It is a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the Human Village where an adorable little girl with short, curvy brown hair, red eyes, cat ears, long red nails, who is wearing a red dress with long white sleeves, a silly green beret, and a green jacket with a sash full of badges, skips her merry way toward Keine's school/house.

She hums her merry way while making her two tails swing around as she skips quite contently, and then she stops right in front of the door and knocks twice. "Good morniiiiing~! Ish anybody home?"

The adorable nekomata can hear footsteps from within the house and a girl's voice saying "coming~!"

The door opens and Lucia smiles at their visitor. "Well hello there; what can I do-?" Her eyes open wide and her smile hurts her cheeks. "Oh my; i-i-it's an ADORABLE CAT G-EUEH!?"

As said cat girl purrs and meows adorably, she lifts a basket that appears on her right arm, and it's filled with boxes of cookies. It is at this moment that Lucia notices the beret, the jacket, the sash and the badges and begins to sweat coldly.

Her face pales, her eyes lose focus, and her entire body begins to shake, all while the adorable two-tailed girl says "hi, nya~! My name is Chen, and I'm selling cookies! Would you like some?"

The human girl's breath becomes broken as she takes a step back, then she gulps and rapidly says "g-g-g-girl scout." She suddenly jumps over the little girl; out of the safety of the house; and runs away screaming like a little girl "GIRL SCOOOOUT!"

She reaches the dirt road leading to the village's market place and looks back. Chen is running after her on all fours, smiling and not breaking a single sweat while shouting "Wait, I got cucumber flavor! I also got vanilla bean flavor!"

"KYAAAAAAHHHHHH! Get your sugary sweet evilness AWAY FROM MEEEE!" The human girl doesn't lose a single ounce of strength after shouting like that while running like a terrorized lunatic.

She tackles a young man straight onto the lips of the market's most gorgeous woman, creating an accidental couple in the process; who don't seem to mind making a spectacle. She then knocks a little rock straight at a kiosk and knocks a little stick holding its folding roof up, which slams straight on to the back of a woman purchasing a cucumber and traps her there.

The draft that follows after Chen zips through causes the trapped woman's kimono to lift up just enough for the men to see her surprisingly modern underwear. Many noses bleed that morning.

Once again, Lucia looks back and sees the cat girl smiling at her while running after her and saying "I also have almond cookies or chocolate sandies with cream in the middle!"

The human girl screeches with terror and shouts "eeeeeviiiiil! Girl scouts are EEEVIIIIIL!"

She takes a turn to the right and goes to the shoes district of the market place. There, she runs over a teenager and accidentally forces him to kiss the shoe of a very tall woman in a blue kimono.

When he looks up to recover his bearings, he gets a nice peek at what's below the woman's kimono, and so he blushes and smiles. This earns him a stomp on the face and the woman's raging screams deafening his ears. He earns a visit to Kotohime's prison shortly after.

The crazy human girl continues her horror-mad dash that sends an old man to the air after a bone-cracking tackle, while Chen dashes by and shouts "I also have sprinkled coconut cookies with chocolate cream in the middle."

Lucia screams as though her life is being sucked out of her by a horrific purple banshee, then shouts "STOP SELLING ME COOKIES, you evil, dark omen of the Netherworld!"

The old man finally falls, and lands right on his hands. He immediately hops on his right hand and amazes everyone with impossible hand-stands, incredible flips and somersaults, and finally, after landing on his feet with a straight back, he looks toward the cowering girl with tears of joy in his eyes and says "I now feel 60 years younger! Bless you young angel!"

And so Lucia continues to run as if her life depended on it and then some, while Chen runs as though being playful and casual about it and shouting "come on Miss! I just need to sell 300 more boxes so I can suck your soul-er, I mean, get a new badge!"

The human girl screams as though she's a horror-movie starlet, then shouts "I knew it! I KNEW IT! Girl scouts will steal my SOOOUUUULLLL!"

She's trapped. She's run herself straight into a dead-end alley, and try as she might; even tries crawling on the walls like a giant cockroach; she can't escape.

Chen is now staring with her cat-like face beaming at her prey at the other end of that alley. She approaches slowly with her mysterious basket raised chest-high and says "if you buy one of each, I'll let you touch my tails."

Lucia whimpers as she futilely tries to back away, hoping the wall will break a path for her; a path to freedom, but she's sorely disappointed. Her whimpers increase as her tormentor gets closer and her face takes an unhealthy blue color.

The nekomata stops when three steps away from the girl, lifts her basket, and says "perhaps you'd like lemon cookies baked with vanilla cream and smothered in honey?"

The human girl's death-scream pierces the ears of every other human in the market place, and even manages to scare off or knock out those youkai with sensitive hearing.

Later that morning a blonde woman with very long hair tied with several red bows at 4 ends, purple eyes, and who wears a light-pink mop hat, and an elegant white dress with a purple panel that does little to hide her ample bosom, is floating over the front yard of the school.

Behind her are Chen, and another blonde woman with nine yellow fox tails, short hair and yellow eyes, who wears a light-pink two-tailed hat that has several yellow charms on it, and a very elegant white dress with an indigo panel on top, that; like the former woman; does little to hide her ample bosom.

