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Chapter 32:


It's close to nine o'clock at night when there's a soft rapping on my office door. If there was a security issue Felix or one of the other guys would have buzzed my phone extension. I think perhaps one of the waitresses needs to speak with me as I call out for him or her to come in.

I'm surprised to see Bella pushing the door open and stepping into my office with a big grin on her face. It's Friday night and while she's been coming to the club on performance nights with more frequency I wasn't expecting to see her tonight.

"Good evening, love," I greet. She's wearing a provocative cocktail dress cut low to expose her ample cleavage with a hemline a few inches above the knee. The dress is a striking bright blue fabric and her hair falls all around her face and shoulders. She looks gorgeous.

"Hey, sexy." she replies.

"I thought you were having a late dinner with Angela tonight?" I reply while my eyes roam up and down her slender body.

She steps closer to my desk and perches herself on the corner. She purposely crosses her legs causing the dress to ride up to the top of her thigh. "Ang cancelled on me last minute. She said Jake hurt his hand working on a car at the shop and she didn't want to leave him alone."

"Is he okay?"

"Yeah, Ang just said he had to get a couple stitches. She was quick to get off the phone so I didn't get the full story. She said he would be fine though."

I smile as Bella leans back and recrosses her legs showing me clear as day that she's wearing no panties. What is she up to?

"So you've come here to taunt me with your bare pussy, hiding just beneath that sexy as fuck dress?" I wonder in a seductive tone.

Her cheeks flush just enough for the color to register. She looks so damn cute; I love how she can still get bashful in front of me when I'm blunt like that. "I haven't come to tease you, Edward. I didn't want to sit home alone on a Friday night. I'd rather be wherever you are even if you have work to do," she answers simply.

After completing the four week training sessions with Tom, Bella and I decided to extend the offer to other good standing members of Full Exposure. We've had three men come forward with interest and I'm waiting for the first to get back to me with his schedule availability. Consequently, it's been weeks since Bella and I have had sex in this building, and even longer since we've performed a scene in the theater. It's April 2nd for God's sake. I don't think we've performed on a Friday night since early February.

We did a Valentine's themed scene. Red silk sheets on the king sized bed, rose petals and candles covering the stage. It was a scene designed for couples and everyone said they enjoyed it. I used to show off to my audience with how loud I could make my submissive scream or how many successive orgasms I could induce. After that February scene I've decided to make it my mission to express my love for Isabella during every minute of our scenes together. It reminded me of the first scene Bella and I watched together just after we first met that was performed by Peter and Charlotte.

They are a married D/s couple and Bella once described their scene as beautiful. I didn't realize it at the time, too preoccupied with my own life to really take a good look at theirs, but their relationship is what I was hoping to someday achieve. I've found that balance of love and dominance with Bella and I want every voyeur who watches us to see the love and beauty in our scenes too.

I know the theater is booked tonight otherwise I'd be getting ready to ask Bella if she'd like to play. She looks too good not to play with her at all, but I notice the absence of her collar. She's wearing the necklace I gave her instead, which is the symbol of her submission she wears when we're not actively engrossed in a play session.

"I'm glad you came, even if you don't want to play. I'd love nothing more than to spend the next few hours with you by my side. I was just about to walk the floor. Would you like to escort me?" I ask.

I stand up and briefly stretch my legs. Sometimes I don't feel cut out for a desk job. Bella hops down from the desk and walks with me to the door. She links her petite hand around my bicep as I reach for the door handle.

"Edward," she whispers, tugging on my arm and holding me back from opening the door. "Who said I didn't want to play?" she murmurs.

I smile wickedly at her, unable to hide the excitement I feel from her words. "It's been too long," I agree.

She nods her head. "The theater is in use. Where do we go?" she asks innocently.

"I have an idea. Come," I reply while opening the door and pulling her by the hand towards the elevator.

I punch the button for the second floor and as soon as the doors close my mouth is on Bella's. She responds immediately and as the elevator car descends two floors Bella and I are sucking face like teenagers in the backseat of a car. I am so hot for her in this dress that it takes all my willpower not to hit the emergency stop button. Our lips don't part until the bell dings and the doors open. I'm breathing hard and so is Bella. Her cheeks are flushed and she's grinning.

