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Chapter 1:


Oh, God. Here we go again. He's stalking towards me with that look in his eye and for the first time in almost a year I wish I wasn't tied to Edward's bed. He's still hard; how can he still be hard? I don't think I can take any more stimulation. My vagina was waving the white flag three orgasms ago.

Edward asked how many times I wanted to come in tonight's performance and I was only kidding when I answered. I'll never joke around when my master asks a question ever again, no sir. Fuck, his hands are on my ankles now, slowly making their way up my spread legs. My whole body quivers because I know where he's headed. I struggle against my wrist and ankle restraints like an unseasoned submissive. He instructed me not to move but it's a reflex of self preservation. I silently chant for him to please, please go easy on me.

His fingers part my lips and makes contact. Tongue to clit. I moan loudly. One more, surely my heart can survive one more. Tonight I've been spanked, flogged, and fucked into release six times. It seems my master's choosing to end the evening with a little old fashioned oral sex. This will be just what I need. One slow and sensual release to end the evening feeling thoroughly pleasured.

But no, wait a second. There's something in his mouth… it's hard and smooth and fuuuuuck it's vibrating! Edward's tongue is not alone in his mouth. Tiny vibrations are bouncing against my pussy in the most unbelievable way. His hands hold my hips firmly in place against the mattress or otherwise I'd be flopping around like a fish out of water. This is the most disturbing and amazing sensation imaginable. He doesn't relent as my moans increase in volume and intensity. My God, he's trying to kill my poor, battered, overworked pussy. I feel my inner muscles constricting once again, preparing for climax.

"Feel it, Isabella. Let it go," he murmurs loud enough for everyone to hear. His voice sounds funny with the vibrating ring on his tongue. I would almost want to laugh if I wasn't about to explode from the inside out.

Edward's hands release my hips and they immediately jerk upwards to meet his face. I feel one long finger slip effortlessly inside me as his other hand holds my leg still. I'm sore but in that good, completely satisfied way. As his finger begins to move my body gives up the hopeless fight and orgasm number seven courses violently through me. I cry out in near painful pleasure as my body releases the built up pressure from within and then goes numb.

Suddenly I remember the dimly lit room is filled with members of the club and every one of them has watched my master and lover dominate me. I can feel all eyes on my naked and trembling body as I take much needed breaths to calm myself. Edward has brought me to great heights of pleasure over and over and I'm so proud to be on stage with him. My heart is still pounding and I can't move. The shackles on my wrists have caused delicate pink marks to surface. My lower half feels limp and weightless. Edward's head emerges from between my thighs and there's a wicked smirk on his face. He moves up and kisses my forehead as the stage goes black.

In the darkness Edward releases my wrists and ankles. "Can you walk, Pet?" he whispers. We need to leave the stage so Rosalie can turn the lights back on.

"I'm shocked I can even speak, Master."

He chuckles darkly and then lifts me into his arms and carries me backstage to where Rose is waiting for us. We're both still nude from the scene but it's nothing Edward's cousin hasn't seen before. I've become incredibly comfortable in my own skin since I began performing at the club with Edward eleven months ago.

"Good scene," Rosalie says looking at Edward first and then me. "Jason asked me to remind you to stick around for a while; put in a little face time out front."

I groan internally. Jason Jenks, the owner of Coming Attractions, has requested that Edward and I mingle with our viewers the past four Friday nights. I usually don't mind the attention but tonight Edward has really pushed my body hard and I'm exhausted. Edward hates this part of performing at the club but he doesn't have the courage to say no to his friend and mentor. Edward and I have become a very popular couple in the theater and the larger audiences have proved to be quite lucrative for the club as a whole. Edward tells Rose we will be out in the main bar area of the club in about fifteen minutes and I follow him to the dressing room that used to be Edward's. I love that now both our names are on the door.

I take my silk robe off the hook behind the door and Edward helps me into it before reaching for his own clothes. He dresses in a tight white t-shirt and dark blue jeans and then joins me on the sofa. I look forward to this time together after each performance, my master's aftercare and a discussion of the scene. The loving attention he showers me with during these times makes me feel so cherished. We're still in our Dom and sub roles, and will remain so until we leave the building, but our dressing room is a place where I'm allowed to speak freely.