Between them, on the ground, foaming at the mouth and twitching spontaneously, is Lucia Akiramoto, still quite affected by her close encounter with a girl-scout-induced near-death.

Keine looks furious toward the woman with the purple panel and says "god damn it, Yukari, you did that on purpose!"

Yukari chuckles while covering her mouth with a purple paper fan she pulls out of one of her gaps; seemingly unaware that the woman with the blue panel is being groped by a miraculously recovered Lucia; and casually says "my, whatever do you mean? I merely instructed Chen to sell her some cookies."

She sighs, then adds "I guess Ran was right when she said her little Chen wasn't up to the task. ...Oh?"

She finally notices the brown-haired human standing next to her with her golden highlight glowing as she breathes lewd steam through her mouth, and then says "see? The girl's fine."

Said girl purrs almost predatorily, then says "hi, my name is Lucia Akiramoto! Can I touch your gorgeous body, you powerful being with such a perfect shape?"

Yukari looks back at Ran flat on the ground and holding her chest while panting quite loudly (while Chen stares curiously), then looks at the human girl and smiles as she says "go ahead darling, you deserve it!"

Lucia cheers and jumps on the woman's back, and immediately begins her chest-groping with a cutely innocent smile on her face.

Keine, on the other hand, looks positively enraged, and shouts "don't encourage that deplorable behavior, and get the hell out of our village!"

The blonde woman coos playfully and says "calm down Miss Stiff-Shoulders, and have a little rub."

She opens a pair of gaps between her chest and Lucia's hands, and now the history teacher screams when she gets groped by her guest from a distance. Run, scream or scratch, she can't do anything to remove the sensation of the girl's hand on her bosom.

That human girl looks at Yukari with surprise and asks "wow that is AWESOME! Say, can you open one of those gappy things to Reimu's butt?"


The scream of surprise and rage that rumbles from the Hakurei Shrine so early in the morning unsettles the entire land of Gensokyo, and has everyone feeling anxious or afraid afterward.

At the Hakurei Shrine's veranda sits a most familiar blonde witch. Marisa pouts sorely since she's been burned by danmaku, has needles on her shoulders, talismans on her legs, and her outfit is in total shambles.

Her host and friend, Reimu, walks over to her with a tray of snacks and tea, and has a very satisfied look on her face as she sets that tray between them and says "that felt good. It is very nice to let out some steam after a rude awakening."

Marisa gives her long-time friend a dirty dark glare while saying "shut up. I didn't even bring any spell cards today, you raging bitch."

The shrine maiden chuckles playfully as she flaps her hand toward her friend and says "don't be so sore. I made you some tea as an apology, so drink up."

The blonde glares at her tea before she lifts the cup to take a sip, then grips a piece of cake as though wanting to strangle it before putting it in her mouth, and speaks angrily with her mouth full, for good measure "it'sh good. I'm shtill mhad."

Reimu chuckles uncomfortably. She knows her sudden attack to her friend (who was totally unprepared and not even looking for a fight) was completely uncalled for; but she needed to vent that frustration after the morning butt-grope, and Tenshi and Suzaku had already escaped the premises long before she could find them.

To her great relief, Rika and Chiaki arrive to the shrine by the stairs at that very moment, and in her eagerness to break the awkward atmosphere, she jumps to her feet with a smile on her face and happily says "Rika-chan~, Chiaki~, welcome back!"

The angel and her foxy familiar look at each other with perplexed faces, but the maid decides to roll along with it and smiles back at her mistress. "My Lady; thank you for your lovely welcoming words."

Marisa's glare remains the same as her eyes go from Reimu, then back to her tea. It doesn't take Rika long to figure out what has happened; especially after seeing the damage done to the witch; so the waves her wings a bit while saying "Miss Marisa, I'm so sorry I wasn't present. I was dealing with an emergency, you see, and-."

Reimu can't help but interrupt by asking "that's right; Rika, what happened down there? How did it go?"

There is a pained look on both maid and vixen's faces; who glance at each other before the angelic sweetheart says "we managed to save a few of her pets, but I'm afraid we lost two."

"That pretty lady was devastated," adds Chiaki while looking down at her feet.

Rika nods and says "Miss Reimu you will be pleased to know that these losses have made Miss Satori decide on shortening her pet's leashes until such time as the vile culprit is caught."

The shrine maiden's eyes become focused and she says "please tell me all about it."

The sweet maid is already working on pulling the persuasion needles out of Marisa; who keeps her dark glare and doesn't react to the pain at all; while saying "well, most of the dogs were dodging cats that were jumping around in a craze."

Reimu raises an eyebrow while her maid continues "the foxes were sly and managed to avoid the medicine, however the mokele mbembe swatted them back into shape with the rhino. Then came the hyenas who laughed themselves to sleep, and last-but-not-least was the cryptid and her cold nose. We had to warm her up with fire from the baby dragon sleeping with the chickens."

There is a long moment of silence while Rika removes the charms from the witch, then the shrine maiden raises her eyebrow and scratches her hair, then asks "are you making fun of me?"

"What?" asks the maid with a genuine confused look in her eyes. Reimu shakes her head and says "j-just continue. What happened to the two that died? What exactly... killed them?"

