Lucia continues to scream as though the gates of hell have been opened before her; and all because the awesome presence of little Remilia stands before her with a predatory grin on her face.

Sakuya seems pleased with this outcome and is hoping her mistress will give in to her desires and take that pervert's blood by force. She's even eying Ail and analyzing all possible ways to stop him should the cute vampire decide to attack.

Little Budou can see the bloodthirst in the maid's energy and hides behind her mama and papa in fear.

Remilia's grin widens and she says "my, what a wonderful reaction. I really like it; it tickles me in ways similar to times long past." Her voice becomes more dangerous as she adds "I feel like doing something n-a-u-g-h-t-y~."

Ail and Sanae cover their ears to try and block out that ear-piercing scream. The boy can't take it and shouts "Budou, could you do something about her screams!?"

The screaming girl suddenly stops and the couple sighs at the same time, then the brown-haired boy says "thank you Budou."

"But I didn't do anything," casually replies the little girl.

Remilia suddenly screeches and screams "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOIIIING!? AAAAHHHH!"

Lucia has gotten behind the vampire and is holding her in a hug, and is swinging her around while screaming "Looooliiiitaaaa VAMPIREEEEEEE! LOLI VAMPIRE CUTENESS! Kyaaaah! I've always DREAMED of seeing a vampire in real life! HYAN~, but a lolita vampire is SO MUCH BETTER! Oh please stay with me FOREVER!"

Sakuya's eyes turn red as she prepares several knives on her hand, determined to save her mistress by chopping the perverted perpetrator into mincemeat. "Don't worry my lady, I'll save you! I'll kill that-!"

Her words are cut short when her mistress; who has her eyes in a dreamy state and looks as though is in bliss; raises a hand and calmly says "no, wait, this is good. I feel like..." She lifts her face and looks adorably dreamy at her overly-energetic hugger and says "it feels so warm and fuzzy. Reminds me of my-"

She cuts herself off for fear of being ridiculed by the people there. Lucia's hug has reminded her of ancient motherly hugs that used to be given by a darkened figure. She doesn't understand it, but she likes it and wants more.

The chief maid looks beyond disappointed for a moment, and then furiously frustrated the next. She lowers her hand and hides her knives; reluctantly so; and lowers her head then says "I... understand, my lady." She feels utterly defeated.

Ail and Sanae continue watching everything from a safe distance with narrowed eyes and stoic faces, and then very suddenly the boy says "it is decided; Lucia Akiramoto is an insane pervert with the luck of a leprechaun."

Budou, Sakuya, Sanae, and even the drowned-in-bliss Remilia nod to this statement, all while the hug-dance continues; now with humming.

As soon as that statement is decided as truth, the doors burst open with a loud bang, and in the middle of the doorway stands an adorable-looking blonde girl (who seems to be a bit more shapely than Remilia) with her hair tied to a side-ponytail and red vampiric eyes, who wears a red vest over a white-sleeved shirt, a cute red skirt, and has a pair of black iron-looking rods sticking out of her back like a pair of wings that are adorned with differently colored crystals.

She holds a black three-tailed cat with brown stripes on its belly and yellow eyes. He looks around as though he owns the place (typical cat).

The little girl holds the cat under its arms and lifts it up while saying "onee-chan, Azzhara made me think lewd things. PLEASE help me kill him now!"

Lucia's eyes open up so hard they look as though they are about to pop out as soon as she sees this girl, while the blissful vampire in her arms dreamily says "oh, hey Flandre, this is Lucia, and you should just run now; really fast."

The human girl starts screaming again, forcing Flandre and everyone in the room (except Remilia) to cover their ears. "KYAAAAAHHHHHH! Annnoootherrr LOOOLIII VAMPIREEEE!" In a matter of seconds that insane human is behind Flandre Scarlet and is holding her in her right arm besides the Mistress of the Mansion, and renews her happy-hugging dance with the girls trapped by her embrace.

The blonde's face becomes as blissfully relaxed as her sister's, yet her narrowed (almost closed) eyes suggest that she is fairly annoyed.

She drops the cat so that it can go about its business; which he does by getting to a lawn chair to watch his girl get hugged by a human; then looks at her older sister and asks "hey, Remi, can I make her go kyuu?"

