven't been kicked out of the village."

Keine chuckles uncomfortably, then says "she's a little high-spirited like I said, but she can be dealt with in civil manners... and a little strict discipline."

Lucia now stands next to Keine with her hand lifted and open towards Mokou, and she smiles as the immortal stares at her hand. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again. My name is Lucia Akiramoto. It's nice to finally meet you, Mokou Fujiwara."

The immortal girl groans as she hesitantly accepts the handshake, but after a while she warms up and says "yeah, well, nice to meet ch' too..." Her face suddenly darkens, then she darkly asks "wait a minute; did you wash your hands before shaking?"

The human girl's smile may seem pure to Keine, but to Mokou it looks like the devil is smiling straight back at her.

In a casual tone, the young girl says "nope. Why would I do such a terrible thing?"

"THAT'S IT!" Mokou grabs the girl and throws her over her shoulder, and takes her inside the building even though she's complaining about not needing to wash her hands.

The immortal easily forces her hands on the faucet inside the house's kitchen and scrubs her hands with soap while grumbling "You little pervert, you dare touch my butt and shake my hands afterward without washing them first? No sir; not on my watch! AND SCRUB BETWEEN YOUR FINGERS TOO!"

"Wahhhh, but I don't wanna! Boohoo~ it's washing away the sensation!"

"Good! Keep scrubbing you fiend!"

Keine just watches them from outside and sighs with disappointment. She then turns around and smiles, then says "Akyuu, Minako, what a surprise."

Akyuu Hieda has purple hair she adorns with a red flower that matches the ones on her long yellow sleeves, has purple eyes, and wears a green kimono-like shirt, and a long red skirt.

Minako, Akyuu's faithful servant, has brown eyes, wavy brown hair that reaches to her shoulder blades (she currently has it in a ponytail), and is wearing a sleeveless teal shirt, a long purple skirt, and has five golden bracelets on her left arm.

After the polite bows the history teacher says "I was actually waiting for you to come sooner. What kept you?"

The chronicler giggles and says "I just thought I'd give the new girl some time before coming to greet her. You know, to let her get used to Gensokyo a bit."

The servant woman giggles and says "my beautiful Akyuu is so considerate. I will never leave this woman's side!"

The purple-haired girl's gaze flattens, and she asks "Minako, sweetie, why are you following me on your day off now?"

The happy woman chuckles softly, and casually answers "always keep close to those you love, so you can protect them if danger ever comes."

Lucia is now in front of Akyuu (while Mokou keeps shouting at her to get back), and is holding her hands while saying "hi, my name is Lucia Akiramoto. Can I touch your cute boobies?"

The chronicler is stunned and can't react in time to say no (not that THAT would save her), but instead of Lucia's hands on her chest, she witnesses Minako using herself as a replacement and allowing herself to get groped instead.

The servant blushes as she cries and looks back at Akyuu and says "d-don't worry Lady Akyuu." She sobs "th-this sacrifice is worthy... to save your purity."

By the look on the young lady's face, Minako has just scored mayor points with her by making such a noble sacrifice. At the same time, the perverted human finishes her grope, stands back, then says "what? Strong, womanly, soft, yet full of power and strength! This is not the cute girl!"

She points at Minako and with annoyance in her face, she says "YOU! Why did you get in the way of my prize, you sexy fiend?"

The furious guardian and servant snarls, slides her bracelets off of her arms, making a lot of noise as they clatter around the ground, and says "you dare try to soil my Akyuu with your filthy perverted peasant hands!" She takes a fighting stance and says "you are going to pay dearly for attempting such a vile act!"

The human newcomer takes a similar stance. She smiles toward Minako, raises her palm offensively, then says "I see, so you protect her for your own selfish needs. We shall settle this like women then! Winner gets the babe!"

Minako makes her move toward the girl and says "I'll make you sorry you even thought such things!"

Minako throws a speared hand at Lucia's face, but the latter ducks under the attack and smacks that arm upward, then gives the servant a light punch on the ribs.

Said servant backs away while nursing the sore spot as the newcomer girl rushes straight at her with a punch aimed at the face.

Minako bends her knees, grabs the punch, lifts the attacking girl above herself, and then throws her on her back to the ground.

Lucia takes advantage that she's so close and spins herself around, reaches the opponent's ankle with her legs, and knocks her to the ground with a sweep while she gets back up with a quick flip.

The servant rolls backward and stands with the momentum, then both girls rush to each other and the slightly-tanned human punches the pale-ish girl on the chest, while she receive a punch to the plexus.

Both girls back off and start to breathe hard through their mouths. Keine and Akyuu both seem annoyed, and take this chance to speak up.

"Lucia, you better stop it now before you get hurt. Either way, you are so going to get punished now."