Rika's face turns almost blue, her lips make a heart-breaking frown, and fighting her desire to cry she manages to say "we-ahem, well... the first to die was a young puma. I managed to calm her down, but she was so stressed out that she ended up damaging her own heart before I got to her. Miss Satori was so pained..."

She looks away to hide her own pained look, and after she manages to settle herself, she looks at her mistress with a scowl and says "the second one to die was a beautiful grey wolf. This one..." She starts to cry as she continues "this one hurt the most. We managed to stabilize her when I got there, but she was so depressed. She kept asking for Miss Satori's forgiveness, even at her last second of life. No matter how many times Miss Satori accepted her apology, she didn't stop asking."

Rika is looking very pained as she recalls what she saw, and sobs before saying "Miss Satori was so hurt. Chiaki and I did everything we could to comfort her; that's why we took so long to return."

She raises her face and reveals a steeled scowl and tear-stained cheeks. "Miss Reimu, whoever did this to them killed them in a most horrid way; to let them suffer after taking away all their magic and life is unforgivable!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Marisa surprises everyone with her sudden reaction. "Their magic? Explain Rika, with as much detail as you can."

The maid nods and says "all the animals that were dying had their magic drained out of their bodies, and all were turned back to being just animals. All of them talk about the gray-haired vampire girl to Miss Satori, but none of them can tell more than that. Miss Reimu, whatever kind of monster is doing this could soon attack others, including humans with magic. She said so to the jackalope when she was elaborating."

Reimu nods silently with a frown that makes her look frightening, and then, in a low tone, she asks "and... Satori? Before you left, what did you sense from her?"

Rika can't hide how worried she is as she says "she is in terrible pain. There is a high probability that she might try and take these matters into her own hands to ease her heart."

The shrine maiden holds her chin and looks towards a shrub while focusing on her thoughts.

Marisa sighs, feeling less sore from the undeserved beating the got, and says "it looks like you have a heavy incident on your hands, Reddie."

Reimu merely glances toward her friend, but remains thoughtful as worry consumes her; at least until she notices Marisa is currently resting on the lap of her Rika while said girl keeps rubbing the witch's sore spots with her wings.

It is now Reimu's turn to give her friend a dirty dark glare that could melt iron walls. That blonde is in bliss mode and doesn't care, and merely chuckles to the soothing sensation, while, to the shrine maiden's dismay, a washtub falls on the black-haired girl's head, forcing her to crouch and hold her head in pain.

After lunchtime, Keine and Lucia walk through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost when the latter girl asks "are you suuuuuure I need to get myself checked? I feel just fine Mama Keine."

The history teacher twitches to her being called "Mama" once again, however she decides to ignore it and answers the question. "Lucia, you were fainted, shivering, and foaming at the mouth. That kind of stress could not have been good for your body; now quit complaining and keep up."

"It would be nice to have your head checked as well..." mutters the woman to herself while glancing suspiciously to her right.

Lucia easily catches up and asks "what was that last part?"

Keine chuckles sweetly as she rubs the girl's head, then says "nothing Lucia. It was nothing at all."

Their walk is quiet and uneventful for a whole half hour, until the teacher suddenly says "we're almost there. Te-hee; you know, we could have just flown there in just a few minutes, but seeing as you can't fly, I would like you to at least familiarize yourself with this forest."

She stops when she doesn't get an answer from her companion, and looks back with worry and asks what's wrong, but when she sees Lucia's face so calm and seemingly hurt; she grabs the girl by the cheeks and bumps her forehead with her own.

"You don't seem to have a fever. Lucia, what's wrong? You're so quiet."

The girl graces her host with a soft smile, and to Keine's surprise she speaks calmly and softly. "I know it's weird whenever I call you "mom", but you remind me so much of her... I just can't help it."

"Lucia...?" is all Keine manages to whisper before the girl continues "she was such a lovely woman. I swear, you look just like her; erm, only with silver hair with blue highlights... and longer hair. Not to mention that lovely rack."

The teacher's face turns red and she's about to scold the girl, but she gets a mix of anger and pity when looking at Lucia's longing face as she continues. "She, like you, understood of my behavior. Tee-hee; we never figured out if I was a lesbian, a bi, or straight. U-fu-fu, I just like to do what I do; you know what I'm saying?"

Lucia bends down near a wall of bamboo and picks a tiny white flower with a violet center that was growing between them, and stares at it while saying "and then came my father, and the day I opened my fucking mouth."

Her calm expression turns dark and violent, and then she viciously crushes the flower while speaking darkly. "He convinced her I needed to be medicated after I shared my secret with him! He convinced her I wasn't NORMAL! HE is the reason she punished me! HE is the reason the spirits stopped visiting us and blessings us! I hate him! I hate him so much!"

Keine approaches the girl and looks at her with concern as she rubs her back while speaking softly, hoping the girl will calm down. "Lucia... What exactly happened between you and him? Did he ever-?"

"No," she rapidly answers. He loved me like any father would love his child; until I told him about my gift with the spirits. He did beat me once, thinking it would make me normal, but other than that, he never laid a finger on me. He did turn mom against me. I was so alone, Miss Keine. For years I pretended to take my medications and acted... normal. I only had animals, some old people, and what few spirits that still came when I called; and then one day, out of the blue, my mom saw grandma in a dream and then started talking to me again. She accepted me once more. I had someone other than the old people at the home to talk to."