Remilia shakes her head slightly and says "no Flan. Just enjoy the moment. It's going to end eventually."

The blonde girl nods, sighs contently, then says "that sounds like a good idea. Mmm, yeah, this hug reminds me of mama's for some reason."

The disappointed chief maid sighs, facepalms and shakes her head while restraining herself from throttling the molester of HER mistresses, while Budou stands on the throne next to her to be at shoulder-level so as to pat that maid's shoulder and say "calm down, papa will eventually take her back to the village."

Sakuya sighs, smiles at the little bat youkai, and tries to hide her dark feelings by speaking sweetly (but fails at it). "My dear guest, I hope you'll cover your eyes when I get my hands on that pest-of-a-girl. I would not like to soil your sight with endless blood and vicious gore."

Budou's face pales quickly as she chuckles uncomfortably towards the murderously infuriated silver-haired maid.

That silver-haired maid opens the doors to the mansion's massive library while grinding her teeth behind the lips she keeps forcing into making a most disturbing smile.

Ail, Sanae and Budou enter shortly after her, and right behind them is Lucia, who still holds two blissfully limp vampire sisters in a loving hug, and who also has Azzhara in cat form sitting on her right shoulder.

The doors slowly close themselves up with magic while the amazed girl looks all around herself in awe. She can't help but express her amazement with soft whoa-s as she gazes upon the gigantic room with balconies of its own filled with bookshelves and books up to the third floor.

After she's done admiring as much as she can, she looks down at the melted vampires and says "wow, this is a nerd's paradise. There are more books here than I can shake a stick at."

She holds both sisters in one arm, plucks one of Flandre's wings, shakes it around, then places it back on the vampire's back, and then settles her on her free arm again before finally saying "see? I shook a stick at only some of them."

Remilia moans softly and Flandre flaps her wings rapidly while cooing and sighing contently.

Ail turns around after chuckling a bit and says "maybe you should let them go already, or they're going to melt for real."

Remilia stands to his right and casually says "you're a second too late." Flandre stands to his left and says "really now; she let us go right before you started chuckling. Tee-hee; to think I almost forced to you to become my mate."

Lucia looks at the incredibly distressed boy with a naughty, playful smirk on her face, coos haughtily and says "Anilan boy; you heartbreaker you~. You even go for the vampire lolis; I'm impressed."

The pale and distressed boy trembles hard and says "n-now don't go saying things I'll regret later, or I'll make you suffer! And it's NOT like I would let her have me anyway! I'm Sanae's man!"

His words have saved him from the retribution of a darkly enraged Sanae that was just about to beat him to a literal pulp with her bare hands. "That's right; my Ail-kun is mine and none other's. He told me so himself."

Ail chuckles nervously while trying to look away from his girlfriend and truthfully saying "that's right, my Sanae-chan is my one true love and there is none other."

Little horns grow on Lucia's head as she stares at the couple, and even lets lose a soft, yet clearly audible evil chuckle, then evilly says "I see~, I see~." She rubs her hands together while adding "it appears these two will be much fun to tease~! U-hu-hu-hu~!"

Despite the evil laughter from the seemingly kind human girl, the party continues on their way toward the center of the gigantic room, where they are being waited for by the semi-owner, and the assistant caretaker of the vast library.

Giant pink hearts suddenly take the place where Lucia's eyes are supposed to be as she drools and stares forward.

Sakuya stands next to the two librarian shut-ins, elegantly points at them with her hands, and then says "I know you three know them already, but for the sake of the new lady here, allow me to introduce Miss Patchouli Knowledge and her assistant, Miss Koakuma."

The one called Patchouli has long purple hair and purple eyes, and she wears a lilac sleeping robe, shoes and mop cap, a lilac and violet sleeping dress underneath, has a golden crescent moon on her hat, and wears light-blue and fuchsia ribbons on her hair and all over herself. She's looking as unfriendly as ever, and this is driving Lucia mad for her.

The one called Koakuma has long red hair, red eyes, and wears a black office suit that makes her gorgeous body look more inviting and pleasant to the eyes, and she has a pair of black bat wings on her back, and another smaller pair on her head. The human newcomer isn't sure if she should attack both at once, but she definitely wants the redhead the most.