"Come on, follow me," I whisper as we walk together into the foyer of the second floor.

Most of the club members recognize me by now and a few of them wave or say hello as we pass. I'm not sure if anyone noticed the erection in my pants but I don't care, it's not like I'm the only man in the room sporting a little wood. Everyone knows Bella is my submissive and a lot of heads turn as we walk purposely through the room and down the hall to the M-booths. It won't be long before one or more of them come to see what I have planned.

I choose an empty booth and gently push Bella in shutting the door behind us. We're on the side with the reflective mirror, so anyone who enters the other compartment will be able to watch us through the two way mirror. Bella smiles at me, biting her lip. I raise my hand to her face and release her bottom lip with my thumb.

"What are you planning to do with me, Master?" Bella asks me in a low seductive voice.

"Take off that dress and I'll show you," I reply.

We both hear the door on the other side of the booth open and close more than once. I wonder how many people are crammed in there to watch our mini scene. Bella turns her back to me and I slowly pull the zipper down on her dress. She's facing the mirror and we both watch her reflection as her breasts are exposed. There's a glow in her face I haven't seen before. She looks excited, aroused, and just plain horny.

She's now wearing nothing but electric blue heels and I decide to keep her in them because I'll need the added height for the second part of this plan. I've been fanaticizing about this moment since Jason told me the club would have these booths. It's been a long time coming.

"Put one foot up on the seat, Isabella," I instruct. She lifts her leg, effectively parting her legs in a standing position. I strip off my dress shirt so I can feel her skin against mine and pull her back against my chest. "Now raise your arms and link your fingers behind my head."

She follows my directions and I slip my arms around her waist as she raises hers above her head. Her pussy is exposed and inviting me in, her breasts pushed out towards the two-way mirror that separates the two halves of the booth.

"God, you're sexy," I pant rubbing my nose along her neck. She moans appreciatively.

"I like this, Master," she coos.

"You haven't seen anything yet, dear," I reply sliding one hand down her flat stomach and between her parted legs. My other hand comes up between her breasts, holding her close against my body.

My fingers find her pussy wet and I would expect nothing less. Bella and I both finally feel completely safe in this building and we've been missing this. Full Exposure is a four story sexual playground that we've only begun to explore. I begin teasing her by swirling my index finger around her clit, occasionally dipping it inside her core. My other hand fondles her breasts and she lets me know with moans how much she enjoys my touch. It's such a heady feeling, making her body respond to me so intensely.

I know we're being observed from the other side of the booth, and it's so hot looking into the mirror and seeing only our reflections. Isabella looks amazing in this position. My dick is so hard and I wish I'd removed all my clothes before beginning the scene. I want to feel the full extent of this experience and my jeans are restricting my exposure. I slip two fingers inside her and start pumping fast, while my thumb takes over the clit stimulation. I can feel Isabella is close.

"Oh. Yes!" she cries. Her fingers clench my scalp more fiercely.

The hand on her breasts glides down her side and I put enough space between our bodies in order to slap her ass forcefully. She responds with a gasp followed by a satisfying moan. My fingers on her pussy pick up the pace of their thrusting and rubbing while my other hand delivers one more smack on her backside.

Isabella screeches and I feel her inner muscles tighten around my fingers, pushing them out as she climaxes. I do my best to keep them moving as she rides out the pleasure fully. As soon as she's done I quickly push her foot off the seat and coax her limp body forward so her chest is pressed firmly against the mirror. I hold her there with one hand while I undo my pants with the other.

"Oh, fuck," she groans hearing the sounds of my zipper lowering and the shuffling of the material off my legs.

This is a tricky position but I'm confident I can make it work. Isabella closes her eyes as I take her hands in mine and raise them over her head, palms against the mirror. "Keep your hands there, pet, or I'll install wrist restraints for next time," I say firmly.

"Yes, Master," she replies breathlessly.