"Minako, stand down this instant or I'll duck your pay! Hey, are you even listening to me!?"

The newcomer finishes rubbing her abdomen, takes one more deep breath, then says "you're good, I'll give you that much, but those cute boobs will be mine before this day ends!"

The servant continues nursing the center of her chest as she snarls at her opponent and angrily says "you dare continue to soil the name of my precious Akyuu with your foul vocabulary?" She takes her fighting stance and says "enough with the honorable crap! I'm taking you down even if I have to fight dirty!"

She immediately takes a punch of dirt and throws it at her opponent, then runs to her when she thinks she's been blinded.

Lucia rubs her face and spits some dirt balls, then throws a kick straight in front of herself and kicks the servant's groin; although it's totally accidental.

While Minako hops around, holds herself and bites her lips to keep her groans of pain inside her mouth, the slightly-tanned human finishes rubbing the dirt off of her eyes and snarls at the pained girl.

She grabs her hair, pulls her up, punches her face, but as the servant girl falls, she clamps her legs around the still-extended arm of her opponent and takes the newcomer along for the fall.

Both girls quickly roll away from each other as soon as they hit the ground, stand up, then rush toward each other and kick high.

They twirl away then kick again, step back and Lucia throws a punch that Minako has no choice but to block, then said servant throws a speared hand to her opponent's face.

The attack grazes Lucia's face and gives her a weak cut on the cheek, but she retaliates with a karate-shop to Minako's neck that dazes the poor girl a great deal, but not enough to prevent her from kicking Lucia in the groin and get away.

The girls take almost a minute to recover. They lock their sights on each other, snarl, run straight toward each other once more, then a pair of golden washtubs drop straight down on their heads, making a very solid clang upon impact, and now both girls fall unconscious on the ground.

Mokou looks to the sky with a thumb raised while saying "nice shot Mystia! I owe ya a drink."

The Night Sparrow flaps her wings and flips a thumbs-up back at the immortal and says "I won't let you forget! I am writing it down in my notepad and pestering you about it later."

The cute immortal chuckles weakly while the adorable Night Sparrow writes down the promise she's just been told, just like she said she would.

Meanwhile Keine and Akyuu approach the fighters, and each uses their feet to nudge the unconscious girls, and eventually turn them around.

The history teacher sighs as she holds the right side of her face, and says "this girl is a real pain in my side. She's already caused plenty of trouble for herself, and she's only been here a few days."

Akyuu looks at her servant with disgust and says "I should fire this disobedient girl already, but she's just too darned good."

Mokou steps forward, stares at all four girls, then says "you should punish them both with something that will hurt their spirits."

Keine and Akyuu look at each other while pondering the though, then both girls grin so darkly and vilely, the immortal girl feels she should have kept her big mouth shut.

That night, there is a small, but active party at Akyuu's mansion, and even Kotohime; a beautiful woman with long red hair tied to a yellow ribbon at the back and wears a purple kimono with a red flower designed on the bottom; has shown up for drinking and eating.

Lucia sighs as she splashes the soapy water in the wooden tub before her, then pulls out a dirty plate and moans. "Awww, I wanted to drink too!" She looks to her right and cries "this is all your fault!"

Minako sighs as she takes the plate from her rival's hand, dunks it inside a bucket of fresh clean water, and as she dries it up she says "I'm not the bitchy pervert that tried to grope someone else's woman in public!"

The newcomer splashes her hands furiously and loudly says "hey, I would have groped her and be done with her in a minute, but NOOOOO; you just had to butt in! And by the way, your butt feels better than your boobs!"

The servant girl giggles; to Lucia's great surprise; then calmly says "well I took care of my body since I was of young age and noticed what was happening with my body early on, so I worked on making my legs my pride and joy."

She winks and adds "although thanks to that, I didn't end up as flat as I should have either."

Lucia looks at her suspiciously, then pulls her own shirt's collar and looks at herself, then says "hmm... I can't complain. I am a bit above average. Still, I look better than you in a swimsuit."

Minako twitches and raises an eyebrow, then says "ooh~ is that a challenge? I bet your ass my body is in far better shape than yours!"

The newcomer grins with confidence as she holds her own shirt by the waist and asks "care to put that theory to the test?"

Before the servant girl can accept the challenge, Mokou dunks another large load of dirty dishes into Lucia's soapy water and commands "hey, hey, hey, you don't get breaks until Keine and Akyuu say so. Now get to cleaning!"

As she leaves, Lucia and Minako stare sadly at the new mountain of dishes, groan, then the newcomer clicks her tongue and says "this is all your fault."

Akyuu's servant merely sighs, shrugs, then begins rinsing and drying some cups of sake.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Budou, Chiaki and Lucia were created by Willie G.R.

Rika and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

OCT 20 2013

Written by

Willie G.R.

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