She blows the pieces of the flower that remained on her hand and watches them flutter away as she says "and then she goes and dies; followed shortly by those old folks and animals and... even the spirits."

Lucia stands up as the teacher removes her hand from her back, turns around, and looks at Keine with her usual happy face as she says "but now I am here. In here I am free; I don't have to hide who I am, and though I maaaay need to control my emotions, I say I am doing pretty good. I mean, I still don't have an angry mob with the torches, pitchforks and swords after my ass."

Keine chuckles uncomfortably and scratches the side of her head while saying "uh, you might want to avoid that. Our angry mobs here usually include danmaku and spell cards. Those can hurt a lot."

The girls stare at each other and suddenly giggle and chuckle for a while, then the history teacher sighs, wraps an arm around the girl's shoulders, and leads her forward while saying "come; Eirin's clinic is close by so we better not dawdle too much, hmm?"

The brown haired girl chuckles a bit as she holds the woman's hand, and then says "lead the way, Mama Keine!"

Said woman sighs, then says "I still don't find it amusing to be called Mama you know."

"You'll get used to it," replies the girl with a giggle.

Moments later, at Eirin's Clinic; which is inside the grounds of Eientei, the Japanese mansion(supposedly) belonging to The Princess of the Moon; Lucia finds herself tied up to a large metallic bed with her arms and legs spread.

Instead of being distressed, she pants as she smiles forward and says "come on, please, just a bit more! Those boobs are BEYOND GODLY! Perfection! PERFECTIOOOON!

"I told you she was a pervert," grumbles Reisen between her teeth as she readjusts her jacket and dusts her chest.

Eirin seems to have NOT been as lucky as her assistant. The middle button on her dress has been broken off, keeping her ample womanhood in display through the stretched opening left behind by an obvious attack on her person. (She's got white a bra underneath... in case you're wondering.)

Her hair is a total mess, her face is twisted with anger, and all she replies to her assistant is a dangerously sweet "I know. Shut up."

Keine stands behind them with an apologetic look on her face as she bows repeatedly and apologizes without stopping. The Lunarian Pharmacist appreciates that, but is in no mood to admit acceptance of apologies just yet.

Lucia moans long and loudly, then complains "aww, come on, this is very uncomfortable. I promise I'll only squeeze you gently if you let me go now."

The Lunarian woman smiles as she snaps a glove on, takes a syringe twice the size of her arm, and in a sweet, dark undertone she says "ladies you're in luck. Act now and I'll perform live lobotomy and rectal exams at half the price!"

The history teacher immediately shakes her hands and head while repeating the word "no", and then says "actually, I came here so you could have a look at her head. She had a really nasty experience this morning and I'm worried that much stress might have damaged her somehow."

"Her brain was already damaged," mutters Reisen while looking away with a sly smile on her face. (She and her Master high-five, while the silver-haired woman is looking out the window.)

Eirin sighs and rubs her forehead, then reluctantly says "well, seeing as I haven't had a patient in days, I'll go ahead and check her up, but I swear, if she gropes me again I am going to dissect her and hang her head over Mokou's usual practice spot!"

The silly human suddenly feels a chill going down her spine as the doctor looks at her with that doctor-smile and says "alright then young girl, it's time for a checkup. Reisen, if you will."

Lucia suddenly whimpers and struggles to break free while saying "w-wait, I feel fine, I don't need no checkups! ...I-is this about the squeezing? It was a joke. ...A JOKE!"

The gorgeous Moon Rabbit happily pushes the metal bed into one of the closed-up rooms with a smile, while the girl continues with a sweet tone "p-please, I'll be good. Keine! Mama Keine, please come in with me! I-I get a little scared of doctors sometimes... Mama?"

Before Keine can produce an answer, Eirin's terrifyingly sweet and soft voice vibrates with darkness as she says "no, no sweetie, she can't come in. Only patients and their doctors may enter these rooms. Eh-heh-heh~."

Three seconds after the door closes, Lucia's screams, wails, sobs and bawls curse the tranquility of Eientei, and for three and a half hours the girl continues her cries of despair without pause.

Finally, after the noise stops, the Lunarian Pharmacist walks out of the room with a tired, albeit satisfied look on her face.

Keine approaches the woman and asks "well, how is she?"

Eirin sighs and says "well she obviously underwent through a lot of stress recently, so, like you thought, her psyche seems to be affected; however there is more."

Lucia walks out of the room accompanied by Reisen, who is helping her keep on her feet as she weakly wobbles her way to the history teacher. She smiles at her host, chuckles weakly, then says "they pinched my butt."

The silver-haired Lunarian continues "this girl's entire system is full of toxins, poisons and even metals that shouldn't even be there. I am amazed she's even alive; but that raises a question. Lucia, what in the world were you eating?"

The brown-haired girl with the golden highlight gives her doctor a quizzical look, to which she gets an annoyed stare for. "I mean, the things running through your blood right now could have only gotten there if you had consumed-err... eaten something damaged or inedible."

Lucia finally gets it and shows this with a happy gasp, then says "that would be the week I had to drink dirty water and eat food from the garbage. It's all I could find out there when I was... um... lo-looking for..."