She's barely recovered from her orgasm and I want to penetrate her now before the sensations fade away. I pump my painfully hard cock a few times in my hand and position myself behind her. Her face is turned to the side and her breasts and cheek are against the two way mirror.

"Is the glass cold against your nipples, pet?" I ask. "I bet whoever is watching us can see your pretty little nipples pebbling up against the cool glass."

I bend my knees slightly, pull her hips back just an inch or so, and slide inside her easily. Fuck she feels good; wet and still so tight.

"Who's watching us over there, pet? They're right there on the other side of that wall. Imagine them stepping forward to touch the glass; tracing the outline of your tits with their fingers, wishing they could touch you too."

Isabella moans wantonly. She presses her hips against my cock, willing me to start thrusting.

"Do you feel exposed like this, dear? Fuck, you feel so amazing. I'm not going to last long. How hard do you want it?"

Isabella moans. "Hard," she croaks. "So hard, Master."

My hips thrust upward one time to gauge the angle and then I start fucking her in earnest, hard and fast just as she requested. I concentrate on how we must look from the other side of the booth. My head falls back and my fingers dig into her hips. I want to leave ten fingernail marks in her skin.

"Let me hear you!" I yell. "Loud enough forthem to hear you!"

"Ahhh!" she cries out. "Yes! Yes!" Isabella chants with each deep thrust and I know I'll be coming soon. The sounds she's making will be my undoing.

"Come now, baby," I coax. "I need you to come."

Just as I think I'm going to climax before her I feel the muscles around my cock clenching once again. Thank God. My eyes are fixed straight ahead on my own reflection as Isabella and I climax together. I can feel my strength draining from my body as I struggle to keep us both upright.

She whimpers from the aftershocks of her release and slumps against my body when I pull out of her. I sit on the seat in the booth with Bella on my lap so we can catch our breath. She hangs one arm around my shoulder and rests the side of her head against mine. We both focus on recovering from the intense pleasure.

I hear the booth's other door open and close twice. Whoever observed our scene is leaving before we have a chance to get dressed. They must want to remain anonymous. That is one of the benefits of the M-booth. If you want to practice voyeurism in a more low key fashion, this is a good way to do it. By the time Bella and I step outside the booth the voyeurs are gone. I make a mental note to check the security tapes later. As manager I have that right. Just as a precaution I'll want to know who just watched us fuck, but I won't share the knowledge with anyone else unless there's a reasonable need.

I help Bella stand once we've both regained our strength and I assist her in getting back into the hot dress she was wearing. She helps me too, smirking as she buttons up my dress shirt. I know it's wrinkled now, but I really don't care.

"So you said you need to walk the floor?" Bella asks with a sloppy just-fucked grin on her face.

"Yes. I need to make the rounds. Where will you be?"

We begin walking down the hall together and stop when we come to the lounge area. I don't see anyone who Bella usually hangs out with. I don't want her to feel awkward here and am about to suggest she go down to the bar and let Bianca make her a mixed drink when she speaks first.

"I think I'll go downstairs to hang out with Danni and Bianca. Maybe help them wait tables if they're busy," she offers.

I smile and kiss her forehead. "Whatever makes you happy. Just don't feel like you need to act like an employee. You're the manager's fiancé. You have the right to sit on the outside of the bar and enjoy a drink once in a while too."

She rolls her eyes at me in an adorably defiant manner. "I'll catch up with you later, boss."

"I'll come find you when I'm all done," I say and kiss her lips tenderly before we go our separate ways.


Sex in the M-booth was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. I've had a lot on my mind today and really needed that opportunity to turn my brain off and just feel. And I'm glad Edward is being more spontaneous with me here at the club. He still worries about our safety, and it isn't that I don't appreciate his concern for our privacy, but I have more faith in the security team than he does. Edward doesn't believe a job can be done right unless he's doing it himself.

At this point in our lives, I'm no longer afraid of exposure. Our families, friends, and most of the people we do business with know who Edward and I really are. We're living out of the playroom as they say and that takes a lot of the pressure off us. It's true, I'd rather not ever have to explain another sex tape scandal to Charlie, but beyond that possibility I don't harbor much fear about shedding my inhibitions or my clothes inside this building. And that is a good feeling to have.

