Lady Marmalade: Sweet, Sweet



Chapter 1

"Gah I'm gonna be late!"

Nico robin, 17 years old and is currently in her last year of high school, dashed down the stairs and stuffed her toast into her mouth, barley muttering a "bye mom!" on the way out. Shit shit shit I'm gonna be late! Nami's gonna kill me! She ran to her best friends house and banged on the door as hard as she could. Nami stepped out, her long, wavy orange hair messy from the stress and looking furious! "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO LATE!" she screamed, smoke pouring out of her ears. "I'll explain later, let's just go!" Robin said desperately.

I finally made it. Robin sighed in relief as she collapsed onto her chair. All the students gave her weird looks. She wasn't the most popular person at school. She was more of the not- weird-but-kinda-doesn't-matter-type. She hated this class the most (because it was maths) because she wasn't with nami, vivi, Bonney or Conis.. Also, Mr. Reiylaigh is so evil because she got assigned to sit next to Roronoa Zoro. The most popular guy at school along with Monkey D Luffy, Baratie Sanji and Trafalgar Law (weird names right?). WHY DID THE WORLD HATE HER?


"Ugh, she's so pathetic."

"I know! I can't believe she did that to impress Zoro!"

Robin could hear all the voices around her, saying mean and spiteful things. She only entered the talent show in hope that she could get his attention and they could be friends again. IT WAS A BIG FAIL! She had managed to knock down the spotlight, causing it to set the stage curtains on fire. He had heard Zoro say "Troublesome girl" to his friends In a cold tone. She was now in the reassuring arms of her friends, but when that came back to her, she broke away and ran, crying.

Flashback end**********

Right now, there were a bunch of shallow minded girls that were flocked to him like bees to a honey pot. It was like this every morning, girls would go and swoon saying how cool he was and how they liked his new sword or whatever, and Robin...Robin just sat there impatiently while she waited for the bell to ring.

At lunch

"I can't believe him!" Jewerly Bonney fumed as she stomped to her usual table, her high, pink, ponytail swinging as she slammed her lunch tray down at the table, consequently creating a crack. "What did Law do this time?" Vivi sighed, tired of hearing Bonney's complaints, but actually kinda curious to what had happened. "inf biowofoe, he shed tht I Ws totwafy frong fand shwoufed it ouf fou the fole blass!" Bonney said with her mouth full. "Were you totally wrong in biology?" Vivi asked, raising an eyebrow.

" 'GULP' yeah but he didn't have to shout it out to the class and embarrass me like that! And he also said that he was going to beat me in the talent show!" Vivi eyes widened. She had totally forgot about that. Just then, Nami and Robin came to sit down. "Hey guys!" Nami said cheerfully "I have some good news!"


" "Bonney, don't eat with your mouth full!" Nami sighed "Anyway, I think we should enter the talent show!"

Vivi gasped "We totally should! And I heard that the D.S. (demon sluts) are entering as well!"

"What about us?" there behind them was the most popular but bitchiest girls at school: Hancock, Monet, Tashigi and Perona. They were the D.M's. "we were just like talking about the talent show and like how we were going to beat you guys and get like Zoro at the same time." Tashigi said. Tashigi had a crush (as did Perona and most girls in the school) on Zoro. Vivi sighed. All they wanted to do was discuss about the show and these hawks come along and drill them with unwanted comments. Ugh, time to do that. "OMG IS THAT JUSTIN BEIBER?" Vivi screamed, pointing a finger into a random direction. "WHERE?!" the bitches screeched. Vivi gave the signal to run, and they were out of the lunch room before you could say uncle bob.

After school at Robin's house

"So what song should we do?" Nami squealed excitedly while rummaging through Robin's discs. "Hey, I still havent said i agreed to this!" Robin huffed, crossing her arms across her bust. "Do you remember what happened last time?!"

"Yeah but Robin, don't you want to get revenge on zoro for treating you so badly?"



"Zoro, wait up, where have you been all this time?" Robin said running after Zoro.

"Will you stop following me around?" He said through his teeth. Robin caught the back of his shirt "But why, I thought we were friends-" Robin was shoved roughly to the ground.

"What makes you think I'm your friend? I don't even know you!" He glared at her crippled state on the floor, her aqua coloured eyes wide with fear and confusion. He stalked away with the other guys and as his form disappeared, Robin could feel tears in her eyes.

Flashback end********

Robin growled. "IM IN!" she screamed. Everyone cheered and the popcorn and candy went flying. Suddenly, Nami's face turned dark. "We have to do something that gets me revenge on Luffy! I still remember that!"



"What Luffy?" she sighed frustrated. Why the fuck did she say yes to luffy when he asked her if he could come to her house for a study date? Again! Hugh. She could never refuse him though. it was a while ago that Nami admitted to herself and her friends that she liked the mugiwara wearing idiot. "Namiiiiiii!"

"WHAT?!" she screamed and Luffy cringed back but still asked her

"I don't get this question."

"Give it here." Luffy handed her his book and she scanned it and told him what to do and he grinned and said, "It's the mystery question." Nami's vein popped out and bonked him on the head. "NO IT ISN'T!" Then Nami remembered something she had to tell him. It was now or never. "um L-luffy." Nami stuttered with a beet red face.

"yeah nami?" totally oblivious to what she was going to ask

"c-can CAN WE GO OUT?!"

"Sure!" Luffy replied. OMG! Finally! IM SO HAPPY! Wait, what was he doing?

"Luffy, what are you doing?" he had grabbed her hand and was dragging her outside

"Were going out...see...Nami, why did you want to go outside again? OW WHAT THE-OOOUUUCCCHHHH

Flashback end*************

Nami gripped her fist and said "I will never ever ever ever forgive him for that!" Conis suddenly got a REALLY GOOD IDEA "I think you should do this one!" she said, flourishing a CD out. Vivi gasped, Nami grinned, Bonney smirked and Robin blushed. "B-but that o-one is-" Vivi stuttered

"But guys, that one is really-" Robin got cut off by Nami.

