The diner was way too busy for Levi's taste. He couldn't believe that Erwin insisted on meeting here. Why the fuck couldn't he just go straight to Hange's place? Erwin wouldn't even be done for roughly another 30 minutes. He could be drinking coffee on a couch by then, and he'd get to socialize less.

Ignoring the 'Please Wait To Be Seated' sign Levi headed straight for one of the only empty booths. There were still dirty dishes. He glared in distate hoping that because he was standing there someone would clear the table faster.

It took longer than was acceptable for someone with brown hair pulled into a low ponytail to come and clear the table. Her nametag said 'Ymir'. The fact that she was several inches taller than him did nothing to stop Levi from glaring at her. She huffed loudly before roughly wiping at the table. The amazon was gone before he could demand that she do it again.

He sat down anyway. Erwin better hurry the fuck up. The sticky table was doing nothing to help his mood along. People needed higher standards for cleaning, the floor in here was atrocious. Maybe he should see if Erwin would hire him part-time. He could show the little brats in here how to keep a place clean. Maybe he should offer to do that for free.

Lifting his hand Levi gingerly poked his finger to the table. It was still tacky. He repeated this multiple more times trying to find somewhere to set his hands. Deciding the table was a lost cause Levi set his hands back in his lap and let loose a sigh. He was so tired of today already.

Just as he was about ready to get up to go irritate Erwin into leaving there was suddenly someone there rewashing the table. He barely managed to look up at the kid before looking back down at the table. Fuck he was gorgeous. The brat looked like he was trying to scrub off the germs from any hands that had ever touched this table. He was mildly impressed. Okay that's a lie, he was downright happy.

"Hi you're name is Levi right? I'm Eren. Its nice to finally meet you!" His eyes were an insane colour of green. It really wasn't fair.

Levi looked at the brat a question obviously in the works before a look of realization overcame his face. This was the kid that Erwin had been talking about? The one he'd been helping out since he moved here for college?!

He stared openly now, hoping his face didn't show his obvious distress. There were no words spoken from Levi's end and Eren was starting to look a little stressed. "I'm sorry it's just Erwin showed me a picture of you. I was excited to meet you. Hange and him talk about you all the time."

The brat looked around briefly probably realizing he didn't have time to socialize. "Is there anything I can get you?" Levi barely manged to reply with a "Just coffee please", before Eren was off.

Levi almost face palmed. Of course he was a topic of discussion between those two idiots he called friends. He could only imagine the things they had told Eren. It made a hell lot more sense now why the table was so thoroughly course those fucktards told Eren about his need for cleanliness. Knowing Hange, and he did unfortunatly know her, she had made him out much worse than he was. He realized suddenly that it shouldn't matter what was said. He also unfortunately realized that he did care because part of him was attracted to Eren.

Jesus he why wasn't Erwin fucking done yet? He needed to leave before he made an idiot of himself. This kid was to young for Levi to be flirting with. Not that he could exactly in the first place but that wasn't really the the point now, was it?

Suddenly Eren was back at the table setting a cup down in front of him. "Is it okay if I call you Levi? I just figured that with you being friends with Erwin and Hange that maybe it would be okay. I mean we'll probably see each other more now. It's just that I've been told on occasion that I can be too in your face. It's totally okay if you don't want me to. I just thought I should check because -"

Levi cut Eren off by grabbing his wrist. It was still being held awkwardly over the table. He almost laughed when startled green eyes met his, he could see the moment Eren realized he had been rambling. His lips twitched slightly when Eren started blushing. He seemed nervous. Although most people were when they didn't know him.

"Levi is fine."

He unwrapped his fingers from Eren's wrist instead focused on picking up his cup. The coffee was mediocre but the experience was turning out okay. "Thank you for the coffee Eren." He usually didnt exactly say thank you but decided it was worth it when the other blushed scarlett and stuttered out a "you're welcome" before setting down the check and hurrying off.

It took a throat clearing for him to acknowledge that Erwin was sitting across from him. Going by the look on his face he had been sitting there for a while. Levi raised an eyebrow in response before taking another drink of his coffee and looking away.

"Are you ready to go yet?"

He barely finished his sentence before Levi sent him a withering glare and then gestured to his coffee. "Does it look like I'm fucking done?" As if to proving a point he took a long sip.

Erwin looked surprised. Levi couldn't blame him. He usually couldn't wait to get out of here. For being such a small business they were constantly busy. It was kind of annoying for Levi, he only came here if it was necessary. Unfortunately Erwin insisted today.

"Did you get to meet Eren? He's been wanting to meet you?"

Ahh. There it was. Did Erwin really call him in here to meet some brat? Why couldn't they have done this somewhere less social? Maybe where he could've talked to Eren a little more. Or possible stare him down, make shit jokes, and overall make him uncomfortable. Levi was good at that.

His eyes sought out the kid without his permission. Finding him taking another order a couple tables over he cleared his throat. "Yeah, he was actually my waiter, seems competent enough I suppose."

Erwin made a choking noise across the table. Levi knew instantly he had screwed up. The fucker sitting on the other side of the table knew him too well. Levi glared harder, daring Erwin to voice his thoughts outloud.

"You think he's cute don't you?"

"Damnit Erwin. Shut up."

"That's adorable Levi."


"This will make Hange's day Levi."

"Erwin don't you fucking dare."

"But Levi, I couldn't possibly keep something like this from Hange. She'd never forgive me."

Levi gave into the urge, throwing his face into his hands. Dear mother of god. this couldn't be happening. What in the hell did he do to deserve this. Hange wouldn't just let this go. She'd insist on trying to play matchmaker.

He couldn't deal with that. She was already constantly trying to set him up. Telling him he needed to loosen up and have fun. Fuck it all. Just because he was attracted to the little shit didn't mean that he needed to go out with him. But Hange wasn't the type to see reason.

Levi looked up in time to see Erwin motioning Eren over. "Erwin what in the hell are you doing?" The only response was a grin.

Eren sported a smile when he stepped infront of the table. "Hey Erwin, what can I do for you?"

Erwin finally found the time to stop grinning at Levi to pull money out of his pocket. "His coffee is on me today Eren. It's all set" Eren was all smiles as he took the check and money. "Thanks Erwin. I'll see you later okay? Bye!"

He started to walk away but paused mid-step before turning back to the table. "Bye Levi, it was nice meeting you." He turned and walked away, not waiting for a response. He couldn't help but stare after Eren as he walked away.

Erwin had stood up at one point and was waiting obviously waiting on him. "You are ready to go now right?" The only response he got was a glare as Levi stood up, hurrying a few steps to catch the other who had started to walk for the exit.

Pausing at the door Erwin looked back. "Do you want to go back and leave your number?" He was smiling from ear to ear. Obviously amused.

The only response he got was a sharp kick to the back of his knee.