Chapter 3


"Let's go robin! I don't wanna read boring books anymore!" a childish voice rang in her head.

"A-and if p-people think y-you're u-ugly, you're not!" Zoro's 11 year old voice struck her brain.

"I'll always protect you..." Why was she remembering these things now! Was it because of that shitty necklace!? "ARGH! FUCK YOU ZORO!" she screamed as she threw the necklace down and raised her foot,...but she just couldn't.


"Haha, it's the creep, let's go throw some rocks at her!" an eight year old girl walked into school, getting assaulted with the same jeers and chants day after day. Robin was used to this, so she walked straight to the classroom and to her desk, pulling out a book as she sat down. The bullies, annoyed with the lack of reaction, grabbed her book and raised his arms over his head and was about to slam it down (Robin also raised her arms over her head for PROTECTION) but suddenly, a small, green haired seven year old came flying out of nowhere with his bokken and slammed it into one of the bullies heads. "What the hell! Your gonna pay chibi!" shouted a violet haired boy with creepy head gear on. But the 'swordsman' wasn't having that! He charged towards the bullies, beating them up in an instant! Robin, an innocent bystander, had her eyes wide with gratitude, surprise and disbelief. "T-thank" the raven haired girl realised she didn't know the boys name! Disaster! But he didn't seem to mind, "My name is Roronoa Zoro, nice to meet to you Nico Robin!" He said, holding her book out. "H-how do you know my name? And why did you help me?" Robin asked him as she gently took her book out of his hands. Immediately Zoro blushed, the red in his cheeks contrasting horribly to his green hair, "Oh, um I k-know your n-name because...uh...the wussy's were screaming it out, that's it, and I helped you because I hate seeing people get bullied." He blurted out. Robin didn't belive the first part, but she didn't question him and she gave him the most un robin like smile and said, "friends?" Zoro blushed even more and scratched his head while looking away, "Yeah sure whatever." he mumbled. From that day on, they became really close. If a boy so much as looked at robin in the wrong way, Zoro would go beat him up (when he went too far Robin would try and stop him but it never worked) and if Zoro had some trouble dealing with the past, Robin would comfort him by giving him a hug and saying, "It's alright Zoro." Zoro would always pull away, red in face, but he always mumbled a thank you to her.

Time skip of two years

"Let's go Robin, I don't wanna read boring books anymore!" An eight year old Zoro whined, pulling at 10 year old Robin's shirt. She slapped his hand away in annoyance without looking away from the book. He had to interrupt her just as she was getting to the good part! Also, why did he come with her any way when she said she was going to be studying for the test and reading books after school?! "Oi, Robinnnn!" moaned Zoro, trying again, this time tugging at her skirt. Robin snapped, "Will you just go away Kenshi san! I'm trying to study here! Also, why did you come with me any way if you knew it was going to be boring!" Zoro's eyes widened and then he suddenly seemed very interested in the floor. "W-well,"

"What is it?!" Robin asked impatiently, drumming her fingers on her desk and looking at her book. "Well, i, I WANTED TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY OKAY!" Zoro, under pressure (and still looking down), screamed at her and thrusted out a poorly wrapped present Into her face. Robin however didn't care. He had remembered her birthday and she was so touched that he even went to get her a present because she didn't have many friends (Nami and Conis at the time). Robin, with shaking hands took the present gently from his own and un wrapped it carefully, not wanting to put his effort to waste. She gasped when she saw what it was. It was an old, thick VERY RARE book about the rio poneglyph and the void century. She looked at Zoro with wide eyes, wondering where he got it from. "Do you like I-umf!" Robin had tackled Zoro to the ground, hugging him saying,"I love it love it love it" and "thank you thank you thank you!" Zoro, bewildered and blushing so hard he could explode, said "Umf get off me!" Robin, realising the situation, was about to get off the poor guy but she kissed him lightly on the cheek first. Zoro blushed so hard his head felt kinda dizzy and before he could make a fool of himself, ran out of her house as quickly as he could. He swore he could hear Robin's tinkling laughter behind him.

