It's been 12 days since her visit to Eientei, and Lucia believes it is about time she went outside once more.

She feels revitalized, relaxed, thirsty, and she hasn't touched any boobs or butts for quite long enough. It is time to get back out there and greet the world!

She opens the door of the house/school, takes a deep breath of fresh air and sighs, then grunts and moans a bit while stretching her arms and legs, then feels as though the world has become black with white sparks right after hearing a loud metal clunk and feels an odd and painfully blunt sensation on her forehead.

After flying off the ground for two seconds, the girl falls into a heaping mess on the floor, followed by the washtub that bashed her and that falls to her right.

Mokou stares inside with her mouth agape and a face so filled with such horror she could turn that expression into a mask and sell it for Halloween. It is obvious by the way her body is positioned; she looks as though she was throwing something with all her might; that she is the culprit. (Kaguya can be seen flying away from the scene.)

Before she can pick herself up, the immortal's skin pales further as the source of her fear takes a step outside.

Keine looks positively furious at her friend. She calmly walks toward the immortal, squeezes her face, winds herself back, and the headbutt given that very moment shakes the foundations of the village's nearby houses (which aren't that near to begin with).

That morning at the open market area, the salesmen and women joyfully attend the many customers that have come in the early hours of the morning.

As the humans go about their busy shopping-for-food, they all remain unaware of the dark-red hat with the tiny pink ribbon that's sneaking around between them, going left and right as if in search of something.

The hat rises over and sinks under the small collection of people as it makes its way pas the poultry kiosks and heads on over to the vegetables section.

An eerie song that nobody else seems to hear plays as the hat continues getting closer and closer to the radish salesman, and when it's close enough...

Mystia Lorelei pays for her radishes and bows to the salesman as she politely says "thank you very much. And please come on over to try my new Lamprey with Moon Sauce. I promise you'll love it."

The man waves and nods as he gruffly says "sure, sure; I suppose the Missis will like eating outside the village today."

The night sparrow giggles as she picks her bags; which contain several types of produce, when a blonde woman in a dark red dress, with yellow eyes and wearing that dark-red hat we've been following around, jumps from behind the girl with a butcher knife shimmering on her right hand.

Yuki the fire witch drools with hunger as she shouts "DON'T FORGET THE EXTRA SPARROW DRUMSTICK FOR BREAKFAAAAST!"

Mystia's eyes unleash a waterfall of tears as she screams with pure terror that rots her little bird heart, and in a heartbeat she flaps her wings and takes flight, leaving her bags behind and a trail of tears of fear that drench the unaware humans on the ground.

Yuki chuckles with satisfaction as she tips the brim of her hat away from her eyes so she can see better, and says to herself "heh, that was so easy. I swear, I thought she would lay an egg this time."

She looks down at the ground and notices the bags laying there on the own, and guilt quickly bites her on the butt with enough force to make her feel bad; though only a little.

She grunts and holds her forehead as she says to herself "aww man, she left her groceries..." She picks them up and takes off after her while saying "I couldn't live with myself if she went hungry because of me. I better take these back."

The poor shopkeeper remains smiling forward while everything unfolds, however in truth, he's been paralyzed by the huge fright of seeing a maniac with a knife jumping so close to him.

Minutes later the crying Mystia flies past Keine's school, crying and screaming as she heads toward the Forest of Magic.

Yuki flies by going almost as fast while screaming "WAAAIT! You forgot you FOOOOOOD!"

Keine has dismissed her class early and is now wrapping a bandage all around Lucia's head. The young girl sighs and says "Mo-om, I told you I am fine; really! The bump is only throbbing every five minutes." She winces immediately after saying that.

The history teacher taps the exposed part on top of Lucia's head then says "oh no, we are not taking any chances young lady. You are a human, so bumps like that could cause trouble for you later. Isn't that right Mokou?"

The poor immortal looks miserable inside the classroom with a long cone hat on her head. She merely nods to her friend while scowling but keeps looking at the corner of the window.

Keine giggles and says "she'll be alright; and I'll be quite happy again once she's learned her lesson."

Lucia covers her mouth while giggling and says "Mokou reminds me a little of when mom and dad had arguments... uhh, before they knew about my gifts, I mean."

She turns to face her adoptive mother, and instead is face to face with a girl that has a turquoise right eye, a red left eye, short, fluffy turquoise hair, who wears a blue-green vest over a long-sleeved white shirt, a light-blue skirt, and a pair of wooden sandals.

She holds an open eggplant-colored umbrella with a big red eye and a huge long tongue, and is sticking her tongue out while smiling.

The girl suddenly says "be surprised!" and then cutely asks "so, were you surprised?"

Lucia's face turns pink, her eyes water as her lips form a huge smile, then she squeals annoyingly before grabbing the girl's chest from behind and saying "I am Lucia Akiramoto and I am groping you!"

The girl screams and runs around while crying "teacher woman, TEACHER WOMAN, please get her off!"

Keine merely scoffs and says "no Kogasa! That's what you get for trying to scare someone you don't even know! And she's sick too!"

Lucia has released her 'prisoner' and is groping the air while looking at the sky and pondering, then says "huh; Kogasa huh? Well, she's definitely soft, sweet and cuddly, but she's definitely misguided. Definitely old style too. No bras.

Kogasa lies on her elbows and knees as she breathes in to recover herself, and then she looks back with a red face and an adorable scowl as she angrily says "hey, you don't have to tell that to everyone you perverted psycho!"

The human girl stares at the tsukumogami's rump as said girl glowers back at her, and then she suddenly grips her chest and screams "CRAP, SO CUTE! HHHNNNGGGHHH!" Lucia Akiramoto drops to the ground while still holding her chest.

"AH! Lucia, what's wrong!?" As soon as Keine reaches the girl on the ground and tries to help her up, Yuki lands next to her with Mystia's grocery bags and asks "hey, lady, have you seen a cute bird girl with gorgeous win-."

She then notices Kogasa, grips her chest, grunts just like Lucia, then drops on the ground as though in pain, and expires.

The karakasa obake rubs her belly with a satisfied, yet confused look and asks "I surprised her?" She smiles and happily exclaims "YEAH! Take THAT! HA-HA! As expected from one of Ail's friends! Weak!"