"What are your thoughts on tonight's scene, Isabella?" Edward asks as his hands smooth across my shoulders.

"Mmm, that feels nice. I felt pressured near the end to please you by finishing. I wasn't sure if I could do it that last time."

"I knew you could," he assures me. "I'd never push you to do something you weren't capable of."

"Yes Master, and I trust you completely, but sometimes I still worry I'll disappoint you when we try new things," I confess.

Edward's hands circle my waist and he pulls my body back against his chest. His chin rests on my bare shoulder as he holds me tenderly. I feel the rise and fall of his muscular chest as he breathes and after a few ins and outs my own breathing falls into the same pattern. "You could never disappoint me, Isabella. I was surprised though when you picked seven for your number of orgasms tonight," he says.

I smile. "It was a mistake on my part. My master didn't hear the sarcasm in my answer."

Edward chuckles. "I can assure you he did. That ought to teach you Isabella, not to tease me."

"I have learned my lesson, Master." I can feel his lips turn up into a smile against my neck.

I love when Edward holds me this way, my back to his chest. It's possessive and tender at the same time. I will never tire of his affections. Being with Edward both on stage and behind closed doors has been the most wonderful experience of my life and I've loved everything we've done together so far. His lips ghost across the side of my neck as he continues rubbing my shoulders soothing the achy muscles.

We spend a few more minutes cuddling and winding down after our intense scene. We need to stay in our D/s roles while we're out in the bar area of the club talking with the other members, and until we leave the club tonight. Not only to make Mr. Jenks happy, but because this is what Edward and I have agreed to for our own reasons. It's one of our many rules that keeps balanced the fine line between dominance and dating.

Tonight we sit at a table in the middle of the bar area and order drinks from Bianca. Edward has dressed me in a pale pink tank top with spaghetti straps and a short black skirt over fishnet stockings. Between Edward choosing my playtime clothes and our friend Alice commandeering my closet at home I rarely get to chose my own clothes anymore.

A few people approach the table to tell us how much they enjoyed our scene. Other than Rosalie, none of Edward's friends and family is here. Emmett's not working tonight and Jasper doesn't like Alice coming on Friday nights. The idea of watching his cousin fornicate still churns his stomach. I've always felt like I was witnessing an intimate expression of human sensuality when I sat in the audience of the Coming Attractions' theater. Alice, Rose, and Edward agree with that impression of exhibitionism but none of us have succeeded in convincing Jazz.

About ten minutes after we sit down Rose brings over a man and woman I recognize as regulars, though I've never spoken to them before. "Edward, this is Gabriel and Sandra. They saw the performance and wanted to meet you if that's alright."

Gabriel sticks out his hand and Edward shakes it politely. "Of course. Have a seat. Isabella and I would love for you to join us."

The couple sits down across from us, looking excited and nervous. The man is tall with dark brown hair and a goatee. The woman looks a few years younger than him. She's blonde and has obviously enhanced breasts that are barely contained in her halter top. I smile cordially but don't speak, keeping in my place as submissive.

"Have you been members long?" Edward asks conversationally.

"We just joined last month and are trying to learn the lifestyle," Gabriel replies. He appears nervous, folding his hands together on top of the table.

"Hmm. Have you had any training?"

"We've been studying online and coming to see all your scenes."

"Emmett McCarthy has started offering training sessions for members. I don't train anymore but I taught Emmett and can vouch for his expertise," Edward says kindly. "Have you seen him perform?"

"We saw his and Rosalie's scene last weekend. It was awesome," Sandra says before Gabriel has a chance to respond.

"I'll give you a few pointers and then I think you should speak with Emmett. I promise you he's a very good teacher," Edward says.

"That would be great," Gabriel replies enthusiastically.

Lots of members have asked to scene with Edward or train with him over the years. He's undoubtedly one of the best Doms at Coming Attractions. And he's all mine! I cheer silently. He used to scene with a number of different submissives before me, but since we began dating we've been monogamous. I assisted Edward in Emmett's training and then one other Dom, but soon after that he decided we should stop. I really enjoyed watching Edward instruct another dom and was a little disappointed when he said he wanted to quit for the sake of our relationship. It was so hot watching him give direction to another man, hearing him work through a scene, and getting a glimpse inside his thought process.