Time skip 1 year

"Come on Kenshi san!" Robin exclaimed as she dragged Zoro to ANOTHER store!

Zoro, fed up, yanked his arm away from her hand and said, "Jesus Robin! Stop dragging me around the place!"

"Ugh! You're no fun! I shouldve invited Nami instead!" Robin moaned.

"Yeah, but I was just too irresistible so you just had to invite me." Zoro replied, smirking. Robin turned around slowly with the scariest death glare ever, causing innocent shop customers and pedestrians in a 10 mile radius to freeze up in fear. Zoro however, was not affected and just laughed at her instead. Robin growled and swung her hand bag into his face, making a big, red mark. "Ow! Are you a granny now or something?" Robin clogged him in the head, knocking him unconscious. She turned around as if nothing had happened and looked around the shop in interest. Suddenly, a gleam caught her eye. She whipped around and saw the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen; it had turquoise gem stones with silver rings around them. It was beautiful and reminded her painfully of her old, deceased home town, Ohara. Zoro woke up from his nap because a worried shop keeper decided to take initiative and pored ice cold water over him! He looked around to find Robin and he saw her looking at a necklace with her bangs covering her eyes, looking really really sad. Immediately worried, he got up off the floor in and zoomed over to her faster than the speed of light. "You okay, Robin?" said person jumped from surprise and zoro couldn't help but snicker as the usually calm and collected Robin jumped at the sound of his voice, but then he realised, this was serious if Robin wasn't paying attention. "HOLY SHIT! YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! AND STOP LAUGHING!" Robin screamed and slammed her handbag into his face again.

The walk back home was the usual. Zoro and Robin teasing each other until one of them ended up red in the face (usually Zoro). As they were neighbours, they walked the whole way home together and when they got there, they saw the most horrible sight.

Outside Zoro's house was a moving van and people were going in and out the house, carrying heavy looking cardboard boxes. Robin tilted her head to face Zoro. "Why didn't you tell me." she asked, deadly calm. Already knowing it was going to be like this, Zoro wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into an hug. "I'm sorry...I wanted our last day to be...normal." Robin, surprised but angry, pushed him away and said, "What the hell! I wanted our last day to be normal. Seriously!?"

"Hey, I didn't want your snot all over me!" Zoro teased as he pulled robin into another hug, but as he did so he put his arms around her neck. Robin could feel the cool touch of metal on her skin. She gasped and smiled sadly. it was the necklace from the store. robin didn't know how he afforded it, but didn't ask. She just said, "Thank you...Zoro."

"It's okay! I also wanted to say a few things...before I you know..leave."


"First of all, don't wear those short skirts anymore! Do you really want perverts looking at your-" Zoro never got to finish his sentence because he got slammed in the face with the handbag of doom.

"Come on Zoro, we have to go!" his big sister shouted, getting into her car. "Okay robin, promise me that if you have that necklace, I will always protect you no matter what and...remember, in first grade, when we were saying we could get married? Well if you keep it then that's a promise!"

"But that means im engaged to you!" a shocked Robin said

"Y-yeah and...o-one more t-thing, if p-people think y-your u-ugly, you're not! Also, if a guy tries to hit on you, I'll go and beat him up, even if I have to travel the other side of the world to, understand?" 10 year old zoro said to Robin, who was now trying to hold her tears back but failing. "I-I promise!" Zoro smiled in satisfaction and pulled Robin into one last hug before he ran into the van, driving away from her life.

Her friend

Her protector

Her jerk face

Her potential fiancée

Drove out of her life forever

Robin cried so much that night, but she kept her promise to Zoro when she entered middle school, wearing skirts that didn't get any shorter than above the knee and when any guy tried to chat her up (which was a LOT) she would smile and say, "Sorry, I'm already seen for." these were really pointless promises to keep but she didn't care. She loved him.

