At dusk, little Mystia roosts on a branch while she waits for daylight and for the shops to open at the Human Village. She has fallen asleep while waiting and looks very peaceful and content.

Behind the tree she is on, Yuki slithers like a snake on the grass as she makes her way closer to the bird girl.

Her target is in sight and a smile graces her face, and so she moves in as silently as a mouse on a rug.

She presses her back to the trunk of the tree, looks around for any signs of trouble, then grins and hops right on to said trunk, and begins her silent roach-like climb up that tree, getting closer to her target.

Mystia coos and chirps softly as she naps in peace, unaware of the crazy blonde roaching her way closer to her.

Yuki is in reach. She extends her arm and reaches for the night sparrow's arm, and then; Mystia opens a glowing red eye, hops away from Yuki's reach, then bombards her with eggs that smack her so hard on the face, the fire witch drops straight down to the unforgiving ground with those very eggs following after her.

The eggshells turn black and start beeping, and the witch knows by instinct that that is not a good sign, so she scurries away (too late), and the eggs blow up near her, blowing her straight against the next tree, and then followed by more eggs tossed by the night sparrow.

The eggs explode around the screaming witch, and Mystia takes a dramatic pose with glowing red eyes and her wings stretched to the limit, and the words "Call of the Night Sparrow, Modern Eggshells" appear above said girl.

The cute night sparrow hops down after the moaning burned witch and stretches out her clawed hand to finish the job, but stops when the blonde yelps and kicks herself away.

Curious, the pink-haired bird girl raises an eyebrow and stares. Yuki uses her hands to beg her to stop her attack, and then quickly rummages through her pockets.

She pulls out a singed letter with a pink band, frightfully hands it over to Mystia, and said girl immediately; but cautiously; opens it up, and after she makes sure it's not booby-trapped, she tries to read "I am sorry."

Since she can't read, instead she looks at the cute picture (which looks like it was made by a 5-year old) of Yuki giving her a friendly hug, and realizes it's a letter of apology; her face softens immediately.

Both girls look at each other in the eyes, smile as tears well under those glistening orbs, and soon they find each other in a sweet hug as the fire from the explosions consumes everything around them.

At the distance, behind a thick pair of bushes, Yorihime sighs with endearment, sheathes her sword, and then hops away back to the Bamboo Forest.

Meanwhile the fairies scream as they scramble to get some water and mud to kill the spreading fires around the hugging girls.

It is peaceful and quiet that morning at Lucia's new house while said girl sleeps away on her comfortable new bed with a smile on her angelic face as she dreams of chocolate ice cream and glazed doughnuts.

She moans softly and breathes in as she begins to wake up, and as her hazel eyes slowly open up, she smiles sweetly and softly says "good morning."

A very happy-looking Budou is resting right besides her with Phredia the fairy sitting on her head, and after the morning greeting she replies "good morning Miss Bell-Lucia."

The human girl gasps and opens her eyes wide, then yelps and jumps off her bed and onto the hard floor, where she groans and complains about her butt on a hard place.

She lifts her head up to her bed, looks at the little bat youkai sitting on it cross-legged and staring down at her, then after a long pause of analysis she asks "Budou? How did you get in here?"

While that human rubs her eyes and yawns, Budou smiles and says "well, Miss Kokoro let me in. She's so nice. She looked so happy when taking me to your room."

"God damn it, Kokoro" mutters the angry human girl under her breath while hiding a clenched shaking fist under her chest. She then smiles at the little bat youkai and says "how nice of her. And why are you here sweetie? Does your Papa know you're here?"

Budou's smile suddenly vanishes when Lucia talks about Ail, then hesitantly says "umm, well yes, he does, and he's the reason I am here."

Lucia hops back on her bed; wearing a simple white thin-strapped shirt and a pair of pink panties; crosses her legs, takes and hugs her pillow, and asks "what happened? Did he and your Mama get into a fight?"

"Almost" replies the little bat while looking away. Phredia grabs her cheeks so that she looks back at the human, then gasps with realization of something and says "that's right. Umm, you see... Papa needs one of your hugs."

The brown-haired girl smiles and nervously looks around the room with a bashful blush while saying "aww, that's really cute, but, um, I'm not really into him sweetie."

The young youkai stares at the human with understandable confusion, and then asks "what? Into him? No, I'm not asking you to get inside him; I'm asking you to hug him like you did with me."

Lucia's face turns serious, but before she asks, Budou says "see, ever since something happened to him in a dream... world... umm, magic world thing, Papa Ail has become very scared of losing the people he loves; so much that Mama Sanny calls him 'pa-ra-n-noid'; paranoid. And ever since that mean old girl tried to kill me, he's been so nervous and angry he can barely sleep."

She pats Lucia's bed with her hand as she leans closer to the human and asks "could you please come with me and give him one of your magical hugs? I am sure that will help him a whole~ lot!"

The human girl's smile is weak as she looks back into those cute violet pleading eyes and says "dear girl, what can I do? A hug is just a hug; it's nothing special; especially coming from someone like me."

Little Budou shakes her head and insists "you're wrong! Your hugs are magical! Because of you I felt very warm and fuzzy and calm when even Mama Sanny's hugs couldn't do that! Not only me, but I have seen your hugs make other youkai feel all good and peaceful. Like Miss Remilia and Miss Flandre!"

Lucia's confusion rises as she thinks back on her visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but rubs the right side of her own head while saying "look, I think those were just flukes. I'm serious little one, my only true ability is summoning spirits; nothing else."

The bat youkai stands up and looks determined into Lucia's eyes as she says "no, they were not, and I can prove it to you! Come with me to go look for Papa so you can see for yourself how he is, and you will hug him, and you will see how special you really are!"

The human girl sighs as she mentally rolls her eyes, then says "alright, fine, I'll humor you, but don't get sad when nothing special happen, ok?"

"Deal" says Budou. Shortly after, she smiles again and says "well, you better go take your bath. Miss Kokoro said she will make sure your back is thoroughly cleaned."