"Yes?" Keine's concern seems to stab the girl's heart. For the first time in a while Lucia Akiramoto feels remorse for what she tried to do, and so she speaks with hesitation.

"Look, you know very well I was trying to kill myself out there. I was hoping that disgusting water or that horrifyingly disgusting food would kill me faster."

Her stomach gurgles as her face turns green, and then she adds "but seriously, don't drink black colored water or eat foods from random garbage piles."

Keine sighs as she rubs the girl's head and says "Lucia. Really girl, you are starting to concern me more and more."

Eirin chuckles and says "don't worry; with the drugs I administered and the antibiotics I'll give her, she should be as good as new in just a few days. She also needs lots of bed-rest and must remain stress-free for at least three days. She'll be fine afterward. However..."

A malevolent grin takes over the faces of the doctor and her nurse, and after getting the ok nod from her master Reisen happily says "even after the treatment, Lucia cannot eat any kind of sweets for two weeks, or her stomach might burst."

The human girl's face remains frozen with a slight smile that's looking more disturbing by the minute, and when Keine calls for her she suddenly screams "SOOOOOO UNFAAAAAAAAAAIR!"

Lucia drops and sobs while curled up on the bamboo floor with her hands covering her tear-soaked face, and cries "no, no, no, no, how inhuman! My doughnuts, my ice cream, my tasteless sweet dumplings! Not that I had the two former, but what am I going to do!? I'm going to DIEEEEE!"

Keine chuckles towards the snickering Lunarians and weakly mumbles "she likes to overreact a little."

Moments later, while Eirin and Keine are discussing the prescriptions for Lucia and the payment for the treatment and medicines, said human girl quietly wanders around the grounds of Eientei.

As she makes her way around; curiously looking at the bamboo and the foundations of the mansion; she is secretly watched by a grinning rabbit youkai. This little girl chuckles mischievously, then moves toward the visitor.

This girl quickly approaches the human and presents herself with an innocent look. She has short wavy black hair, white fluffy rabbit ears, a fluffy rabbit's tail, dark red eyes, wears a simple yet cute pink dress, and adorns her neck with a carrot necklace.

When Lucia lays her eyes on the cute rabbit youkai, she squeals with delight and exclaims "my GOODNESS you are so CUTE! I am Lucia Akiramoto, and can I touch your butt?"

The rabbit girl's grin widens and her teeth gleam as she chuckles darkly through them, then puts on a more casual face and says "well, you're a polite little pervert. My name is Tewi, and... sure, why the heck not?"

The girl jumps forward while shouting "YYAY~! Thank you very-OMPH!" She opens her eyes and realizes she's on the veranda, but there's no rabbit to grope.

She turns around and sits up, and finds her prize shaking that butt at her from a distance, successfully taunting her while its owner says "well I did say you could touch it, but only if you catch it~!"

Tewi takes off running, and Lucia springs right on to her feet and gives chase at ridiculous speeds while shouting "your ass is MIIIIII-OOF!" Yet again, she is stopped, this time when she bumps against something strong enough to push her back on to her butt, yet soft enough to be pleasant to the touch of the skin.

As she looks up, her eyes glisten and widen as an unearthly beauty stands before her, staring back at her with a puzzled look on her face as if asking "who are you?"

The girl before her has long, straight, shining black hair cut hime-style, dark brown eyes, and wears a long-sleeved pink kimono shirt with lots of white bows, and a long dark burgundy skirt.

Lucia stands before this entrancing beauty, kneels like a knight would do in the presence of his princess, then looks up at the girl and says "Miss; what a lovely beauty you are. You pale skin resembles the pure and bright beauty of the moon, and your face glimmers with unearthly elegance only few lucky souls may gaze upon."

She takes a deep breath, and then says "my name is Lucia Akiramoto, and I would be forever honored if you were to grant me the grace of touching your boobs."

The long-haired girl raises an eyebrow at the odd sudden request, furrows her brows, and says "what kind of-? Of all the filthy and depraved men to make requests of me, it comes to another woman; and an odd woman at that, to make such a lewd request!"

She raises her chest proudly and places her hand on it while saying "well you stand in the presence of Kaguya Houraisan, the Princess of the Moon, and as stupidly lewd as your request is, you would have to go through five of my impossible requests before I can even consider allowing your human hands to touch my Lunarian beauty!"

The human girl stands up with a brave face, an awesome pose, and a cool white bandana with a rising sun on the center around her head and confidently says "BRING IT ON!"

Kaguya smirks. She raises an arm, opens her mouth, then Lucia hands over a glass of water (she immediately drinks it), then says "bring me a glass of water, and do it in five sec-"

When she realizes what had happened, she throws the cup of water to the ground, shattering it to bits, and angrily says "fine! Take a picture of a Mokele Mbembe WITHOUT leaving Gensokyo's borders!"

Lucia takes a few pictures out of the picture pocket on her camera bag and says "but I already got those. Here!"

As soon as Kaguya lays her eyes on the pictures, and sees Lucia doing the "peace" sign while standing next to a pale, long-necked creature with a horn, and another picture with Remilia, then snarls and says "grrr... "Big Foot! I want pictures of-EH!?"