At the start of eighth grade however, there was commotion at the school because there was apparently a new hot guy arriving. "OMG IS THAT ZORO!" Tashigi shouted. "Huh?" said Robin and Conis, one of her closest friends. Since Zoro left, Robin had been best friends with Conis, Nami, Vivi and Bonney and she loved them to death. She could confide in her girl problems, read magazines with them, typical girl stuff. But she had only told Conis the whole story, apart from the engagement bit. As they pushed through the screaming fan girls and saw the It was zoro. "Is that you, Zoro?" she breathed in shock and happiness. He looked so much more different than his 11 year old self. He was better built and his face was less rounder. But there was something that changed...his eyes looked...angrier. As she grabbed Zoro's arm, he whirled around, and when he saw Robin, his face went hard. "Who are you?" he said, his voice harsh, yanking his arm away. Robin's face paled. He really dosent remember. A worried frown came upon her face. "I'm Robin, remember, your friend?"

"Oh, I remember you, you were the annoying girl who lived across from me." snarled Zoro. "Honestly, you thought we were friends?" he snarled and started to walk away. Robin, confused as hell decided to get some answers out of him and said"What, zoro, wait-" she said, grabbing on to his arm again. The green haired boy pushed her away with such a force that she tumbled to the ground, landing hard on her back. "WILL YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! ARE YOU DEAF OR SOMETHING YOU DUMBASS?!" he shouted at her and then stormed off with a worried Luffy and smirking fan girls in tow. Shaking and furious, Robin pushed herself off from the ground and screamed after him, "YOU SAID YOU WOULD ALWAYS PROTECT ME! YOU BASTARD!" and her head drooped to the floor, long hair making a curtain around her face.

I'll always protect you...

We're those words lies?

"Robin, there's still 20 minutes until first period, we can go to your house and get changed." Conis said sympathetically, putting a hand on her shoulder. Robin nodded meekly as she looked at her uniform, all tattered and dirty when Zoro...pushed her.

"Just forget him robin please, he's not worth it." but she couldn't forget him no matter how hard she tried. Because she was still in love with him.

Still in love with Roronoa Zoro

"A-are you sure you wanna wear that?" Conis asked as Robin stepped out in her shortest uniform skirt and black heels, her blouse untucked for added effect. "Yes, I'm quite sure." If he didn't keep his side of the bargain, why shouldn't she? Unfortunately, Zoro didn't seem to give a shit about Robin's new look. This pierced her heart.

"First of all, stop wearing those short skirts! Do you really want perverts to look at your-" Smash

Was that a lie to?

He really didn't give a fuck about her anymore. But that was fine, because she didn't give a fuck either.

Well that's what she was forcing herself to think anyway

He had moved back in his old house, probably wanting to torment Robin with memories and hurt her.

He hated her.

She saw the necklace glinting in the furthest corner of her room.

Remember in first grade when you said we should get married? Well if you keep this then that's a promise!

"ARGH!" Enraged, she picked it up and threw it into a clutter, becoming forever lost in the junk. "I don't want it!" Robin screamed, trying to convince herself. But she wanted it. She wanted it badly.

Flashback end*********

"...and that's all she ever told me. I guess they were pretty close." Conis sighed as she looked over at the girls, who all looked shocked. "I pnefer knewf" Bonney said with her mouthful, instantly ruining the mood. The girls sweat dropped. It was the next day at lunch break, everyone sat at their usual table, waiting for Robin to arrive. "But...why would Robin even care if Zoro ignores her?" Vivi said solemnly, oblivious as usual. This got a lot of scoffs from around the table and the girls gave themselves face palms. "Think a little, Vivi." Nami implied sympathetically. Conis had told them on what she knew, but she didn't know the whole story. She just knew that they were close childhood friends and that was it. But...they soon figured out her feelings quickly. At first, when they asked Robin about it, she give a forced laugh and quickly change the subject. They all knew she didn't want them to know. "She really does love him." Nami said, poking her dessert.

"But why didn't she want us to know?" Bonney asked.