Keine rubs her forehead and sighs irritably, then says "it's just one thing after another ever since Lucia got here."

Said human girl looks up at the history teacher with teary eyes, frowning lips, and whimpers "I'm so sorry Mama Keine."

She sniffles and hics, and Keine just sighs and hugs her face against her bosom. Mokou looks jealous.

Later that day; nearing lunch, after the grocery bags have been returned and peace has been restored around the school, Lucia is enjoying a calm moment of sunbathing with her regular clothes on.

After she sighs contently she whispers to herself "if only I had my bikini."

"Dammit Sekibanki, give me back my shirt!"

"I told you, I don't have the stupid thing, you brainless oaf!"

The girl's peace is interrupted by Kyo's screaming, followed by the annoyed reply of a girl she doesn't know, though she at least knows (thanks to the boy) the girl's name is Sekibanki.

Said girl drops right in front of Lucia, unaware of the danger she is in. She has short red hair she adorns with a blue ribbon, red eyes, and wears a tall red and blue capelet over a black and red, long sleeved shirt, a short dark red skirt, and black boots.

Sekibanki pulls on her own eyelid, sticks out her tongue, then flips her middle finger and says "you humans are so stupid. It's not my fault you misplaced your smelly-KYAAAAHHHHHH!"

Lucia is, of course, groping the girl's chest thoroughly while saying "hello Miss Sekibanki, I am Lucia Akiramoto, and I can sense your cute boobies are quite sensitive."

The redhead gasps lewdly, throws an elbow at her attacker, and after that human is off of her body and away from her, she holds her chest and breathes hard while moaning loudly, giving Kyo the chance to catch up to her.

The muscled boy is wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt, seeing as the shirt he would normally wear on top is missing. "Of all the idiotic places to hide, you chose this, knowing damned well who lives here."

Lucia's eyes become alert, her pupils turn like those of a cat, and she skitters away while keeping her odd stare fixed on the boy.

Kyo approaches Sekibanki, pulls her toward him by her shirt, and when they are nose to nose he speaks through his teeth. "Now then, no more of this shit. Where is my shirt!?"

The redhead yelps and raises her hands defensively and shouts "I told you, I don't have it! Now stop bullying me, human!"

The muscled boy throws his captive girl away just as Lucia jumps over her and tries to cut him in half with an axe. He's understandably upset and shouts "WHAT THE HELL IS YOU PROBLEM!?"

The human girl's voice sounds dark and threatening as she says "you're wearing a sleeveless shirt. Why are you wearing a disgusting sleeveless shirt? Your torso may be warm, but what of your arms, huh? (Joke taken from College Humor's "Batman meets the Scarecrow")

Kyo stares at the girl with calm displeasure, bonks her head with his fist, and shouts "YOU ALMOST CUT ME IN HALF FOR A SLEEVELESS SHIRT!?"

"Cut YOU? Are you nuts? I'm trying to save you by cutting that shirt off!" exclaims the insane girl while her axe is taken off her hand and tossed away.

Sekibanki's head floats over to the humans' left with a bored expression on her as she says "look, this is getting weird so you, boy, your shirt was on your house's roof the last time I saw it. You, girl, you are-mhmhhhmphffmf!?"

Lucia has grabbed the dullahan's head by the cheeks and has pulled her in for a kiss that seems as though is an attempt to suck her soul.

The youkai's body flails her arms around and tries to run toward the human girl, but said girl pushes the head away just in time, then says "my goodness, I ALWAYS wanted to kiss a rokurokubi!"

Sekibanki's body lies on the ground and twitches several times, while her head floats around with a satisfied smile and red cheeks, and seems the kiss was more than enough to knock her senses off, and so that head keeps circling in the air while her body, apparently, breathes in to recover its lost breath.

Kyo has run far away from the perverted girl, though has kept within shouting range, and waves as he shouts "it was nice seeing you. Say hi to Keine for me. Bye!"

The human girl scratches the back of her head in confusion, and asks herself "I wonder why he's so scared? WAAAAAHHHHHH~!"

Sekibanki's head is biting Lucia's butt so hard, the human runs and tries to shake it off, but is unable to free herself.

She suddenly runs back to the house with the redhead's head floating besides her, and her body running ahead of them, as they both scream while being shot at with tiny white bullets.

Reisen has multiplied herself countless times, and is running after them while shooting relentlessly and shouting "you disgusting pervert! You are marrying my princess soon so don't go kissing other girls!"

Lucia looks back and angrily shouts "I'm not marrying anyone, so tell that to your stupid princ-KYAAAH! LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm not a lesbian! WAAH-HA-HA~!"

"Could have fooled ME! EEP!" shouts Sekibanki's head as she tries to keep away from the lunatic moon rabbit.

Poor Keine looks extremely exhausted while trying to relax on her small table with a nice cup of tea.

Mokou sighs, pats the teacher's head, then asks "don't you want to go out there?"

The poor woman's exhaustion causes her voice to sound unfriendly and offensive as she says "I'm relaxing! Don't bother me!"

That afternoon, somewhere in the Forest of Magic, Budou and Phredia hide behind a large tree and breathe as though they've been running for hours.

The shivering fruit bat speaks nervously between pants. "I think... we lost... her now... Hah! That was... soscary!"

The little elf fairy covers the little girl's mouth, and before she asks she sees a black aura that's vacuuming magic and storing it within its endless self.

The source of the aura is none other than Muse, who smiles, coos and says "come out, come out little fruit bat~. Come out, come out and play~! If you come out now, I promise you I won't hurt you."

She is dangerously close to the little bat youkai, but she isn't sensing her at all, and so keeps turning all around while searching. "Really young lady, hide and seek? That's not going to save you. You have a whole lot of power stored in that little body of yours; you and your little fairy both, and I need it."

Muse smiles wickedly when she reaches the large tree where Budou and Phredia are, then slowly walks around it while whispering "come on out you little brat; you don't deserve that power."

She reaches the back of the tree and exclaims happily, but is sorely disappointed when she finds there is nobody there. "Grrr! You little SHIT! When I find you I'm going to make you suffer for all the time you made me waste here today!"