"Kokoro?" asks the confused human girl. The door to her bedroom slowly opens with a soft creak, and on the doorway is the mask girl, wearing her young woman mask while smiling very subtly herself.

It is clear to the human girl that that smile is pure evil, and that's when the fox mask replaces the young woman as the owner softly says "come on Lucia, time to take your bath. I will not have you tend to my spectators with a smelly sweaty body."

Thirty minutes later, Lucia sighs as she walks out of her bathroom wearing her new blue ribbon on her head (as well as her regular clothes), looking extremely refreshed and saying "that was great! We should do that again Kokoro~!"

Sekibanki jumps to the open door of the bathroom with a distressed look on her face, and then she looks inside and finds Kokoro lying on the bath's floor with a flushed face, a towel over her unmentionables, and her young woman and monkey masks switching places repeatedly as her body twitches. "What happened to me?"

The rokurokubi screeches, and then shouts "KIIIISS! You gave her the KISS!? That's not FAIR; I've been asking you for-!" When she realizes what she just screamed, she blushes and softly says "um, I mean... th-that was... disgusting. Umm..."

She walks back into the living room as silent as a mouse.

Later that morning, just as they pass in front of the school, Lucia stops Budou's cute march and says "wait, wait, I haven't said 'good morning' to Mama Keine!"

She runs to the teacher's home and school, runs over to the back; where the actual house is; and then stops and stares with surprise as Yukari and another girl talk with her Keine. Lucia smiles at the sight of Yukari and Keine together as lewd thoughts cross her mind.

The new young girl is cute, chubby and seems to have an ample chest, has lavender hair she makes into long twintails, soft blue eyes, and wears a pink t-shirt and a red skirt, and currently wears a black apron with the top part hanging by her skirt.

Yukari suddenly gasps, then giggles and says "oh my, what a greeting."

Lucia is groping her from behind while saying "this woman's boobies are so out of this world! They are addictive!" She then hops off the blonde and casually says "good morning Yukari; good morning Keine; good morning young lady I don't know. I'm Lucia Akiramoto, and can I touch your large boobs?"

Keine sighs while rubbing her forehead, while the smiling young girl slaps Lucia across the face and casually says "Lucia, what a rude bitch you are! Like hell I'm gonna let you touch my breasts, you freak!"

The perverted girl is crying on the silver-haired teacher's chest. "Mama Keine, she called me a freaaaaak!"

The teacher sighs again and rubs the crying girl's head while softly saying "there, there, it's alright; you asked for that anyways." She suddenly punches the brown-haired human's head and angrily says "you did that in front of Budou!? You sick pervert!" She then snorts and angrily adds "and that ribbon looks good on you."

Said human kneels on the ground and rubs her head while smiling sadly and saying to herself "mama got mad at me."

Yukari opens her fan and glares subtly, quieting everyone down, grabs Budou as if she were her own child (for no apparent reason), and says "as I was saying, Miss Mamiko Funai will need to stay with you for a couple of days while she settles here; and I am sure this will be for the good of all present."

Mamiko bows respectfully to the history teacher, giving Lucia a target but lifting her leg in time to defend herself; striking said pervert on the stomach; and says "Miss Keine, I will be forever thankful for this favor. I will not take long as I have already made preparations for the construction of my home; and Miss Yukari has gracefully accepted to bring me my things from my old home."

"Oh my, how polite." says Keine with a soft chuckle, while Lucia's eyes sparkle at the mention of that blonde woman bringing things from someone's home.

"Um, M-Miss Yukari?" calls the human pervert. She's poking her fingers while looking around in an uncharacteristically cute manner for her, and then finally speaks up while looking at the blonde woman. "I-is it ok if I ask you to bring a few of my own things over? I mean, I only have these clothes and my new ribbon, but I don't have my bikini, and; you know..."

As her voice trails off, the youkai sage stares at that human while covering her mouth with her fan, and then coldly says "I'll see what I can do." By the time she's done speaking, Yukari is long gone and Budou is giggling on Keine's arms.

As soon as the coast is clear, Mamiko takes the top half of her black apron and ties it up to cover her seemingly ample chest area, then glares at Lucia and darkly says "so, you like touching others in their private areas like some sick perverted freak, huh? Well I don't know or care about others, but you already crossed the line with me."

She takes a fighting stance while her stare becomes cold and hateful, and then says "first of all, you don't have even a fourth of the money needed to touch my body. Secondly, I am going to take GREAT pleasure in kicking your ass... FOR FREE!"

Budou stares at the girl with a bit of fright and says "sh-she's so dark. She's really angry Miss Keine mom."

Akiramoto stands firmly on her feet with a curious look while taking a defensive stance. "Uh, I really don't see what the problem here is, but I assure you, there is no chance in hell you are kicking this gorgeous ass of mine." She licks her finger and pokes her upper thigh, making a sizzling sound with her mouth when she does.

The girl in the black apron swings her arms around furiously while shouting "WHAT!? You seriously don't see the problem with groping others!? YOU PER- eh?"

She feels something hit the back of her hand. When she looks back, she realizes she has accidentally struck Keine on the nose, and feeling ashamed she bows repeatedly while apologizing.

The teacher merely smiles and silently says "n-no, it's alright sweetie, it was just an accident. It didn't even hurt."

Budou screams as she points at Lucia; the ground rumbles, a glowing golden light appears from where said human girl stands, and Akiramoto roars so loud her voice echoes all the way to the Hakurei Shrine, disturbing Reimu's sleep yet again.

Mamiko's face suddenly turns frightful as she looks toward her opponent, while the brown-haired girl roars "youuuuuuu! You! hurt! MAMA KINEEEEEE!"

She rushes at the apron girl before she knows it, and now they are both locked at the hands and keep pushing against each other.

"Wh... What the hell kind of strength is this!?" groans Mamiko. "It's like pushing a mountain!"