"Because...if we knew...she would realise that...this whole thing wasn't a nightmare and it was...reality." Nami answered, tears welling up in her eyes for the pain of her friend. "But how does any of that have to do with the scene in the hallway? Until then, they ignored each other, but something definitely happened." asked Bonney towards Conis.

"hmmm, I don't know" Conis replied thoughtfully. Robin and Zoro crashed into each other, Zoro helped Robin pick her things up, Zoro saw something and stormed off.

"We should ask her!" Vivi said, her usual bubbly self.

"FUCK NO!" all the girls shouted/whispered at Vivi.

"She's not even happy about me knowing! I just wish we could help in someway..." Conis hissed but they couldn't she couldn't finish her sentence because Robin came and sat down with a cheerful, "Help with what?" they all chocked on their food as Robin looked around suspiciously. "N-nothing uh...juf aboufp the costumf fiffing tonighg thts alf!" Bonney lied, food spraying everywhere as the girls ducked for cover.

"Yeah! Alvida wanted to take some measurements and stuff!" Nami said as she helped Bonney with her story. "okay...should I bring anything for the fitting?" Robin asked, still a little suspicious.

"oh no, it's fine, you don't know how serious my sisters are taking this! they already have them picked out already!" Nami countered, laughing nervously. "Oh really! What does mine look like?" Bonney asked excitedly. "I'm not too sure...they won't let me see them!" Nami sighed in exasperation as she stole a handful of crisps from Bonney's bag (Bonney found out afterwards and Nami ended up getting chased around the house by a demonic physco). "I hope mines blue!" Vivi jumped around in her seat in excitement. "We know, Vivi." said Conis as she laughed and the others laughed with her.

At gym class with Vivi...

"Keep your back straight Defanarti!" shouted the coach as Vivi was trying to conquer the hurdles of doom, sweat starting to form and her blue, high ponytail swinging. "It's Nefarati, coach!" but he wasn't paying any attention. Vivi sighed. Oh well, it can't get any worse! She thought to her self as her white tank and red shorts was starting to stick to her and Vivi shuddered, hating the feeling. "Oi Vivi!" Khoza shouted. Too late. she cursed under her breath and looked at the blonde boy, who was obviously in the mood to flirt with her as this was the only class with them together. Why couldn't she be in art like the others! As he got closer, her heart rate raced. Why did it have to do that when he was around!? Vivi shouted back a "What do you want, perv?!" referring to his little 'peep show' the other day. Khoza smirked. "Aw, you're still in a fuss over that? I sure enjoyed it." he teased as he easily caught up with her, grinning from ear to ear. Vivi blushed from embarrassment and said "Of course you did because you support sexual harassment!" she was now trying her best to get away from Khoza, jumping the hurdles as fast as she could. "Dont be like that, I couldn't help myself." he snickered as Vivi looked up at him she thought, why does he have to be fucking perverted and fucking cute at the same time? "Well the butt smacking could have been helped!" Vivi countered harshly.

"I couldn't help it. You were too cute."

He said what! Vivi screamed to herself

"In fact, I always thought you were cute."

"MORE BACK JENFARITI!" yelled the coach. How the hell did he come up with that one?! But Vivi didn't, Couldn't, Reply back because right now her lungs seemed to be failing on her and her head spun. Was Khoza gonna ask her out?! NOW!? She kept running and her limbs were starting to get weak. However that didn't stop her but she just didn't see that last hurdle...


Vivi had tripped over and landed flat on her face! "Vivi!" Khoza called out to her and helped her regain her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and Vivi's heart went a million miles per second!

"Nefdart? Are you okay?" the rough coach ran up to them.

