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Chapter 4

Hello?" Robin answered as she picked up the phone, her chest slightly panting from rushing downstairs.

"Bey Rofinph!" Bonney's voice greeted (with her mouth stuffed as usual) as Robin answered.

"Bonney? I was in the shower." Robin replied with a slight tinge of annoyance as she headed her way back upstairs, the cordless phone against her ear, her hands clutching the dripping wet towel around her.

'gulp' just called to say that I'm still really sorry about that Art incident! It's all Law's fault! Honestly!" Bonney rushed together in a hysteric sentence, Robin began to laugh.

"It's okay, really." Robin calmly reassured her once again as she entered her bedroom, taking off her towel and slipping into black cotton tracksuits and a grey tanktop.

Every since then, it was all Bonney could say to Robin. Why wouldn't she? After all, she probably just made the whole entire Zoro and Robin thing more awkward for Robin.

As if it wasn't awkward enough.

"I'm actually quite glad you did…" Robin quietly said, half to Bonney, half to herself.

"Huh?" Bonney asked, confused. What was Robin talking about?

"Never mind Bon (a/n nickname) it doesn't really matter!" Robin laughed off, "I'm just excited for the Talent Show, only a few days now." Robin said softly as she twirled a lock of her wet hair in her fingers, quickly covering up her words from earlier.

"I know! Your outfit is swagx100! You'll kick Zoro's face with that one!" Bonney giggled on the other end, Robin smiled along with her.

"And you will certainly make a tattoo covered man to die due to the lack of blood loss." Robin slyly added, which only caused Bonney to laugh even more.

"Well, it's getting quite late and we should both wake up early tomorrow if we're going to have to deal with another rehearsal." Robin reminded Bonney, who moaned in the process.

"Ugh, I feel the pain already. Alri' See ya Robin!"

"Bye!" Robin chuckled as she pushed the END CALL button on her phone.

However, the laughter didn't last long.

It wasn't that she enjoyed the conversation with Bonney but she expected someone else to call...

"Why would I even think that he would call…" Robin murmured to herself as she glared out her window, only to see the familiar vision of Zoro's house right across from hers. The girl half expected Zoro to call, but probably only because to explain why he covered for her in art..BUT it wasn't like Robin wasn't angry with him...oh no.

.pissed...VERY pissed. Why would he kiss one of the DM's? To torment her more most likely.

It was so unlike him to stoop so low...but the thing that happened in art...that was so unlike him as well.

Robin sighed heavily as she shut her curtains together tightly, not being able to bear the image no longer.

"I thought I finally understood, but there you go again and change everything…"


Zoro sat there as his phone hummed, irritated as heck. Finally the person picked up.

"Hello?" Luffy answered sleepily. Obviously the lazy boy was sleeping when Zoro called.

"You wanted to tell me something?" Zoro asked in his usual annoyed tone. Of course he was thinking of calling Robin but even that would be too far…

"Huh? Oh yeah! Um, we sorta changed the song we're performing on Friday…"

"What? What's wrong with the one we have now?" Zoro asked, extremely irritated. That means they'd have to spend more endless nights practicing, and practicing, and PRACTICING.

"Well…we just figured that this one seemed better to perform since it's more, I don't know, out there!" Luffy tried to convince the cold teenager.

"But-" Luffy continued but he was soon to be cut off

"Whatever." Was all Zoro said as he hung up on Luffy before he could even say anymore.

Luffy stared sleepily at his phone, shrugged his shoulders, and fell backwards into bed...wait no he was hungry.

Zoro gave out a frustrated sigh as he collapsed onto his bed as well. He just wasn't in the mood to hunt down Luffy and confront him; he was too exhausted for that. Instead, he looked up at the ceiling and stared at it long and hard.

"Robin…" Zoro murmured to himself. A vision of Robin, standing there, crying angry tears, appeared in his mind. He knew better...Robin wasn't the type of person to cry easily...but She was alone, and no matter how much she was consoled by others, she just got angrier and cried harder.

Zoro finally understood.

"I'm…sorry…" Was all Zoro said before he drifted off into a deep slumber, were vicious nightmares would snap at his soul. He wouldn't mind though, after all, the worst nightmare was already happening.

And it involved the anger of a certain raven-haired girl.


Days have passed, and the highly anticipated day of the Talent Show finally arrived. Students buzzed in homeroom, all thrilled and excited for the night's show and multiple performances. Vivi, Conis, Nami and Bonney crowded all around Robin at her desk, secretly discussing their performance with great excitement. Until Nami noticed something.

"Robin? You okay? You don't look too good."

"Oh, I just have a bit of a cold, that's all." Robin replied back, smiling. (A/N: Take note of this)

"Okay...anyway Alvida said that there will be a half hour intermission before us, which would be the final act. You know, to get the scenery and stuff up." Nami explained to the girls who all nodded.

"I just hope everything goes alright, I mean, what if the douche bags aren't even in the audience?" Bonney asked, lately the pinkette began to think of all the worse things that could go wrong.

"Don't worry, they will. I asked Sanji (Sanji is the presenting it after the intermission cuz the other guy has to go somewhere or something) to make sure they're seated in the front row." Conis said with great confidence, suddenly, all the girls gave her a sly look. Sanji was in the Talent Show committee…and also Conis's crush!

"Of course, Conis had to make sure that she was the one to check it out with Cook-San." Robin slyly smiled, using his nickname

"Of course, Conis had to make sure that she was the one to check it out with Cook-San." Robin slyly smiled, using his nickname for more affect. Conis turned a bright red.

"H-Hey! I had to make sure that he got the instructions for the lighting and stuff. HE'S also the one who's in charge of the spotlight! And with our performance, it has to go in synch with the music!" Conis quickly flustered as she turned even redder!

"You're such a terrible liar Conis. We all know he's only part time." Robin shook her head and tutted.

"And didn't your sisters already set everything up, lighting wise?" Vivi asked towards Nami, who nodded. Conis turned the darkest crimson you could imagine! She really wanted to smack Robin and Vivi right now!

"J-J-Just forget it!" Conis yelled, all the girls couldn't help but laugh. It was a rare sight to see Conis get worked up over a guy, she was normally so calm and collective!

"Well at least Sanji is nice, unlike someone I know...wait no I take that back." Bonney said distastefully as she rolled her eyes, referring to a certain Tattoo covered boy.

"Wait...where the fuck are they anyway?!" She added as she scanned the room, annoyed. Weren't the guys in the same homeroom with them?

"Psh, like you haven't heard." As...ugh. Boa Hancock commented as she and her little clique came up to them.

They didn't want to deal with this right now.

But Robin, being as polite as always, asked them

"Heard what?"

"Zoro and the guys went to the auditorium to try out for the Talent Show. Like, everyone who is going to be in the show has to be there,right now."Tashigi piped up and finished in a matter-of-fact tone, all the other fan girls nodded with a dreamy expression on their faces.

Robin stiffened at the sight of her.

"What about your group? Aren't you in the talent show?" Nami hissed, mostly directed at Hancock even though Tashigi had spoken.

"Our group already registered...better hurry along...or you can't be in it." Hancock smirked and she snapped her fingers, walking away with her cronies.

"WHAT!?" Nami, Bonney, Vivi and Conis screamed in horror (Robin didn't but she did the next part) as they bolted past the mob of fan girls and out of them room. THEY were supposed to be at the try outs, RIGHT NOW!

"Shit, Shit, Shit, SHIT!" Nami cursed as the girls rushed through the halls in a mad scurry.

If they didn't make it in time…that meant… NO REVENGE!

"Do we have the final groups who's trying out?" Ussop asked as he filed a few papers in his hands. Zoro, Law, Khoza, Sanji and Luffy stood there on the stage, completely annoyed, especially Zoro.

"Please say "here!" as I call your names, erm… the Law's?" Ussop sweat-dropped as a group of cheerleading fan girls raised their pom-poms in the air, all screaming Law's name.

Law smirked in a mean way, all the fan girls cried out even louder!

"Okay…moving on…" Ussop continued as he continued to sweat-drop.


"Robin, wait up!" Vivi cried out as she tried to catch up with her friend, but Robin wasn't listening. She HAD to get to the auditorium, she couldn't miss her chance! She didn't care about keeping it a secret any longer!

Her feet skidded as she made a sharp turn, her friends soon followed as they tried to catch up with their fast moving friend.

But who can blame her?

Robin was sick and tired now! Suddenly, as if it all just dawned on her, Robin's rage suddenly lashed out. WHY did Zoro treat her like this? WHY did she have to be treated so badly?!


"Law, Khoza, Zoro, Luffy and Sanji?" Jerall called out once again to the crowd of students on the stage.

"Here!" Luffy called out, Khoza and Law responded by slapping Luffy hard on the head.


"God…"Law muttered under his breathe, Khoza snickered.

Zoro stood there, his arms folded, an annoyed expression on his face. He had a bad feeling something was about to happen but he just couldn't put his finger on it…

"Okay guys; perform your act so we could move along." Ussop said as the boys went to there instruments.

"hey...USSOP!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Luffy shouted dumbly from the crowd.

Zoro and the guys all facepalmed and punched Luffy In the back of the head.

"He's the head of the committee moron!" they all shouted at him.

"ohhhhhh right...shishishi! Okay!" and he bounded and pulled/dragged the guys over to the stage.

Zoro gave up and sighed as he picked up his guitar. Whatever this feeling was, He was sure it was nothing.

The five girls' pace quickened, Bonney in the lead. Her face looked relatively calm, but her eyes were determined.

'I'm going to make it!' Bonney cried triumphantly to herself as she saw the auditorium's doors come into view.

"Bon, WATCH OUT!" Vivi cried out. Bonney looked back in alarm but it was too late.

Before knew it, she found herself falling towards the auditorium's entrance…

"Great!" Ussop complimented as the guys finished their performance, which left all the fan girls in major screams and applause. Khoza, Law, Luffy and Sanji gladly soaked in the praise (Sanji went as far as throwing himself to the fangirls...-_-) but Zoro just stood there, emotionless. He didn't care for the applause or the praise; he could only care about one thing.

Or someone.

"And finally…Team Marmalade?called out.

Law gave Luffy and Khoza an amused look as they all snickered (don't worry, they rescued Sanji...he's just currently passed out).

"Marmalade? What kinda group is that?" Law laughed, Luffy and Khoza joined him.

"Do they make jam or something?" Khoza asked, still laughing from Law's remark.

"Team Marmalade?" Ussop called out once more, no response.

"Alright then…if that's everyone-"


Everyone turned their sudden attention to one of the entrances, gasps filling the room as they did so.

There before them stood Bonney, face first one the floor! On top of her was Nami then Vivi then Conis and Robin just standing there, looking down, embarrassed.

"Ow…." Bonney murmured underneath the dog pile.

"H-HERE!" Vivi shouted out from the pile in her usual peppy and cheerful voice. The dog pile was the result of an incident that was terribly unfortunate. If only that cable cord got out of the way, Bonney wouldn't have tripped and Nami, Vivi and Conis wouldn't have tripped over her!

Robin looked from her friends to the stage, and her jaw clenched, like she was trying to ignore her beating heart.

Zoro was staring at her.

She quickly looked away and said "Here Bon," as she helped Bonney to her feet.

Zoro stared at her, his eyes confused.

'What the hell is she doing here?!' He thought as Robin and the others joined with the other students.

"Oh MAN! You have got to be kidding me!" Law laughed as he approached Bonney, who glared at the boy.

"What is fuck is so funny?!" countered, placing her arms on her hips and furrowing her brow in annoyance.

"C'mon Jewellery, be realistic. Do you honestly think your girl group or whatever you guys are doing can beat our band?" He smirked. All the Law cheerleaders screamed in response to his move.

"It's not some girl group! It's totally awesome! You just have to see!" Vivi responded, aiding Bonney.

"Oh, we wouldn't miss your humiliation. That's for sure." Khoza replied.

"What'd you say?!" Vivi bellowed, getting right up in Khoza's face. After about five seconds, the pair turned bright red as they realized how close they were before automatically looking the other way.

Okay, so they weren't exactly over the whole nurse's office thing.

Nami stared down at Luffy, daring him to comment with her mallet sticking out from behind her back. Luffy saw this, stepped back a few feet, and gave her a weak thumbs-up. Nami smiled sweetly.