I had some important information to give to Edward when I came to the club this evening, but the way his eyes bugged out of his head in his office made me chicken out. I decided to put off the talk I'd had planned and just see what he would do with me in that dress. Alice scores another point in choosing dresses that make Edward go nuts. I think tonight makes three or four occasions where he's gone completely Dom on me while I was wearing a dress Alice personally selected. I'll have to remember to thank her very soon.

Down on the first floor I find Danni and Shannon chatting at the bar. I'm relieved to see they aren't overwhelmed with tables because I'm not really in the mood to help. I just can't stand to sit idly by while they work their asses off. I've come to really love these ladies and I take pleasure in feeling like I'm part of the Full Exposure team.

"Hey, Bella!" Shannon says when she sees me approaching. "Looking hot, girl!"

"Thanks. Edward thought so too," I reply winking.

Shannon and Danni both giggle. "Are you going to share the details?" Danni asks.

I blush slightly. "We just did a little scene in one of the M-booths."

"Awesome," Shannon replies. A member at one of the tables calls her over and she hurries over to help him.

"So how are things going here?" I ask Danni. "Are you girls getting on alright? Are the members being respectful?"

Danni smiles wide. "Yeah, as much as once can expect with uniforms like these." She waves her hand over her bare chest and my eyes follow her hand involuntarily.

"The uniform was Jenks' choice. You could wear the shelf bra, not that it provides much coverage," I reply feeling the need to defend Edward.

"I know, sweetie. Edward's been very flexible with allowing the other girls to alter their uniforms to make them comfortable. And I'm not complaining at all. At least this way I'm not itchy all night long. You should have seen the things I used to have to wear at the strip club!"

"Oh, well that's good," I reply trying to picture the getups she must have been told to wear at her last job. I've never actually been to a nudie bar, but I can imagine.

"Edward's a really great boss, Bella, and a good manager. When I took this job I didn't know how long we'd stay open. But Edward's done a great job getting memberships up and keeping everyone interested in coming back."

"Yeah, he really is something," I say wistfully, remembering our M-booth tryst upstairs.

Just then I feel a tug at my arm. Mr. Really Something interrupts our conversation with an anxious look on his face.

"What's wrong?" I demand. "I thought you were doing a walk through."

"I need to talk to you. Come sit with me for a minute please," he replies reaching for my hand.

I follow Edward over to a table against the wall. He pulls out my chair and I sit in it hastily.

"Edward, you're making me nervous. What's going on? Is Alice okay?"

I'm suddenly worried about our friend. She's due to have the baby any day now. I shouldn't have left my phone in my purse upstairs in Edward's office. Did I miss a call from Jasper? Or is Edward's apprehension about the scene we just did? He's probably a little suspicious that the voyeurs watching us took off before we could see their faces.

"Patrick Harris just called me," he says the second his ass hits the chair. I shake my head. The name means nothing to me.


"Patrick Harris. He's a friend of Gary's, my old boss at Channel 6. Patrick just called to offer me a substitute position at a little news station that's just launching here in Seattle. It's channel 48 or something. Can you believe it?"

"What? How?" I stammer, completely baffled by his news. I had no idea he was even still talking with his old boss.

"Gary has a lot of friends in the industry and he felt really bad about having to let me go. He gave me the guy's name over a month ago but I didn't expect much to come of it," he explains. "That's why I haven't said anything. I was so surprised when he offered me a job."

"Edward, sweetie," I say reaching out to take his hands in mine. "That's wonderful news but what would you do about this place? I know broadcasting is your dream, but you've been so successful here. All these people depend on you."

Edward looks flustered and I think back to the last time I was unsupportive of his career choice. I don't want to discourage him if this is something he really wants. I'm just a little overwhelmed by the news.

"You don't understand. See, this job offer is just a substitute position so I'll still be manager of the club. When the lead anchorman is sick or on vacation I'd get to fill in for him on the air."