"uh...yeah and it's Nefarati." Vivi stuttered as she she held on to Khoza. Not because she wanted to, because if she didn't she would fall on her face again. "Koda! Take gee gee to the nurse and let them check out her leg!" they both sweat dropped but Khoza nodded and asked her, "Can you walk, I should I car-"

"N-no I'm fine!" Vivi couldn't let Khoza carry her! W-what would the others think?! Plus, Vivi couldn't bear any contact with Khoza. So she took her first step but pain shooted up her ankle and she yelped loudly. "Nonsense! You can't walk." Khoza approached the girl, arms out, smirking. "D-dont-" but it was too late, Khoza had effortlessly scooped her up bridal style and was now making his way down to the infirmary. Many students stopped and stared and Khoza's demonic fan girls gave Vivi an ice cold glare that froze anyone at a 100 mile radius that wasn't Khoza.

"P-put me down right now! P-people are staring!" she complained as she she turned 50 shades of crimson (A/N: Haha lol, fifty shades of grey.) Khoza smirked and said "Good." Good! What the hell was that supposed to mean! It was only until he had checked her in and laid her onto one of the small, cotton beds was when he let go of her. Vivi, as much as she hated to admit it, Khoza could be sweet sometimes if he wasn't so perverted. "Um...thanks I guess..." as she poked her two index fingers together, blushing hard. Khoza smirked and decided to play with the girl. He grabbed her delicate wrist and then loomed over her whole body, a mischievous glint in his heart sped up to an impossible rate and she blushed more harder. He wouldn't-! No-! "What if I went further..." Khoza whispered in her ear, causing the hairs on her neck to rise. He slowly pulled out her ponytail, locks cascading down and just when you think her heart couldn't go any faster, it did! "" Vivi could only say that through her quivering lips. I mean, he could if he wanted to because he was literally on top of her, on a bed and she immobilised from her ankle down. Khoza's lips pressed onto the side of her neck, making shivers go down Vivi's spine. Oh my freaking god! Vivi screamed to herself as Khoza's lips moved towards her cheek...her nose...then the corner of her lips...

"Hold it!" Vivi yelled and managed to shove Khoza off, him smirking.

"Aw, you didn't like it?" Khoza teased as he sat on the edge of the white bed. Vivi turned bright pink! She was still stunned on his bold move! Finally, nurse Shakky came in, puffing on a cigarette (some nurse!).

"hey kids. I heard we had an incident on the track." Shakky said "I hope it didn't get too wild in here as well." winking at Vivi and Khoza as she examined the bruise, the two turning pink. Her cold hands skimmed over the nasty looking purple bruise, which gave Vivi shivers. I wish it was Khoza touching-Vivi stopped her self in mid thought. WHY THE HELL AM I THINKING ABOUT THAT! Maybe his perviness is rubbing off... "It's just a bruise, It'll clear up if you soak it in hot water and put a hot patch on it. You should be walking by tommorow." Shakky explained with another puff on her cigar. She was about walk out when she turned around and teased, "It must be so nice to have such a caring boyfriend to look after you."

"B-but he's not-" but Vivi didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Shakky was already out of the door. "Now, where were we?" Khoza wrapped his arms around Vivi's waist and brought his lips closer to hers...Vivi couldn't take it anymore! She was blushing too much and her heart was beating way too fast. Her vision blurred and she passed out right there on the bed. Khoza smirked, laying her head gently on the pillow, content that his plan worked. Making Vivi pass out was one of his favourite pastimes. "It's so much fun to toy around with her" he thought but when he looked at her sleeping face, his heart beat fast. he was about to leave when something stopped him."Khoza..." Vivi murmured in her sleep, and he turned bright pink. " give it a go..." Vivi said one of her lines for the girls talent show. Of course, Khoza didn't know that. He walked over to her and slowly but surely placed his lips against hers. Millions of sensations ran through him. Sure he had kissed before, just not with Vivi. He felt guilty but he couldn't restrain himself, his feelings being too much to bear. He could have sworn he felt her kiss him back, but he was probably imagining it. He broke away and walked outside of the room towards Shakky and said, "She's sleeping, just wake her up before first period." and swiftly walked out of the door before Shakky could tease him about his face. Did he and Vivi just have a...moment!? Meanwhile, Vivi had opened her eyes, her expression dream like.

