The Wolf's Love

By Draic Kin of the Balance

It was meant to be nothing more than an alliance in the war. Daenerys would help him conquer the Lannisters and sit the Iron Throne as queen, while Robb would rebuild the North; both of their forces combined—her three dragons, Dothraki and Unsullied armies and his troops—guaranteed them a victory. The Lannisters may have had House Tyrell on their side, but they did not have dragons, fire made flesh, nor an army of Unsullied. It was a bloody conflict, the War of the Five Kings, and when the forces of the Young Wolf and the Mother of Dragons would meet those of the Lannisters, it would end in bloodshed and chaos.

Robb Stark was not her sun and stars, nor her Daario, and yet she was drawn to him. The King in the North was not like the men she knew. He was not cruel like Viserys, or unfaithful like her bear, Jorah. The Young Wolf was just and fair, and just as capable of killing a man as Khal Drogo. He as a man of war, and a valuable asset. She didn't know when he began to mean more to her than a pawn so she could take the throne. Perhaps it had been when she'd come to learn that he too had lost his entire family in the war. His sisters were lost, his father killed by command of the Baratheon boy, and his mother and beloved Talisa brutally murdered by the Freys. He was angry and vengeful, and she understood.

When we strike, we shall show no mercy, Daenerys told herself. For our families. She closed her eyes, fighting tears. Despite everything, she couldn't help but mourn for the family she'd never had. With this sudden surge of emotion, she made her way to Robb's chambers. She needed…him. To hear his voice, to look into his eyes, to…

"Robb," she said. He turned to face her. "Robb, I—" Why couldn't she form her thoughts? Why had she come to him? They were allies in war, and this was not about the conflict. Robb didn't speak a word as he strode towards her determinedly and kissed her. The kiss was filled with such passion and desperation, and Daenerys longed for his touch, to feel him inside her. She moaned into his mouth, and their world bloomed into unrepressed passions and unspoken words. Robb held her in his arms, kissing her body and whispering her name. She smiled. It was just the two of them, herself and her wolf. The night was cold, but the heat of Robb's body against her as he moved inside her gave her warmth. "I'm yours, as you are mine," she murmured as they rested in each other's arms. "My wolf."

"My dragon," Robb said softly. Daenerys Targaryen was the wolf's love, from this day until the end of his days.