The purple-haired girl looks around with unfriendly eyes, and then stops when she looks at Ail and says "I hope you came prepared." She then turns her gaze toward the new girl, raises an eyebrow, and asks "and who might this be?"

The little redhead devil girl can feel the lust coming from the girl and she likes it, but at the same time she knows her sister Rika would disapprove of taking advantage of such situation, and so she decides to inform her mistress about it... though is too late.

Lucia stands in front of both with her hands delicately placed against her waist as she bows down, then lifts her glistening lustful eyes and says "My name is Lucia Akiramoto. Can I touch your boobs!?"

"What the-HYAAAAAH!" Patchouli screams after she feels a pair of hands groping her from behind. She's not sure how or when, but she knows that the human is behind her and is violating her personal space; as well as her body.

"HEY! Patchouli is MINE!" Koakuma is about to remove the perverted pest, however she ends up shaking her hands instead and excitedly asking "how did you DO that!? I've been trying to grab my lady for so long!"

The human girl smiles and says "like this!" She's already behind the little devil and is giving her a live demonstration of her special speedy groping; which the redhead is visibly and silently enjoying as she flaps her wings with delight; then after getting off the girls she strikes a cool pose with her left knee on the rug, and says "fast! Like the wind."

Lucia promptly gets back on her feet, gropes the air, and while pondering carefully she says "that gorgeous purple girl is hiding such wondrous jiggly treasure underneath her robes. Oh yes, such soft and squeezable treasure. As for that delectable redhead, SHE'S REALLY GOT IT! My GOD she's got such a hot BODY! I'm kind of envious and aroused!"

Somewhere in the shadows, a pair of green eyes moves away from the area and heads toward one of the many first-floor exits.

Sakuya is, once again, suppressing her urges to throttle the human girl and turn her into a pin-cushion, Patchouli is still flustered from the sudden groping, Koakuma looks more delighted than ever, Remilia and Flandre are watching everything with amusement while floating in the air with Azzhara on the blonde's shoulder, and Sanae is trying her best not to burst out into laughter after seeing that girl in action from a safe point of view.

Ail sighs as he tries to apologize to the magician, but he knows better and simply says "I know, I know, you're going to take it out on me. Let's just get on with it."

The purple-haired girl snaps out of her confusion, growls at the boy, and says "well you CAN'T expect me to take it out on Koa! Besides, YOU brought her here, so YOU will answer for this travesty!"

Lucia turns around to look at them back and forth, then asks "what's going on here?"

Sanae, smacks her back, both out of amusement and as a way to get her back for what's going to happen to Ail now, then says "come, we need to get out of the way. By the way, if something happens to my Ail-kun for this, I'll make you hurt~."

Budou smiles casually and says "well, you earned it Miss Lucia. Pray Papa wins this one."

The confused girl looks around while wondering what exactly is going on, but then Flandre, who has this longing dreamy look on her face, tugs on the girl's jacket and looks up at her with pleading eyes.

Lucia feels her heart burst and turn into something sweet and feels as though she could faint with a smile on her face, but instead she gets a bit of a nosebleed while she smiles and picks the blonde girl up, then holds her in a hug where she falls asleep almost immediately.

A boy with wavy black hair made into a small ponytail, yellow eyes, and has three tails growing behind him, who wears long green-camouflage pants, geta sandals, and a black muscle shirt, stands to Lucia's side and casually says "don't molest my dear Flandre, you hear me?"

The human girl is biting her bottom lips while glancing down at the boy's tails with hungry lusty eyes, and while still biting her lips she replies "mm! That ass!"

Azzhara glares at her from the corner of his eyes while the human girl finishes pinching his butt, and then says "try that again and I'll shred your hairstyle to hell!"

Lucia merely holds Flandre and (somehow) Remilia in a warm motherly hug while cooing and purring at the sleeping vampires, ignoring those threats.

Ail and Patchouli finish what looked like long preparations for some battle, and both seem about ready to begin. They stand in the center of the library where there appears to be a barrier made entirely out of magic that is keeping them (well, actually their bullets) inside and away from the books.

The magician points at the boy and says "now don't you dare hold back just because we are all...friends." A light pink color takes her cheeks after saying that. "Ahem, I'll give you all I got, and I do want to get you back for bringing that pervert here."

The boy thinks she looks cute blushing like that, but he believes it's best to keep that to himself, and so he pretends to ignore it. "Fine, fine; two spell cards each; is that alright?"