The enraged human girl easily pushes against the lavender-haired girl while roaring "you! hurt! MAMA KEINE! I am going to KILL YOU!"

"Lucia! Lucia, calm down! I'm fine! Really, it was just a light tap!" Keine's shouting falls on deaf ears and Lucia keeps pushing Mamiko's hands back until her fingers crack and she screams.

The apron girl uses the impulse of her pain to give Lucia a hard headbutt, and although she relieves the pain on her fingers, the perverted little martial artist uses the energy used against her and flips Mamiko around herself like a hula-hoop, then slams her face-up on the ground so hard, Budou flies off Keine's arms out of fright from the vibrations.

Mamiko's breath breaks as she looks up at the now-more-calm Lucia glaring down at her with her arms crossed over her chest and the red glyphs on her ribbon glowing. The angry pervert then shouts "and if you touch my Mama Keine again, I'll give your boobs a painful pinch you'll NEVER forget; Miss B-cup!"

The lavender-haired girl covers herself up as her apron undoes itself and falls off, and then cries "h-how!? When did you touch me!?"

The proud girl takes a photo of her fallen opponent with her camera, stashes it back in its surprisingly indestructible (is it really?) bag, then smiles confidently while saying "never doubt the skill of my hands! If there are boobs and butts, I'll touch them!"

Lucia suddenly yelps and finds herself kneeling on the ground and holding a new bump on her forehead, while Keine's own forehead sizzles at the point of impact.

The teacher is incredibly angry as she glares down at her adoptive daughter and furiously says "stop scaring Budou, or I'll cut your miserable sweets supply down to ZERO!"

The perverted girl screams as she turns to stone, and as her statue self cries endless tears she meekly says "I'm sorry Mama Keine; I'm sorry Budou-chan; I'm sorry Mamiko girl with the deceivingly small boobs!"

Keine's sweet smile returns, then casually says "good girl. I guess I won't have to punish you now."

Satori grunts when her back hits the trunk of a large tree and she coughs out the air that so brutally escapes her lungs after the impact.

She finds herself at the western borders of the Youkai Forest with a dying large green, tail-less lizard on her hands, and bruises and dirt all over her face.

Her clothes are in tatters and there is blood running down from her knees, but she keeps on her feet and looks around as if waiting for something.

She shoots several hearts around herself and shouts "stay away from my pets!"

Muse's dark and sweet voice echoes all around her. "My dear sweet fool; do you really think you are in any position to make demands? You are actually more stupid than I thought."

Satori cries out in pain when the tree grows a hand and grasps her neck so tight, her bones cracks. After she recovers and looks forward, she is face-to-face with her attacker.

The alchemist coos as she smiles and moves closer to her prey, traces a finger around the base of her neck, where the reach of the tree's fingers end, and says "what's the matter, are you scared? What good is such a power as reading minds when it cannot help you against someone like me!?"

She slaps the mind-reader's face hard enough to force her to turn her reddening face and says "you rely too much on your strength and turn it into a weakness. One such as you should be ashamed of yourself."

She raises her hand and it begins to glow, and as she slowly gets it closer to the youkai's chest, she continues "give me your magic, sweet babe. You don't deserve it. I promise I'll put it to good use."

She suddenly stops on her tracks and looks confused with a raise eyebrow, and asks "huh; why am I suddenly thinking about a husband?"

A red-haired cat-girl with her hair in braids, red eyes and two tails in a dark green dress double-kicks Muse on the face, then quickly turns around, cuts the tree's hand with her youkai claws, then grabs Satori and shouts "I GOT HER!"

Before the alchemist vampire can get back on her feet, an adorable little girl with short black hair with a white stripe on the middle and navy-blue eyes, dressed in a pastel-blue plaid dress over a pink shirt, and a cape depicting a daylight sky, lands painfully hard on her chest, sits, and says "bad lady ish bad! Shatori-shama-love good girl!"

The little winged girl places her hands on the triangular green stone on her chest, and it flashes the vile vampire right in the eyes, making her scream out in pain and forcing her to see nothing but blinding white and that blue plaid ribbon on the cute girl's face.

Koishi, who wears a black hat over her wavy grey-green hair, and a yellow shirt and green skirt, picks the little girl up and sweetly exclaims "I got Petal now~!"

She looks down at the blinded Muse, scowls as her indigo third eye flickers as though trying to open fully, then kicks the girl hard and away from them while growling "that's for my sister, you bitch! Okuu, kill her!"

A winged girl with long, wavy dark-brown hair, red eyes, who has a large red eye on her chest and is dressed in a pink shirt, green skirt, and a white cape that looks as though has the galaxy on it, flies above the trees and looks down at the vampire with hatred.

She lifts a large brown rod that covers her right hand up to her forearm, and says "Okuu will kill with great pleasure!"

Muse's face turns pale, then blue, then black, then yellow, as the insane amount of energy concentrating in front of Utsuho's control rod keeps increasing by the second, and before long she watches in horror as that energy flies straight at her.

As the inevitably bright explosion brightens Gensokyo's skies, the Hell Raven joins her group and asks "is Satori-sama okay? Is she alive!?"

Orin, the red-haired cat girl, snarls and exclaims "Satori-sama is tough! Don't underestimate her, Okuu!"

Petal takes flight next to Okuu and says "Momkuu, Rin-Rin-chan, no fight! Home-home Shatori-shama!"

Satori opens her eyes and sees she's being carried by her kasha like a princess, however as embarrassing as that is, she continues holding her pet lizard and weakly says "I'm sorry. I thought I could take her. I'm so sorry."

As they enter the cave, Koishi hops closer to her older sister, flashes her with a soft light from her semi-closed third eye, and then says "apologies come later, big bad sister. Now you just rest."

As Satori falls asleep, they all dive down the hole leading to the Ancient City, startling Parsee, the pointy-eared, blonde bridge princess with short wavy hair and glowing green eyes who wears a stylish brown and purple jacket over a black shirt, a blue and black skirt with hanging ornamental red strings, and warm pink forearm warmers and pink scarf.