'Good Boy!' She thought as she mentally patted Luffy on the head.

"I'M SURE ALL YOU ANGELS ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING~!" Sanji screamed as he bent down to kiss Conis's hand. She blushed a vivid red but didn't move her hand, as she was too shocked.

Robin however, didn't really watch her friends' showdowns; in fact, she kept her eyes on the floor. She felt Zoro's cold gaze on her...NO SCREW THIS! she thought as she jerked her head up and glared right back at him. (a/n: imagine thriller bark death glare that Robin gave Sanji).

She saw him gulp and he quickly averted his eyes.

Suck on dat bitch. She smirked.

"Alright team Marmalade, let me see your performance." Ussop mentioned as he sat on one of the seats in the rows, he gestured for everyone for them to get off the stage, so they did. Zoro was looking at Robin again, but she was confident. He dosen't intimidate her.

Never has, never will.

"Wait, you want us to preform our routine right now?" Robin asked in bad realisation...even though her voice and face was calm.

"Yup, that's right birdie!" Ussop laughed out.

Suddenly something sharp skimmed past Ussop's ear, cutting his hair slightly, as it landed with a thud in the wall...VERY close to his face.

Shaking, he slowly turned his head and realised it was a VERY sharp hairpin.

"If you call me that again, it will be a lot worse, understood?" Robin's deathly calm voice rang through the auditorium and froze everyone in fear.

Zoro saw this and silently smirked to himself, even though he was a little terrified right now as well.

'She hasn't changed one bit.'

"B-But we c-can't do this right now!" Vivi told Ussop once they had all recovered.

"Why? Oh I know! Does Jewellery have stage fright? Aw, poor thing!" Law laughed out in a baby voice (his voice still a bit shaky after Robin though).


"Enough!" Ussop called out, everyone turned silent. "Girls, you must try out to be in the actual show."

Each and every girl froze. They couldn't do their performance now! It would ruin everything! Plus, they didn't have their music or even props for that matter!

"Well I'm-" he was cut of with another hairpin to his face. This one had been closer.

"They didn't perform!" Bonney yelled as she pointed at the guys.

"Yeah we did, and if weren't late, you would have seen it!" Law shouted back, Bonney fumed.

"Oh My God, LET'S JUST DO IT!" Robin finally shouted. All the stress and frustration was getting to her. This caused the whole room to go silent.

Nico Robin never shouts...ever.

"We have no choice." she said, glancing at Zoro by the corner of her eye.

He was staring right at her.

'God dammit Robin!' She scolded herself as she focused her attention back to her friends, who were all scowling that they had to give up the surprise factor of their performance. The whole room went silent as Conis stepped up.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the-" Conis began as the girls got into their formation but three peppy voices cut her off.

"Like, Stop!" Three high-pitched voices called out. Everyone turned their attention to the source and to the girls' relief, it was the senior girls! There they confidently stood all wearing matching black suits and black sunglasses, a black brief case in each of their hands.

Robin gave out a sigh of relief.

'Thank God!'

"What's going on?" Ussop questioned as he stood up from his seat, curious on who these people where and why they would interrupt the try outs!

Luffy, Khoza, Law and Zoro. all had the same expression on their face, as if saying "What the-?!"

(apart from Sanji...he had hearts in his eyes and was noodling).

"Like, as these girls' managers, we would like them to refrain from trying out right now. They don't have their proper music, costumes, props, etc." Alvida began as she handed some papers to Ussop, who sweat-dropped.

"But they still have to try out! If they don't then they can't be in the show!" Ussop countered; the trio gave out a sigh of annoyance.

He had a point there.

'But the moving vans full of props didn't arrive yet! And the male extras aren't even here-!" Laki whined.

"Now wait a second! You guys promised that you wouldn't hire male extras!" Nami yelled as she pointed at her sisters accusingly.

"Little girl, it'll help add atmosphere!" Jessica pointed out, "Besides, they already have been paid!"

"NOW HOLD UP! What the hell are you guys throwing together?!" Law asked as he and the others approached the girls, completely irritated and furious, especially Zoro.

Perhaps when they heard the words male extras?

"That's for you to find out!" Bonney teased as she playfully tugged on Law's hat, he turned bright red as he slapped her hand away.

"Whatever the case is, you girls have to do something!" Ussop retorted with great annoyance as he put his hands on his hips.

"Ussop dearest...my sisters and perhaps the girls will torture you to death very slowly and painfully If you don't let them preform." Alvida smiled demonically and Ussop could feel the terrifying evil aura of the other girls.

"yeah, sure, that is absolutely fine." he replied, knees shaking in fear.

"So it's, like, settled!" Alvida giggled.

"But we still need proof that they have actual talent." Kaya, Ussop's second in command and girlfriend, timidly pointed out.

"Sure, Nami hit a note." Laki instructed as she handed Nami a mic, she did so with great confidence. Luffy jolted at the sound of her voice, was that really her?!

"Now Bonney." Bonney sang out a perfect A note, Law stood there in amazement.

"Heehee." Bonney smirked as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Vivi." Vivi performed her deed and smirked at Khoza, whose jaw dropped. Giggling, she lifted his chin up with her index finger before she herself, turned a little pink.

"And the lovely lead, Robin!" Laki exclaimed.

"Robin's the lead? Are you sure that's such a good idea?" A fan girl's voice whispered out loud.

Robin smirked. Screw them! Even if she did burn down the stage last year (and it wasn't for Zoro actually A/N: It actually wasn't) that didn't mean she was a total failure now.

Zoro was watching her. I'll show that douche.

She took a deep breath and let a belting powerful high note, deeper, but much clearer and melodic than the rest.

The whole room went silent as she did so, was that Robin?! Her voice was so loud, so clear, and so beautiful that it left everyone speechless! But Robin didn't care what they were thinking; she wanted to know what he was thinking.

As she ended the note, she gave a sharp gaze to Zoro, channeling all her anger and sorrow into it. Hopefully, he would see all the pain he has caused her, all the misery he had given her!

Zoro stood there, shocked.

WTF! That was not Robin! Oh but it was...it kinda made sense now, a beautiful voice to match a beautiful person.

He also finally understood the purpose of such an emotional note.

"Robin…I'm sorry…' He wanted to tell her aloud, but what would her reaction be? He knew perfectly well she would never take him back…

Instead of glaring harshly back at her, his eyes softened as he sadly gazed over at her.

Robin gasped, and blanched.

What the fuck was wrong with that look?!

Zoro had never had given her that look before. The last time he looked at her that way was when….

"Remember," Zoro whispered to her softly as he pointed to the necklace, "As long as I'm here and as long as you want it, I'll forever keep that promise." zoro reassured her, referring to their... engagement.

"Is that enough for a try out, Ussop?" the girls asked the awe-struck Ussop, who nodded with his jaw still hanging low.

"Yay!" The girls cheered, except Robin. She simply smiled.

Suddenly she felt sick.

"Robin, you sure you're alright?" Nami asked, concerned. Robin ignored her; her voice seemed far off somewhere.

"I-I'm fine, I just need to get some fresh air…" She replied weakly as she headed for the auditorium's doors, her heart fastened as she past Zoro.

She nervously kept on walking.

Her vision got more blurred, she felt hot and cold...

And those were the last things she felt before she collapsed, right then and there in the aisle.

"Robin!" Her friends cried out as they were about to rush over to her but came to a sudden halt when they found someone already aiding her.

There stood Zoro, holding the unconscious Robin in his arms, bridal style.

Even if Robin never had known…somehow he heard a faint whimper before she passed out.

He looked forlornly down at her.

"I'll take care of her." Was all he said as he left the auditorium, no one even dared to get in his way.

"I'm here…" He whispered into her ear.

And for the first time in years, Roronoa Zoro actually smiled.

"Finally…" Khoza remarked, breaking the silence that had overcome the auditorium.

"Huh?" Vivi asked as she approached him curiously.

"Are you guys even aware of that?" Law asked as he pointed towards the doors Zoro and Robin had taken.

"Of course we are!" Bonney said, "Wait…y'all know too?"

They all nodded, and Bonney cuffed her chin, thinking.

"We have to settle it once and for all; it's just getting too fucking hard for Robin." She began, but Luffy cut her off.

"And Zoro."

"What are you talking about? He's the one who's making her suffer!" Nami replied, putting her hands on her hips in annoyance.

"She's suffering? How do you really think we got our black eyes?" Luffy countered, dead serious, as he pointed at his eye, the black eye barely recognizable now.

"Zoro…did that?" Vivi asked, stunned. The guys nodded.

"That's how his hand got injured so badly, he doesn't hit lightly you know." Khoza began in a matter-of-fact tone, "You guys don't know how protective he is of her…did you not just see how quickly he jumped when she fainted?"

"And Robin thinks he hates her…" Bonney whimpered.

"I guess there's a lot we all don't know…" Conis realized as she sat wearily on a chair, she was completely worn out from all that occurred.

There was a long silence, and Bonney began to smile very brightly.

"Hey, I gotta idea!" She began as she whispered something into Law's ear, who smirked.

"Of course you girls would think of something like that."


Robin awoke wearily, her legs felt like jello and her head ached. She looked around and gasped.

Since when was she at home, in her room?!

"Ah, you're awake!" Her mother said as she came in with a glass of water and some aspirin. "I thought you'd be out longer…" She giggled as she sat at the edge of her daughter's bed.

"How did I get here and how long was I out?" Robin asked as she gladly took the aspirin and water from her mother's hands. She didn't like the look on her mother's face as her mother smiled.

"Oh, you were out for just a half hour but I notified the school saying you won't be back. I figured you would want to rest before you big show tonight...you have a bit of a cold. But don't worry! Dr. Chopper made his amazing medicine so you'll be good to go in a hour." Olivia got up from the bed and kissed her daughter on her forehead before ushering her to lie down.

"But how did I get here?" Robin once again asked, getting a little irritated that her mom was beating around the bush.

"Oh, um, Conis dropped you off sweetie." Was all she said, Robin nodded.

Her mother left, leaving Robin to rest some more and drink Dr. Chopper's medicine. She returned to the kitchen to continue working on dinner but she felt a little bit guilty lying to her daughter….



"Coming!" Olivia called out as she set down her mixing bowl and headed towards the door, she gasped on who it was.

There Zoro stood, holding Robin unconscious in his arms!

"Is she alright?" She asked as she let Zoro in, he nodded.

"She just fainted; I thought it'd be better to bring her home then let her stay in one of those beds at school." He said as he laid her down on the couch.

"Oh, well that was really nice of you." She thanked the boy but then, "You know, she never told me that you moved back here..."

Zoro tensed.

"Oh?" Was all he could say. What should he say?

"It's so nice that you care for her so much…Oh! The stove! Can you bring Robin up to her room please?" Olivia asked as she ran back into the kitchen, Zoro sighed.

"It's so nice that you care for her so much.." Zoro couldn't get that out of his head!

He looked down at Robin's unconscious figure before picking her up again and heading towards her room. It felt really awkward being in her house after all these years, nothing seemed to change at all. And as he walked through the hall, he could recall the time when he and Robin used to run through them, making a huge commotion as they did so (well he did anyway...Robin just read her book).

'I must be going crazy." Zoro thought as he thought he heard him and Robin's childhood voices echoing in the halls.

Finally reaching her room, he set her in her bed. He was about to leave but he couldn't help but notice how strangely, Robin's room didn't change either. Everything was still very purple and black including the books and the gothic, emo posters of skulls and stuff. He looked at her, her breathing seemed regular by now.

'I should leave…' He thought as he approached the door. But as he headed out, he noticed something familiar on her nightstand.

A photo.

He picked it up and looked at it. It was a picture of Conis, Bonney Vivi, Nami, and Robin all smiling at the camera with ice cream in each of their hands. Of course, Bonney had some on her mouth.

Zoro's eye twitched and was about to put it back down until he noticed the frame. It was a white frame with the words BEST FRIENDS in bold blue print running across the border, and it caused the scariest sense of DeJaVu.

"This looks familiar…" He said to himself as he looked at it more closely. Curiosity overtaking him, he slowly pulled back the photo of Robin and her friends. His eyes widened.

Behind that photo was another photo. It was old and faded. There stood Zoro and Robin around the age of nine smiling at the camera. Zoro was trying to get Robin to smile and look at the camera but she was just reading her book.