"Oh, we'll that makes a big difference. And this Patrick guy doesn't care about your personal lifestyle choices?"

"He knows. We didn't discuss it when we talked on the phone but Gary told me that Patrick is aware of the reason why I was let go from Channel 6. We talked mostly about the new station, what he's looking for in an anchor, and what my ratings were like at Channel 6. Well, my ratings pre scandal."

"That's amazing. So what did you tell him when he offered you the job?" I wonder.

Edward pulls his hands back and interlocks his fingers, cracking his knuckles nervously. "Seattle's a hard market to break into. If this station does well this job could be all it takes to get my foot back in the broadcasting door. And since it's just a fill-in position I'll be able to continue managing here with little interruption to my normal schedule. It could lead to a real anchor position one day," he says with such a sparkle in his eye I just know he's already accepted this Patrick Harris character's offer.

"It sounds perfect," I reply. "Good thing you took the job."

Edward laughs under his breath. "You're right, I did. I didn't even let Patrick finish his sentence before I said yes. Are you okay with that?"

"Of course, Edward. I'm so happy for you!" I say standing up so I can give him a big hug. He embraces me tightly and I feel his lips press against the hollow behind me ear. Mmmm.

"Thank you for understanding," he whispers. "I need to get upstairs now. I was just informed a few minutes ago that the woman who's supposed to submit in Theater 2 tonight has cold feet. The Dom said he might have to cancel their scene."

"Really?" I ask pulling back to look him in the eyes. "If they cancel do you think we could maybe take their place? I mean, if you'd want to. I know you have nothing prepared."

Edward furrows his brows and the corner of his mouth quirks up in a crooked smile. "Sweetheart, I always have something prepared. I feel like I already know the answer to this, but... are you sure you'd want that?"

I nod my head slowly and bite my lip waiting for his answer. "Okay. Let me go talk to them. I have a feeling that once this new woman knows we've offered to take her place she's going to be very relieved and bow out. But I'll let you know. I was in the middle of dealing with them when Patrick Harris called. And then I just had to tell you my news immediately."

He beams at me, so excited about his job opportunity. It makes me feel guilty because I have some news to share with him too, but I've been putting it off all day. Now I have reason to procrastinate longer. Edward kisses my forehead and then heads over towards the elevator. I push any nervous or guilty thoughts from my mind and there's a noticeable spring in my step as I hurry back to the bar to tell Danni about the theater.

Half an hour later I walk on stage in Theater 2 completely naked. Edward was right that Lisa backed out of her scene as soon as he told her not to feel bad about getting stage fright. Shane came over to tell me at the bar that Edward was expecting me upstairs in the dressing room. When I arrived I found a hand written note from Edward with instructions. They made me instantly wet.

The stage is dim and the room half full of members milling around and engaging in conversation. The sound of their chatter noticeably lessens when I take the stage. There's a leather tantra chair in the center and I position myself on it as Edward's note described. My head rests against the lower hump as I lie in the chair and swing my legs up to rest along the higher hump. It's been a while since we've done a scene with one of these chairs. I can't wait to begin.

Edward's note instructed me to strip naked, come onto stage to lie on the chair in this position, and then keep perfectly still while the audience seats fill up and the scene begins. It feels odd to start a scene in any place but kneeling on my yoga mat. I always bask in the feeling of all those pairs of eyes on me as I try to center myself and prepare for what is to come. My senses feel even more heightened stretched out on the tantra chair under the dim spotlight above me. I think about Edward as my master over and over in my head and I feel my conscious mind slipping into a submissive mindset.

Music begins playing from speakers somewhere behind me. It's soft classical music; a typical choice for Edward. The audience darkens but I can make out the faces in the first few rows while Edward comes on stage and walks around me inspecting my posture. I see that he's naked already, his cock more than halfway hard before he's even touched me.

I love that the thrill of exposing ourselves to this room full of attentive club members is enough to turn him on. A long time ago Edward described scening in the theater as liberating. I can't think of anything more liberating than this moment.

"Good evening, Isabella. You look simply stunning."