The magician nods and says "since it's just a friendly match; yes, two are acceptable", and then she begins to hover three feet over the floor while her opponent appears to be praying silently and gathering energy to himself.

Lucia stares at them from a comfortable couch (a brand new addition to the library) where she also has Remilia and Flandre sleeping on her chest. She then looks at Sanae with confusion and asks "spell cards? What's that? What is going on here?"

The green haired shrine maiden smiles subtly while she combs Budou's hair with her fingers, and says "it's what we use to settle disputes over here in Gensokyo. Because of this rule, when a human battles a youkai (for example), said human has a good chance to survive and escape with his/her life. Still, danmaku bullets hurt... I think it's best if you just watch."

All eyes turn to Ail and Patchouli, and while Sakuya serves tea to everyone but Lucia, the two within the magical barrier begin to float around and move at precise moments while shooting each other with colorful bullets in the shape of petals, arrows, lasers, orbs; and the magician also has fireballs in her arsenal.

The purple-haired magician finds herself trapped between laser beams and has little room to dodge small blue and white petals and large explosive orange orbs, and seems like she's having little trouble swaying between shots.

The boy has to find openings between clusters of arrows, fireballs and water orbs, but he seems to be quite relaxed about the attacks.

Lucia watches everything with a surprised look on her face, and although feeling slightly anxious, she manages to keep her cool. "Wait a minute" she whispers. "Those are the same things that sexy bunny girl shot at me before; right after I analyzed her boobs."

Except for the blissfully napping vampire sisters, all the girls around the perverted human stare at her with some wariness as they all take baby steps away from her. Sakuya, on the other hand, wishes to slit the girl's throat and be proclaimed the "murderous heroine".

Inside the barrier, both Ail and Patchouli raise their right hand above their heads, then each (almost at the same time) seem to speak something out loud, however to Lucia, it seems like they are just pretending to shout.

The human girl, curious as to what's happening, is about to ask Sanae what they are doing, but that not-so-familiar-to-her sound of Spell Cards activating catches her attention, and she watches as their spells unleash.

The boy has unleashed his Mad Waves, Raging Torrent spell, while the librarian unleashed Agni Shine, High Level, and what should be a contest of dodging bullet has become an intense collision between fire and water. The steam inside the magical barrier is becoming ridiculous, so they both cancel their spells at the same time.

The brown-haired girl; while still combing the sleeping vampires' hairs; looks amazed and scared. Sanae, knowing her confusion from what Ail had told her, decides to explain. "It appears you can't see Spell Cards yet. Ail and Kyo had to go through the same thing at first, but once they adapted to living here; or something along those lines; they were able to see them and eventually use Spell Cards of their own."

Lucia nods to acknowledge the girl's explanation and keeps on watching in awe.

Inside the barrier, the boy chuckles and says "well, that could have gone better. Round 2 then?" The magician merely nods and opens a book, and her barrage of metal pikes begins to rain down on the boy.

The brown-haired boy returns the barrage with linked white orbs that spin in trios before splitting and raining down on Patchouli. She does not seem too amused.

He smiles mischievously at her, raises his second Spell Card, and then confidently says "sorry Patchy, but it's time I end this."

Patchouli returns his mischievous smile with a wicked grin of her own; that incidentally seems to be heating both Koakuma and Lucia up; and says "oh that is what you believe, but I have finally perfected... that spell. Remember?"

The boy's confident smile vanishes with a gasp from himself, and as he seems to want to back away he speaks with fright. "You-you wouldn't happen to be talking about...?"

The girl's grin widens, then she declares "Metal and Fire Sign, Dragon's Last Breath!"

The dense one yelps, backs away from the two giant swords she holds; the metal one on her left hand and the fire sword on her right; and then he suddenly declares "Light Sign, Holy Dance!" It's to protect himself from the giant dragon with chromed metal plates for scales and flaming wings that forms when the magician claps both swords in front of herself.

He is now surrounded by a white energy orb that protects him from direct contact from the metal blades and saws that come from the dragon's mouth and neck, or the flaming blades and crystals that shoot out of its wings.

From that very barrier, 8 lasers spread out and trap Patchouli between them while the triangle-linked white bullets that slowly spin out of said shield rain down on her and her dragon.