The whimpering, shivering bat and her fairy are hiding behind another large tree that's merely eight feet away from Muse's location. The little girl's whimpers become soft sobs, and then she cries as softly as she can. "Phredia... Phredia, I don't wanna die."

Muse's fangs become bare as her lips turn into a twisted smile when she hears the whimpers, and says "aww, are you scared little bat? Well that's too bad~. If you had come out when I asked, none of th-"

The loud smack and thud heard when the alchemist's face is struck and her body is slammed against a tree brings relief to Budou and Phredia, and the little bat immediately cheers "PAPA! MAMA!"

Sanae jumps straight out of Ail's gap and starts shooting sealing talismans without questioning the target in front of her.

The gray-haired woman screams as the talismans threaten to drain her magic and seal her away, but she manages to push herself through the tree, breaking it in the process, and uses bits of her power to burn those talismans away.

As soon as she lands and prepares to retaliate, she screams when her back gets cut by light, and then she jumps away just in time to avoid Ail's rush attack when he jumps from within his rift between space.

She summons her spear to her hand, swings it at the boy, and smiles as he deflects the attack with his weapon of light, which dissolves as soon as both weapons collide.

She summons her spear back to her hand while the boy reactivates his weapon, but then more talismans appear from her right, forcing her to take evasive actions.

Sanae flies toward the grey-haired monster and shouts "you check on Budou! Leave this disgusting fiend to me!"

The boy nods, calls off his weapon, then runs straight to the little bat, and the moment she sees him she jumps on him and cries on his chest while he comforts her and Phredia with coos and reassuring words.

The human goddess looks around until she spots the fleeing girl and shouts "oh no you don't! Esoterica, Nine Character Pierce!"

Muse finds her escape path cut off by painful looking multi-colored beams of light that quickly make a net and pierce her body before she is able to realize it.

The look of confusion on her face as her body is burned by the beams looks almost pitiable, but she recovers quickly and shoots Sanae with blinding magical flares straight at the face.

The shrine maiden yelps and covers her face when she realizes what those yellow sparks are, and soon after the entire sky lights up so bright; even Ail and Budou have to cover their eyes for fear of turning blind.

As soon as the light dims Sanae looks around and furiously grunts when she realizes her target has escaped, and then begins her descent while saying "she escaped. Damned coward couldn't take someone her own size after all!"

She lands next to the boy and kneels besides him, then Budou quickly jumps between them and cries. "I was so scared! That mean woman was making sparrows cry and I went to ask her to stop, but then she went after me, and... and..."

She's unable to continue when she starts getting nervous again, and so Ail, Sanae and Phredia all rub her head while the former two coo and purr for the little bat and continue to comfort her with soft words.

Meanwhile, Muse makes sure she is far away from her attackers before landing near a massive tree.

As she draws a transmutation circle on the trunk she mutters "sloppy! So sloppy! I didn't even sense those two get near! Argh, so STRONG! Especially that girl!"

She claps her hands and applies some energy on her circle and immediately turns the inside of the tree into a comfortable little house for herself. "But don't you worry. Once I have enough magic collected, I'll thrash those two meddlers, then take their little girl and suck her very soul right in front of their faces!"

As soon as she enters her little house the doorway disappears and the tree looks normal again, yet from within, Muse's mad cackles can be heard as muffled laughs from outside.

The next morning at the Human Village, while Keine is giving her class, Lucia and Sekibanki go to the supposedly-unfinished house that's just a few steps away from Keine's own.

The human girl crosses her arms under her nice bosom and glances at the dullahan through the corner of her eyes, and then asks "do you really have to follow me everywhere? Seriously, it was creepy enough seeing you staring at me from the window all night."

The redhead seems to want to try and speak up, but she ends up blushing and looking down at her fingers as she pokes them under her chest.

The human girl chuckles uncomfortably, takes two baby steps away from the youkai, and then stops when in front of the door of her new house.

The place looks finished. Its wood finish makes it look unfinished, but when you see the violet roof, and the lovely inside through the window, you can't help but wonder why that girl isn't living in there already.

"Wait a minute..." begins Lucia when she hears something inside. "Is that... music?"

She opens the door to the house and sees her chairs, sofa and even her bed are occupied by burly, strong, and handsome workers, all looking straight toward a stage that's been built right into the house's living room. It may be small, but it works.

Lucia goes around pinching and/or groping the men's butts until she reaches her original 'contractors' and exclaims "Kud, Muttons, what the hell? I thought you guys said the house would be finished yesterday; what gives?"

The one called Muttons, a scary man with huge hairy arms Lucia and Sekibanki keep rubbing, sniffles casually and says "calm downs Miss. Yer house be dun by now, bu' we got a bit distracted by this fine lady's dancin'."

The girls look curiously toward the stage, and are immediately entranced by the cute girl with long hair twirling on the center of the stage while several masks dance around her counterclockwise.

Said cute girl's lavender hair reaches her waist, her blank lavender eyes emanate a certain serene beauty, and she wears a cute plaid blue blouse with colorful buttons Lucia would like to pluck off, and a salmon pumpkin-shaped skirt the human girl would love to peek under.

One of the men cheers, then looks at the other man to his side and says "that Kokoro Hata sure is something isn't she?" The other man nods and continues watching the performance.

The pretty Kokoro closes her eyes and loses herself once again on the stage. She twirls clockwise, jump-steps to the right, stands on the tip of her right foot, bows, and then suddenly yelps when a pair of hands rub their way from behind her to her stomach, then to her chest.

"What the-!? What the fuck is this!?" While the girl pants and blushes, the human girl with the golden highlight gets her lips close to the cutie's ear and whispers "hello Kokoro; I am Lucia Akiramoto. Welcome to my house you adorable creature that's... whoa, hiding out quite nicely. Don't hide these!"

The men boo and demand the human to leave the stage, and just to add fuel into the fire, Sekibanki shouts "that cheater copped a feel! Burn her at the stake!"

As soon as the men start getting more riled, a large wooden hook appears from the backstage and catches Lucia by the neck, then pulls her back so fast she looks like a zippy blur.