Pretending to pass out sometimes had its benefits..

At art class...

"Stupid pot, stay still!" screamed Bonney in irritation at her deformed pot spinning on the pottery week. Unluckily for her, brown glumps of clay were going everywhere. "You have to be more gentle Bonney." Nami instructed as she showed Bonney how to do it gently. "Yeah, but it's so hard-oh! HIT THE DECK!" Bonney shouted as a large clump of clay flew out...and hit Law straight in the face!

"Oi! Watch it Jewellery!" Law said as he wiped off the clay from his face.

"Aw, but it looked so good on you!" Bonney teased as she flicked more on him. "Thats it! Your gonna pay!" shouted Law and grabbed a chunk and threw it and it landed...right on her face! "Argh!" they both cried they ran around the room, throwing clay back and forth. The rise of clay fight no17 had begun. "You know, if you didn't know them, they seem like a newly wed couple." Robin sighed as she walked over to Nami's station, holding a paint palette in her hands. "yeah I know." Nami giggled, observing Law and Bonney as they ducked behind canvases, huge bits of clay going everywhere. "Good thing the teacher isn't around to see this." luffy said behind Nami who shrieked "Luffy, don't sneak up on me like that!" as she clobbered him with her fist. "Ow Nami! You're so mean!" Robin silently laughed at the two and she looked out to the hallway her eyes widened. "Is that Vivi and Khoza?!" she said to the duo, "and is she in his arms?!" nami and luffy looked over and thier jaws dropped. "It looks like Khoza made his move." luffy commented and the girls gave him a say-what look. "Well, Khoza had always liked her so..." Luffy said, trying hard to make the clay in his hands the shape of meat. "Wait till we tell her." Robin smiled slyly.

"Unless she already knows...oh my god, guess how much money I could blackmail her for!" Nami squealed and took a picture of the 'couple'.

"well I need to get back to my painting. Do you know where the purple paint is?" Robin asked Luffy and he pointed to a big, paint filled table at the back. Robin approached the table and scanned over the paint buckets. Meanwhile, a sleazy looking boy stood behind her, glasses tinting in the sunlight. "ah, here it is" robin murmured and reached over to take the paint. The sleaze bag saw this and was about to reach his hand out for her skirt but a quick hand grabbed his wrist and threw him to the ground.


The boy struggled to get up but a foot was pressed against this face, preventing him from escaping. The foot belonged to no other than Zoro's! Robin, completely unaware of the situation, turned around and saw Zoro pressing a foot to a poor guys face, hands in his pockets. Robin immediately felt furious. "Zoro you jerk, how could you!" She cried, feeling sorry for the boy. She didn't know that the boy intended on doing unpleasant things with her. "He was about to touch something that was mine." Zoro covered up smoothly, pressing harder on his face, causing him to gasp out in pain. "So! That's no reason to hurt him. We're not little kids now, Zoro!"

Zoro head jerked slightly as if he had been slapped. That comment had damaged him like a knife twisting in his heart.

Robin didn't notice this and she glared at him with clenched jaw, daring him to say any more. "It's mine." zoro growled. Robin didn't get it. What did he mean as his...? Luffy and Nami watched on with worried expressions; unfortunately, Law and Bonney didn't notice this little scene and they ran right past them, a piece of clay soaring through the air and clogging robin right in the face!

She went falling and grasped the table cloth, causing all the paint to go down with her!


Robin sat there, in the middle of the floor, covered in all the colours of the rainbow. All the class burst into laughter apart from Nami, Luffy, Law, Bonney and...zoro? Robin couldn't believe it! She looked like a five year old who had just made a mess.

Just then, Reedus sensei (A/N: Yes, i do watch fairytail) came in and gasped. "What happened here?!" he shouted and looked at Robin. Law and Bonney stepped in to take the blame when "I knocked over the table of paint and Robin was in the way. It wasn't her fault." Zoro said in his usual monotone. Surprise broke through Robin's usually calm face. Did he just take the blame,...for her?