He smiled; he'd remembering taking that picture. Robin got a new camera for her birthday and Zoro wanted to be the first one to take a picture with her. At first she said no, but Zoro kept pestering her for the whole day until she had to finally give in and took a picture with him.

He remembered how annoyed she was.

"See, totally pointless." She kept saying over and over again after the picture was done. But he had noticed how she had framed carefully. Zoro could still hear his childish voice with her annoyed one.

He put the picture back in order, sighing. He looked down at Robin's sleeping figure, she really did change.

"When the hell did you start wearing short skirts?" He growled towards her, "Didn't I tell you not too?"

Robin, being unconscious, rolled over and moaned in her sleep. Zoro sighed and headed towards the door. It's not like he'd do anything, but seeing Robin lay unconscious there in a short skirt really did get to him, and he really didn't trust his hormones.

He reached the door and stood in the doorway, but before he left, he took a final glance at Robin…

Things could never be the same between then.


Zoro returned downstairs just in time for Olivia to come out from the kitchen.

"Oh, you're leaving?" She asked, Zoro nodded as he headed for the door but before he left, he paused at the doorway.

"Can you tell Robin…that one of her friends dropped her off? I don't want her to know that I did this…" He asked Olivia and she gave him a sad look before finally nodding.

"Thank you." Zoro said before leaving. Once he was gone, Olivia sighed.

"She really does care for you" She murmured, "…and you really care for her…this isn't right…"


Robin fidgeted in her bed covers, even though her mother told her to rest, she just couldn't. Her mind was racing.

"Did I imagine that?" She thought aloud. Even though she was unconscious, she could have sworn she heard his voice.

"I'm here…"

"psh, impossible." Robin said as she rummaged out of bed to look at herself in the mirror. She was still wearing her uniform but it was now wrinkly and tattered, probably from sleeping in it. Her face was a little bit paler, and her hair was tangled.

"He would never do that! Maybe before he would have…" Robin continued, her eyes closed. "But now it's different." she sighed painfully and smiled sadly,

"And it's all that arsehole's fault,"

It WAS different. Zoro and her would NEVER be childhood friends ever again, and hopes of them becoming more…just vanished.

She looked around her room once more, taking in the familiar comfort of her privacy.

"Wait a minute…" Robin began as she walked over to her nightstand. She picked up the picture frame that supposedly contained her and everyone's trip from the beach but she dropped it from shock on what was there instead.

"T-That picture…" Robin stuttered as she picked the frame back up. Instead of the picture of her friends, it was that old picture of her and Zoro…from her childhood…

Robin slammed it down onto the drawer. She didn't want to look at it.

...what if this was a sign though? No, she wasn't superstitious, but what if.

Robin didn't know but she did know that things were changing, but for better or for worse?

That's what she wanted to know…


"Stunning!" Was all Alvida said as she finished the final touches on Robin's makeup.

It was the night of the Talent Show and the girls were already in their dressing room. The benefits of having a school that was highly involved in Drama was the multiple dressing rooms back stage, and since Nami's sisters went all out, they got the biggest one! It also helped that they were once the highly appreciated actresses the school had ever seen when they attended the high school.

Robin gazed at her reflection in hidden awe; it didn't seem like her at all. She wore a deep red glossy shade of lip gloss on her lips, heavy mascara, and over exaggerated shades of purple eyeshadow, with these small jewels on her eyelids.

Jessica was working on her hair, and when she finished, it was magnificent! It was silky and short with her bangs back in place, and to top it off, there was a sexy, purple cowboy hat on her head.

"Robin, you look so pretty!" Nami complimented as she rushed over to Robin. Everyone was fully prepared to head out accessory and makeup wise, but since Conis was in charge of bringing the costumes and she wasn't here yet, they all wore the black satin robes Nami's sisters provided for them.

Nami wore a nice shade of red glossy lipstick, a dark orange for eye shadow but less extreme as Robin's (she had small bits of gold on her eyelids though), and black eye liner, so it looked like she had cat eyes. She also wore her N top hat but she slanted it to the side, concealing the left side of her forehead.

"Thanks…so do you." Robin mentioned. Robin could still remember how nervous she was when Nami picked her up in her red convertible that evening.

Things were also awkward for Robin when they got to the school because when the entered the halls, they bumped into Zoro and the guys…

"Arg you phfeefing okay, pobin?" Bonney asked, snapping Robin out of her trance. She looked over at Bonney and smiled, signifying she was feeling better. Bonney grinned in return, her mouth full of food.

Her makeup was simple, white sparkling mascara, white sparkly eye shadow and a light pink gloss over her lips. Her hair was pulled back by one single diamond clip in her hair as well but her fringe and long side strands of her hair were left, giving her a slightly messy, seductive look.

"Robin…I'm sure things will change after tonight." Vivi consoled as she placed her arm around Robin in a reassuring hug. Vivi was already in her makeup as well. Her feather was promptly sticking out of her long curled locks and her makeup was exactly was Vivi wanted: She wore a dark maroon shaded lipstick, black mascara and eyeliner, and a assortment of blue and pink eye shadows on her lovely emerald eyes.

"Oops! Robin, you like forgot your necklace!" Laki reminded herself as she grabbed Robin's diamond necklace from the table next to her and placed it coolly around Robin's neck. (A/N: it wasn't the one Zoro bought her if u were wondering.)

"Thank You." she said, admiring it around her neck. It was almost as pretty as the one he bought her (note the almost).

They were about to speak up but suddenly, the dressing room door burst open.

"Hey Guys!" Luffy shouted, excited.

"Luffy!" Nami screamed as she punched him hard against the head, "You never EVER go into a girl's dressing room without HER premission!"

"Okay shishishishi...WAIT! WHY IS EVERYONE HITTING ME?!" Luffy screamed as everyone sweat-dropped. No one really ever took Luffy seriously anyway.

Luffy walked in wearing his band gear. He wore a black t-shirt with the sleeves at the end ripped, ripped jeans and a black choker (imagine that ppl!) Of course, his straw-hat sat comfortably on his shoulder blades by a string around his neck.

Nami was so shocked, he looked so hot!

"Luffy, you don't walk in on us! We could have been naked!" Vivi shouted.

"Naked?" Khoza curiously poked his head out of the doorway before walking into the dressing room as well. Vivi turned a bright red, not because of Khoza comment but what he was wearing.

He was wearing a white oxford shirt with most of the top buttons unbuttoned, showing off some parts of his well built chest, and a black tie tied loosely around his neck. Vivi couldn't also help but taking note of his ripped black jeans as well.

"Hey Vivi…" Was all Khoza flirted as he looked the other way.

"Hey…" Vivi murmured, looking the other way as well.

Nami saw this and raised an eyebrow towards Bonney's direction, who snickered.

"Did we seriously miss something?" Bonney giggled, Khoza and Vivi turned bright red.

"N-No!" They both cried out, but as they glanced at each other, they turned a darker shade of crimson before looking away.

"Finally, we found you guys!" Law complained as he entered the room, Zoro and Sanji followed.

"How original Jewellery, love your costumes!" Law complimented sarcastically.

"Dumbass! If you actually had a brain cells, you would know that these are fucking robes, you wear them when you don't have your fucking outfit yet!" Bonney remarked.

"And I love your makeup..." He teased in his best girl voice, Bonney glared at him. But as she did so, her face began to turn red. Law, being the lead of the band, looks so hot that Bonney didn't want to admit it (not that she ever did). His black, open hoodie, showing his tattoo and his well formed chest. He also had a brown bandanna wrapped around his head, and black jeans.

"Like what you see?" He remarked, Bonney fumed.

"Why I outta-" She began but suddenly, a dashing figure stormed in the room.

"AH! So so sorry I'm late!" Conis apologized as she panted out of breath, pink bags in her hands. Everyone gasped, the girls grinned with delight.

"Conis, your costume is beautiful." Robin smiled at her. There before them stood Conis, all dressed up and ready to go! She wore black ripped jean short shorts, a hot pink tank top, and a black gentleman's overcoat with the flaps training down towards her ankles. On top of that, she wore black kitten heels.

"And your makeup!" Vivi giggled. Conis blushed at the remark, she never got used to wearing such revealing outfits. She wore a simple coat of pink gloss, black eyeliner, and blush. That's all that she would ever allow.


Sanji cried with a nosebleed and bent down and kissed Conis's hand. Conis didn't reply though because she saw what he was wearing.

He had on a White shirt that unbuttoned halfway, showing his chest and ripped black jeans. He also had a black choker on. He also had a black studded belt hung loosely around his hips.

"u-um.." She began but the rest just sighed and shook there heads. What was the point.

"Oh, is that my costume?" Robin asked as she took a pink bag from Conis, Conis nodded.

"That's one small bag…" Zoro remarked, Robin just nodded. She couldn't but notice his outfit, which was a black wife beater shirt, regular ripped jeans, and green bandanna wrapped around his head to give it a casual kinda of appeal...She raised an slightly uninterested eyebrow. She never knew he had muscles.

"Conis...you're such a lifesaver. First bringing me home today and now getting my costume." Robin said the room went silent.

"Huh? Robin I never brought you home." Conis said, Zoro's eye widened.

'No…' He thought. She was not going to ruin this!

"Oh? But my mom said that you dropped me off …" Robin asked, confused. What was Conis talking about?

"No, P-"

"Of course you did, Conis!" Zoro butted in, "Don't you remember?" He secretly glared at her, Conis saw this and then her eyes widened.

"U-Um yeah, of course! Anytime Robin!" She laughed, how could she be so dense?

Robin smiled then looked at her bag, then the guys, then her bag again.

"Um sorry guys but WE'RE CHANGING!" The other girls screamed as they kicked the guys out and slammed the door behind them.

"Girls…" Law mumbled as he began to head towards back stage, Luffy and Khoza followed the same scowl on their face. Zoro looked back at the girl's door and started to catch up with the guys.

That was close, too close!

"Zoro…we were wondering…why didn't you want Robin to know that that was you who took her home?" Khoza asked, Zoro sighed.

"Cause she would hate me if she knew…"


"Robin, hold your breath!" Alvida instructed as she tried her best to tighten the corset over Robin's chest. Robin held on for dear life onto Vivi's shoulders. Everyone was in their full attire already but sadly, Laki insisted that they put on Robin's corset last minute, to build the suspense.

"I am!" Robin lashed back with her teeth gritted, annoyed how incredibly painful this was.

"Robin, it has to be tighter for the performance. Why don't you wear it then!?" Robin mocked in her head as she recalled how Nami's sisters kept telling her that it had to be tight. And when they meant tight, they meant TIGHT!

"So Robin, any comments on our oh so lovely performance?" Bonney asked as she stuck her infamous camcorder into Robin's face. Robin sweat-dropped.

"Bonney, YOU ARE NOT not recording...understood?" She glared, but to her horror, Bonney nodded.

"Well duh! I need to make a swaggy video for film class and what's a better subject I could film than the pre-show thingymigigs that were all experiencing?" She chirped.

"Well not when I'm in the middle of this masochistic torture-shit!" Robin gasped as Laki got fed up with Robin's talking. She pulled the corset as hard as she could, frankly, she could now care less about Robin's comfort.

"All done!" She said in a sing-song voice as she rubbed her hands, a pleasant tone in her voice.

Robin let go of Vivi's shoulders and stood there, gasping for air. She looked in the mirror and sighed, but when she did, she quickly sucked in her breath. She could barely breathe!

"Excuse me, but how can I sing when I can barley breathe?" Robin complained as she took a good look at herself in the mirror. Everything was in order, her costume was fully on and her makeup looked fantastic. All she needed now was to go up on that stage and preform.


"Relax Robin, if you can talk, you can sing." Nami reassured.

"That's right!" Vivi agreed.

"And notta mention how awesome you look!" Bonney complimented from behind her camcorder. "Spin around for the camera dah-ling!" She added in a mock british accent, Robin just smiled and turned around, fully displaying her 'outfit'.

"Oh! OH! Us too!" Vivi giggled as she grabbed Nami as they both struck poses for Bonney's camera.

"Damn! Hello A+!" Bonney cheered as she captured the footage.

"Enough Girls," Jessica instructed. "Now, we have to go to check to make sure that the props are on their way to the school so stay put!" The girls left in single file, and as they did, the other resumed back to their tasks.