She growls, shakes her fists at them, and shouts "what the hell is your problem!? What gives you the right to fly over here as you ple-." A golden washtub drops on her head, knocking her out before she can finish her jealousy rant.

And so, somehow, after many trials and quests, Lucia, Phredia and Budou reach the Myouren Temple. All three look tired, battered, and in real need of sustenance, and so all sigh excitedly at the sight of their goal.

"Who ever knew there was a snow yeti hidden under that palm tree." comments Lucia as she nurses a bruise on her elbow. "Good thing I got pictures of it all, or nobody would ever believe me that I actually squeezed his furry butt. Squishy thing."

Budou moans and stretches her tired, dirtied wings, and says "I just want something to eat. It's already lunch time!" Phredia quickly hugs her cheek, not caring for the large tear on her skirt that's displaying her tiny pink panties.

Before Lucia can try and pinch that, a girl with short black hair, teal eyes, and wearing a white and teal female sailor's uniform, clears her throat, startling the human to stop, and asks "well, what do we have here? Budou, who's this girl I jus' stopped from pinching your fairy's little rump?"

The little bat youkai sighs as she takes her elf fairy away from the human and says "thank you Minamitsu-chan. This is-"

The human is shaking Murasa's hand while enthusiastically saying "Hello Miss Minamitsu, I am Lucia Akiramoto, and can I touch your butt?"

The black haired girl smacks the brown haired human on the head with her bottomless wooden ladle and says "like hell you can, pervert. The capn's quarters are-HYAUGH!"

She doesn't even know how Lucia got behind her and squeezed her cute rump with youkai strength, but she reacts by throwing a kick the human ducks under. "OI! DO YOU WANT TO DIE!?"

Ignoring the furious captain, the human girl gropes the air while drooling and saying "my god, so femininely manly! I should have rubbed some more!"

When she turns around, the enraged Minamitsu is being held back by a gorgeous cutie with cyan hair, dark-purple eyes, who wears a dark-blue hood on her head, a white dress under a black and golden Buddhist robe (a kesa), and who is using one of her two golden rings to stop the captain's anchor arm from launching that dangerous iron hook at the human.

"No, no, she's a guest! Remember what Hijiri say-MYAAAAA~!" The girl suddenly screams when the human girl adds weigh to her efforts by clinging on her back and groping her hidden chest under her robes while exclaiming "you cute, CUTE thing, thank you for saving me! My, you have such cute bobbies, but you need to eat more, you know. Oh, and hi, my name is Lucia Akiramoto."

The cyan-haired girl suddenly shouts "UNZAAAAAN!" and a large pink cloud appears above them, extends a muscled arm as it takes the shape of a bald bearded man, and plucks Lucia safely off of his summoner's back."

The human rubs the Nyuudo's forearm, then speaks with admiration and some lust. "My-oh my, you have such strong arms. Oh yes you do!" Unzan's face takes a reddish hue after the compliment.

Minamitsu grunts as she drops her anchor, and while her friend dusts her dress under her robe she says "grrr, you should've let me kill that pervert, Ichirin!"

Ichirin Kumoi looks at her sailor friend with concern and says "and let you kill someone while on temple grounds? Not a chance. Lady Hijiri would be very disappointed in you!"

Budou and Phredia are both bowing low while the bat girl sadly says "I'm so sorry. I didn't know my friend would do such a thing to you."

"Budou" softly exclaims the cyan-haired Buddhist. "It's alright, there's no harm done; but why did you bring her here?"

The little bat youkai looks up with teary eyes and an adorably swollen sad face, and says "I need her to hug papa to make him better again. Please don't be mad."

Minamitsu sighs, flicks the bit of overload-blood off from under her nose, and says "no, it's fine, I just overreacted a bit. I'm sorry." Ichirin rubs the bat's hair while fighting her urge to overload and says "it's alright little one, don't cry. Come, let's-eh!?"

When they look up at Unzan they realize that Lucia is no longer in his grip; something that seems to have the cloud man quite perplexed.

Little Budou quickly looks around and searches for the human's bell-like energy while her hooded host asks "how did she get free? Where did she go!?"

"KYAAAHHH~! LESBIAN ATTAAAAAACK~!" screams a familiar voice so loudly, the earth trembles while everyone near covers their ears.

"Battle stations everybody! This is not a drill! I repeat; this is NOT A DRILL; for once!" shouts another familiar voice. Budou, her two hosts, and the tiny fairy, all palm their foreheads and sigh loudly.

Inside the temple walls, an adorable girl with short wavy teal hair, teal eyes, long dog-like (yamabiko) ears, who wears a white dress under a pink dress-like shirt, shivers as she whimpers after cornering herself against the wooden walls right next to Ichirin's garden.

Standing bravely in front of her with Shou's red-haired fairy and a small band of smaller fairies, is a girl with long reddish-orange hair and red eyes who wears a yellow hat and wears a green shirt with short yellow sleeves, and cute yellow short shorts.

The redhead raises a baton on her right hand and points it forward, then bravely declares "you'll pay for touching mine and Kyouko's bodies like that, you pervert!"

"Y-y-you tell her... Orange!" exclaims the adorable trembling girl.

Lucia stands 5 feet in front of them with an oblivious smile, and says "but her tail is so fluffy~, I just HAD to touch it more! And you; your body is so soft and supple and twitchy! PLEASE let me touch your tiny boobies now!"

Orange's right brow twitches as she growls inward. She glares toward the human with so much intensity that said girl feels the glare burning her clothes, and as she glares she says "heads-up girls, we got ourselves a raging lesbian!"

The brown-haired human's golden highlight shines as she looks away with a pout, and whines "I'm not a lesbian, I'm undecided!"

The redhead growls then commands "just get her!" and the fairies quickly rush toward the offending human.