The impressed Lucia keeps watching from outside with her mouth agape, unaware that Remilia and Flandre are watching the battle with interest to her side, or that Budou has jumped from Sanae's lap to Lucia's own. (She keeps staring at the newcomer with great interest.)

Said human softly expresses her awe, then says "just look at her trying to kick his jewels while he tries to grope her boobs. This match is so intense! Look at all those jiggly part-AR-HYA, WAY-AAHH! Sorry, SORRY!"

Sanae has applied a simple, but painful shoulder-lock on the girl to shut her up; Budou jumps off of the girl's lap as she doubles over from her arm being bent backward; and says "don't soil my Anilan's name you perverted harpy!"

Having being calmed down, Lucia takes a few deep breaths to recover herself, then looks toward the battle barrier and says "jeez, I was just imagining how-EEP!"

Noticing Sanae's evil death-glare being shot at her from the corner of said beauty's eyes, the brown-haired human decides it is one of those times where she's better off keeping quiet and watching; which she does.

Both Patchouli's and Ail's spells are about to time out, however the cunning boy decides to try a gamble; he sacrifices his shield's strength and joins all 8 beams, turning them into one deadly beam of holy light.

The magician smiles; she was expecting some form of desperation move from him, and so she merely moves left and lets her dragon take the hit for her.

The boy sighs with confidence, lowering his guard while looking at the librarian, then says "well now, that was a close call."

The purple-haired girl chuckles and says "sorry, but you still have to pay your dues for that pervert."

"Wha-?" Before he realizes it, the dragon shoots one of its plates at him (minimized in size so that it can travel faster), and strikes him hard on the forehead with a loud clang, knocking him out of the air and on to the ground with a bump the size of his fist pulsating on that head of his.

Sanae holds her head as she gets up with a loud sigh and an inexplicable first aid kit on her right hand, then she makes her way to her boyfriend while saying "and he got too confident again... or... I see."

Budou sighs and flaps her little wings while heading toward her Papa and saying "Phredia, we're going to need you for this one."

The little bat youkai's chest glows momentarily, and from the glow pops a cute little fairy with pointy ears, blue eyes and long blonde hair, who wears a cute dark-blue dress with a cute little apron on it.

The second Lucia sees her, her eyes glisten, her voice softens, and after a whimper and a coo she says "that's the cutest little fairy I have ever seen... and she has large tiny boobs too."

From all the way over on Ail's head, the little elf fairy snaps her fingers and a washtub falls right on Lucia's head, making a horribly loud clang and knocking the girl right out-cold. She has little fairies flying around in circles over her head while she moans and mutters incoherently.

Remilia gives a long flat stare at Budou, then gazes flatly at her fairy and says "she was complimenting you." Phredia doesn't care.

Later on, after the bumps were taken care of, everyone stands at the center of the mansion's foyer to say their farewells to the visitors and the hosts.

Sakuya has a disgusted look on her face as her mistresses wave happily to their guests.

Ail finishes shaking hands with Remilia, then says "maybe next time I'll bring some refreshments and we can have a nice meal, hmm?"

The light-blue haired vampire grins mischievously and says "that sounds delightful. If you could bring it frozen so Sakuya can make it into ice cream again, I would be twice as delighted."

Lucia's face beams, she tackles Ail right out of the way to get in front of her adorable vampires, and speaks like a desperate maniac in need of a fix. "Did you say your gorgeous maid knows how to make ice cream!?"

The little blonde vampire nods and rapidly says "oh yeah. Sakuya can make LOTS of delicious treats! She's the best!"

"Y-you mean like cake?"

The vampires nod proudly.

"Scones; chocolate milk; iced cupcakes; parfaits; CREAM-FILLED DOUGHNUTS!?"

The vampires nod to every mentioned sweet treat and don't seem the least bit affected by how the desperate human's voice seems to become more pitched every moment.

Lucia's eyes sparkle, she begins to drool, and before she can ask it, Remilia giggles and says "maybe next time you come you can have some cake, or perhaps some ice cream."

"REALLY?" shrieks the overexcited girl, causing all, and even Meiling (yes, all the way over at the gate) to rub their ears in pain for a second or two.