"yeah, but it's the perfect revenge song right?! And everyone here wants revenge apart from Conis."

"Yeah but still" Vivi said.

"Aw Vivi dear, don't you want revenge on Khoza? And if you disagree with me, that's gonna be a fine of 200,000 beri's." Nami said with a sickly sweet voice and an evil smile.


Vivi was walking to school In a short red skirt when she bumped face first into khoza." She had landed on top of him and they both blushed crimson as they realised how close they were. Shit! She quickly got up OVER his head, consequently him getting a good view of her PANTIES! Khoza stood up and said, "Nice color panties, bright red huh?" Vivi froze and turned beet red, she whirled around and pointed a finger at him and screamed, "PERVERT! HOW DARE YOU!" Why oh why did she wear her shortest red skirt with her bright red underwear! And why didnt she get up off the side and NOT HAVE got up OVER HIS HEAD! Khoza got up and as he walked past her slapped her but. "PERVERT! SEXUAL ASSAULT! SEXUAL ASSUALT!" After her fit, Vivi walked out, thinking, REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE

Flashback end*********

All the girls were shaking their heads in disgust and Conis was patting Vivi's arm in sympathy.

"Sure let's do that song! Everyone wants revenge on the guys right?" Bonney said. "ESPECIALLY ME."


"Hey Bonney, can I look at your notes?" Law leaned in and and whispered in her ear. that whisper sent shivers of disgust down her spine. "HELL NO!" She whisper/shouted at him. He gave her a puppy dog face and she glared back at him, leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest. She tried, and was successful, to keep the blush off her face. She couldn't like him, EVER! His fan girls would murder her anyway. He glared back at her and then sighed in irritation and looked away. Then Bonney had an idea. She ripped out a piece of paper from her ex book and scribbled:

Hey jerk,

Justin beiber said he wanted his hat back

Loves ya, Bonney

HA, that would knock him off his fan girl throne, even for a minute! "Trafalgar, is that a note I see?" said Shanks sensei

"Yes it is, would you like me to read it?" Bonney almost fell of her chair right there from laughter. Not only was he going to get in trouble, he's going to humiliate himself as well. He stood up, cleared his throat and said "Dear Law," in a mock girl voice, which caused the whole class to laugh, he continued,

"In case you haven't noticed, which I pray that you've have, I been secretly been dying to run my fingers through your lovely hair, and make you my play toy. Oh boy and yes, I have noticed your rock-hard abs under that white uniform shirt of yours and I just wait for the day you throw it off and grab me hard in your strong grip. I imagine at night that you're my body pillow and well ahem let your mind run wild. Waiting forever by my window,


The whole class burst into laughter and Bonney's face had turned into the deepest crimson you could imagine and her jaw had dropped to the floor.

"Oh Sweet Bonney, I'm so flattered." Law said in a mock tone as Bonney gave him the BIGGEST DEATH GLARE YOU COULD IMAGINE. "But I'm so sorry, I –sigh- just don't like you that way."


"B-B-But It's not-!" Bonney began but was caught off again.


Bonney sat back in her seat, ashamed and red in the face. After everything settled down, Law turned around and smirked at Bonney.

"Damn, your body pillow must have a real workout." He smirked as he laughed. He dangled the note in front of her, and horror came to her eyes. He had exactly copied her handwriting! Right down to the pink pen she would normally have used!

Bonney, with nothing else to do, just sat their, FURIOUS. She fumed, her teeth clenched, her face red, and only one thing ran through her mind.


Flashback end**********

"IM SO GONNA GET HIM! THAT'S WHY WE'RE SURE AS HELL DOIN THAT ONE!" Bonney screamed. All the girls laughed and went to Robin's room which was decked with HUGE pillows, blankets, TV set and CANDY! Nami got changed into her dark blue tank top with GOLD written across it with white shorts, Conis got changed into a pink night dress that reached her mid thigh, Bonney got changed into a green tee and loose pants and "Drum Roll please!" Robin cried from the bathroom. The girls drummed the ground as Robin came out in a purple mini slip. "Hello hottie!" Nami joked. Robin chuckled at the statement and sat down on a cushion. "Damn girl, you go get your revenge on Zoro with that!" Bonney said, looking at her curves. Robin smirked at the idea of walking right past him at school with this on, not even giving him a second glance. "Back to the song business, we are definitely doin this one because they know we have it-"

"and they can't have it." robin finished Conis's sentence for her, smirking. Suddenly, a pillow came at her face. The girls had a massive pillow fight and knowing what those could get like, Nami sat this one out and go on the Internet instead. "Huh, that's so weird, Luffy just IMed me when it's like 2:00am!"

"What lets see!" Vivi exclaimed, pouncing on a pillow next to her.

Pirateking: Yo Nami

Goldengirl485: Hey Luffy! Isn't it like 2:00am?

Pirateking: And?

"I don't buy it. Luffy is the laziest person on earth." Robin said. She had to put up with his snoring in French class after all.

Pirateking: So why are you up?

Goldengirl485: Sleepover, duh!

"This is fun let me try!" Bonney exclaimed as she took over the key board.

Pirateking: Hey let's put up a webcam!"

Goldengirl485 (Bonney): OMG! Why? U r a pervert like Law!

Pirateking: Bonney?

"FUCK!" Bonney cursed as Vivi, Robin and Conis rolled their eyes and laughed.

Pirateking wants to connect with you on webcam.

Well I'm gonna leave it there for now! Bye!