Lucia ducks to avoid a tackle by the red-haired fairy, cartwheels right to avoid some bullets, handstands and jumps off the ground with the strength of her arms to escape some more tackles and bites, then lands and ducks forward to avoid a sneak-attack by the fairies' leader.

When she tries to get back up she realizes she has a fairy holding on to each ankle, another pair holding on to each wrist, and with her butt to the air Orange approaches her with a sadistic grin plastered on her face.

"EEP! W-wait, what are you going to do to me!?" Even Lucia's new ribbon seems distressed. She wiggles her butt in the air out of nervousness, as her soon-to-be tormentor approaches her while she starts to rub her hands together with anticipation.

Orange lifts her right hand, chuckles, darkly says "I'm just going to punish you." then she swings that hand and smacks that swaying ass with enough force to make Lucia moan out in pain.

She repeats the punishment again and again, but then stops when she sees the human's cheeks turning redder as she breathes with excitement, and asks "wait, what the hell? Are you getting a kick out of this!?"

The human girl shivers as she looks at her tormentor, and softly says "I'm not... a masochist... dammit!"

"Alright, that's enough." commands a sweet voice from the temple.

Orange and her fairies get away from the human and regroup close to the nervous yamabiko, then the redhead says "Shou! This woman attacked our bodies without mercy! I delivered justice upon her posterior for her actions!"

Shou, who has orange-yellow hair with black stripes, golden eyes, and wears a lotus-shaped ornament on her head, a large cloth circle around her back, a burgundy, orange and white dress with a tiger pattern around her waist, and frilly white pants, approaches the girls with a surprisingly soothing aura around her, calming everyone in the area a bit.

Just as she rubs Lucia on the head and sighs, Budou, Ichirin and Minamitsu arrive at the scene to watch the Bishamonten representative say "you are a real mess, aren't you girl? Just look at what you did to poor Kyouko."

The human girl looks at the shivering yamabiko still huddled against a wall, sighs, then says "aww, that wasn't what I wanted to happen; that poor thing."

Shou suddenly yelps as she has her chest casually groped by the human, who stops and says "by the way, you shouldn't hide all of that with the sarashi. It's going to hurt more one of these days."

Said human leaves the confused tiger girl on her own, bends her knees next to Kyouko, then extends her hand and smiles while softly saying "I'm sorry little girl, I didn't mean to scare you so much. I mean, I know that what I do is annoying, but please cheer up."

Kyouko yelps softly when she's hugged by the human, and inexplicably finds herself feeling warm, fuzzy, soothed and pampered while she's being embraced.

Budou watches carefully, looks at Phredia, then says to her hosts "she doesn't know what she can do, but I'll prove it to her. Just look at Kyouko-chan now. Lucia CAN make Papa Ail all better with her hugs."

Shou, Ichirin and Minamitsu watch with as much surprise as Orange who is all the way next to Lucia and Kyouko, and observes how said yamabiko looks as happy as when Byakuren herself gives her a pampering hug.

Some noses start to bleed when that teal-haired girl starts flapping her ears while cooing contently.

Later, Budou and Phredia enjoy a welcoming lunch at the temple's dining room, while Ichirin helps feed the chained-up Lucia.

The human girl sighs with satisfaction after her vegetarian meal is all done, then turns right with some effort and says "that was very delicious. Are you sure I can't at least give you a tap on the butt, Miss Nazrin?"

Nazrin, who has grey hair, red eyes, and wears a brownish-black dress with long pink sleeve, a grey capelet, and a crystal pendulum around her neck, glances at the human with a dark smile and says "no; and don't forget to behave properly in front of Lady Hijiri, or we'll make sure you never grope again; you got that?"

The brown-haired girl nods and says "got it." then starts hopping noisily toward the next room, where she's about to meet with Ail and Byakuren.

In the new room, she immediately spots Rika Onkamikami sitting on a cushion next to Ail. By the looks of things; how his unkempt hair looks dry and appears to have bits missing, how his swollen eyes look glassy and unhinged, and how the angel's wrapping her arm around him; Budou was right, and that boy is in need of serious help.

The human girl makes a lot of noise with her chains as she bends down and whispers "Budou, your dad needs serious help, dear! A hug can't cure the mess he is right now."

The little bat remains silent, and she and her tiny elf fairy continue moving forward, while Ichirin (the one holding Lucia's chain) and Minamitsu stay still with Lucia between them.

"Man, he's lookin' worse an' worse." whispers the captain, to which the Buddhist youkai whispers back "can this human pervert really cure him with a hug? All I've seen that's good about her is her sweet heart and groping hands."

"I'm right here you know." says Lucia with a most disturbed smile on her face as she chuckles softly.

The little bat approaches her papa and gives him a hug, then sadly says "Papa, please, you were so happy and smiling a lot only a few days ago."

The boy rubs her head, and as if realizing she's there, he gasps softly then says "Budou! There you are. I was starting to get worried about you!"

The little bat youkai looks at Rika with teary eyes and asks "is he going to be ok?"

The shrine maid smiles, but she remains silent as the deep sadness hidden behind her eyes slowly comes to surface, making Budou worry more.

The little girl looks toward Lucia as if begging for help, and all said human can do (to her understanding) is just smile sympathetically for the disturbed little girl.

Before long, a set of doors at the back-right side of the room open up, and form behind them a sweetly soothing woman's voice says "alright Ail, I made you some of that special tea."

A woman with long wavy light-brown hair that fades to purple at the top, hazel eyes, and who wears a long white dress under a black coat-like outfit that crisscrosses in front of her torso, enters the room with a strangely aquamarine colored tea in a cup on a tray. "I need you to drink it in sips for the next four minutes. Oh, hello Budou dear."

Said woman places the tray on the table that's to the boy's left, then looks toward Ichirin and Minamitsu and asks "girls, what's the matter? Why are you holding that log in chains like that?"

The girls look at the chains, gasp in shock, then the cyan-haired girl exclaims "what the-!? Where, in the Buddha's name, is Lucia!?"

