A/N: I'm pretty dissapointed in myself honestly. This is way shorter than I wanted.

I know people wanted to read Eren's point of view and I wasn't really sure how to write it, so there's this. I'm sorry.

But on a better note I have planned and now know what I want the remaining chapters to be.

Four days.

Four days since Eren had met Levi.

It had been three since he had been called into the office. That was an awful, awful day.

He was still fending off questions from everybody he worked with. He really just wanted to pretend that the whole thing never happened. Except for the part where he had discovered that Levi was attracted to him. That was nice.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for Levi to come back to the diner.

"Hey Eren, isn't that Levi?"

Eren's eyes follow to where Armin is pointing, "OhMylanta."

Mikasa gives an annoyed huff, "Eren, really? Full House again?"

"It's your own fault Mikasa."

She sighs before handing him a rag from behind the counter. "I'm well aware."

"Did that guy just-?"

Eren nods his head at Bertl's question. "He did."

"He ran to the bathroom pretty fast."

"He did."

"Do you know why?"

"No clue. "

There's a large hand placed on his shoulder. "Are you okay Eren? You look a little dazed."

"Not sure. I'm a little confused right now to be honest."

"Do you know him?"

"Umm, Kinda, Not really." He's too confused to want to tell that story. He latches himself onto Bertl's arm when he sees Hange turn and give him a manic smile before rising. "Oh, oh no, why is Hange walking over here?"

Bertholdt looks scared. Legitimately so. "I um, I don't know. I have to get back to work. Good luck Eren." He doesn't wait for a response before speeding off to the back, leaving Eren for the sharks. Or shark.

Said shark is now standing in front of him, usual deranged look on her face. "I bet you wanna know what on earth could have forced poor little Levi to eat paper."

"I will admit to being slightly curious." Be strong. Be strong. Be strong.

Hange eyes him suspiciously.

"Really curious?"


He almost goes down on his knees. "Okay, please tell me? I really want to know. Please?!"

"That's better. I think you'll like this." She smiles, slinging her arm around Eren's shoulders bringing her mouth closer to his ear, "I was trying to give you his number."

"Hange, why? You can't just do that! It's not okay!"

"Why does everyone keep insisting on that? Yes, I can! It needed to be done!"

Eren grabs his hair pulling slightly, "Obviously it didn't if his reaction is anything to go by!"

Hange pulls his hands out of his hair. "Eren honey, Levi likes you. I promise. He just has a special way of reacting to certain things."

"Hange, he ATE paper! Literally shoved the whole thing right into his mouth. And I'm supposed to believe that he's any kind of interested?"

She's starting to look exasperated. "Yes. I promise. Now as much as i'd love to stick around for Levi's walk, or sprint, of shame, I can hear my phone ringing. Laterz!"

Armin breezes by him with a tray full of food, "Eren! Tables!"

"Right, right. On it!"

Keeping a close eye on the bathroom door Eren has to wait another 10 minutes before he sees it inch open. He honestly wasn't expecting it to take that long.

Eren pretends not to notice Levi creeping out of the bathroom, waiting instead until the other is more than halfway to the door before making a move to intercept. It's obvious that Levi has spotted him when he speeds up his walk, trying to beat Eren to the exit.

The shorter male makes it to there first, just barely, but considering that Eren had situated himself to be closer to it, he's surprised. He grabs onto the others wrist just outside the diner doors. "Levi, wait!"

He gets a grunt in response. Levi doesn't turn around, but he doesn't try to remove his wrist from Eren's hands, so that's a positive.

He sighs shakily before he reaches into his apron, pulls out a folded piece of paper, and places it in the others hand. Not waiting for a response Eren turns around and walks back into the diner. He subconciously finds his way over to Bertl.

"Everything okay Eren?"


"Can I ask what you gave to the little paper eater?"

Eren looks around to make sure that Hange isn't listening somewhere close by before replying. "I gave him my number."

He's given a concerned look. "Is that what you tore out of your pad?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Given that it's made of paper, aren't you a little concerned he might eat it?"

"Well he shouldn't, I wrote 'please don't eat me' on it."