Lucia hands the princess a picture of herself tying Big Foot's shoelaces, then another of the human and the creature posing with their hands on their shoulders like good buddies, and both pictures were taken right there at the Bamboo Forest.

Kaguya snarls with frustration and says "alright, you want to play hard, huh? Bake me a FRESHLY baked pie and bring it to me in ten minutes! You may pick the ingredients yourself."

The Moon Princess raises an eyebrow when she hears a bell ting, then watches with extreme surprise as the human girl returns to her with a freshly baked pie. So freshly baked, that it's even steaming a little.

Lucia offers the pie and says "luckily, I started baking this to try and lure that cute rabbit's butt to a trap, but these needs are far greater. And that's four down, princess."

In her raging fury, Kaguya grasps a good chunk of that carrot pie with her bare hand, stuffs her mouth, chomps it down with unladylike set of giant jagged teeth, then stops herself and takes several deep breaths until she's relaxed.

A very sly smile takes the princess' face, adding a wicked sense of beauty to her, and then she calmly says "alright then. Bring me the mini-Hakkero that the black and white witch possesses. This you must do in two days, or..." Her eyes abruptly ignite with rage, and then she shouts "FOR THE LOVE OF THE MOON! Seriously!? Is this girl for REAL!?"

Lucia stares at Eientei's princess with a cute and curious face as she hold the familiar wooden weapon Marisa always has with her, and says "ah, so THIS is a mini-Hakkero after all, huh? Well, I can't use it so could you tell me who owns this? I found it at the door of the clinic after I stepped out."

She suddenly takes the item and pockets it while grinning triumphantly, and says "wait a minute, that means I just beat all of your silly requests! HA! Your boobs are MINE!"

Kaguya's screams reach Eirin, who along with Keine and Reisen spring into action and rush to her rescue, each preparing danmaku, and Eirin her arrows, to deal with the attacker.

All their faces show the immense surprise they feel when they see Kaguya on the floor with a tomato-red face and panting while crossing her arms over her chest, and Lucia groping the air before saying "boobs of royalty. Ahh~, they're just as perfect and delicious as I thought they would be. They could use more substance though."

Reisen's face shows great disgust toward the human, while Keine's extra-hard facepalm and headshake while sighing loudly lets everyone know that she's beyond herself at the moment.

Eirin's face, however, looks twisted, frightening, and starts turning redder and redder as anger boils all the way up to her head, and before she knows it, she makes a loud roar, followed by a war cry as she unleashes one arrow after another at the human.

Lucia has to thrust her pelvis forward to avoid one, arch her back to avoid a second, jump and spin in the air to avoid a third and a fourth one, then opens her legs to avoid that mighty fifth one that was aimed as her groin.

"RUN YOU IDIOT!" shouts Keine, then the girl whimpers "oh shit!" before taking off running.

The silver-haired Lunarian chases after her while holding her bow like a sword, and swings it furiously while shouting "HOW DARE YOU DEFILE MY PRINCESS YOU DISGUSTING PEASANT! DIEEEEEE!"

The human girl finds herself hopping, then landing and immediately bending backward, then flipping back to avoid several attacks, then yelling "w-w-wait, Miss Eirin, remember what you said! KYAAAA!"

She runs further into the mansion, away from the rampaging Lunarian, and avoids having her skull bashed in with a bow by throwing herself forward, then cart wheeling around her attacker, then runs back to Keine and continues yelling "no stress for me! NO STRESS FOR THE SICK GIRL-WAAAAAAHHHH!"

She ducks, jumps, side-steps more attacks, then cries "I'm supposed to relaaax!"

Eirin starts swinging wildly while shouting "relax!? Oh, I'll help you relax immediately, young lady! Just hold still..." She stops her attack and raises a spell card and shouts "and let me help you RELAX!"

Though she cannot see it, Lucia knows damned well that there's a spell card coming, and she's not going to stick around to get pelted by burning bullets again.

To her luck, Keine jumps in between them and raises a spell card of her own, then looks back at her troublesome guest/adoptive daughter and commands "run! Get out of here! I'll deal with her!"

The young girl does as ordered, but shudders when she hears the dark undertone of her Mama Keine as she says "after this, I'll come and deal with you." Lucia runs faster and heads straight into the Bamboo Forest on her own.

The history teacher looks toward the Lunarian and declares "Light Sign, Amaterasu!" Her spell card glows with a blinding light that expands in the form of thin beams. It seems easy to dodge, but being so bright, it is painful to look at.

A few seconds after Keine activates her spell, Eirin loudly declares "Curse of the Heavens, Apollo 13!" She unleashes a barrage of bullets that encircle her completely, making it look as though she's inside a spacecraft, and then she exits through the open top, and while the first set of bullets is slowly making their way to the opponent, the Lunarian is already unleashing her next barrage.

Reisen, Tewi and Kaguya watch leisurely from the veranda, when the princess suddenly gasps, stands up, cups her hands around her mouth, and shouts "wait, Eirin, that girl completed all my 5 impossible requests!"

The Moon Rabbit spits her tea, the Earth Rabbit points and laughs, and then two grown women scream as bright lights and loud explosions add even more excitement and painful beauty to the atmosphere.