The captain points forward with a dramatic shock-face and shouts "Byakuren, WATCH OUT!"

Byakuren is suddenly making loud lewd sounds with her voice as the perverted predator, Lucia Akiramoto, grabs her perfectly gorgeous chest from behind.

Hearing Hijiri's voice, sounding so cute and excited causes Minamitsu to suddenly eject unnatural amounts of blood from her nose straight on to Ichirin, while staring at the indecent attack with intensely hungry eyes.

The human pauses mid-squeeze and exclaims "my goodness you perfectly PERFECT woman you! These breasts! You're a perfect mother, a lover, a mistress, a big sister, a mistress~, a model, and a WONDERFUL WIFE! Please marry me!"

From a window, Orange stares with an all-knowing face as she says "undecided huh? BULLSHIT!"

Lucia stops her groping session to flip off the redhead, and is immediately tackled, rolled, and pinned on the ground by Nazrin, who darkly says "I shall punish your body severely for this travesty."

"Naz, don't!" exclaims Byakuren while holding her chest and breathing hard through her mouth. Her face is flushed and her eyes seem a bit distant, but she speaks as calmly as ever. "P-please, let's forgive her. After all..."

The youkhrist turns her attention right and says "we wouldn't want him to see any kind of violent acts at the moment."

Everyone turn their attention toward Rika, who holds the shivering Ail in a tight embrace while covering his face with her soft wings. Normally there would be many jealous glares at the luck of the boy being smothered by the angelic maid and her extra soft wings, but given the circumstance, they let it slide.

This time, Lucia has been tied with chains, thorny vines, and has a spell tag stuck on her forehead so she can't move for at least 20 minutes.

Though she's forcibly sitting on a chair, she manages to bow her head low, and says "I'm really sorry; but she was just so beautiful and so perfect..." She starts to shiver excitedly and continues "I couldn't help myself!"

Minamitsu, who sits next to the human pervert with a bump on her forehead, sighs and says "yeah, Byakuren has that effect on everyone; even castrated men."

That earns her another bump on the head after Ichirin; who is still covered in blood; furiously punches her head and darkly says "shut up and stay still! That is your punishment!"

After the furious girl walks away, the captain leans closer to Lucia and whispers "that was awesome, girl. You gotta teach me how ye'scaped like that."

The human looks around suspiciously and whispers "I'm still figuring out how I did it."

Meanwhile, Ail finishes the special tea, sighs as his body finishes relaxing, then manages to smile as he hands the empty cup back to Byakuren and says "again, I'm sorry for Lucia. I'm sure Budou didn't mean any harm by bringing her here."

The gradient-haired woman bends her knees so she can be at face-level with the boy, and studies his eyes carefully while saying "no, it's alright. There's nothing to apologize for. And you still won't calm down? Ail, Rika and I have tried almost everything. If you don't calm down, I'm afraid I'll have to request you have those memories sealed off."

The dense one nods and says "I understand." This surprises Rika into asking "what? You're not going to debate it this time? Big brother, I'm surprised!"

Ail looks at her with tired eyes and says "I just can't take it; not again. The moment I learned that woman was trying to kill my Budou, those memories came rushing back to me like raging rapids. I tried really hard to not let them get to me, but..."

Budou steps up, points at the sealed pervert a few chairs away, and exclaims "that's why I brought Lucia-bell here! She can cure Papa without having to close his head with anything."

The human girl sighs sadly, then says "Budou, Budou, please, I'm just a groper that can summon spirits. Please understand; there really isn't anything special about my hugs."

"You'll never know until you try, babe."

Everyone's attentions turn to Mamizou, who casually enters the room accompanied by Shou, and smiles while waving at everyone inside.

Little Budou jumps on the tanuki and exclaims "Mama-Tanuki~!" kisses the woman's cheek, and continues "please tell her she can do it! She is still not listening to me!"

Lucia's ribbon droops as she frowns and sadly says "I just don't want her to be all disappointed when it fails."

Byakuren has had enough. She stands up and walks to the human, plucks the spell tag from her forehead; causing the chains and vines to flop to the ground; then leads the girl towards Ail and says "it's like Mamizou just said, you won't know until you try, so please, give yourself a little credit and try it."

Lucia shrugs and mumbles "okay, I guess..." then looks into Ail's desperate eyes and feels great sympathy for him. "H-hey, what the heck happened to YOU!? Jeez, you looked so calm and collected yesterday! What happened?"

Rika sighs and says "right, you don't know." She then stands and holds the boy up by his shoulders while saying "to make a long story short, Ail here was put inside a dream world where all his friends wanted him dead, and he had to watch them all die because of many terrible events his evil dream-self caused. It has left him scarred for life, but we managed to heal those scars... or so we thought until yesterday."

The human girl sighs with sympathy and gives the boy that hug Budou has been asking her to give him since the start. She rubs the back of his head and shoulders while saying "oh man, Ail, I'm so sorry, I never knew you were thrown into hell like that. Watching true friends die must be..."

She imagines losing Keine in some unforeseen way, shudders a bit, and then says "you are so strong. I would break into pieces if I lose someone that's important to me. I feel really sorry for you; for having to go through such an experience."

She doesn't notice, but the moment she holds him in that embrace, his face slowly brightens up. The memories of Reimu, Remilia, Flandre, Marisa, Satori, Sanae, Budou, of all his friends dying before his eyes, all seem to become blinding screens that get sucked up into the deepest and darkest reaches of his mind, and are soon replaced by the memories of Sanae's, Budou's, and everyone's smiles.

His heavy heart, which felt like it was beating like a hammer, slowly relaxes, and his heartbeats become soothing and pleasurable once again.

He slowly pushes himself away from Lucia and surprises her greatly with a bright and happy smile of his own, then happily says "th-they're gone! The memories, the pain; it's all gone! Lucia, you did it!"

He returns the hug to the confused girl while cheering "you really did it! Lucia, you are amazing! I feel like new again!"