Sakuya eagerly destroys the girl's hopes by coldly saying "pardon me My Lady, but I ultimately refuse to make anything sweet or special for this monstrous pervert who almost robbed you and Miss Flandre from something very pure and important."

The elder Scarlet stares at her maid with some surprise in her eyes, and then says "but if you make some for me, by default you will have to make some for her, right?"

The maid crosses her arms over her chest in the form of a huge X and says "Mistress Remilia, I would rather have you rip me apart before I do anything pleasant for that repulsive heathen!"

Remilia turns around with a casual face and shrugs unimportantly, then says "hm, sorry Lucia but you heard her."

Flandre giggles mischievously and says "that's what you get for groping that perfect butt without asking." And right after saying that she grabs Sakuya's left bun and gives it a good pinch, to which the maid responds with an elegant and silent death-glare that the blonde can't help but sweat at. She's keeping a smug smile to hide the horrific terror she's feeling within.

Meanwhile, Lucia wears a white robe with extra-long sleeves and is kneeling on a green cushion she seems to have had on her person, and with a very sweet smile on her face she reveals a knife hidden under her right sleeve, aims it at herself, and then sweetly says "then there's nothing left for me to live for."

Ail, Budou, Phredia and Sanae each hold one of the crazy girl's limbs while shouting at the same time (except the fairy) many reasons not to kill herself over sweets. The human girl surprises them all with her strength while shouting "WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? DOUGHNUTS ARE LOVE! LOOOOOOOOVE!"

Flandre looks at her sister with disinterest and asks "should we try to stop her?"

Remilia chuckles while shaking her head, not sure of what to answer, and she's looking charismatic about it.

Lucia reappears in front of her hosts (looking as fine as if nothing has happened at all), and presents her camera. "Say, you guys, is it alright if I take a picture of everyone? Especially of you two, you beautiful and adorable little lolita vampires you!"

The Mistress acts as if what's been said is quite normal. She smiles and nods, then commands "everyone, gather around!"

There are lots of murmurs and bits of commotion as the girls (and that one lucky boy) get together for the picture at the stairs of the foyer, then everyone settles down after the camera's click.

In the picture, Remilia, Flandre, Budou and Phredia are in the front, Sanae, Ail, Sakuya and Meiling are behind them, with a very grumpy-looking Patchouli next to Koakuma, who seems to be trying to cheer her mistress up. Behind all of them are Kimi, who has a predatory look on her face as she looks at Ail's posterior, and Lucia, who is drooling while looking at all those butts in front of her; particularly Sakuya's. It begs to wonder who took that photo.

At that very moment, at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu rubs her temples and grumbles to herself as she sweeps the grounds with her magically enhanced broom. Apparently she's had a few annoying visitors with demands, and her already thin patience is on double-negative digits.

Rika would love nothing more than to take the broom from her mistress's hands(?), but she knows, as her mood is, she could put herself in harm's way. Suzaku, however, keeps a close watch on the aggravated shrine maiden out of concern.

Said shrine maiden mutters under her breath one last time, sighs, and then she sees Satori; a girl with short purple hair she adorns with a black hairband and purple eyes who wears a long-sleeved light-blue shirt, a pink skirt, and has a red third-eye floating around her chest linked by tendrils that link to her body; walking to her from the stairs, and so her eyes flare up.

She speaks with animosity. "Let me guess! Some random youkai got his or her energy drained and you want me to look into it, right!? Well get in line because the list is long, and it's going to be a first-come first-served deal!"

The mind-reader backs away and her eyes immediately well up with tears. Even the great Reimu Hakurei can't defend herself against this much sudden tenderness coming from the softly-whimpering figure before her, and so her mood takes a complete turn for the better.

"A-wa-wa-WAIT! No, I'm sorry; it's just been a stressful day!" The shrine maiden looks around for something to distract Satori, but when she fails that, she calls "Rika! Rika-chan I need your help here!"

Moments later, after tea and treats have been dispensed on the shrine's veranda, and the cute youkai has been calmed down, (to everyone's great surprise) Chiaki approaches the guest and asks "so what's the matter? What's got cha so upset there, Miss?"

Satori rubs the fox-girl's head while smiling and says "you're such a good girl." She then looks at Reimu and says "I'm sorry for my behavior; it's just that some of my pets have been attacked by some unknown person and they are all in very delicate conditions."

