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The Wedding

18 Weeks Pregnant

It was the day after weeks of simple planning , it was the day Teddy was moving on with her life. After weeks of moping about pregnancy she began to felt like her old self. She was scared , though. She was scared of… childbirth. Her tummy was getting bigger and bigger by the second. The day before today she felt the baby kick for the first time. Her bedroom was covered with pictures of her baby's ultrasound. She found out the gender two weeks ago. The doctor told her she was having a baby girl. Spencer wanted a boy but she can be a little daddy's girl. Teddy couldn't eat any of her favorite foods. No fish , no sushi , no chicken ,and the thought of her favorite food, pizza , mad her want to throw up. Teddy had her beautiful blonde hair up in a ponytail in a veil. She was wearing a white lace dress and sneakers. While that was somewhat tacky for her boho fashion, she could not take ANY chances in heels, she would most likely fall, she was clumsy. Teddy walked down the aisle with her father. When she reached the area with the preacher , he sat down. "Spencer Walsh , do you take Theodora Duncan to be your lawful wedded wife?" The preacher asked. "I do" .Spencer answered. "Theodora Duncan do you take Spencer Walsh to be our lawful wedded husband"? The preacher asked. "I do". Teddy said "I know pronounce Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. "You may know kiss your bride". And Teddy enveloped Spencer in a long kiss as the crowd roared…

Spencer and Teddy did not have a honeymoon, instead they just took a day of work. "So Spencer I thought of some names for our baby!" Teddy said. "Ok, lets hear them". "Okay, my favorite one for our girl is Olivia Charlotte Walsh and the second is Lucille Savannah "Lucy" Walsh and if those don't work how about Emily Reneé Walsh. "I like the third one but all those names go together so what about Charlotte Reneé Olivia Walsh". "Oh my god , Spencer that is so cute"! Teddy said. "So ok that is what we are naming our little angel, Charlotte Reneé Olivia Walsh!" Teddy said. "Thanks, honey, it's what dads do." Spencer said.