It takes poor Kokoro at least a whole minute to recover herself, and when she does she gets off her knees, unwraps her arms, and then as soon as a soft whisper reaches her, she bows and says "apologies. I shall continue." and continue she does, starting with the steps she made before being so rudely interrupted.

Behind the stage; which is surprisingly more spacious than anyone would imagine; Lucia rubs her sore neck, winces, then says "gah, damn it, be a little more gentle next time!"

A woman scoffs, then quickly replies "you're lucky I didn't rip your neck off you pervert! Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep that poor girl's emotions balanced!? Jeez! Who the hell are you?"

The human girl glowers toward the source of the voice and says "I should be asking the same thing! You are in my house after a...a...all~! What a BABE!"

The girl finally looks toward the woman's voice and is stunned when she sees a classy beauty with shoulder-length light-brown hair, brown eyes, a pair of cute raccoon ears, a thick raccoon tail, who wears a leaf on her head, wears a pair on round glasses, an ecru shirt, and a red-grey skirt with some patterns on it.

The woman's face switches from angry to curious and says "oh~, so you're the owner of this house. That's excellent. I am Mamizou Futatsuiwa, and girl do I have a lot to-"

Lucia grabs the woman's hand, shakes it furiously, and says "hi you beautiful woman of ample shape! I am Lucia Akiramoto! Can I touch your boobs and butt please?"

A sly grin escapes Mamizou, a dark chuckle escapes shortly after, then she says "fine, I'll just add it to you lo-o-ohoan~!"

Her sly grin becomes a lewd face as her chest and buns get groped thoroughly and quickly, and soon after, the human is to her left, groping the air before saying "soft, squishy, tight, warm, yet cold." She suddenly gasps and shouts "shit, you're a hot loan shark!"

The tanuki shushes the girl, and then softly says "well, almost. I don't go around breaking limbs of those that owe me, though I do keep an eye on them. Now then, about the loan on your house-"

"Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Hold on a minute." Lucia seems surprised and understandably upset, and asks "loan? What loan!? Keine helped me pay these burly men for the job!"

Mamizou's sly grin returns as she raises her notepad with a dry feather and points at certain notes while saying "well young lady, these handsome men you see here are actually my raccoon buddies who helped finish the construction of this magnificent house."

She smiles quite happily as she says "originally, this would be a single room/bedroom/kitchen kind of home with a latrine outside, but thanks to me it has a second floor, a separate kitchen, an ample bathroom with automated kappa-brand heater for the porcelain bathtub, and ample space for remodeling."

Her grin widens as she adds "act now and we can dig a nice large basement equipped with everything you may need to become a mad scientist and try to take over the world."

Lucia smiles and waves her arms in front of herself and shakes her head while whispering "no, no, I'm not into science." She then stares in shock and exclaims "WHAT!? All that!? But this house looks so small from outside!"

Mamizou chuckles and says "it's a little tanuki secret. We can make interiors larger than the exterior so you can easily fool those tax collectors."

The human girl smiles sweetly and says "but there aren't any tax collectors in Gensokyo."

The tanuki girl shrugs while smiling equally sweetly and says "then just enjoy the incredible space."

Lucia suddenly wails and panics and asks "but wait, how am I supposed to pay for all this? I don't have a job! I don't have any special skills or anything amazing I could use to make money!"

Mamizou taps the girl's head, shows her a contract supposedly signed by Lucia, and calmly says "calm down girl. I'm not a heartless bitch, so here's what we're doing. Kokoro will do some performances here, and you can serve drinks and food to the guests while she performs, and the money will be used to pay for this loan."

The human girl points at her signature and asks "and who signed that with my name?"

"The lovely thug that was building your queen sized bed." happily replies the thick-tailed youkai with a smile.

Lucia clenches her hand into a fist, and it trembles in the air as its veins pop out of it while she angrily mutters "god damn it Muttons, I'll get you for this."

Mamizou stretches a friendly hand around the girl's shoulder and says "don't worry girl; your loan will be paid in full in just eight more performances."

The human girl sighs, relaxes, smiles, and then says "fine, I believe it's a fair deal. Heh, it's better than running around, fishing, collecting stuff and helping animals just to get scraps of money, right?" (Oh yes I did.)

There is a rather uncomfortable silence between the girls as they stare forward, then Sekibanki enters the room from the hidden door and says "hey, show's over. Should I send the boys away now?"

Mamizou nods, the redhead smiles, then her head takes flight, five more heads appear around her body, and while one chuckles, another wails, another growls, and another sticks out her tongue, the main head shouts "alright boys, show's over; get the hell out of here! COME ON, MOVE!"

As the men and raccoons run away with fright, Lucia and Mamizou stare with narrowed eyes while the human calmly says "ah, she's overdoing it." The tanuki merely nods.

Later that day, after exploring her house with the enamored Sekibanki, Lucia goes back to Keine's school and finds Budou there looking tired and shivering on a lonely seat, while Ail and Sanae talk with the teacher at another room.

Concerned, the human girl bends her knees and gently places a hand on the little bat's shoulder, and asks "hey Budou, what's the matter? Why are you sitting all alone over here?"

The little bat youkai lunches toward the girl, gives her a hug, and breaks down to cry on her belly. "It was horrible. A mean woman wanted to kill me, and she wouldn't leave me alone, and I was so scared because I couldn't escape, no matter what I tried!"

The human girl quickly returns the hug and gently shushes the little girl, and then softly says "shh, there now, no need to cry. You are safe now and surrounded by friends. That mean old monster can't hurt you now."

In a matter of seconds after being embraced, Budou feels warmth return to her, her shivering stops as her nerves quickly settle down, and soon after her crying stops and she sighs with relief before falling asleep in Lucia's arms.

Soft footsteps get closer to the girls, then Sanae bends her knees to be at the same height as the two girls, and softly says "however did you manage that? We tried to get her to sleep all night, but she was so scared she couldn't even close her eyes."

The brown-haired girl watches as the shrine maiden gently pushes a strand of hair out of Budou's sleeping face, and softly replies "I don't know. She just jumped on me, cried her eyes out, and then suddenly fell asleep."