Now that she's back to her cold self, Reimu casually sips on her tea, then says "well you should keep your pets on shorter leashes. I've told you it's not safe for pets to be wandering around on their own."

She sighs and adds "you're lucky most of them are youkai, or they would really be..." She notices a look of despair on the mind-reader's face and asks "what is it? You're not telling me something are you?"

The purple-haired girl seems to be back to her usual calm self, although her eyes tell she's under a lot of stress. "I can see you have already heard the same story; of how someone is draining youkai and spirits of their magic and leaving them for dead."

She pauses to catch her breath, and speaks darkly and with fright. "My pets' energies have been drained the same way, to the point that they lost what made them youkai in the first place, and some are dying right under my nose, and..." Her tears well up and her voice cracks, "and I can't do anything to save them."

Rika pats the guest's back and coos before speaking softly while comforting the girl with her soft wings. "It's alright. There, there." She lifts her gaze to meet with her mistress and asks "if it's alright with you My Lady, I would like to accompany Miss Satori to her home. Perhaps there's something I can do to save her pets."

Satori sniffles as she rubs her face with her sleeve and says "Reimu, one of my pets saw who it was. She says it's a very powerful vampire with grey hair and grey eyes. She's also carrying a spear around and wears some sort of... maid's outfit or something similar to that. She's gathering magic for her own needs, and is doing so forcefully. My dear pets didn't stand a chance."

Something clicks in the maiden's mind, but the satori before her is too upset to notice. Realizing this said maiden decides to say "really? That sounds vaguely familiar to... something someone told me."

Both Rika and Satori stare at her with curious suspicion, then Reimu just smiles at them and says "alright Rika, go and help Satori's pets as only you can, and please take Chiaki with you."

The curvy fox girl is thrilled by the order and is already showing signs of wanting to go off on to the underground palace. The shrine maid, on the other hand, seems concerned and asks "eh? Are you sure of this Miss Reimu? Chiaki is quite capable of taking-!"

"Just go, please. That youkai mind-reader there won't say it, but she's quite anxious to get back home now."

As both girls stare at her with surprised faces, the shrine maiden giggles and says "come on, I don't need to be a mind-reader to tell. Just go, I'll be fine."

Rika nods. She grabs Satori and Chiaki by their hips, and just as the mind-reader is about to ask, the maid says "hang on tight," and then as soon as four ethereal wings appear on her back, they are gone; along with Satori's scream of surprise.

Tenshi walks out of the shrine's living room asking "hey, where is she going with those-!"

Reimu grabs her shirt and easily pulls her down, and speaks softly but with urgency. "Tenshi, I think she's really here!"

"What? What are you talking about?"

Before the celestial finishes asking, the human continues "listen, Satori said that one of her pets saw a vampire girl with grey hair and grey eyes that's sapping the magic out of every spirit. She also said she's wearing some sort of maid-like clothes."

Tenshi gasps with surprise and exclaims "wait that sounds like-!"

"Exactly," exclaims Reimu under her breath. "Fits the description VIVIT gave us when we asked about her."

The celestial seems a little upset and it shows as she speaks. "Then what should we do!? We can't let her hurt Rika!"

The shrine maiden looks away and says "I don't know, but I'm sure as hell not let her get close to our girl. For now, let's keep our eyes open when going around the place, alright."

The blue-haired girl nods; it appears the culprit of the current attacks on the youkai is now a wanted fugitive.

And speaking of which, not too far from the mountain where the Hakurei Shrine rests, Muse sits on a lawn chair she's made for herself while resting under the shade of some trees.

She seems to be lazing around, but her interest suddenly perks up when an odd spirit floats near her area. "Would you look at that? Fresh for the- oh... wait, this one's too full of regrets."

She lies back down and sighs as she relaxes, and says to herself "if I absorb THAT thing, it's going to take me back at least 10-fold. Girl's gotta watch what she eats, hmm?"

The wandering spirit takes the shape of a searching man, and then disappears after looking around the area, leaving a small ectoplasm trace behind.

Meanwhile, at the village, Keine is chuckling while looking toward the sky as she stands in front of her school/house.

Her voice expresses her surprise when Ail's gap opens in front of her, and then she yelps when Lucia falls right out of it and drops on her face like a ball of lead in water.