It is almost night when Lucia finds herself in a familiar spot of the forest, and after catching her lost breath and cursing, she says "this is the same fucking place! URGH! Lucia, girl, THINK! You have to remember the path you took to get there with Mama Keine!"

She hears some rustling from her left and smiles excitedly, thinking someone is there to come and get her, and as stupidly as it may seem in a land full of youkai, she cups her hands around her mouth and shouts "OOOOIIIIII! I'm over heeeeere! Please, I'm really lost!"

The rustling stops, silence reigns for a few long seconds, and then the ground vibrates.

"Huh?" The ground vibrates again, only with more force, and then the human girl cries hysterically "NOOOOOO! SHIIIIIT! I somehow left Gensokyo and stumbled into Godzilla's world!"

The bamboo wall next to her explodes with violent flames, then Princess Kaguya, chuckling as if on playtime, flies backward through the field the human girl is in and bursts her way through another wall of bamboo with her back.

Mokou flies in afterward, shooting balls of fire and forcing Kagerou to fall on Lucia, and quickly makes her way after Kaguya while shooting red laser beams and shouting "Take it back! You take that back you sick weasel!"

Kaguya can be heard mocking Mokou, which causes said girl to ignite herself with rage then fly like a comet toward her hated enemy.

After peace returns, Kagerou grunts as she pushes herself off the ground and off of Lucia, but then finds herself gripped by the perverted human and unable to escape.

"You BEAUTIFUL ANGEL you! Your boobs are the stuff made from HEAVEN!"

"GET OFF OF MEEEEEE~!" The wolf-woman manages to pulls herself AND the human up by using brute force, and while said human girl flips and lands on her feet after being flung like garbage, the beautiful wolf is nursing her now sore-chest.

Lucia approaches her again with a look of concern and says "oh, dear, I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you!"

The angry beauty snarls at the girl and angrily says "then why the hell did you squeeze so hard in the first place!?"

Kagerou doesn't understand why it happened, how did she allowed it, or when exactly did she do it, but she finds herself feeling soothed and quickly relaxed by the time she realizes she's being hugged by the girl she rescued before.

Lucia is making sure her hug is as friendly as possible so as not to offend the woman as she speaks softly. "I'm so sorry Miss Angel, I just can't help it. There's just something about that sensation I love so much and just want more; but I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm sorry I did hurt you."

In just a minute, the wolf-woman feels so soothed and happy, she returns the hug while softly saying "i-it's alright, I forgive you. Just be more careful next time."

Her ears suddenly perk up then start to adjust as she hears something near them. To her own surprise, the beautiful wolf-woman pushes the human away and now stands between her and a strange man with dark brown eyes, and short black hair who wears a pair of aged blue jeans and a brown coat over a dirty blue plaid shirt.

Kagerou feels nervous when the man looks at her, then she bravely asks "who are you? What do you want!?"

She can hear Lucia's erratic breath behind her, then looks back when she hears quick footsteps getting farther away from her. "Wait, LUCIA!"

The terrified human girl manages to jump over the hole on the bamboo wall made by Mokou's fireballs, and then she continues running away, even when Kagerou repeatedly calls for her with concern.

The wolf-woman turns her attention to the man, but is greatly surprised to see there is no one there, and more intriguing when she realizes there is no scent left behind either. "What in the world is going on?"

Lucia whimpers and blubbers incoherently as she runs as though her life depended on it.

Every step she takes she feels is a terrible risk, as every time she moves it feels as if her wobbly legs will snap; but she goes on, looking around and desperately searching for Keine.

"M-ma Keine..." She finally manages to whisper the name of her host after stumbling on a broken bamboo shoot. She takes a turn right, foolishly avoiding Eientei by a few steps, then after another long run her legs give in and she tumbles painfully forward, scratching half of her face against the unforgiving ground.

"Keine. Mama Keine." She whispers and whimpers as she looks around, and finds herself surrounded by creepy dark leaves from trees and bushes that block out what little light from the rising moon shines that night.

Her heart pounds so hard she can hear every beat, and her entire body is trembling so much that her sight seems to be blurring every second, and any move the tries to make ends up costing her some painful jolts.

"Someone. Keine, please." Her soft and barely audible whispers only make her feel powerless as she finally manages to stand on her weak feet, and then she makes the mistake of turning around.

The man from before is standing an inch away from her. She screeches and kicks herself backwards and ends up falling on her back, hurting her head with a rock she did not see because of the darkness, and yet she still pushes herself away from the man until the blackened trees block her path.

"No... You're not supposed to be here. Go! Get away from me!"

She manages to whimper these words while covering her face defensively with her arms.

The man stares with a strict demeanor at the girl, and with a rough and commanding tone he says "Lucia, enough of this nonsense! You come back home this instant, you hear me? Come back to me!"

The girl picks up her trembling knees and hugs herself into a ball before crying "no! No-ho~! I don't wanna! I don't want to see you again! Go away... GO AWAY!"

The man takes a step forward and his voice echoes when he shouts "god DAMN IT, Lucia! I just want you back home with me! Is that so much to ask of my own daughter, huh!? Lucia, my dear girl, I NEED YOU!"

"STAY AWAY! You don't want me, you want your perfect girl! FUCK YOU TO HELL!" Finding her strength and her voice costs her what little energy she feels she had just to shout, and now she finds herself unable to breathe as she sobs and cries while looking at her father like he is a demonic tormentor from her darkest nightmare.