He slips two fingers between my legs and checks my arousal. I'm ready for him as always. Without shifting my head I watch Master walk around me, his right hand spreading my wetness across my belly as he goes. He pauses by my head, rubbing his hands over my shoulders, across my breasts, and back up to cup my cheeks.

"Turn over, pet. I want to see you on hands and knees," he instructs smoothly.

Master is so disciplined and good at what he does. Just the authoritative sound of his voice has got me riled up. I scramble into position as gracefully as possible. My knees are pressed into the dip in the center of the chair, each foot hanging off the sides of the chair. My hands prop myself up on the lower hump. Master repositions my arms so that the weight of my upper body rests on my forearms instead of hands. He walks to the lower hump end of the chair so his hips are level with my head. There's a black flogger in his right hand now. I'm looking straight ahead at his glorious length, wanting to lick it.

"You look hungry," Master comments. I lick my lips.

Edward moans softly and takes his hardened cock in his hand to guide it into my mouth. I open wide, taking almost all of him inside, and then swallow around him. He raises his arm with the flogger and softly trails the tendrils up and down my spine. I close my eyes and suck Master's cock with enthusiasm. I want him to strike me with his toy. My tongue swirls around his length as I enjoy pleasuring him.

Suddenly he steps back, his length slipping from my mouth. I look up at him and see in his eyes that he was enjoying the head too much. He needs to slow things down. Master walks to the middle of the couch so his back and naked behind are facing the audience. Out of the corner of my eye I see him lift the flogger and then I feel the sting on my ass cheek. As always, the first bite of the toy makes me jump.

The second strike is on the back of my thigh, just under the cushion of my behind and I groan. I am loving this position; able to toss my head back and absorb the pleasurable stinging. The flogger hits my behind in various spots, never the same bit of flesh twice, until a warm sensation can be felt all over.

Master places the flogger down on the chair and I feel his hands on my neck and head. His fingers lace into the hair at the back of my head and he pulls it until my eyes are gazing up at the ceiling. His other hand slides down my neck and begins fondling my breasts. I moan because his touch just feels so good. I imagine how we look from the audience. My head and chest are viewable from the seats, my middle is blocked by Edward and his firm sexy ass, and then my reddened behind and legs show at the other end.

I feel Master's hands release me as he walks around to place his cock back in my mouth. I suck it eagerly; far more aroused than I was when we began. I want to suck him in deep and hard to show him how much pleasure he's giving me. He groans and if my mouth wasn't full I'd smile smugly. His hands snake around my arms and palm my hanging tits. He's rough, squeezing and pulling them back and forth. I moan around his cock and can feel the stirring of an orgasm deep in my belly.

Master leans forward a little and picks up the flogger. He holds my head steady with his other hand and starts thrusting himself inside at a pace that suits him. I hold perfectly still as he fucks my mouth. Then I feel the bite of his flogger on my hip. I hum around his cock. He chuckles darkly and then hits me again. Over and over he whips the flogger through the air over my back landing blows on my hips and behind as he fucks my mouth. It feels so good to provide pleasure and receive it at the same time. I can feel an orgasm building. Again I wonder how we look from the audience. I wish I could float out of my body and watch the scene from the back of the room. Knowing all these people are watching me will have to suffice. I moan loudly as another strike lands in the center of my ass.

When my sucking becomes too much for him again he backs off, circling around to my other side so he is now facing the audience. I feel two of his fingers enter me where I desperately wish he'd put his penis. They begin pumping in and out at a leisurely pace. I exhale slowly, trying to control my need to come, when the flogger swings through the air coming up under my body and hitting my clit. A needy cry escapes my lips and my knees wobble on the chair. Master's thumb is added to the mix between my legs, quickly massaging my still stinging clitoris. The sensations are too great. I hope Master isn't going to make me hold back because I can already feel myself losing the battle for control over my body's needs.

"So beautiful, Isabella," he murmurs.

I hear myself begging to come. "Please. Please Master."