"So Robin, you still haven't answered my question. Any comments?" Bonney once again asked Robin, who was a bit preoccupied with fiddling with her corset, trying anything to make it more comfortable.

She started as she looked into the camcorder, "Not really. Just gonna say, be prepared." She winked as she added the last part suggestively, blowing a kiss in the process.

"Damn! My film class would love that!" Bonney cooed as she walked away, Robin smirked.

"Guys, let's warm up!" Vivi said as she pushed the play button on their small stereo in the room. A catchy beat began to play as Bonney, Vivi and Nami began to brighten up.

"Do You think I can actually perform well under all this pressure?" Robin began to protest as she turned the song off, eyebrow raised.

"C'mon Robin! We'll follow just do it! I guarantee it'll cheer you up!" Nami pleaded as she got behind Robin.

"It'll be fun! Don't be a party-pooper! We always do it at sleepovers! And remember camp?" Vivi giggled as she joined Nami.


"Here, I'll do it too!" Bonney said as she placed the camcorder on the table and joined the trio. Nonetheless, it was still on.

"...fine. But just this once. " Robin sighed, all her friends cheered. She pushed the Play button once again on the stereo and the song began to play once more.

"Ready? Okay!" Robin began in mock peppiness, hitting off the number. The others just rolled theirs eyes. Robin would get over it.

Once it began, the four girls, in synch, rocked their hips from side to side. And after each two beats, they clapped their hands from before continuing to rock back and fourth.

"Look," Robin began as she placed two peace sign fingers near her two eyes.

"At. My," She trailed them down to her hips…

"Ass, Look at my Thighs!" She cheered as she bumped her butt to the side and ran her left hand down her thigh. The others followed her steps in perfect synch.

"I'm catnip to the guys," She placed her hands on her hips and shimmied, an irresistible look on her face.

"They chase my tail, they drool and pant." Robin spun around to the right and crouched down, sliding up suggestively.

"Wanna touch this, but they can't!" She smiled as she wiggled her fingers, winking.

"No!" Bonney, Aries and Nami chorused as they turned to their sides, holding their hands up in a halting position, Robin led by shaking her head, chuckling.

"All the boys want to come and play, snap my fingers and they obey!" Robin sung as she walked towards the left where Vivi was and snapped her fingers.

"Why do they follow me around all day?" Robin asked the others as she put her hands up in an I-don't-know gesture, approaching the other side to Bonney.

"Watch me walk while I walk away and I-"

"Bend and -SNAP!" The four sung as they all slid their hands down their thighs towards their legs, then snapping back up in a perfect straight pose.

"Feel how hot it's getting!" Robin fanned herself.

"Bend and-SNAP!" They repeated again, doing the same movements only to the opposite side.

"And when you got 'em sweating!" Robin cheered as she wiped her brow, kicking up one of her legs.

"Spring the trap!" All four girls mock-pounced.

"They cheer and clap!" Vivi, Bonney, Nami and Robin then clapped, trying their best from bursting into laughter.

"No Time Man!" Bonney and Vivi sung as they bent down.

"Candy Man!" Robin and Nami sung as they did the same.

"It's the BEND AND SNAP!" They all finally cheered as they snapped back up into four poses. After that, Bonney pushed the STOP button and laughed.

"See, wasn't that fun Robin?" She asked as she picked up her camcorder.

"What?" Robin asked as she was panting out of breath, she couldn't breathe because she was laughing quite hard.

That and maybe the corset….

"See, told you we would have fun!" Vivi rejoiced as she hugged Robin. Robin didn't bother to shake her off.

"Can I come in?" A voice asked as the door knocked. The four girls slipped on their black robes before opening the door only to find Conis, still wearing her attire, standing there with a blue paper bag in her hands.

"Got the food?" Bonney asked in an all serious voice, the others stood behind her with the same expressions on their faces.

"Yup!" She laughed, "Now you guys better it eat it quickly, I think I saw your sisters on the way here." She added, informing the last part to Nami.

The four girls fiercely shook their heads as they quickly snatched the contents out of Conis's bag. In each of their hands was a HUGE chocolate bar. Before they could even cherish the moment, they quickly tore open the wrapper and dug into the irresistible treat.

Ever since they started practices, Nami's sisters BANNED anything unhealthy or fattening. They claimed that it would go all right down to their thighs and waistlines, and since the clothes were very revealing, they had to listen!

No exceptions.

"From now on, all four of you shall be on a strict diet. No fast food, no ice cream,"

Bonney shrieked.

"No soda, anything fried, and most certainly, NO CHOCOLATE!" All three valley girls commanded, causing all the girls to blanch (even Robin) and Bonney to go into a rage.

"EVIL! PURE REINCARNATED EVIL!" Bonney bellowed as demon eyes appeared on her face, her friends had to hold her back from killing the trio! The three just stood there, however, smirking.

They all actually found this quite amusing.

"It's been so long!" Nami sighed as she finished her bar. Of course, since she had to live with those girls, it was VERY difficult to cheat on the strict diet.

"I 'sob' miffed 'sob' bou 'sob' fofolafte!" Bonney cried with her mouth full, cramming the haven into her mouth. suddenly though, her ears perked up. A sly look was on her face.

"Please be fortunate that I was able to get these! Do you know how many stares I got in the convenience store? Wearing this?!" Conis displayed, showing off her somewhat revealing outfit.

"Well, be lucky that you're not wet! I heard that it's supposed to downpour tonight." Vivi mentioned as she ate her bar happily.

"I heard that too! They said that it's probably going to be the heaviest rainfall this year!" Nami added.

"*GULP* GOODBYE CHOCLATE!...,,Hey Conis, want to see our dance?" Bonney snickered as she picked up the camcorder from the table and ended the recording session, causing the device to make a small plink noise.

"You did not record that. I don't want anyone to see how idiotic and foolish I look." Robin one again, glared.

"Calm down girl, just look." Nami insisted as Bonney began the video. Robin watched, smirked, as the video played. It showed her blow a kiss at the camera, and then it got all shaky when bonney began to run around the room, and then it showed their dance. Robin's eyebrow raised. Did she really look that confident?

"See? Why are you so nervous? You look totally confident in this video and you definitely will look confident on stage." Conis smiled, Robin smiled as she looked at her four friends.

"You Guys!" she laughed as she hugged her friends into a big group hug. She saw what they were doing. They wanted to show her that there was no reason to be nervous, that she really was to go to check.


The girls broke apart in surprise as the door opened. Turns out, Law slammed open the door with his foot, an annoyed expression on his face. The other guys soon followed in.

"What are you guys doing?!" Bonney yelled.

"Nothing." Law said as he looked the other way, slightly smirking. Bonney furiously fumed.

"What are you talking about Traffy? Just before you said you wanted to go see Bonney-OW!" Luffy cried as Law sharply elbowed him in the stomach, Bonney turned a light pink.

"Ooh, so that's how it is." Vivi, Nami and Robin cooed towards Bonney and Law. Levy turned a deep red while Gajeel clenched his teeth, trying his best not to blush.

"Hey Bonney, how do you turn this off?" Conis asked as she tried her best fiddling with the camcorder. Bonney almost too quickly, directed her attention towards Conis's request.

She was a little bit too anxious to get out of that scenario!

"You just push this and then damn button." Bonney explained, a little bit too fast as she slammed her finger downnon said button, denting it in the process. Everyone sweat-dropped as Bonney began to crush more things, she really was trying her best to get over the incident!

"What were you guys even doing with a camcorder?" Law asked, clearing the awkward silence.

"It's nothing, just for my film class." Bonney fumbled as she looked down at her camcorder, blushing. Law slightly smiled at her.

Robin saw this and smiled secretly. She knew that Bonney liked Law, and vice versa. Even though they would fight or bicker towards each other, they still had that attraction. An attraction that was stronger than anything. They reminded her so much of…him…and…herself…when they were close…

Robin took a quick glance at Zoro, who was leaning against the doorframe, emotionless like always. She couldn't help but be a bit envious of her friend…

"Hey, aren't you guys heading on stage soon?" Vivi asked Khoza, who nodded.

"Are you guys going to watch from the sidelines, cheering?" He smirked, Vivi's brow furrowed.

"Yeah, of course we will." She reassured sarcastically, Khoza rolled his eyes. However, a blush was slightly visible on both their faces.

Robin once again, secretly smiled.

Once again, she envied.

"Um, by the way Nami, did your sisters order that thing yet?" Conis asked, Nami thought for a while and nodded happily.

"Yup! It'll be on the way!" She giggled.

"What are you guys talking about?" Bonney asked, Nami whispered into her ear before Bonney began to grin, Aries overheard and smiled too.

"Just pray that it's the right size!" Vivi added.

"Um, can you guys clue me in?" Robin asked, her hands on her hips.

"Clue you in on what?" They all asked obliviously as if they never had the discussion, which caused Robin to sweat-drop!

"Next up! Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Law and Khoza!" Ussopp's voice echoed throughout backstage.

"Looks like you lot have to go." Robin said, trying her best to avoid eye contact with Zoro. As much as she hated to admit, her heart was still recovering from before.

"Let's rock!" Luffy cheered as the guys turned to exit. Zoro, like he always does, slapped Luffy against his head for the remark.

"Ow! What the-?!"

"Rock on, Luffy!" Nami suddenly cheered. Luffy looked back and stared at Nami in awe. Nami stood there and blushed.

Did Nami just support one of his stupid remarks?!

"Yeah, rock on." He said in almost a whisper. Nami looked down at her feet, and blushed a bit..

And with that the guys turned, and left into the darkness of the backstage.

"Hey, what the hell are you guys waiting for?! Let's go watch them!" Bonney said as she rushed out of the dressing room, after the guys.

"Hey, wait for us!" Vivi called after the brunette, dragging Nami with her.

It was only Robin and Conis left in the room…

"C'mon, we better make sure they don't break something." Robin chuckled as she was about to leave the room but Conis grabbed her wrist, preventing her from leaving. Robin looked back at her friend in mild surprise.

"Are you alright?" She asked, like a concerned friend should.

"I'm fine." Robin replied, her voice firm and ice cold.

"Things are going to be alright Robin. I…I saw how you looked at Bonney the others…" Conis murmured.

"Oh, that. Conis, I'm happy for them, I truly am." Robin forcefully smiled, Conis saw this and smiled.

"You know, you remind me a lot like that actress in that movie. You're really strong." Conis kindly remarked.

"Conis..." she sighed and then she embraced her friend, her friend warmly hugged her back.

"Robin…I don't think he hates you…I really don't…" Conis began; Robin slowly, doubtfully, nodded as she broke from the hug.

"Conis…" Robin began; Conis looked at her.

The soft whisper of Zoro's words echoed through her heart.

"I'm here…"

"I really…don't know…what to think anymore." Robin muttered darkly.

Robin and Conis barely managed to find their way through the darkness of the backstage, with only a blue dim light for support. Once they finally reached the others, Robin heaved a sigh of relief!

"There you are." Robin sighed. Vivi, Bonney and Nami were already on the deck, right behind the curtains of the stage. They all were anxiously awaiting the performance of the guys, even though they wouldn't admit it.

"Oh god…look at them…" Vivi rolled her eyes as she caught a glimpse of Khoza completely goofing off around with Luffy on the stage behind the closed curtains. Khoza apparently stole one of Luffy's drumsticks and he was playing a fun little game of keep-away from the raven-headed boy.

"I know…so immature right?" Nami added, both ginger and blunnette stared at the two in awe.

"Hellooooo? Earth to Nami and Vivi? Snap out of it!" Conis snapped her fingers in front of the two, who jumped. They looked quickly back and forth before putting their glare faces back on the guys, restoring the whole "i-can't-stand-them" feel. Bonney, Conis, and Robin just sighed.

Completely and hopelessly in love those two were.

"I just can't believe how dark it is back here, Robin you never told us!" Vivi mentioned, Robin's eye twitched.

"Yes, last year...I'd prefer we don't really talk about it…." Robin smiled, somewhat irritated.

"Oh! I'm sorry Robin! So Sorry!" Vivi apologized. She knew better than to bring up that subject!

"Hey look, there starting!" Conis pointed out, the girls quit their talking as the curtains opened, and the whole place was hushed.

