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Fei Rin dragged Ai Rin all the way back to the temple of the Crimson Dragon clan after their loss to Leo and Sasha. Rather than letting her go once they got to the temple, she dragged her up to her room and tossed her onto the bed..

"I should not have to drag you home after ordering you to retreat from a mission. You should follow my orders exactly when I tell you." Fei Rin scolded her younger sister.

"But sister! I didn't want to accept defeat from CYBORGS! I wanted to be the winner!" The younger one pouted.

"It doesn't matter. If you had continued to fight like that, you would be dead now." Fei Rin said, glaring at Ai Rin.

"I-I'm sorry,sis." Ai Rin said, now scared of her older sister, on the verge of tears.

Fei Rin sighed, then sat on the bed next to her younger sister, hugging her. "I'm sorry to yell at you, I just don't want you to do anything that would get you hurt." Fei Rin said, calming her sister down. "But you're still getting punished." She said, pulling Ai Rin over her lap, yanking down her panties and pushed up her skirt so it was out of the way, putting her hand on her back to keep her steady.

"Sis, what are you doing?!" Ai Rin asked, struggling.

"Giving you your punishment. Now hush down and accept it." Fei Rin said, spanking her younger sister.

"Ouch!" Ai Rin yelped, wriggling, trying to escape.

"Oh, calm down! You should be used to this. You spank yourself as a taunt, you should be used to this!" Fei Rin said, continuing the spanking.

"Ow! But I never spank myself this hard!" Ai Rin complained, still struggling.

"Well, maybe you should. You'll me used to this for next time!" Fei Rin said, spanking herder.

"Owie! Fei Rin! Stop it! Please! It hurts!" Ai Rin pleaded, trying to cover her butt.

Fei Rin finally stopped and rubbed her younger sisters butt, easing the pain. "There, there. It's all over now. But if you do something like that again, this will feel like love taps. Understood?" She asked, looking sincerely into her younger sisters eyes.

Ai Rin looked in fear, then nodded frantically. "Yes, sis! I promise!" She said.

"Good. Now get to bed. We've had a LONG day." Fei Rin said, leaving the room, holding her head.