Byakuren and Rika both sigh with relief as they hold their chests, as though breathing again for the first time, but before either one of them can say it, Budou jumps and hug-tackles Lucia away from Ail, and shouts "I KNEW IT! PAPA IS CURED! PAPA IS ALRIGHT THANKS TO YOU!"

She then releases the girl and gives her father a crushing neck hug, then hops off of him and jumps on Lucia once more before she can get up, and hugs her while happily crying "I knew you could do it! Thank you so much!"

The stunned human girl remains looking shocked and is unable to produce any kind of answer; until she finally sits up with the little bat on her lap, rubs her head while looking at the smiling boy, then asks "I did-did I really do that? Bu-bu-but how? What did I do?"

She raises her hands and arms and stares at them as though studying them carefully, then asks "what sort of creature am I?"

Meanwhile, somewhere at the outskirts of the Forest of Magic, where the trees end and the caves begin, Luna Child, Cirno, Star Sapphire, and another fairy lead Marisa toward a cave that goes deep beneath the forest itself.

That other is Sunny Milk, who has reddish-blonde hair she ties into cute pigtails and adorns with a headdress, has blue eyes, a pair of straight glassy wings, and wears a long-sleeved white and red dress with red ribbons tied at the sleeves.

Cirno and Luna seem to be the most disturbed as they lead the black and white witch to the cave, and then they stop 4 feet away from the cave's entrance.

The ice fairy points with a shaky arm and says "in there! There's a spirit there that tried to spank us!"

Marisa's eyes narrow with annoyance, and then she asks "a spirit tried to spank you? You fairies are trying to trick me, aren't cha, ze?"

All four fairies cry out loud at the same time, and then Star says "honest, we aren't! That spirit is really in there! Go and have a look... but don't go in!"

The witch sighs after seeing the fairies' reaction. She turns her gaze toward the cave, holds her hat by the brim, and approaches that opening with a cautious glare while holding her Hakkero on her free hand.

She's one feet away from entering the cave, but stops as advised to do and looks inside. All she can see is the roots of many old trees, rocks with moss, and darkness.

She twists her body to look at the fairies and shouts "I think you girls just got pranked good!"

When she turns around, she sees a translucent image of a man with short black hair and narrow brown eyes who wears a brown coat, then all of a sudden she sees countless hands going straight at her as a booming voice angrily says "you naughty girl! You won't come home so I'll have to spank you in front of everyone!"

Marisa yelps and drops on her butt at the same time she shoots several green missiles toward the countless hands, but then she can hear when those shots hit the walls instead of the target.

She manages to kick herself away from the cave and stand back up when far away enough, then turns around and prepares her octagonal weapon to unleash hell on that which has scared the wits out of her. "I'm gonna FRY whatever is in-eh!?"

She and the scared fairies watch with surprise as a large lone spirit suddenly flies out of the cave's mouth and heads straight up to the Forest of Magic without putting up any kind of a fight.

When the witch looks back at the fairies, all the girls shrug and look at each other with surprise and confusion, unable to determine what exactly just happened.

"This might be a job for Reimu after all, ze."

That night, the restored Anilan takes Rika home via gap, and after a farewell hug, the maid looks at Lucia and says "Lucia..." she sighs "before you go, I would like to invite you here tomorrow for lunch. Is that alright?"

The brown-haired human has a black eye and is seemingly missing a tooth, yet she smiles as happily as ever and enthusiastically says "sure thing! It sounds like a great idea if you ask me!"

Reimu, who stands behind her maid with a steaming fist and a swollen cheek, growls inward and then sarcastically says "yes, a fantastic idea. You'll get to eat lunch, and I'll get to watch you suffer when I remind you there are no cakes, doughnuts or chocolate ice creams for you to enjoy!"

From one of the shrine's trees, Lucia smiles as she prepares a noose, and is currently inspecting it to see if it will support her weight. It snaps when she tugs on it, and so she bawls like a baby. "But I don't want to live in a world without sweet snaaaaaaaaaacks!"

Rika sighs as she stares as her mistress with disapproving eyes, but just ignores her and says "do not despair; I am sure you'll enjoy the meal anyways."

With the crybaby girl back inside the gap, Budou, Phredia, Ail and Lucia wave before going into the boy's rift.

The small party appears in front of Lucia's house, where said human gives a kiss to Budou on the head, a light hug for Ail, then waves as she says "um, th-thank you... for showing me this ability of mine." She smiles and chuckles, then adds "I guess I'm not as useless as I thought."

The little bat youkai jumps out of the rift, gives the human girl a kiss on the cheek, then happily says "no; thank you! Thanks to you we got Papa Ail back to normal, and now he and Mama Sanny can go back to being happy with each other."

The boy chuckles and blushes while nervously saying "I guess I better go and see her. She will want to know I am alright once more."

Budou jumps back inside the gap with Ail and Phredia, and after they all wave and say their goodbyes, said gap closes up, and Lucia finds herself surrounded by peaceful silence at the front of her house.

She sighs, turns around, opens the door, then gasps with surprise and exclaims "what the heck!? Are we having a party!?" Her voice becomes sultry as she asks again "are we having a party~!?"

Sekibanki sighs with relief and says "finally, you return! We caught this girl trying to sneak into your room."

Tied to a chair in the middle of the entrance of the house is a cute girl with short black hair, red eyes, 3 red metallic wings on her right, 3 blue tail-like wings with spade ends on her left, and dressed in a black outfit that has a really short skirt (to Lucia's ocular delight), long black thigh-high socks, has red shoes, and has a snake coiled up around her right arm.

Kokoro stares at their captive with an ominous shadow over her static, unemotional face, as her fox mask looms over it, and darkly says "we were thinking about what kind of punishment to unleash on her, and thought that we would wait for you to get here and help us decide."

The human girl is already in front of the captive and says "hello~, my name is Lucia Akiramoto. Who are you, you sexy, short-skirted babe that's about to get groped?"