"May I present, Sanji, Zoro, Khoza, Luffy and Law!" Ussopp announced as he walked off the stage. Suddenly, the spotlight hit Law, who smirked. The entire female audience screamed and cheered.

"We love you Law!" A group of fan girls cried.

"No, I love you!" Law smirked, laughing. This caused everyone to cry and shout again!

Bonney fumed from behind the scenes, she had to restrain herself from tackling Law on the spot!

'Fucking dickprick!' Bonney clenched her teeth.

"Bonney, your blushing."Conis remarked, Bonney silently protested loudly as she regained her composure.

There the guys stood on the stage, completely basking in their glory. On the right stood Zoro, looking completely bored, holding up his black electric guitar and on the left stood Sanji, smirking, holding up his base guitar. Next to Zoro stood Khoza, proud and confident with another electric guitar. In the back, but yet could still be scene clearly, was Luffy, holding up his drumsticks in a victory pose. And finally, stood Law in the middle of them all, standing there with a mic stand in front of him.

Robin looked at Zoro from behind the new stage curtains…

"You know, I always wanted to play guitar." An 8-year old Zoro said as he and Robin swung on the swings. The raven haired girl held in her laughter.

"What's so funny?!" Zoro turned red, Robin laughed even harder.

"You'd make a greeeeat guitarist, Marimo." She said sarcastically as she smirked. Zoro glared at her and indigently retorted back,

"Oh, You would make such a goooood singer."

"Thank you. Thank you very much." Robin imitated Elvis Presley and the two children burst out laughing.

Things were so simple back then…

"Robin!" Nami whispered loudly, causing Robin to break from her memory.

"Hm?" Robin hummed, snapping back to reality.

"You okay?" Nami asked as she tilted her head, Robin calmly nodded.

The two, along with the other girls, directed their attention back on stage.

Luffy began to bang on his drums in a catchy rhythm while Law took hold of the mic, waiting patiently for his turn. Zoro and Khoza strummed into their power chords, causing the whole room to burst into lyrical rhythm. Sanji followed with his base.

"Hey girl you know you drive me crazy" Law sung has he clutched the microphone stand with both hands, his bandana slightly slanted over his left eye.

"Fuck. They're good. Shit, Law! He stole my bit! He stole my bit!" Bonney grinded her teeth in annoyance, referring to how Law's bandana was now slanted to the side like her hat. The others stood there, their mouths in perfect Os. However, Robin stood there, her facial expression poker.

Out of all the songs in the world, they choose this one.

"One look puts the rhythm in my hand" Law and Khoza followed while they still strummed heavily on their chords,

"Still I'll never understand why you hang around,"

"I see what's going down." Law sung as she looked on to the audience, nodding his head in understanding.

Just then, Zoro ripped on his chords, his guitar blasting.

"Cover up with make-up in the mirror," Law sung, Robin's eyes narrowed.

Robin looked at her reflection in hidden awe; it didn't seem like her at all. She wore a deep, glossy shade of red lip gloss on her lips, heavy mascara, and over exaggerated shades of purple eye shadow.

"Tell yourself it's never gonna happen again,"

She swallowed.

"You cry alone," Luffy pounded on his drums harder as the other guys kept in beat with the music, Zoro and Khoza ripping on his chords. Unwanted memories filled Robin's mind.

"WHY THE HELL AM I STILL IN LOVE WITH HIM?!" She finally cried, her knees falling to the floor.

"And then, He swears he loves you!" Law sung loudly into the mic, raising his fist into the air. The female population in the audience now had hearts all over their eyes, all chanting his name.

"I'll always protect you."

"D-Robin?" Vivi asked as she got a glimpse of and emotionless Robin. However she was gripping the curtain tightly.

"Do you feel like a man?" Law sung as he burst into the refrain. Zoro, Khoza and Sanji followed in a perfect melody; Luffy continued to beat hard on the drums.

"I missed you so much" Robin said, as she saw his eyes flicker into an angry glare. She didn't know how to react, what was wrong with him?!

"When you push her around?" Law continued to sing. Robin growled, trying to keep the memories out of her head. However, She could no longer stop the painful images from flooding into her head.

"Do you feel better now?"

"Zoro..." Robin exclaimed as she lunged after him, arm out, tears in her eyes. She grasped his arm, and caught hold on him.

"As she falls to the ground," Law sung as she swayed slowly from side to side, moving the mic stand with him.

He gave her an angry glare as he shoved her off, causing Robin to fall to the ground in pain.

"Ah!" She cried out

"Well I'll tell you my friend," Law declared as he pointed out towards the audience. The rest of the guys continued to pound on their instruments.

"One day this world's going to end!"

Robin kept her eyes on Zoro, her eyes narrowing in hate.

"And as your lies crumble down," Law sung as he motioned his left hand down.

"Remember," Zoro whispered to her softly as he pointed to the necklace, "As long as I'm here and as long as you want it, I'll forever keep that promise." Zoro reassured her, referring to his and Robin's engagement.

"A new life she has found!" Law sung out loud as he carried the note.

Zoro and Khoza strummed his guitar heavily as sweat began to drip of their foreheads, Sanji followed soon with his base.

"A pebble in the water makes a ribble effect," Law sung as a dozen of lights began to flicker onto the band.

"Every action in this world will bear a consequence!" Law declared as he pumped his fists into the air.

"If you wade around forever, you will surely drown!"

I see what's going down." Law sung as he once again nodded his head in understanding.

"I see the way you go and say your right again,"

"bastards...!" Robin muttered silently, head down, clutching her hands into a tighter fist.

"Say your right again,"

She took a deep breath to try and calm herself, but she couldn't. She was too overcome with memories and emotions.

"Heed my lecture!"

'Are you even listening to the song you are playing?" Robin whispered, coming out angry and shaky.

"Do you feel like a man?" Law continued to sing as he narrowed his eyes at the audience.

"Oh now I remember, that annoying girl who lived across from me, who wouldn't leave me alone."

"When you push her around?"

"What are you saying?" Robin swallowed, trying not to cry. Why was he doing this?! To her?!

"Do you feel better now?"

"I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! LEAVE ME ALONE!" He bellowed as he began to walk away.

"As she falls to the ground," Law sung.

He gave her an angry glare as he shoved her off, causing Robin to fall to the ground in pain.

Robin began to shake her head slowly; she covered her temples with her hands.

Her friends saw this and they put an arm around hers for comfort. However, Robin could not feel the embrace. All she could feel was cold.

"Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end!"

"As your lies crumble down, a new life she has found!"

"Face down in the dirt," Law sang as he took the mic off the stand and held it to his mouth in all seriousness. Zoro and Khoza strummed a little bit slower on his guitar, and Loke added a few strong power chords into the mix. Luffy beat fervently on his drums.

"Zoro…Why?" Robin murmured as she pushed her arms up, so that she was partially lying on the cold concrete. She looked up to Zoro, Furious and upset, and only to find him with a smug smile on his face.

"She said, this doesn't hurt!"

"I'm fine." Robin replied, her voice a little shaky, even though it was supposed to come out firm.

"She said," Law once again carried the note.

"I finally had enough!" He shouted. All Robin could feel was the sadness and anger building up so she felt woozy but her friends held her up, making sure she stays well. She could not stop the painful images…

"I…want that revenge…I WANT IT SO BADLY!" Robin finally screamed, the first tear escaping. It was just so hard. Why did it have to be this hard?! And now, Roronoa Zoro is going to regret everything he's down to her, every time he made her cry her heart out.

"Face down in the dirt,"

Robin helped herself up off the toilet seat she was sitting on and looked in the mirror, only to find herself with a demonic looking face.

"She said this doesn't hurt!"

"Get lost pathetic girl, you already wasted enough of my time." Zoro finally said as he walked away from the scene. Robin's vision blurred from tears as she saw Zoro's back walking away from her.

"She said,"

"ARGH!" Robin screamed as she chucked the necklace at her vanity, becoming forever lost in the clutter that was settled upon it.

'I finally had enough!"

"I…don't want it!" Robin shouted to herself, hoping for her words to make truth.

But the thing was, Robin wanted it.

And She Wanted it Badly.

"One day. She will. Tell you. That she. Has had. Enough!" Both Sanji and Law sang powerfully into the mic as Law had ran over to Sanji's area for him to sing.

"It's coming 'round again!" Law sang as he ran over back to where he originally was.

"Do you feel like a man

When you push her around?

Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?

Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end

As your lies crumble down, a new life she has found!"

Law continued to sing as he placed the mic back on the mic stand , clutching it tightly. Sanji, Khoza and Luffy both began to chorus with Law.

"Do you feel like a man?"

"When you push her around?"

'Oh…" Luffy, Sanji and Khoza sang, Zoro just concentrated on playing heavily on his guitar.

"Do you fell better now?!" Law painfully sung.

"Oh…" Sanji, Khoza and Luffy still sang,

"As she falls to the ground?!" Zoro pounded harder and harder on his guitar, his eyes had somewhat of a determined expression on them.

Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end

Robin couldn't take this….

"As your lies crumble down a new life she has found!"

"Face down in the dirt!" Law swayed back and forth with the mic stand.

Robin couldn't take it anymore! She flung back the comforting arms of her friends and ran back to the backstage. If she stayed any longer she would have killed someone.

"She says, this doesn't hurt!"

Robin kept on running, she could still hear the song. She could still hear the powerful guitar, Zoro's Guitar.

"She says, I finally had ENOUGH!" Law finished by powerfully singing into the mic.

Robin heard Zoro and Khoza end the note with a heavy key before finishing, but she didn't care. She kept running and running until she finally reached the dressing room, she stopped abruptly shouting in frustration before kicking the wall, leaving a dent.

"Law! Law!" They all chanted.

"Let's have a round of applause!" Ussopp cheered.

Everyone burst into applause and the guys basked in it. Law flicked his hair, Luffy waved his drumsticks around, Khoza smirked, Sanji blew kisses to the ladies but Zoro just stood there.

He looked backstage where the girls were watching and noticed, Vivi, Bonney and Conis looking around.

Where was Robin?"

"Now we will now host a half hour intermission before our two final ac...wait, word got in that the group Demon Slu-uhhh I mean, group Absoultley Fabulous *sweatdrop* could not participate in the show since they're heels were too high and they broke their ankles! Also it says here they were disqualified as the wanted to participate with *sigh* no clothing. Phew, what a relie- uhhh, I mean, awww that's too bad. Oh well, look forward to the other group!" Ussop shouted out to the audience, everyone cheered (some of the guys groaned in disappointment).

"She just bolted right out…" Vivi asked, stunned.

"It must have been too hard for her…" Nami murmured.

"Did you guys see her though? She was fucking crying…Robin never cries..." Bonney added.

"Hey! Did you guys see us?" Law asked as he ran up the girls, a big smile on his face.

"Yeah…Great choice of song dumbass!" Bonney glared, genuinely upset. The others glowered at him as well."

"Hey shut it...Something's wrong." Law was going to insult her back but realised something was not right. Natsu hand Loke joined them, the same worried look on their faces.

"It's- It's Robin, she was taking your song really hard. I guess…it brought terrible memories…" Robin said as she folding her arms over her chest, a sad look in her eyes.

"Damn, I knew changing the song was a bad idea." Khoza clenched his teeth.

"Don't worry though, with our plan, what could go wrong?" Conis brought up, everyone's sad face turned bright.

"Right." They all said.

"What are you guys up to?" Zoro asked as he approached the gang suspiciously.


Back with Robin...

"Now let's see…this went like this and that went like that. Perfect." Robin marveled at herself as she fixed her makeup perfectly from scratch!

She was all alone in the dressing room and since her tears streaked her makeup, she was forced to wipe it all over and reapply it!

"Is that skill or what?" Robin smiled as she added the final touch to her eyes. She twisted her head this way and that before around before the mirror, marveling her work. But before the happiness could even last, Robin frowned.

What had come over her? It was as if almost of those painful memories flooded back...she just couldn't handle it…

"Relax, it'll only make you stronger…" Robin reassured yourself as she looked in the mirror, as if talking to herself.


Robin jumped from what she was doing and turned around to see Bonney, Nami, Conis and Vivi waiting for her.

"Oh, hey!" She greeted, a smile on her face.

"Your okay?" Nami asked, stunned.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. No need to worry!" Robin smiled reassuringly.

"That's when we worry the most…" Her friends sweat-dropped.