Keine watches as Ail stares at the girls with his nighttime eyes, then he cancels his blood limit, smiles, and says "no wonder she kept asking us to take her to you. You seem to have a pretty good gift there, Lucia."

Though speaking softly, Lucia's dark tone matches the seriousness in her face as she asks "what was that all about? Who tried to hurt a sweet and innocent creature like her?"

Sanae's expression turns dark as she recalls the attack and says "we don't know who she is, but we got a good look at her. She has grey hair and red eyes, and dresses up like Sakuya, but unlike the chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, this girl is a vicious vampire; and knows really dark magic."

"Not just vicious" adds the boy. "She's like a vacuum of energy. She even drained my own weapon of light's power from just being close to her. Thankfully, Sanae was there to back me up."

After a moment of silence while Ail joins Sanae and Lucia in watching over the cute sleeping fruit bat youkai, Keine takes a deep breath and sternly says "we should all go see Reimu now. Lucia, I need to see something for myself, and I want you with me, if you please."

The human girl looks back slightly suspicious, but for her adoptive mother she feels no weight from any request (except those that include the words "no" and "sweets" in the same sentence), and so she nods and says "I don't mind carrying this one all the way." She looks at the parents and adds "if it's alright."

Both nod in acceptance, then the teacher smiles and says "alright then; we'll head there through one of your gaps. The sooner we tell Reimu about this, the less time she'll take getting off her lazy butt."

Lucia chuckles and says "such a nice and soft butt she has."

Sanae glares at the human girl and angrily says "don't you dare touch our Budou like that, you perverted freak."

Said human looks hurt at the green-haired girl and says "hey, I'm not a lolicon!"

"What about Cirno?" asks Ail with a smirk, to which Lucia simply sighs and says "she's a tomboy and deserved a good pinch."

Keine looks a bit anxious as time keeps being wasted and says "hey, you guys, the sooner the better. Let's go."

They all stand up; Lucia winks and sticks out a bit of her tongue as she simultaneously pinches both Ail and Sanae without dropping Budou, then hums innocently while making her way to Keine.

To her luck, the chuckling lovebirds blush and glance at each other, thinking the pinching came from the other.

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu and Tenshi whisper secretly at the hot springs, while Rika, Chiaki and Suzaku are taking care of the chores out the back.

"She still hasn't made her appearance, but she'll make her move soon, I'm sure." softly says the shrine maiden, to which the celestial nods with a serious face and says "well I've seen many dead animals in the places she has been, but I haven't seen her either."

Both girls have towels covering them while they are in the water, but by the looks in their concerned faces, it appears they are far from relaxed.

After a moment of silence, the human girl approaches the blue-haired celestial and says "luckily, none of Satori's pets knew the girl's name so Rika still doesn't know it's Muse, but with things as they are, she's going to find out sooner or l-"

They can hear that familiar sound of a rift in space, then the shrine girl sighs irritably and says "Yukari, or whoever, I am here with the celestial~! We're decent."

Sanae is the first to reach them, and is bending her knees at the edge of the water while staring at Reimu with the corner of her narrowed, annoyed eyes, and says "you call this decent? Even Lady Kanako would question that, you know."

"Pipe down grandma," says the towel shrine maiden while flapping her hand on the water. "Nobody can see anything so it's ok."

The cute celestial has shied away from the incoming people while saying "s-s-speak for yourself. I TOLD you I wanted to come in with my swimsuit, at least!"

Anilan steps up with his normal casual look and says "Tenshi, calm down, it's just us." Seeing him there makes her feel much worst, and she shows this by blushing madly while looking away and holding her towel tight against herself.

Keine walks in with the sleeping Budou on hand and asks "hey, has anybody here seen Lucia?"

While the people talk, something sneaky moves underwater without being noticed at all, and makes its way toward the blushing shy celestial.

Tenshi is just about to cry while saying "seriously, please, at least let me change!"

The boy puts on a hurt face and nods then makes his way out, while Reimu points out "and since when did YOU get so modest and shy like that, huh?"

As the celestial opens her mouth to answer, she is dragged underwater and disappears from sight.

Bubbles start rising from where she was, then a fleshy and blue blur splashes right out of the water, hides behind a tree, then the poor shivering girl covers her modesty while blushing hard and crying "PERVERT! PEEEERVERT!" It touched me EVERYWHERE! UGH!"

Reimu is dragged underwater just as she's about to question the current happenings, and immediately bubbles can be seen rushing furiously from where she was dragged.

Seconds later, she rises from the water with a furious look on her red face as she pulls Lucia out of the water along with Tenshi's towel, her own towel, and an extremely elaborate camouflage sheet that changes color according to the background it's up against. (Where the hell did Lucia get that?)

Reimu drops next to the edge of the water with her cute white frilly bikini on, and Lucia drops soaking wet in her usual outfit with a smile on her face, and cheering triumphantly. Her camera's case is bone-dry.

"YYYYYES! I got to touch a celestial while UNDERWATER!" She checks a line on a list on a dry notepad she has and then says "and the shrine maiden too, even though her bikini almost impeded my goal!"

Said shrine maiden points at the offender and growls "girl, this is the last time you're going to grope anyone ever again!" She takes a fighting stance and says "I'll break your damned arms off!"

From behind the tree, Tenshi cries "Reimu, you cheater! You said you weren't wearing anything! Liar!"

"I said maybe," insists the shrine maiden, and then she looks at the offending human and realizes that girl is grinning very confidently, and raises an eyebrow. "You don't seem intimidated at all."

Lucia takes off her soaking jacket and tosses it aside along with her camera bag, leaving herself with her tight, soaking wet red shirt, then chuckles as she takes off her shoes, takes a fighting stance, and then says "I won't let you reverse-rape me again, Miss Shrine Maiden. Not without a fight."

She suddenly removes her shirt; surprising and disgusting Reimu; exposing her pink bra containing her generously ample chest, and says "I want to make this a fair fight, so I should remove my pants-."

"DON'T; just... don't!" screams the poor shrine maiden while covering her eyes and a bit of her chest after noticing she has competition there.