"First, make sure you have studied each other's list of limits. You have to be able to trust each other to know where your boundaries lie. Communication is key. Talk after every session and make sure to be honest with your feelings because you must be able to trust one another. Are you romantically involved or is your relationship strictly for play?"

"Both," Gabriel affirms.

"We just started dating a few months ago," Sandra gushes smiling and kisses Gabriel's cheek affectionately.

I can see Sandra is wearing a collar. Aren't they playing? Speaking before being addressed and given permission is a big no-no for most Doms. Gabriel doesn't seem to even notice.

"Are you two playing right now?" Edward asks. I am hoping that Gabriel says yes, and that the skimpy outfit Sandra is wearing is not her normal attire. Gosh, I sound like Alice!

"Yes, Sir," Gabriel answers.

"Gabriel, have you allowed your submissive to speak freely this evening?" Edward pushes.

"Um, I didn't specify one way or another. Why, what's wrong?" Gabriel's brow creases in confusion.

"Isabella, take off your top," Edward says in a firm deep voice.

Without a moment of hesitation I grip the hem of my tank top and pull it off over my head. I'm not wearing a bra and my breasts bounce around freely in front of our table guests. Gabriel's eyes widen and Sandra's mouth hangs open as they both stare at my bare chest. I'm a little uncomfortable under their incredulous gaze but I understand what Edward is doing. The sudden attention and the chill in the room cause a tingle to surge through my body and make my nipples harden. Edward reaches one hand over and cups my breast, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I want to react; to moan as he twists my sensitive peak between his fingers, but instead hold still and wait for instructions. My master is using me to make a point to this new Dom and I want to make him proud.

"Respect is key in D/s relationships. You must quickly decide what you expect from your submissive and punish her when she disobeys. You noticed I'm sure that my pet wasted no time following my command. She didn't even flinch or stop to question me. I'm pleasuring her and yet she's not made a single sound because she is not allowed to make any noise until I say she can," Edward explains, not letting go of my breast. I close my eyes for a moment and relish in the feel of my master's touch, shutting out all distractions. This impromptu lesson is starting to turn me on.

"I understand," Gabriel says, his eyes darting back and forth between Edward's face and my tits.

"Very good Isabella. You may put your top back on, pet." Edward smiles at me and winks. "You need to decide what kind of rules and expectations you have of your submissive and then stick to them," he continues explaining to Gabriel.

Sandra's cheeks have turned slightly pink and she's looking down at the tabletop. Edward releases my nipple and I reach quietly for my shirt slipping it on over my head. He begins to explain to Gabriel and Sandra what typical behavior for a submissive entails and my mind starts to drift.

I'm aroused by what just took place. I love showing people how obedient I am to my master, and any qualms I had about nudity are long gone after all these months of scening with Edward. He's gotten so good at playing his role in public since we met. Edward didn't think he could handle it at first; keeping his emotions in check during play time and becoming a stricter Dom than he was accustomed to being. But he knew it's what I've craved and worked hard to give me what I need. I met him halfway too, by moving in with him and agreeing to live five days of every week as just us, no BDSM necessary. That was important to Edward.

There was lots of discussion resulting in a long list of rules we both agreed upon. One such rule being that within the walls of the club we would always be our D/s alter egos. Our romantic relationship is developing just as smoothly as our D/s one. We've been living together about eight months and the three of us couldn't be happier; Edward, me, and Beanie, Edward's dachshund.

I'm looking forward to going home with Edward and falling asleep in his arms tonight. He is still chatting with Gabriel. Sandra has made a point to now act the role of submissive and is mimicking my posture; her hands folded in her lap as she looks down at the table between us. We're both silent as our masters discuss rope play and my mind wanders again. This time I think about how long ago it feels that I was in Sandra's position; not quite sure how I felt about BDSM but somehow knowing I was meant to participate in it.

When Edward and I met he had long before accepted the fact that he could never find love as long as he was a Dom, meanwhile understanding that he needed to be a Dom to satisfy his sexual needs. I'd struggled with finding the right balance in my own life. Josh's interests did not jive with my own and I soon realized we were not a good match in any way. Bob Banner practiced BDSM more to my developing taste but lacked imagination. He never pushed me the way Edward does and our relationship soon became stagnant. When he ended our commitment for fear of the good people of Forks discovering his secret I was disappointed but also a little relieved. Joining Coming Attractions and signing up to sub for Edward have turned out to be the best decisions of my life.