"let's go and get you cleaned up Robin." Nami said as she and Bonney helped Robin up. She nodded and made her way for the door when she glanced at Zoro from the corner of her eye no one could see the subtle movement. He was there on the ground, helping to clean up the mess with the other guys. There was a certain...look in his eyes.

After school at Nami's house...

"I'm so excited for the fitting!" Vivi squealed "I hope mines blue!"

The girls sighed and groaned, "we know!" Right now, Robin, Nami, Conis, Vivi and Bonney were all sitting in Nami's big bedroom, waiting to be called down by her older sisters. "Girls, there ready!" Alvida's voice trilled from downstairs. Excited, they ran down the stairs, wanting to see what their costumes looked like. "Woah, like, hold up! We're gonna, like do this in like, an 'orderly' manner." Jessica bonked each of them on the head with a frying pan and continued, "Get like in a line." petrified of the frying pan of doom, the girls rushed into a line. Vivi was 'sigh' first. "okay, Vivi darling! You're first. Here are your clothes! Now go put them on." Laki chimed, handing Vivi her clothes. Vivi jumped up and down while making her way to the red velvet curtain, swinging it clumsily and stumbled into the room (nami: I never knew there was a room there...) A few 'ow' 'shit' and hisses of pain could be heard from the dressing room but eventually Vivi swung the curtain gracefully to the side and strutted out, looking absolutely gorgeous.

She was wearing a blue, velvet wrap corset with black panties with dark blue (almost black) fish net stockings. For accessories, she was wearing a few diamond bracelets on both of her delicate wrists and a diamond chocker; on her feet she donned black high heels. She was also twirling a blue crop (horse whip) around her finger.

All the girls screamed in delight (mostly the monster trio) "omg Vivi you look amazing!" Alvida trotted up to her put her hand on her chin "Wait, one more thing!" she magically got a blue feather from her jeans pocket (Nami: Who the hell carries a blue feather with them?!) and put it in Vivi's hair, making her look like a total boy tease. "ok, time to take it off " Alvida shoved her into the closest again and you could hear, "Wait wha- BANG CRASH SHIT! OW!"

"oops sorry!" Laki trilled. All of the waiting girls sweatdropped.

Vivi finally came out, looking pissed/happy, making a new emotion called pisapy. She skipped/stomped (sktomped) over to the chairs and got out her powerade mixed with coke, sprite, Fanta and , gulping it down.

"next is Nami!" Nami got up, got her outfit from Laki and walked into the room. As you could hear Nami attempting to get dressed, Robin, Bonney and Conis all turned around evilly to face Vivi " Vivi, what was up with you and Khoza being all close and stuff huh?" Robin slid over to the victim and raised her eyebrows suggestively. Vivi sprayed her drink out and Everyone who was sitting in a 2 meter distance dodged it without blinking.

"YOU SAW THAT!" Robin and Bonney nodded (Conis had to help Jessica with the amount of clothes) "We just wanted to know if anything happened, fufufu..." Robin teased.

"NOTHING HAPPENED!" Vivi blushed and garbled, "I sprained my ankle so I couldnt walk to the medical place thingy so he had to carry me and when we got there he-" Vivis eyes widened and slapped her hand over her mouth. Like HELL was she going to tell ANYONE what Khoza did, even her closest friends. "He stifu didnf neud teuf cafy youf like thaf!" Bonney laughed with her mouth stuffed with chips.

",he...ARGH NEVER MIND!" Bonney and Robin laughed. it was just too cute.

"I think he lllllikes you*" Bonney sang. Vivi just sat there, hands cupping her pink face. She remembered the kiss they shared and she turned from a delicate pink to a crimson red.

"Bam!" Nami declared as she came put from the dodgy room.