"Lucia, are you alright?" The teacher helps her guest up on her feet and dusts her off while saying "that has got to be the worst landing I have ever seen, and I've seen Mokou dropping drunk from the sky."

The human girl moans and smiles as little stars fly around her head. She looks at the History teacher and weakly says "thank you mama. Ehehehe, those portals are a riot. Ba-ha-ha-ha!"

Keine sighs, looks up, and asks "she got her brain stabbed, didn't she?"

Anilan, who has Budou and Sanae around him inside his gap, casually waves his hand right and left and says "no, nothing like that. She got stabbed on her left breast after she tried to touch Sakuya at the stairs. She almost ruined the picture."

The teacher sighs and asks "a picture? I hope it was nice."

After a miraculous instant recovery, Lucia stands up straight and proudly says "oh yeah, wait 'till you see those cute panties the-." She stops when she notices someone behind Keine.

Her eyes intensify and she takes a throttling stance, then she jumps toward the guest while happily exclaiming "Akyuuuuuu~!" (She has a huge heart in her mouth as she jumps.)

The cute chronicler takes a step back and prepares herself to having her chest groped (though is cowering behind her own arms), but once again Minako steps in at the very last second and has used her own body as a shield. She wears her white robes with Akyuu's picture sewn on the left breast.

Lucia grunts with frustration and says "you again! You body is FINE, but it's HERS I want!"

Minako; while blushing; grins with hate-filled eyes at the perverted girl and says "Lady Akyuu's purity is MINE and MINE alone, you evil witch!"

The newcomer grins, hops away from the servant, then takes a fighting stance and declares "no more of this shit! Today I'm touching Akyuu's cute body!"

Minako takes a defensive stance and declares "over Ail's dead body!"

"Don't bring me into your crap," demands the angry boy.

Lucia rushes toward her opponent and lands an open palm on said woman's belly. She thinks she has the upper hand when the robed woman grunts, but then Minako grabs her arm, roars as she pulls her upward, then throws her over her head behind herself.

Keine's daught-er... guest twirls in the air and manages to land on her left knee, slowly gets back up with her right hand always raised beside her, then she dashes left to chop her opponent's hip.

The young woman defends herself, but the city girl easily moves to her opponent's right and strikes her hips on the left, forcing the robed babe to grunt and back away while holding the sore hip.

Minako recovers fairly quickly. She moves her hands around herself with great precision while loudly breathing in and out, and then she opens her eyes and an intense energy rushes from within her.

Lucia smiles and coos haughtily, does similar moves with her hands and legs, and when she expels her breath and unleashes her own intense energy, she looks at her opponent with a challenging glare and says "bring it, bitch!"

Both girls roar as they rush toward each other with their right hands speared and raised above their heads, and when in range they both unleash their attacks; however Minako moves slightly to the right, then kicks Lucia's stomach with her knee, knocking the air out of the girl and successfully winning the match.

The winning girl pants with exhaustion but still points her hand at the loser and declares "ta-take that you fiend! Akyu-Akyuu's... innocence... is MINE!"

She turns around and happily says "come here Lady Akyuu, and let my hands-BOOF!"

And down goes the servant of the cute chronicler that has just sunk a mighty fist into her abdomen.

Akyuu's face shows her disgust as her servant drops to the ground, and after a grunt she speaks with irritation. "What the hell makes you think I was even considering letting you even graze me? Now stay down and think about your actions!"

That cute and seemingly defenseless girl sighs and rearranges her hair as she heads back to Keine's side while saying "gotta show 'em who's boss, right?"

Everyone leaves shortly after, leaving the two fighters on their own and acting as though they don't care that there are two hurt human girls writhing in pain on the grass.

Lucia struggles to move her neck so that she can look at Minako, then grunts out of breath. "U-ughu... This... is all... your fault."

The servant sniffles (she's emotionally hurt after her own Akyuu punched her gut), and then sadly says "she hates me... Lady Akyuu... hates me."

From the distance Keine loudly shouts "did she just call me her mother again!?"

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail and his Spell Cards, Budou, Phredia, Kimi, Chiaki, Kyo and Lucia were created by Willie G.R.

Patchouli's "Metal and Fire Sign, Dragon's Last Breath" Spell Card was created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

JAN 30 2014

Written by

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