The brown-haired girl stares curiously and asks "really? Are you sure?" She then shrugs and says "alright then, it's your call." then takes her fighting stance again.

Keine, Sanae, Ail and Chiaki all facepalm hard, then the vixen sighs and says "I'm bettin' my chips on tha hot bikini maiden."

"You're on!" exclaims Sanae as she shakes hands with the orange vixen.

Reimu and Lucia are now ready to begin; the maiden's brown eyes and the visitor's hazel eyes meet and lock just before the latter girl moves forward.

Lucia stretches her arms above herself and throws her attack at the shrine maiden, who nimbly moves her torso left.

The brown-haired human thinks she's got this and throws a powerful knee at Reimu, but the girl easily foresees this attack and blocks accordingly.

Lucia backs away with quick hops and says "wow, you've got some moves there. Why don't you, uh, show 'em to me?"

Reimu smile wickedly sweet, and speaks sinisterly. "Oh, you want to see my moves? Well here they come!"

She rushes next to Lucia in the blink of an eye, surprising that girl, then links her hands and throws a linked-fist punch, but that human girl closes her eyes and moves her body back like flowing water, stumping the shrine maiden.

"Eh!?" Reimu stares at that girl with shock, but quickly recovers her fierce face and spins in place once, and then throws a spin-kick at the back of that human with deadly precision.

Again, Lucia moves her body like water. She bends backward and does a handstand, hops away from the shrine maiden, and as soon as she lands again she dashes forward and tries to scissor-strike Reimu's belly, but that shrine maiden raises her knee and blocks the attack just in time.

Both girls are just slightly winded as they square off, and with a grin on her face, the perverted girl says "hey, not bad. This is really fun, Miss Reimu."

The shrine maiden returns the grin and says "I'll say. You've proven to be quite a nice playmate... but don't think for a moment you are above me, sweetie. I am way beyond your level."

Right after saying that, the black-haired girl zips right toward her opponent and tries to chop her chest. Lucia easily bends backward and avoids the attack, but realizes too late that Reimu's knee is in range, and so the shrine maiden lifts that blunt knee and strikes the girl on the left side of her hip.

The girl staggers backward and winces while holding her sore hip, then Reimu appears behind her, ready to strike a finishing blow, but Lucia moves her body like a raging rapid and twists in place, avoids a downward linked-fist strike, and kicks the shrine maiden's spine with her right talon.

Both girls wince and back away from each other while trying to nurse their wounded areas, but quickly compose themselves and take defensive stances.

The shrine maiden rushes forward and lands a painful palm on Lucia's chest, but the perverted girl recovers fast with a quick breath and returns the attack with a hard palm on Reimu's chin, and then all hell breaks loose.

What just was a pretty cool battle suddenly becomes something rather lewd and unbecoming of such ladies.

Hakurei grabs a good chunk of Akiramoto's hair and pulls, then Lucia grips Reimu's chest and pulls, and now both girls are thrashing furiously on the ground, pulling everything and anything they can grab while shouting indecent insults and childish names at each other.

The perverted girl suddenly whoops and exclaims "oh, how soft. OH-HO-HOOOO~! Not cool!"

The shrine maiden snarls and says "I am going to strangle you! WAAAH! NOT THERE!"

Ail blushes, his lips wriggle, and he walks away from the area as fast as he can, while Keine sighs, facepalms and takes Budou away before she wakes up.

Sanae and Chiaki cheer them on from the front of the spring, while Tenshi curses them from behind that tree.

The non-fighting girls all suddenly gasp and become blurs when they leave the area with great haste while the fighting girls suddenly stop and look around as question and exclamation marks appear above their heads.

A very disappointed and scowling Rika Onkamikami towers above the girls, who look up at her and, instead of seeing the sweet and loving angelic eyes of the maid, she the demonic fury of an angry angel looking down on them.

Before they can explain, Rika pulls them both up by their ears, spreads both screaming girls on her lap with amazing skill, then raises a spell card and declares "this hand of mine shines with burning justice! It tells me of some girls in need of... PUNISHMENT SIGN, 100 Spanks in a Flash!"

The spell card turns into a pink flame that envelops the maid's hand, and Lucia, dreading what's coming, desperately cries "nonononono NO WAAAAYYYY! I'm SORRYYYYYY!"

The first spank is so powerful, that the shockwave created spreads all around the Hakurei Shrine and blows away all the dead leaves and dust everywhere.

As the rest of the repeated spanks echo through the establishment, even Ail panics and hides Sanae, Keine and the sleeping Budou behind some trees.

Reimu and Lucia cry and scream and beg Rika to stop, but only until the 100th smack is heard does she stop.

The agonizing shrine maiden and pervert groan and cry whenever they try to sit their sore bottoms, even though they have large pillows tied to their butts.

Rika prostrates herself before Reimu and says "My Lady, again, I am so sorry! I just couldn't allow you and Miss Lucia to continue behaving like... like... THAT!"

She raises her face with a furious look on her eyes and says "that is not the proper way for ladies to behave, and fights are not meant to be lewd and dirty! That was a disgusting display of masculine misbehavior, and if it means tarnishing our relationship, My Lady, then so be it; but I will not allow you to lower yourself to such deplorable standards!"

Reimu and Lucia both sigh and nod, and then the shrine maiden softly says "hai, hai, it's fine. I'm sorry you had to do that Rika."

The perverted girl bows politely and adds "yeah, I kinda caused something bad here. I'm sorry."

From the shrine's front, a girl loudly says "what be this manner of events? A servant punishes her master and a guest, and gets off free from punishment? This new confounded world is quite strange, although admittedly more civilized in other aspects."

Rika stands up, bows her head politely, and happily says "Futo-aneue! (Honored sister) Welcome!"

Futo Mononobe, who has grey eyes, grey hair she makes into a ponytail and adorns with an eboshi, and who wears a white uniform with very long sleeves, and a purple skirt, yelps with fight and desperately tries to free herself from Lucia's groping hands when said girl grabs her rump and squeezes with glee.

"HELP! Somebody HELP! This disrespectful heathen will not release my bottom! Rikaaaa!"