"Hello!" Robin, Bonney, Vivi and Conis shouted as Nami came out. Nami was wearing an outfit that was definantly seemed to be her style. She wore a black top hat with a silver, cursive letter N on. She also had an red velvet chocker which was encrusted with gold, orange laced bra, small orange panties and high, knee length, black leather boots. She also wore black fingerless fishnet gloves with various different gold bangle bracelets.

"Nami, that's like, nothing!" Bonney exclaimed.

"So, I like it!" Nami defended as she strutted her stuff around the living room.

"I think it matches her perfectly! Okay take it off, Next is you Bonney!" Alvida chimed as she literally shoved Nami and Bonney into the room. "Wait! I need to apologise to Robin first. I'm so so so sorry that I fought with Law-"

"Oh it's absolutely fine. Just go get changed!" As robin joined in with the shoving. A few moments later, Nami came out in her normal clothes and then a few minutes later Bonney strutted out (A/N swag walk) and the girls nodded there heads and smirked with Bonney. She was wearing a sheer white, lacy corset with hot pink ribbons crisscrossing it's way at the front with white panties. She was wearing white, fishnet stockings with very high white boots and had on a diamond necklace. She also had on a pair of long, white gloves.

"That won't work." Alvida said.

Bonney's face dropped, "aw why?! I like it!"

"You need to take off that ridiculous hat of yours!" As quick as a snake, Alvida's arm swiped Bonney's hat off her head, making Bonney protest majorly. "Bonney, with the hat, Law wouldn't die!" Nami called out and that seemed to do the trick as Bonney's screams turned into mumbled protests. "Now go change so we can get to the lovely Robin!"

oh shit Robin thought as she walked nervously over to Jessica who was holding the clothes. "Now go like, put these like,on!" Jessica squealed as she nudged the poor girl towards the room. Robin sighed and went in, preparing herself for the worst.

In the dark room, she could just about make out a purple, velvet, corset that would show off her abdomen (A/N like the one she wore in Alabasta but no strings and that extra stuff) black panties, black fishnet stockings-and on for her left upper thigh a black, silk garter-with black stilleto heels. She also could see a sparkling diamond necklace (one of those big ones) and a net like thing with a jewel on the side that goes as a headpiece. With great difficulty she yanked the corset-thing on and then the whole costume. A few moments she stepped out, eager looking faces awaiting her. "OMG Robin you look amazing!" All the girls cried in unison.

Robin turned around to the body length mirror behind her and her eyes widened. She looked like a whole new person! She admired her outfit twisting around so she could see herself in all different angles. Laki rushed over and brought Robin various of different jewerly. She soon decided on a few golden bangle bracelets and a silver tight bracelet that went around her upper arm, just below the shoulder. This all made her look classy and exotic at the same time.

After fittings...

Robin was walking back through the dark streets with a little spring in her step. The costume fitting had given her a high hopes for revenge and she was getting more and more excited for the actual performance. As she turned left into a dark alleyway (shortcut) she saw something that made her heart break. Zoro and Tashigi, lips connected with a heated kiss, Tashigi pressing Zoro into the wall. Robins mind went blank. Literally blank as she witnessed the sight in front of her. She didn't realise the silent tears streaming down her face or her heavy breathing as her heart shattered like glass into a million pieces. Her mind finally came to its senses and screamed at her to get away before she has a meltdown. So she slowly stepped back, hand over her mouth and sprinted back towards her house, crying all the way.

Late that night, Zoro was glaring out of the window, taking everything out on the world.

Why does she have to make this so damn difficult! He cursed himself.

he couldn't keep his promise. He tried...but he couldn't

All for one simple reason.

And the kiss he and Tashgi had. Well she had literally pounced on him, not giving him a chance to think. And of course he had heard Robin.

And she had sounded devastated.

He picked up his phone a dialed a number and looked towards Robins house. There was a good reason why he couldn't be her friend, or marry her, or be there for her.

The phone hummed, signifying that the other side of the line was ringing.

He hesitated as he heard the phone pick up.

He loved her

Robin rushed out of the room in a towel. She had just been taking a shower but since her mom wasn't there, she had to answer it.