"But hey, about twenty more minutes and we'll be on the stage, owning it." Bonney reassured as she patted Robin's back.

"Oh My God!" A voice from outside the room screamed, the five girls looked out the door curiously.

There stood Law, Luffy, Khoza, Sanji and Zoro, all looking very disturbed.

"Oh God, What's wrong now?" Conis asked as she placed her hands on her hips. The five girls walked out into the halls and stood before the four guys.

"Look at the window! There are at least 5 moving vans out there! And they're all unloading props!" Luffy shouted, all the girls snickered.

"What's so funny?" Khoza asked, annoyed.

"Nothing…" Bonney snickered, trying her best not to laugh. "Nothing!" She laughed out, unsuccessfully.

Just then Conis's cellphone rang. The blonde curiously checked the ID, smirked, the flipped opened her phone. "Hello?" She answered coolly.

"Mmhm, yeah sure, we're right outside the door of the dressing room…" Conid said as she replied to the speaker on the phone, everyone looked at her, wondering who she was talking to.

"Oh Yeah! I can't wait to see their faces, alright Bye." Conis closed her phone and looked at the girls.

"Your sisters are back…" She told towards Nami, the four girls moaned.

"Your little managers?" Zoro smirked.

"…and they brought you guys' presents." Conis then snickered; the girls gave a confused look.

"Presents?" They all asked in unison, even the guys looked stumped!

All of a sudden, HUGE screams of fan girls echoed through the backstage.

"Um…Law?" Vivi asked curiously towards the green teenager, Law shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't look at us, we're not over there!" He stated, slightly jealous that some else was getting the attention.

"Excuse us, coming through!" Jessica cried as she and her sister pushed through the mob of girls, who were all circled around whatever was causing all the attention.

The three Sensational women brushed their skirts before looked at the four girls, a big grin on their faces.

"What's going on?" Robin asked, taking extra precaution in her voice.

"Um…" Nami stuttered as she looked at her sisters, who where just staring at them, BIG grins still on their faces.

"Conis," Alvida began sweetly, "Did you tell them?"

"Nope!" Conis laughed, Vivi, Bonney, Robin and Nami snapped their heads towards the redhead!

"Tell us!" The protested.

"Are we missing something?" Luffy asked as he looked at Lhoza, Sanji and Law, who just shrugged their shoulders as they watched Robin and co. press questions on Conid. Zoro stood there, arms crossed and annoyed like always.

"I highly doubt that it should concern us." He stated, annoyed.

Oh, was he WRONG.

"Girls, we present…"The sensational trio said in unison as they stood side by side, "A Present from Us to You!" They moved aside, hands in a "here- it- gesture

Said girls flinched. "You're giving us fan girls?" They asked as they only saw a mob of fan girls in front of them.

"What…? Oh for the love of-!" Laki cursed as she dispersed the crowd of girls by screaming and hollering at them...with a mallet. The rest of her sisters and the others stared at her, shocked.

Well at least we all now know that Nami ain't the only one who gets happy with a mallet in the family.

"Hmmm, wonder where they went." She pouted as she came to soon realize that "the girls' presents" just disappeared as the girls went away!

"I'm sure they Maybe got lost…." Robin said as she tried to calm down Laki, Alvida and Jessica.

'Ugh, C'mon girls. Let's go find them!" Alvida moaned as she dragged her sisters down the halls and out of sight.

"Do you think they'll find them?" Vivi asked, concerned.

"No need to worry." Robin smiled, aqua blue eyes lighting up in amusement.

"And that's when I worry the most…" Zoro muttered. Robin glanced at him from her peripheral vision her eyes wide.

Zoro stared at her, those soft eyes once returning. Robin glanced back in front of her, confused as hell and was going to turn back around and confront him but...

Suddenly, something lifted her up...WAY UP.

"Robin!" A happy voice laughed as Robin was hoisted onto the person's shoulders into a sitting position.

Robin, slightly breathless, looked down curiously on who just did so,

"S-Sabo?! Oh my god!" Robin cried happily as she looked down at her old childhood friend. A teenager around the age of Robin smiled back up at her, his blue eyes dazzling.

"In the flesh!" He laughed as he bounced Robin up and down, who laughed "Who knew that one small gig would bring you and me together?"

"you never change do you? Anyway stop bouncing me." Robin laughed as she ruffled his hair.

Sabo pouted as he carefully set her down like a perfect gentlemen, Robin blushed.

Zoro clenched his fist, restraining himself to slice the living day life at of this so called "Sabo". The way he looked at her! The way SHE looked at him! His blood was boiling, his eyes narrowed and his hand was twitching toward his katana.

"I can't believe it's you!" Robin rejoiced as she hugged her childhood friend, a bright smile on her face. Sabo grinned mischievously.

"I can't believe that this is you!" He mischievously said as he pulled opened her robe slightly, looking down to see her figure. "Since when did you get so developed?!" He laughed.

"Since when did you get so developed?" she smirked back at him, poking his well developed abs.

Zoro, once again, stood there FURIOUS! He reached for his katana but Luffy and Law restrained him from killing Sabo!

"Uh...Robin? Who's this?" Nami finally asked.

"Yes, please do tell." Zoro asked wryly, his voice vicious.

"Oh…terribly sorry." Robin smirked as she came into realisation of the people around her. Meanwhile, Sabo was hugging her protectively.

"This is Sabo. I met him at summer camp the summer when I was ten." She said as she tried to struggle out of Sabo's grasp. Sabo just held on tighter.

"And Robin is probably one of the best girls I've ever met." Sabo smiled as he nuzzled her neck, Robin didn't seem fazed by it. She was used to Sabo's affection, after all, 6 years is a long time.

This caused for Zoro's blood to boil even more.

"What where you talking about a gig?" Conis asked, approaching the two.

"Oh, the guys and I got hired for some extra thing tonight. You know, it pays bills." Sabo shrugged, Robin started to snigger.

"No way! You're our male extras?"

"Is that a problem?" Sabo smirked as he held onto Robin even tighter.

"No, not at all." she smirked back, leaning into his embrace.

Zoro clenched his teeth.

"But the others…" Nami asked, confused.

"Oh we had to split up because of the fan girls, and when I heard that infamous 'No need to worry!' I just had to see it to see it to believe it!"

"Yup, fan girls. What are you gonna do?" Law said, Bonney just glared at him!

"You guys really seem close." Luffy said, Sabo nodded.

"I was her first kiss!" He bragged, Robin playfully punched him.

"Yeah. And a damn disappointing one." she teased, which caused him to pout.

However, there was a small twinge of worry in her chest. Robin glanced at Zoro, who, weirdly, wasn't surprised. His arms where just crossed and that same annoyed expression was plastered on his face.

But on the inside…

Zoro's heart broke. He looked at Robin and Sabo, and he couldn't get the image of them kissing out of his mind.

"Kiss? Tell!" Vivi practically begged.

"Well you see," Sabo began but Robin cut him off.

"Shut it. It's private." However, Sabo ignored her by putting his hands on her mouth.

"You see, it was the summer when we were 14, was it? Yeah I think so, and we were at the camp. Close by they had this town and many cafes where there!. You should have seen it!" Sabo said, and Vivi's eyes twinkled! The café-lover listened intently to the storyteller, as well as the others.

Except Robin and Zoro.

Zoro stared at her and Robin…well, she pretended she didn't notice.

"The one café, an ice cream parlor, had this wicked ice cream special for couples only and well of course, I had to have it! So Robin and I pretended to be a couple!" Sabo finished cheekily.

"And?" The girls pressed on. The guys gathered behind Zoro, they knew their friend was fuming and they knew that his heart was breaking…

He needed the support.

Robin, meanwhile, was half-heartedly trying to get Sabo to stop. She couldn't help it, she hoped this hurt just a little for Zoro.

"We're not even at the best part yet!" Sabo fought back, Robin sighed and gave up.

"And the shop owner didn't believe we were a couple so I just grabbed her and kissed her!" Sabo continued. "But the thing was…"

"And story ends there. Anyway, I was slightly disappointed." Robin

cut off, somewhat nervously.

"But you-"

"Ah! Finally! We're back!" Alvida said as she and her sister rejoined with the group just a few minutes later, behind her she had black collar around four guys' necks.

"What the- Slave traders?" Nami asked, her hands on her hips.

"No silly! These are your extras!" Laki giggled as she released the locks on the boy's necks. "It was like rallying cattle to get them! They wouldn't stand still!"

"Maybe if you would stop giving us death threats, we would have cooperated!" The boy known as Kidd counted harshly.

"Aw, hush!" Alvida fought back, slapping him.

"Um, care to explain all this?" Khoza asked annoyed, edging a little but closer to Vivi. He didn't like the way Vivi was looking at the one guy!

"Um…you see….we kinda have male extras for our performance…." Vivi giggled nervously.

"And Let us introduce! Cavendish!" Alvida began as she put her hands in a ta-dah! pose. In front of her stood Cavendish, wearing regular clothes, his hair in a funny way. His black eyes stared dreamily at Vivi, whose eyes glistened!

Khoza felt his eyes twitch, his blood boiling!

"Eustass Kidd!" A boy who had spoke up from earlier approached Bonney and kissed her hand! His goggles dangled slightly over his face, his brown eyes staring intently at her.

"An honor to meet such a lady," He flirted, Law clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

''Damn you fine." Bonney smirked, which Kidd smirked confidently at, and she raising her eyebrows towards Law as if saying "Jealous?"

"Arthur Kirkland!" a boy with dirty blonde hair and unusually thick eyebrows (that made him look hot mind you) smiled at Nami, who took in his looks. It can't get any better-

"Nice to meet you." ENGLISH ACCENT!

"Nice to meet you too!" she smiled and blushed, tentatively shaking his hand.

Luffy meanwhile scowled. He didn't like this one bit.

"And Crocodile!" (just imagine crocodile younger, without his hair slicked back) A boy with black hair and crelunan eyes approached the group, smiling.

"Crocodile?" Robin laughed as she embraced her friend.

"Another one?" Zoro wryly said.

"Sunday!" Crocodile began,

"Don't call me that." Robin countered as she harshly punched him in the gut.

Sunday? Is that like a stupid nickname or something?! Zoro irratibly thought.

"Hey Sabo." Crocodile called out towards the blonde, who was behind Robin.

"Hey! Can you believe that our little Robin is going to be performing, and we're her extras?" He laughed.

"No way!" Crocodile smirked as he patted Robin on the head, feeling special since he was one of the few people that were tall enough to do that.

"Alright, so everyone listen up!" Alvida spoke up, clapping her hands. Cavendish, your going to be Vivi's extra! Kidd, you go with Bonney! Arthur with Nami! And Sabo and Crocodile, you're with Robin!"

"Wait a minute…I get two?" Robin asked, confused.

"Of course! Since you're the lead!" Laki said as she fixed a little bit of Robin's hair.


"Crocodile, We're going to be Robin's lead!" Sabo said as he high-fived his friend, "Can you believe it?"

"Yeah!" Crocodile laughed.

Robin watched the scene before her. She saw Law jealous, Khoza jealous, Luffy jealous and Sanji jealous but yet secretly happy that Conis didn't get one. She looked at Zoro, and once again, his expression was blank.

"Oh! Look at the time! 10 minutes before Showtime! Guys, get into costume!" Jessica dictated as she ordered the guys into a dressing room. Once they were gone, The three sisters glared at the girls.

"You! You guys gotta get those robes off and onto the stage, and don't forget the garter belts! And you guys!" They began as they pointed at Khoza, Sanji, Luffy, Law, and Zoro, "You four in the auditorium! We have four seats reserved for you in the front!"

"Alright, let's do this people! Chop-Chop!" Laki called out happily, clapping her hands. The girls both left for the stage while the guys apart from Zoro left for the auditorium. The three sisters left as well to the backstage to set some last minute details up and it was just Zoro and Robin left in the hallway….

"I have to go." Robin murmured as she began to walk away. Her cowboy covered her eyes. Now that he knows…what hope could she have?

"Wait," Zoro said as he grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving.

"…." Robin flinched as she glared at arm then at Gray. "Don't touch me." She said, breaking free from the grasp.

"You have the nerve…I have to go get ready. Enjoy the show. " Was all she said as she left, leaving Zoro alone. Her voice was cold, he could tell, and now was not the time.