The shrine's maid scowls and angrily says "MISS LUCIA! And I just-!" She grunts and angrily commands "Suzaku, get her off of Futo!"

The vermilion bird reveals herself from under a bushy tree, but before she follows her orders, Keine sighs and says "please allow me. Ahem. Lucia, you let go of that girl or I'll turn your three days without sweets into a WEEK!

Lucia suddenly stops everything, allowing the poor grey-haired girl to jump on the angelic maid's arms for comfort, and then cries "bu-bu-but that cute tushy feels so fresh, yet ancient!"

"That's it! No sweets for FIVE days, young lady!" strictly says the teacher with a very serious look on her face.

The human girl suddenly screeches to the air, grips her own cheeks, and slowly melts into a depressing mass of flesh that whimpers and moans sadly.

Reimu smiles widely and casually says "oh, so it's that easy." to which Lucia cries "no ice cream, no doughnuts, no cherries on whipped cream, and no doughnuts."

Minutes later, everyone has gathered inside the shrine's living room, where the sore Reimu and Lucia stand, while everyone else sits comfortably around a table as Budou relates of her experience with the grey-haired woman (Muse). Phredia keeps rubbing the little bat's head to keep her from breaking into tears.

After finishing her story the poor bat youkai sobs and cries "I'm sorry, I just get so scared! She wouldn't leave me, and I ran and ran with Phredia, but she..."

"That's enough," says Sanae before holding her adoptive youkai daughter and taking her to her lap to try and help her relax.

Futo suddenly bangs the table and exclaims "that is precisely why I ventured over! Miss Hakurei, we have been sensing these anomalies in the flow of energy in Gensokyo, and it appears it's slowly gathering on one moving location!"

She looks around to see everyone's expressions and adds "we must act with haste, or we fear these effects will be made irreversible!"

Reimu holds her chin while in thought, then she shares a quick worrisome glance with Tenshi; a glance Rika appears to notice immediately; before saying "I guess I have no choice but to hunt for this grey haired woman and bring her down."

"Thank you" says Ail as he and Sanae bow to the Hakurei Maiden, then the green-haired girl adds "of course I'll join you in this hunt, if we cross paths."

Before the Hakurei Maiden can complain, the Moriya Maiden quickly adds "she did just threaten Budou and shook her up really bad. I believe, with this said, you won't try to stop me, or get in my way."

Reimu nods at her after a quick sigh, then before another interruption arises, Keine says "there was something else we came here for, wasn't there? Something about... you know..."

She nods her head to Lucia while looking at Ail and Sanae, then the boy gasps and says "oh, that's right! Lucia, Budou's quite upset again. Could you please help her like you did before?"

The sad human girl perks up and looks slightly confused toward them, but she quickly dismisses any suspicions with a shrug and says "sure. I don't mind. Come here little one."

As soon as the human gets closer, the shivering bat youkai twists her body and raises her hands to be picked up by that girl.

Lucia coos and purrs as she embraces Budou, and quickly, in front of many analyzing eyes, the little bat youkai moans and buries her face on Lucia's chest as her shivering stops, and even Reimu seems impressed when in just a manner of seconds, the disturbed bat youkai looks completely relaxed.

Everyone's surprise becomes more evident when the little girl suddenly lifts a giggling face while looking at Lucia and says "I feel so much better." She kisses the human on the cheek and sweetly says "thank you."

While that human girl blushes and smiles, she rubs her cheek and softly says "no, thank you, you adorable child."

As they giggle and walk toward the celestial, Keine, Ail, Sanae, Rika and Reimu get closer, and the teacher whispers "I can now see what you mean Ail. She completely turned that shivering girl around, and with just one hug."

Reimu chuckles and softly whispers "we need to keep an eye on her after all and not just because of the groping." to which the boy nods and whispers "even Budou can't figure it out, but it seems Lucia's energy field is quite special. She affects youkai positively with her embrace."

Rika giggles softly, then whispers "it's like she's a walking therapy session for youkai. But still, her groping is a real nuisance. However can we stop it?"

Keine wants to tell them what she knows, but before she can even begin, the Hakurei Maiden grins mischievously and says "ooh, let's try this. Ahem..." She raises her head and says "hey Lucia, there are no doughnuts, chocolate eyes screams, or any sweets from the outside world in Gensokyo."

It is extremely fortunate that Tenshi is currently playing horsy with Budou, because the moment those horrible words reach the human's ears, she grips her cheeks and looks to the ceiling and bloodily screams "NOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYY!? WAAAAHHHHHHH!"

As she screams, sobs, and cries out loud, she slowly melts away into a depressing puddle of sadness that continues to cry even after her face melts.

Rika Onkamikami gives her mistress a very sad and disapproving look and says "Mistress Reimu that was overkill!"

Keine is giving very dangerous dirty glares at the shrine maiden, while Ail and Sanae chuckle uncomfortably.

That night, in front of Lucia's new house, the human girl and the history teacher finish their hug, and then the woman says "please take care of yourself, take your baths daily, and if you need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask!" Keine looks positively relaxed after that hug, something she was silently hoping for.

The human girl smiles, then says "come on mom, I'll be alright, I'm three steps-oh, sorry... Miss Keine." She smiles while looking uncomfortably around and says "heh, I'm sorry, it's just-"

The woman gently holds the girl's cheeks to quiet her down, pulls her close and kisses her forehead, then says "it's alright, I don't mind you calling me your mother anymore."

Lucia stares at her adoptive mother, then suddenly jumps and hugs her while giggling happily. Keine can feel herself feeling even more relaxed and soothed while the hug continues, but sadly it eventually ends; although the woman looks quite refreshed.

Keine suddenly gasps softly and signals Lucia to wait for a moment, and after rummaging through her pockets for a bit, she pulls a long blue ribbon with glyphs similar to the ones on her hat sewn into it, and says "here, I made this for you. It's not much, but I thought you might like it."

The human girl holds out her hands and holds the silky soft ribbon for a bit before gently grasping it, then smiles and happily says "I love it! Thank you so much Mama Keine!"

She holds it against her chest while smiling at the teacher, who eventually sighs and says "well, I better head home. I'm sure you'll want to explore your new house before going to sleep."