"Isabella? Say goodnight to Gabriel and Sandra," Edward's velvety smooth voice interrupts my introspection.

"Good night, Sir. Good night Sandra. It was a pleasure meeting you both," I say smiling warmly at them as they stand to leave.

Once we're on our own again Edward puts his hand on the back of my head and gently strokes my long hair. It feels heavenly and I close my eyes.

"You're tired, aren't you, pet?" he whispers.

"Yes Master."

"As am I. Another few minutes and I'm taking you home." He kisses the side of my head and pulls it down to rest on his shoulder.

The ride home is silent but for the sound of the car engine. Play time officially ended for the evening when we stepped out into the saturated air of Port Angeles but it's become our routine not to speak until we arrive home. I consider this time a transitional period between play time and our normal lives. I know Edward especially needs the quiet to reflect on our scene and come down from the high of dominating me.

I can feel a subtle ache between my thighs as I try to step out of the Volvo upon reaching the house. Edward hurries around the front of the car to help me. "A little wobbly tonight, Love?" he asks. I can hear the pride in his voice that comes from making me that way.

"Oh yeah, tonight will not soon be forgotten. I think I'll have to write about it tomorrow." Edward's eyes widen with curiosity as I stand up straight, shutting the car door behind me. "I'm sure you'll enjoy reading that later," I quip.

Edward decided months ago it would be fun to have me keep a submissive's journal. He got the idea from his friend Peter and now requires I write at least one page on my thoughts and feelings every Saturday during our 24/7 play. I've disliked the rule since Edward first mentioned it, but it's something that only happens on Saturdays and therefore I have to obey. It's not that I dislike writing, but more so that Edward reads it later. I can't help pouring my heart out every time I put the pen to paper even though I know Edward is going to read what I've written.

He smirks knowingly at me and holds my hand as we walk up the steps to our front door. Beanie is barking on the other side before Edward even gets the key in the lock. "We're coming, boy," Edward calls out to him as he unlocks the door. Beanie is yipping and hopping up on Edward's legs as he crosses the threshold. I pull the mail out of the box before following him inside the house. The dog trails behind Edward as he walks through the foyer and hangs his coat in the closet. I hand him mine with a smile and begin leafing through the letters and junk mail.

"Calm down boy! I know you're hungry... I'm moving as fast as I can!"

"He's telling you to leave more in his bowl before you go to work," I say to Edward. He's opening the cabinet door in the kitchen that houses the dog food.

"He gets fed twice a day and always acts likes he's never seen food before. I don't want him getting fat."

I chuckle and shake my head. Edward always thinks Beanie is getting fat, has fleas, or suffering from some other doggy ailment. I had no idea before moving in here what a loving daddy he was to this dog.

"What's this?" I ask holding up a lavender envelope. I wave it through the air and pick up a faint perfume scent in the paper.

Edward pats Beanie's head as he starts to chow down on his dinner. When he looks up to see what I have his face breaks out into a smile. "Looks like fan mail," he says smugly.

Fan mail? "I didn't know you got fan letters, Mr. Big Shot Anchorman," I reply teasing.

Edward walks over to where I stand at the breakfast bar taking the scented purple envelope from me and gives it a sniff. "They usually come to the station."

"So how did it show up here?"

A crease forms on his forehead as if he's just thought of something unpleasant. "I guess this person got a hold of my home address somehow."

He says "person" like it could be a man or woman writing him on lavender stationary. He tears open the envelope and pulls out a handwritten letter on matching paper. I'm about to ask what percentage of his fan mail comes from single women when a wallet size photo falls out of the envelope. I swoop down quickly and pick it up before Edward even notices it fall.

"Fuck me!" I exclaim. I hold the picture out for Edward to see. "I'm willing to bet my next five orgasms that this woman doesn't know you from watching the local news."

Edward's eyes widen as he glances at the photograph. The woman has taken an amateur picture of herself; naked and bound by black rope in a highly suggestive pose. He says nothing and opens the letter to read.