Not the time to tell her all the pain that he has endured those past years.

Because of Her.


"Shit I'm so nervous!" Bonney swore, and bounced up and down from the dark dim lights of backstage. The four girls were out of their robes and their costumes were exposed. They couldn't help but refrain from giggles when the stage hands stared at them

"You guys are gonna put on quite a show!" Conid giggled, who was still in her outfit, all ready to head out. "I'm kinda relieved I have a small part."

"There are no small parts Conis! You're very important!" Vivi added, Conis shrugged her shoulders.

"I just want to get this over with." Robin muttered as she fiddled with her necklace, it laid nicely on her neck, accenting her figure.

"Robin, your going to enjoy this and like it!" Nami pressed on, rolling her eyes. Robin frowned and sighed, giving up.

"Ya know what I heard," Bonney began, "I heard that it'll help if you look directly at the audience cause the lights are so bright that you can't see them!"

"That's a relief..." Robin sighed as she fiddled with her corset.

"Robin! Stop that! If you keep loosening, it'll fall off on stage!" Nami yelled as she went behind Robin and yanked the corset very tight!

Robin grunted in surprise and pain, echoing throughout the whole auditorium!

Robin slapped a hand over her mouth and everyone giggled.

"I seriously need to be quieter." Robin sighed as she looked down at her feet.

"Ro!" Two voices cried as arms where locked around Robin's two arms. She glared as she looked behind her, only seeing Sabo and Crocodile giving her two adorable puppy-dog faces.

"Quit it!" Robin hissed, the two boys just laughed. The two both stood, where black suit pants, white oxford shirts with the tops unbuttoned, and a black tied loosely hanging off them. Top of that, they each had one red lip print mark on the right side of their cheeks for effects.

"You guys look so cool!" Vivi marveled as she looked at the two, Sabo and Crocodile just smirked. Apparently, they saw Robin outfit.

"That's definitely not the Robin we know...apart from the cowboy hat." Crocodile teased as they both eyed Robin's outfit. Robin rolled her eyes then punched him.

"Well take a picture because this will be the last time you're seeing this." Robin said as she rubbed her hand, sore from hitting him so hard.

"There you guys are!" Kidd cried out as he, Arthur and Cavendish rushed towards the group, wearing the same outfits as Sabo and Crocodile.

"Yo! Kidd!" Bonnet waved as she ushered him over, she slipped him a fist bump.

"What's that for?" Conis asked, Bonney just started to snicker.

"I paid him to flirt with me to get Law jealous. I wanted to see if he would get harder than his metal face and he did." Bonney winked.

Everyone laughed as they checked the audience.

"Man, it's packed." Cavendish mentioned as he took a peek from behind the curtain.

"Never seen such a crowd." Arthur added.

"And look, the guys are in the front row." Robin said, her voice mildly surprised.


"Woah, look at this!" Luffy said in awe, looking at the auditorium. Apparently, Nami's sisters not only decorated the stage but the whole area! Red silk draped the walls of the room while golden pearls hung off the edges. The stage's border had a classic 1920s design printed across it, and diamonds were embedded into it. And to top it all off, A GIANT chandelier hung from the ceiling.

"What kind of talent is this? The art of expensive decorating?" Khoza asked as he too looked around.

"Let's just see if our little girls could handle the pressure." Law smirked as he rested his elbow on the armrest. The boys sat in the front row, awaiting the performance. On the left was Khoza, then Zoro, then Luffy, then Sanji and then Law.

"Hey Luffy, what's that huge sign up on the stage say?" Khoza asked as he observed the stage. The special dark red curtains were closed and on top of them hung a huge sign saying " WELCOME TO THE MOULIN ROUGE!"

"Um, welcome to the Moulin Rouge?" Luffy read, Sanji's eyes immediately turned into hearts and a little dribble of blood went down his nose.

"Oi, what's wrong Sanji?" Khoza asked, offering a tissue for his nosebleed.

"Haha. Just wait and see."

Zoro's eyes suddenly snapped open "What." He clenched his teeth.

"Something wrong Zoro?" Law asked, his eyebrow raised.

"She wouldn't-" Zoro spat under his breath, he knew what was coming next.

Meanwhile Robin hid behind the curtains of the backstage, adrenaline pumping through her veins.

The thing was she would, and she was going to do it right this time.

The whole auditorium dimmed a dark black as Ussop entered on stage, the spotlight shining.

"Everyone, we are glad that you all stayed for our final act. It will surely be like no other. Please, sit back and relax as we-OOF!" Ussop was pushed to the side as Nami's three sisters came onto the stage, wearing three cute little black dresses. The whole crowd went crazy!

Apparently back when Nami's sisters went to High School, they were quite popular.

"Thanks Ussop! We'll take it from here!" The all chirped into the mic.

"Everyone…We are proud to bring you Team Marmalade! The finest of the fine." Laki declared.

"The peak of all desires!" Jessica added.

"And the very heart of the show! Now as we introduce our ladies, we would like to say-!" they all chorused as they walked off the stage.

All of a sudden, the lights turned dark and there before in the spotlight, in the middle of the stage, stood Conis, an old fashioned mic in her hands.

"-Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome…to the Moulin Rouge!" Conis welcomed as she stepped off the stage, completing the Sensational Sister's statement.

The guys had to clamp Sanji's mouth closed so he wouldn't ruin the mood and humiliate himself and Conis.

The red velvet curtains pulled back and the audience gasped in awe! The stage was elaborately decorated to fit the Moulin Rouge. In bright lights, the Words "Moulin Rouge" that the boys had noticed earlier shone brightly onto the stage.

On the stage, a mini stage was set up with two floors. The top floor was just one large room that was completely cloaked in sheer sparkling, but not transparent, drapes. Down to the bottom floor was a giant red and gold grand staircase that took up the entire middle area. The bottom floor, aka the actual stage itself, was lavished with hanging silks and diamonds. There where other scenery too but the light wasn't spot-lighted on them, so they have yet to be made out. Out of all of it, lights of all seductive colors lit the area.

It totally had the New Orleans- French Appeal.

To the left area of the stage, a silhouette of a dark woman was visible. She was reclining on a dark red couch and she held a red fan in her left hand, fanning herself. All around her, red pillows were scattered and it gave off the effect that within the huge "Moulin Rouge.", that area was a smaller room.

"What the-?" Law began as he squinted, sipping on a soda he picked up from the concession stand.

Pretty soon, snapping could be heard.

"Where are my soul sisters?" Bonney sung as she snapped, becoming fully visible to the audience. Law spit out his drink. "Let me hear ya flow sistas!"

Suddenly, three seductive voices echoed throughout the stage, seducing the audience. Bonnet's steady snapping kept them on key.

"Hey Sista." They sung as the stage flashed Orange.

"Go Sista!" The stage flashed Purple.

"Soul Sista!" The stage flashed Blue.

"Flow Sista!" The all sung together as the stage flashed all the colors.

Law's mouth went dry as he stared at Bonney, his hand gripping his soda tight. Khoza saw this and smirked.

"Can't handle it, Law?" He teased as he tried hard not to laugh.

"Hey Sista. Go Sista. Soul Sista. Flow Sista.!" The three melodic voices continued to chant. Bonney winked at the crowd before suddenly disappearing from a cloud of steam and as the steam settled, the lights darkened to a dark blue and a lone figure. The lights shone brightly and the figure turned around and…

"He met Marmalade down in Ol' Moulin Rouge!" Vivi sung seductively as she walked out of the darkness, an irresistible look on her face. She held a whip in her hand and held one edge on the handle and the other on the other end. She spun around and touched the floor, before seductively sliding back up, winking at the crowd.

Khoza jolted from his seat and Sanji passed out from the loss of blood. Zoro slapped him awake, stuffing kleenex up his nose.

"Strutting her stuff on the street!" She spun around once more than armed her whip and pointed it at the crowd, rocked her hips, and pretended to shoot it like a gun. The entire stage was flashing different shades of blue, letting everyone know that this was Vivi: The boy teaser.

Khoza stood there in awe before rising from his seat, Law sighed before heaving his arm onto his shoulder and forcing him back down.

"She said 'Hello, hey Joe.'" faced to the back of the stage and looked back to the audience, running her hands down her body.

"You wanna give it a go?" She giggled as she bent down towards the audience and wiggling her butt, using her whip as support.

That did it! Loke fumed as he felt his nose running, he wiped it and looked down.


"Hey Khoza, who's Joe?" Luffy whispered.

"Someone dead!" Khoza harshly whispered back as he quick stuck a tissue up his nose.

"Welcome to the club." Sanji sighed and his eyes turned back into hearts when he focused back on Vivi.

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Ta Ta!" Vivi turned around, slightly blushing as she saw Khoza, she shimmied across the stage.

"Hey Hey Hey!" Vivi sung as she rocked her hips and flung her hands into the air, cracking her whip.

Meanwhile, Bonney appeared on the sidelines of the stage with a feathered clipboard in her hands. Standing besides her was Cavendish.

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Here!" Vivi shimmed down, crouching on the floor. She separated her legs her legs, closed them, and then popped right up! She did this all in one swift movement.

(Here, Here, Here…)

Vivi then caught sight of Cavendish and smiled suggestively as she cat-walked towards him.

"Mocha Choco lata Ya Ya," She sung as she snapped her whip to the floor, Cavendish gulped! Meanwhile, Khoza fumed in his seat.

So that was the purpose of the male extras.

(Oh yeah)

"Creole Lady Marmalade!" Vivi finished as she grabbed Cavendish by the tie, addressing the part to him. Bonney winked as she marked something on her board and left the stage.

"What What, What What" Bonney's voice could be heard from backstage.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Ce soir." Vivi took Cavendish by the tie and threw him onto an armchair. A seductive look was on her face.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi?" She sung, as well as the other two voices, as she spun the chair around, since the bottom had wheels on it, and secretly, but yet still seen by the audience, she snatched a huge wad of crash from Cavendish's pocket.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah!" Vivi winked towards the crowd as she wheeled Cavendish off suggestively, giving the intention that she ready to "get-to-work".

As Vivi disappeared, Khoza was sweating!

"Looks like Mr. Pervert here ain't the only who likes it dirty." Law teased; Khoza shot him an angry glare.

Suddenly, the stage began to flashed a multitude of reds as the scene was quick to change. The lights shone on another part of the stage where there was a huge canopy bed with black satin sheets, and a large multitude of pillows all over! Over the bed there was a large red transparent canopy and diamonds trickled off it.

And nonetheless, guess whose scene this was?

"He sat in her boudior as she freshened up," Nami cat-walked out in front of the bed, her hat slated to the side. She saw the crowd and wiggled her finger, gesturing for them to come closer.

"NAMI!" Luffy literally screamed as he blushed a many shades of crimson, his heart pounding.

Nami saw this and giggled before she continued. She jumped on to bed and stood on top of it, holding the canopy frames for support.

"Boy drank all at Magnolia wine," Nami gestured a drinking move as she shimmed around on the frame, separating her legs as she crouched down. Luffy felt some blood trickle down his nose.

"Oh, her black satin sheets…" Nami ran her legs down her black sheets, tempting the audience.

"Swear he started to freak, YEAH!"She sung as she found a green pillow, kicking it, and managing it to hit Luffy right in the face! Nami saw this and grinned triumphantly.

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Ta Ta!" Nami slinked down smoothly to the covers and rolled on her side before lounging down.

"Ta Ta Ta!"

Suddenly, Luffy felt a little bit too happy in a certain area, if you catch the drift.

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Here!" She rolled around, a suggestive look on her face.

Suddenly, Arthur appeared as he walked into the area, looking around, unaware of where he was.

"Mocha Choco Lata ya ya (yeah)" Nami chorused as she looked out of the bed, onto Arthur. She smiled like a Predator would smile when spotting its prey.

Luffy's eyes narrowed. She wouldn't!

Oh, but SHE WILL!

"Creole Lady Marmalade!" Nami, wiggled her finger towards Arthur, who, unlike Cavendish, boldly approached her.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Ce soir." Nami sung as she grabbed Arthur by the shirt collar and threw him onto the bed.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi," She sung as she got on top of him, a devious look in her eyes, and closing the curtains so that they no longer could be seen by the audience. Luffy was ready to jump on that stage but Sanji and Khoza had to restrain him.