A small tear rolls down Lucia's left cheek as she smiles, then nods and says "yeah, I should do that. Um... please take care. I'll see you tomorrow."

With a wave of her hand and a quick 'bye', the teacher slowly turns around after walking backwards for a while, and then heads to her home.

The human girl sighs sadly, waits until Keine is out of her sight, then slowly turns around and enters her home.

Immediately after looking within, her face fills with disgust, surprise and annoyance.

Sekibanki is reading a magazine while lounging on the living room's sofa, and when she notices Lucia has returned, she grins mischievously and says "well, Honey Lips has returned." She suddenly blushes and stammers, then finally says "no, wait, that's not what I meant!"

The human girl enters the door, closes it behind herself, and then smiles while angrily asking "what the hell are you doing here, Sekibanki?"

The youkai stammers quite a bit before finally looking away with reddened cheeks and furrowed brows while saying "it's not like I'm here because I want another kiss from you, you know!"

Lucia's left brow twitches, but then she squeals and spins before asking about that suspiciously unprovoked answer.

Kokoro has jumped on her from her left and is groping the screaming human girl. She has her fox mask on while being spun around and angrily saying "so, you like groping beautiful girls while they're performing huh, you fucking bitch!? Let's see how YOU like being on the receiving end!"

The human girl snarls, stops, then jumps against the sturdy wall next to the entrance of the house, then says "the the hell OFF me, you cute and sexy psycho bitch!"

The lavender-haired cutie doesn't even flinch when being smashed against that wall several times, and seemingly calmly says "oh no, I'm not. These feel quite pleasant to my hands!"

Several bullets explode around the girls, successfully freeing Lucia from Kokoro's grasp, but now the three girls hide behind the couch; Kokoro's mask switching to the monkey since she's quite confused; and look toward the dark corner of the kitchen.

"Wh-who's there!?" demands Lucia. "Show yourself and we won't hurt you!"

Light thumps vibrate through the house as the figure slowly reveals herself and says "what's this? You are starting a little harem? No, no, no, no, we can't have this. The princess' future bride belongs to the princess and none other!"

Reisen reveals herself with her red eyes glowing as she aims her pointed finger toward the couch. She knows quite well that Lucia doesn't have a harem, and that those girls are intruding, but she is still very sore at the human and wants to mess around with her mind.

She shoots several white bullets toward the girls and says "come on out and leave your girlfriends behind, and I might consider overlooking this little episode... after I have shot you several times."

"You stupid rabbit, I am angry at this human and taking revenge. She's not my god damned girlfriend!" angrily says Kokoro when her Hannya mask takes over her head.

"I'm just an innocent victim here! Keep me out of it," monotonously says Sekibanki after a quick sigh.

A pair of hazel eyes appear behind Reisen as she scans the house, then she suddenly yelps and yells "HEY, LET ME GO! HYAAAN~!"

Lucia has hoped on Reisen, crossed her legs over the Moon Rabbit's waist and skillfully crossed her arms over her chest, and while gripping and groping tight she says "shooting me in my own house. You have earned the grope of PAIN!"

Outside the house, Reisen's shriek of pain and thud after falling causes Tewi a gleeful giggle while she hides behind the new house.

Meanwhile, Keine opens the door to her house, turns on several lamps, stands next to her single's seat, and as she glances all over her home, her eyes water, her lips tremble as they wriggle into a smile, and then says "it's so quiet now."

"I finally have peace," softly says the teacher as her tears of joy roll down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, somewhere at the Forest of Magic, Yuki looks terrified as she presses her back against a tree and while crying and sobbing she shouts "for Makai's sake, I returned the groceries and apologized a hundred times! WHAT MORE DO YOU WA-HA-HANT!"

A gorgeous woman with light-blue hair tied into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, brown eyes, who wears a red dress with a strap on the right over a white blouse, a loose belt with a sword adornment on the buckle, and who holds a sword on her hand threateningly says "you still made her cry. I'll punish you for that!"

Mystia lands to the woman's right and concernedly asks "Yorihime wait, You're not really going to kill her, right?"

Yorihime smiles at the night sparrow, pats her head, and sweetly says "of course not. I will just apply some punishment on her body."

The night sparrow seems satisfied by the answer an allows the Lunarian to continue her slow march toward the shivering, crying mess of a fire witch, and when she reaches her hand for the blonde, said girl cries "Mama Shinki, don't let Mai take my cookieeeees!"

Her last lament echoes all throughout Gensokyo, while Yorihime's sweetly dark chuckle follows subtly after that scream.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Kyo, Budou, Phredia, Chiaki and Lucia were made by Willie G.R.

Muse belongs to her original creators. Credit where it's due.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

MAR 24, 2014

Written by

Willie G.R.

Minoriko: Well that was certainly interesting.

Me: MINORIKO? Minoriko Aki?

Minoriko: *blushes* What? What's the matter?

Me: Well, it's just that I never expected to see you here.

Minoriko: Well why not? Just because I'm not that popular doesn't mean I can't make some special appearances.

Me: *Trollface* You want a kiss from Lucia too, don't you?

Shizuha: And why would she want something so fleeting? In the end, it's just going to be one kiss, then a few goodbyes, and then, at the end, it will all be the very same. Hahh... how depressing.


Minoriko: Tch! And yet she has that stupid ability to paint... *grumble-grumble*!

Shizuha: Pheh! It's not like I have a gorgeous body like you, sis!

Satori: Willie, why do you get yourself into such troubles? Don't add both Aki sisters at once! You can't handle them.

Me: I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Satori: Yes, I know they are quite cute and that Minoriko has a nice chest, but that doesn't make it right to have them both at once.

Minoriko: *gasps* Apologize to me!

Me: I already APOLOGIZED!

Satori: *giggles* It's so much fun to tease you.

Me: *blushing* Y... you look so CUTE when you giggle! *Ba-thump*

Satori: *blushes deep red* D-don't say stupid things like that out of the blue!

Patchouli: She doesn't deserve him. Paru~

Minoriko: ...Willie, your imagination is really weird.

Me: Thank you.

Shizuha: That didn't sound like a compliment.

Me: *smiling* I know!