The man sighs impatiently, stands up straight and walks to an inch of distance from the girl, then demands "I am you father, and you will do as I say! You quit this silly dream of yours and come home, now!"

Lucia closes her eyes and lets herself cry as she feels her father getting closer to her, but when she feels his hand on her shoulder she finds some hidden strength in herself and screams Keine's name with all her might and then some.

Meanwhile, at the Bamboo Forest, the history teacher (whose clothes are in tatters) is beyond herself with worry as she and Mokou (who has some mysterious bumps over some injuries on her forehead) frantically search around for the girl.

"Are you sure you saw her around here, Mok-"

When Keine hears the girl call out to her with such despair, she loses her own head and despairs as she runs toward the source. "Luciaaaa! I'm coming! Just hold on!"

The immortal girl follows after her friend and says "really, Keine, don't panic now! She's probably fine! She probably just saw a ghost and is spooked like a child!"

Lucia calls for the history teacher once more, then said woman despairs and says "it's my fault! I forgot she couldn't fly! I forgot she doesn't know the forest! I'll never forgive myself if something happens to her!" She then shoots a dirty glare at the immortal and says "I swear, if you hurt her with your flames, I'll-"

The third call sounds weaker than the last two, and so the woman forget the immortal and kicks off the ground, flies over the bamboo, and reaches the Forest of Magic faster than she could ever thought possible.

That bit of the forest is dark, even for her, but she can see Lucia lying on the ground and hugging herself as she cries herself out of a voice.

"Lucia!" Keine rushes to her and slides on her knees when on the ground, then she coos to let the girl know she's there before easily picking her up and embracing her.

"It's okay now, I'm here! Shh, shh, shh, it's okay; calm down. I got you."

The human girl's voice is barely recognizable as she sobs and chokes on herself when trying to speak. She can feel the strokes on her head from her adoptive mother and scrambles to free her arms until she finally returns the hug.

Mokou hovers over both girls with a fireball floating over her hand. She scoffs with disgust and says "see, I told you she was fine! Just look at her! She's probably faking those-"


The strict call of attention does its job and the immortal fire user takes a better look at the girls.

"Whoa!" That is all she can say when she sees Lucia's face all red and stained with tears, fallen leaves and dirty grass, twisted and swollen from all the crying.

She sighs and rolls her eyes after realizing she was mistaken about the girl being fine, and merely watches over the two girls as her friend tries to settle the human down.

Later that night, Eirin finishes administering another supplement into Lucia's body via syringe.

Unlike earlier, the human girl just stares quietly as the needle goes in her skin and deposits its medical contents within her, and doesn't even make a peep; though she does take deep breaths.

After tending her patient, the Lunarian woman approaches Keine, who sits on the chairs to the right of the bed, and says "it's lucky she broke down to cry like she did. That actually saved her body from all that stress. But still..." She turns around and looks at the girl, then finishes "her heart took too much stress at once, and so she will need a lot of rest to recover from that shock."

The history teacher rubs her forehead and the bridge of her nose as she groans, then says "this is completely my fault; I shouldn't have left her in the forest on her own. She wasn't ready!"

Mokou smiles sympathetically and says "aww, quit beating yourself up so much over that. Look, she handled herself quite well, for being a human. So she had a little bump along the way; big deal. She'll only grow stronger now."

Keine sighs and shakes her head, but then she looks up when Lucia; her voice sounding raspy and weak; smiles and says "she's... right Mama Keine." She holds her throat and continues "I'll be fine. I just need to rest a bit, and then you'll see how strong I've become now."

The girl's face twists a bit as she remembers her experience, then says "although, I wouldn't want that to happen... again..."

Eirin stands up and forces Lucia to lay upright, and strictly says "enough young lady! You can go home, but you have to PROMISE me..." She looks at Keine and Mokou and says "all of you must promise me, this girl will rest! No exercise, no excitements, and if possible, as little talking as possible for her for at least a week!"

All the girls nod and express their acknowledgment of the command, and all settle down, at least until Lucia grabs Eirin's wrist after noticing the damage done to her Mama Keine.

She looks straight at the doctor and says "and you. You hurt my Mama Keine. You... may have healed me... but I'm coming back... for round two!"

The Lunarian smiles sweetly as a dark shadow casts itself upon her narrowed eyes, then says "oh, such strong words from such a wriggling coward. I might accept your challenge on a later date. For now, focus on healing so that you may come and deal with Princess Kaguya."

The four girls look at each other with confusion, while Eirin continues her dark sweet smile and adds a crescent grin as she says "after all, you accomplished all of her impossible requests."

A wicked laugh escapes the sweet doctor's lips, and Lucia, Keine and Mokou can feel shivers crawling down their spines.

The next morning, Eientei is on fire, rabbits groan as they get off from the ground, Eirin sighs as she nurses some wounds on her forehead, Reisen whimpers as she holds her lower back in pain, and all while Marisa raises her Hakkero above her head after pulling it out of a locker in the clinic, and declares "the power is mine! Bitches!"

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Lucia, Lucia's father, and Chiaki were created by Willie G.R.

Rika and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

MAR 13 2014

Written by

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