The trapped girl snorts and angrily says "what the hell kind of introduction is that!? Like HELL I'm gonna tell you my name, you bitch!"

"Her name is Nue Houjuu," casually says Kokoro to Nue's great surprise. "She lives with that big breasted mama Byakuren and was saying she wanted to take revenge on you for 'groping those meat mounds'."

Sekibanki trembles and floats her blushing head away while muttering "she better not have kissed her."

Lucia coos as she smiles sadistically while getting closer to her prey, and says "revenge huh? Hey Kokoro, let's untie her legs and lift them over her head. We'll tie them up there, have a little fun, and then send her back home; deal?"

The menreiki's fox mask glows a bit as she and the human get closer to the nervously whimpering nue, and both she and said human giggle and chuckle darkly while lifting Nue's legs above her head. Sekibanki quickly joins them, and glares down with glowing red eyes at the invader.

Minutes later, outside the house, the first sounds that can be heard are those of a whimpering girl breathing excitedly, but all that changes when loud smacks are heard echoing through the village, and then comes the bloody scream of the undefined girl. "NUEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN~!"

Lucia laughs manically, but then she gasps and says with surprise "oh my... I can't define this ass!"

Later that night, at the Moriya Shrine, which rests at the top of the Youkai Mountain, two shadows lurk around the dimly lit window of Sanae's room.

Kanako Yasaka, the goddess of winds and war, who has dark red eyes, poofy intense blue hair, and wears and elaborate red shirt with a mirror on the chest, and a black skirt with red flowers on it, shushes her partner and whispers "quiet, we don't want to be found out again!"

There are lewd voices coming from within the room, causing the little blonde girl with grey eyes who wears a large straw hat with eyes, a short purple dress with dancing frogs on it, stitched white sleeves and a white collar, to blush and gasp softly before whispering "I don't care! My baby girl is finally going to do it and I'm NOT missing it! They both might need divine guidance!"

Suwako Moriya, the goddess of curses and creator of lands, peeks her head over the window, but gasps and blushes, then quickly sits back down under the frame.

The blue haired goddess looks around with alarm, then leans closer and softly whispers "what happened? Did they see you?"

The blonde shakes her head and whispers "Kanako, what if they are already... you know... What if I see, but then can never unsee!?"

The ample-chested goddess crosses her arms over that wide chest and whispers with surprise "wait, what is this? You, who have done some nasty things in your life can't summon up the courage to see your x100 great granddaughter getting it on? You have really fallen, haven't you?"

Suwako jumps on Kanako's large bosom and stretches her cheeks while angrily whispering "quiet you squishy slug! I just don't think I'm ready to see my baby girl dong such things!"

The ample-bosomed goddess returns the favor by stretching her partner's cheeks, lifts her with force, and angrily whispers "Sanae's my baby girl too, but even I have more guts than you, granny!"

The blonde applies a scissor-legs hold on the blue-haired woman's neck and knocks her to the ground while angrily whispering "at least I have a cute body men will want!"

The snake-eyed goddess bites her froggy counterpart's calf while angrily whispering "well at leasht my breashtsh luresh in more faif than your shcrawny chest-... Ough~!"

The goddesses lament their existence when they realize both Ail and Sanae (whom are in simple robes) have been looking down on them for quite some time now.

The goddesses stop their fight to hold each other as meek whimpers escape their lips, while the boy reaches for them and the girl brandishes some hedge clippers.

The next morning the shrine of Moriya wakes up with a pair of semi-naked goddesses with torn underwear hung by their wrists with shimenawa ropes at the entrance to their own shrine.


"Yes Suwako?"

"I think the kids are mad at us."

At the very same time, at the Myouren temple, Nue; who has her hands and legs tied above her head; hops like a jumping bean close to Minamitsu at the top of the entrance stairs, and stares.

The captain takes a sip of tea from a wooden mug, smiles sadistically as she looks at her colleague, and asks "you met Lucia, didn't you?"

"Please spare me and untie me! Everyone can see my panties!" exclaims Nue in whispers.

A bit of blood runs down the ship-ghost's nose as her sadistic smile becomes more ominous, and then she happily asks "what panties?"

The temple trembles and the fairies and birds fly away as Nue's deathly scream of embarrassment echoes over a 6 mile radius.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Muse belongs to the Seihou world. Credit where it's due

Lucia, Budou, Phredia, Mamiko and Ail were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

MAY 3 2014

Written by

Willie G.R.

Satori: YOU! You dare write THIS when you put ME and Aya in that undead hell again!? Get us OUT of that mess before you continue with this!

Me: No can do. I hit a slumping snag, and thanks to THIS, I finally see what I did wrong and so I can go back and continue.

Satori: Tch! When you put it that way, I can't really be that mad. I still don't like you.

Me: If you don't like me, when why are you still here?

Satori: *blushes* I, um...

Koishi: *Is hugging me* I love you!

Me: No you don't you little liar. *I chuckle and rub her head under her hat*

Koishi: *Giggles* Well I subconsciously do, just like you subconsciously love Patchouli, and big sister Satori, and Sakuya, and Sanae, and Byakuren, and *gasps* even Remilia!

Satori: *evil grin* So, you lolicon, you like that little bratty vampire huh?

Koishi: He likes her with big boobs and an adult body.

Satori: *whispers* No, don't let him off the hook so easily. Let's make him suffer.

Koishi: *stares* You subconsciously love him too, don't you. Ahh, but you love him more when he's being teased by you.

Satori: *blushes bright red* ACK! Don't say weird things like that.

Me: *Playing 3DS* Ah, I finally got an ArtOcOno!

Patchouli: *Stops reading* That's it, I'm taking him home. *She drags me away while I keep playing my handheld system.*

Me: Um, where are you taking me?

Patchouli: Wouldn't you like to know?

Me: *I sigh irritably and throw my hands in the air, store my system in a safe case, then I cross my arms and pout.* Fine, but I'll go on top this time!

Patchouli: *blushes beet red* DON'T SAY WEIRD THINGS!