The bed was wheeled out and the lights began to shine a mix of white and yellows.

"Hmm, that French phrase sounds familiar…" Luffy pondered as she cupped his chin.

"What?!" Khoza, Sanji and Law harshly spat as they all glared at Luffy. Of course, they wanted to know what the two girls meant by the phrase!

"Yeah Yeah…Yeah Yeah!"

"I think it means-" Luffy began but once again, but then Law's nosebleed cut him off.

"We come through with the money and the garter bags!" Bonney rapped as she strutted her stuff onto the stage, a confident smile on her face.

"Bonney?! Hell no...!" thought as he wiped the blood off his nose, ashamed that he was weakened by this, even though he was the heart throb of so many fan girls.

"Let them know we got cake, straight up the gate!" She rapped as she did a dance, shaking her body.

"We independent women, some mistake us for whores," She winked as she lounged on her red sofa, picking through a wad of cash that Vivi earlier received.

At that moment, Kidd entered, heading straight over to where Bonney was with a wad of money.

Law stiffened. No...

'When saying, 'why spend mine?'" She played through it, sitting up, running a hand down Kidd's back and expertly picking the cash from his back pocket.

"When I can spend yours!" A beautiful voice sung from off-stage. Bonney took that as the cue to chuck the wad of cash up into the air, making it rain money.

Zoro's eyes widened at the sound of the voice from off-stage.

'That better not be!' He fumed.

She wouldn't dare!

"Disagree? Well that's you, and I'm sorry!" Bonney sung as chucked some money over her shoulder like it was nothing, an annoyed look on her face.

"I'm going to keep playing these cats-" Bonney got up from the sofa, wiggled her finger at Kidd, signalling him to come and pranced her way to the middle of the stage, Law gulped. He was feeling too happy in a certain place.

"Like Atari!" The beautiful voice sung once more, once more, Zoro cringed.

"High heel shoes," Bonney kicked up herleft foot, wrapping it around Kidd's leg, causing him embrace her, which made Law stiffen in anger.

"Get love from the dudes!" Bonney winked towards Law, who turned bright red!

"Four badass chicks from the Moulin-Rouge!" Bonney sung as she stuck out four fingers. Law gulped, suddenly he felt very hot.

"Hey Sistas! Soul Sistas!" Bonney paraded around the stage, seductively, Kidd following her as she was leading him with a tie, like a leash.

"Better get that dough sistas!" She ordered as she pointed to the floor, as if saying, NOW! and flicked her fingers dismissively at Kidd, who took that as a sign to leave. Law relaxed a tiny bit.

"We drink wine with diamonds in the glass," Bonney sung as she sat back down, fully exposing her figure, drinking champagne. He stiffened yet again. "Bottle case the meaning of expensive taste!"

"We wanna Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya, Mocha Choco Lata!" Bonney grooved as she once more, exposed her figure.

"Creole lady Marmalade." She eyed Law, and casually tossed a body pillow accidentally on purpose towards his direction, hitting him right in the face!

(What What, What What)

"One more time, C'mon Now!" Bonney pounced up and snapped her fingers, giving the signal that it was all coming down to the finale.

"Marmalade…" The audience heard Vivi and Nami sung as the stage dimmed, the spotlight beginning to center on the upper floor, on top of sheer curtains.

"Marmalade…" The audience heard Vivi and Nami sung as the stage dimmed, the spotlight beginning to center on the upper floor, on top of sheer curtains.

"Ooh" A seductive voice sang. Zoro's attention increased.

"Lady…Marmalade…" They continued to sing as a beautiful dark silhouette of a woman appeared from the curtains in all perfection.


"Ooh yeah…" Meanwhile, Robin was behind the curtain's heart began to beat like a drum. She could barely see Crocodile and Sabo next to her from the darkness.

"Hey," She sung confidently, although her expression did not show it.

'Troublesome.' Zoro's painful words echoed.

"HEY," Robin sung louder.

"You've already wasted enough of my time." It came louder and louder! Robin's rage began to pile up and up.


"HEY!" Robin bellowed beautifully as the sheer curtains opened to reveal Robin in all her glory, sitting a huge pink throne with Sabo and Crocodile at her side like pets.

Zoro's eyes snapped open, his heart racing!

"Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth," Robin purred as she bent forward towards the crowd, Crocodile and Sabo both began to touch her skin, cravingly. Robin simply ignored it, as if she loved being in control.

"Color of café au lait!" Robin playfully swatted the boys' arms away, tipped her cowboy hat and she ran her fingers along her delicate figure, and over her corset, which fully drawn attention to her chest. Robin giggled quietly to herself as she caught a quick glimpse at Zoro.

His eyes were fuming, hatred was boiling up! He looked around and did not like the way everyone looked at her! They way they envisioned her!

"Alright," Robin got up from her throne and it was only just then that Zoro noticed what she was wearing.


Zoro's anger and 'ahem' sexual arouse reached an all time high, but he had to contain it. At least until the show was over…

Oh, but then his hormones kicked in and he had to restrain himself from literally jumping onto that stage!

"Savage beast inside," Robin sung seductively as she strutted slowly down the middle of the grand staircase to the main floor, Sabo and Crocodile followed closely behind. The lights dimmed and the flashed on Robin and only on ROBIN

"Roar until he cried!" The lights flashed more and more, Robin's eyes piercing the crowd!

Robin made her way to the main stage as Sabo walked on her right and Crocodile on her left. They both looked at her in awe as if she were a wonderful sex-goddess. Zoro dug his nails into the armrests, he gritted his teeth!

"More…" Nami sung as she appeared the right of the stage.

"More." Robin echoed as she slipped off her right glove.

"More…" Vivi sung as she appeared on the left of the stage.

"More." Robin echoed as she, too, slipped of her left glove.

"More!" All three sung as Robin waved her gloves in the air before throwing both off stage. She had thrown one onto the left and one onto the right, which caused Sabo and Crocodile to run desperately backstage to fetch them.

"Hey!" Robin sung as she smiled triumphantly; glad to know that those two would do anything for her.

"Now He's back home doing Nine to Five!" Nami sung as she joined Robin on the left, sticking out her hand to symbolize number five. Luffy jolted!

Just when he thought he recovered!

"Nine to five," Robin harmonized as flipped her hair, she checked her nails as if she was bored.

"Living the Grey-flannel Life!" Vivi sing-songed, as she joined Robin on the right, tossing back a shirt to a shirtless Cavendish who was leaving the stage, giving the idea that "the deed has been done". The whole female crowd roared at the sight of a shirtless Cavendish and Khoza cringed!

Robin then smirked.

"But when he," Robin's eye once again pierced the crowd as a cat-like smile appeared on her face, she gently made a nudged Nami and Vivi to the side as she appeared on the front and center of the stage.

"Turns off to sleep," Robin sung as she motioned down towards the floor, her figure slightly bending down. She grinned as she caught a look from Zoro, whose eyes were blazing from fury but yet trying so hard not to show it. The lights dimmed completely dark, only centering spotlights on Nami, Vivi and Robin.

"Memories keep!" She sung as the lights only centered on her, she bit her finger suggestively. Whistles and cheers could be heard throughout the audience!

"More…" Nami and Vivi chorused as they stepped forward towards the audience in perfect synch, moving their hands gracefully as they performing a gesture that looked like pulling a rope.

As if they were pulling the audience in.

"More…" Robin harmonized, following their footsteps in the center.

"More…" Nami and Vivi continued.

"More." Robin once again chorused, her eyes now glued to Zoro.

"More!" They all bellowed as they turned their backs to the crowd in perfect synch. The lights immediately began to flashed bright seductive and out of now where, Bonney appeared at their side. Law jolted!"

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Ta Ta!" They all purred as they looked back at the audience in perfect synch, their hands on their hips. They placed their hands on their upper crouch area before rocking their bodies to the left.

"Ta Ta!" Robin sung as she became visible in the middle, obviously leading the group.

"Gitchie Gitchie Ya Ya Here!" They all crouched to the floor, separated their legs, and popped back up in perfect synch. Zoro and the others jolted!

"Ooh!" Robin sung.

"Uh huh!" Vivi chorused.

"Mocha Choco Lata Ya Ya!" They all spun around, and faced the crowd before slowly rolling their thighs in a seductive move.

"Creole Lady Marmalade!" Robin belted out a huge note as she and the other girls lowered themselves to the floor in a line, the spotlight shining on them. Zoro gulped.

"Voulez," Vivi sung as she popped up.

"Vous," Nami sung as she popped up

"Coucher," Robin sung as she popped up

"Avec moi," Bonney sung as she popped up.

"Ce soir," Nami sang as she put a finger to her lips in an innocent look.

Zoro gritted his teeth as he stared at Robin.

"Luffy… . .MEAN?!" He spat from under his breath.

Luffy stood there, thinking. Maybe sleeping in French class wasn't a good thing after all…

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi," The girls continued to chant as they now paraded around the stage, giving flirtatious winks to other boys in the audience.

"All my sistas yeah!" Vivi declared as she stretched out her hands warmly.

"Um…" Luffy pondered, Khoza, Law and Sanji (he had a massive nosebleed but was recovering) were trying to shake it out of him while blushing madly! Zoro sat there, ready to murder Luffy with his glare.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi," Robin sung solely, Zoro glared angrily at her! Why would she do this?!

"Voulez…coucher…avec…!" Luffy suddenly jolted from his sleep, bright red in the face.

He finally remembered what those words meant…

"Ce soir," Robin purred. Vivi and Nami slowly vanished into the darkness.

"What does it mean?!" Zoro now threatened, grabbing Luffy by the color.

"It-It means!" Luffy began, still blushing for the shock of it all.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi," Robin continued to chant. Bonney grinned as she too disappeared into the darkness.

"WHAT?!" Zoro shook him.

"I think it means, "Would you like to sleep with me tonight?" Luffy gasped, trying his best to breathe.

"WHAT?!" Zoro screamed as he stood from his seat, however, this did not stop the show.

"Oh…" Robin smiled victoriously as she disappeared into the darkness.

The dark red velvet curtains closed and the seductive music still played as the spotlight began to dance all around.

"Robin," Conis introduced as she once again, became visible onto the stage (and everyone had to hold Sanji back from literally jumping onto that stage) she extended out her hand as the curtains reopened and there Robin rested, sitting on her huge throne with Rufus and Lyon by her side, a seductive smirk on her face and her cowboy tipped to one side so you could only see one piercing blue eye.

"Oh Leeea Oh," She song as she lounged on her throne, kicking one of her slender legs into the air,

"Nami" Conis introduced as Bonney appeared on Robin's right, with Arthur wrapped around her little fingers.

"Lady Marmalade!" She sung confidently.


"Hey Hey! Uh huh huh huh huh huh huh!" Bonney rapped as she appeared from on top of the throne, a wad of cash still her hands.

"Vivi," Conis sang as she made her way to the throne.

"Oh Oh, yeah!" Vivi appeared on Robin's left, holding Cavendish by his tie. She winked suggestively at the crowd.

"Rottweiler baby," Conis gestured to herself as she winked.

That did it. Sanji just died.


"Moulin Rouge!" She sung.

"Ooh!" Robin snapped her fingers in the air, causing money and confetti to fall from the ceiling.

"Misdemeanor here, " Conis chanted.

"Creole Lady Marmalade!" All the girls finally bellowed, raising their hands in the air.

"Yes-ah!" Robin sang as the lights all of a sudden turned off, the last image of Robin on her throne.


'Why would she do this?!' Zoro cringed as he dug his nails into the armrest of the chairs. Everyone around him stood up and cheered, even Luffy and co. bashfully clapped.

Everyone except Zoro that is.


From behind the curtains,

Robin sat there on her throne panting from out of breath.

She couldn't hear the " Job Well Dones" or the " Congratulations", the only words that she could hear was the sound of her thoughts.

"Take that bastard," She panted as she tried her best to breathe from all the dancing and singing,

"Take that…" She murmured as she stared at the closed curtains. She couldn't help but feel anger and frustration build up in her own chest.

What was wrong with her? She should feel happy and glad! Revenge should be sweet!

"Revenge…should be sweet!" She tried telling her self, her eyes still traced onto the curtains, disbelieving.

What has she done? Why does her heart still feel painful?

She buried her head in her hands, holding back the tears, and sighed.


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