"Read it out loud for goodness sake!" I say exasperated.

"Bella, calm down. It's rare, but I get pictures of women at the station now and then. It's no big deal."

"Dressed like that? This woman knows you from the club, Edward."

Edward shrugs and clears his throat. "Dear Master Cullen," he begins. His brow furrows, realizing I was right. "I have been watching you with the utmost fascination and interest for months. Every night when I touch myself I imagine your beautiful cock inside me. So much so that I can no longer cum without thinking of you. I need to sub for you. Please, make me your perfect slave. I'm offering myself to you wholly, completely. Please accept my offer to be yours... I need to belong to you, I feel like I already do! I've enclosed a picture of myself so you'll know what I'm offering. I want to be your sex slave, Master Cullen. Forever Yours, Catie."

Edward's cheeks flush as he finishes reading the letter aloud. I'm shocked by what this woman has written. She's been watching him for months? Well, then she's been watching me too. Frankly, I'm offended. What makes her think Edward is in any way available?

"Shit," he whispers and leans against the counter next to me.

"Is that what you normally get at the station? Women throwing themselves at you?" I demand.

"They usually want to know if I'm single, or ask for a date, stuff like that. This letter is... intense."

Edward takes the photo from me and studies it. "Have you ever seen her?" I ask. Her face isn't one I recognize from the club.

"No. If she's been coming to see our scenes she must never come outside the theater. I've never seen her before."

I scrunch my nose in disgust. I'm all for voyeurism; I get off by having sex in front of friends and strangers, but something about this girl rubs me the wrong way. "Give this photo to Emmett and Rose. If they see her at the club or at our next scene we should know about it."

Edward grins. "Why? Are you worried about me, Miss Swan?"

"Just feeling a little territorial is all," I say flippantly. "Let's go to bed, Master Cullen, it's been a very long night."

"Okay," he agrees and kisses my temple. "C'mon Beanie. Bedtime."

My eyes feel so heavy by the time I change clothes and do my bathroom routine. Edward's already in bed reading a novel. He's wearing only flannel pajama bottoms, the sheets pulled up to his waist. I curl up against his side and he drapes one long arm around my shoulder. Tomorrow is Saturday, the one day a week we have 24/7 playtime. When I wake at 8am I will be Isabella and Edward will be Master. I look forward to the weekend for this reason; a whole day to be my secret alter ego.

My mind is still racing in response to Edward's fan letter. Instead of writing in my sub journal tomorrow about the seven orgasms I received tonight I think it will be filled with my thoughts on this kinky woman named Catie who has the hots for my Edward. Something about her letter disturbs me. I don't like feeling like a jealous girlfriend. My arm is lying across Edward's stomach and I clench him tighter.

"What's wrong?" he asks looking away from his book to check my face. He knows me so well that he can read my emotions from my facial expressions.

"There's a lot on my mind, I guess."

"You'll feel better by the end of tomorrow, relaxed and sated."

I smile at him and rub my face against his bare chest, the light smattering of chest hairs tickling my skin. He's right that tomorrow will help calm me. Submitting requires me to focus all my attention and thoughts on him, letting everything else in the world fall away. It's a kind of meditation for me.

"Are you upset about that letter?" he presses, already knowing the answer.

"Yes. She sounds seriously disturbed, Edward. I don't like the idea of her sitting in the audience at the theater, watching us fuck."

He chuckles lightly. "It turns you on having people watch us, seeing me fuck your brains out every week."

"I know, but not her. I feel like I need to protect you or something."

"Do you want to cancel next week's performance? Get Rose or someone else to fill in until we find out who she is?" he asks. I can hear the resistance in his voice. Friday nights at Coming Attractions is what Edward loves most about BDSM. He feels about performing the way I do about 24/7 play on Saturdays.

"No," I sigh. "Let's not change our routine because of this, this… Kinky Catie. I just hope Rosalie recognizes her from that picture."

"Okay," he concedes laughing softly and then kisses the top of my head. "Do you want me to read to you, Bella?"

"Yes, just a few minutes until I fall asleep."

Edward picks up where he left off in his book, reading the words aloud. I snuggle my body against his, closing my eyes and letting his beautiful voice rock me to sleep.

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