The speed of his fingers slows a little and I hear the whoosh of the flogger as it strikes both my breasts. My head falls back and I moan. If he hadn't of just let up the assault on my pussy that would have made me climax. I am so close. The unmistakable tickle of the tendrils pass along my spine again. His fingers pick up speed and I know this is it. The grand finale.

His flogger strikes me harder than before, over and over on my hips, ass, and breasts. "Please, now, Master!" I scream, shutting my eyes tightly. His fingers are pumping into my core, his thumb circles around my clit, and his flogger strikes my breasts. It's too late to step off this landmine now; I'm either going to orgasm or just plain explode into smithereens.

The sensations are unrelenting and finally Master grants me permission. "Come now, pet," he hisses.

I can hear the strong arousal in his voice. One more strike of his flogger and I'm done for. I press my hips back against his hand and my entire body shakes as a punishing climax explodes within me. It's so powerful that I feel the rare release of fluids coat his fingers. I hear myself scream and curse but I can see nothing; just the blinding lights of pleasure.

I can't move at all but I feel Master shifting my body. I'm not ready to come back down to Earth yet so I let him position me however he wants while I rent my eyes. My back is against the leather now and when I finally peek out from under my lashes I can still see that brilliant white light that I now recognize as the stage lights above our heads. Master is straddling the tantra chair too, our bodies facing one another. Our knees are touching and the only space between us is occupied by his hard, pulsing cock. It looks painfully hard and as sleepy as I am I still want to turn his bones to jelly too.

Master stretches his arms out to me and I fall forward into his embrace. I'm sure glad Lisa the new submissive got cold feet, but boy am I tired now! It takes every last ounce of strength in my body to hold my head up. I am now lying on top of Edward, our legs a tangled mess at the lower hump of the chair. His back is propped up slightly against the higher hump and I know what he wants. Of course this position will require me to do most of the work.

My subconscious reminds me about why I was so adamant about coming here to the club tonight and I decide it's time I buck up and fuck my master the way he desires. I need this more than he does right now. My hands find their way to his shoulders as I push myself up into an upright position. I'm going to ride his fucking cock until he screams for me to stop.

"Not so fast, Isabella," he snickers. "You are going to ride me, dear. But not like this. Turn around."

Mother of pearl. Reverse cowgirl, seriously? "Yes, Master," I squeak and find the strength to flip around.

Master holds his throbbing cock in one hand so it stands up straight and with my hands resting on the leather chair I slowly impale myself on his erection. Mmmm, why was I fighting this? He feels so incredibly perfect filling me. I'm balancing some of my weight on my tiptoes and once my body has adjusted to accommodate his size I pull my toes off the floor and drop my weight fully onto his hips. The last bit of his cock fills me and we groan in unison as the feeling of him being completely immersed inside me overwhelms us both.

"Fuck, you feel good, Isabella. Brace your hands and prepare for a wild ride," he says.

I thought I was going to be doing the work here but as soon as my fingers clench the leather my whole body is jolted upwards. Master bucks his hips upward repeatedly, tossing me around and jack hammering into my pussy like a fucking wild steed. With each jolt upward gravity brings me back down harder onto his cock, impaling me over and over. It feels deeper each time and immediately I'm screaming. I've already had two orgasms this evening and he's going to finish me off rodeo-style.

Master grunts and groans behind me as his wild thrusting continues to pound me into oblivion. I hear someone gasp in the audience and it fuels my arousal. I'm panting, moaning, and digging my fingernails into the leather chair as I hold on for dear life. Master is equally as winded and I hear him call my name through my cries of passion.

"Fuck me, Isabella," my mechanical bull yells. "Use my cock to finish yourself off."

Now he wants me to lead? Fuck, I'm exhausted and so far he's been doing all the work! We're both sweating and that only makes for a more slippery ride. I feel the loss of his pumping immediately and my body is begging for it to continue. I fill the void, lifting myself off his sticky hips and coming back down slowly. We both moan. I can't tease myself. I need to go faster. Master obviously agrees, as his hands leave the edges of the chair and grasp my tits tightly. He pinches my nipples as I start to move faster. Mimicking his motions from before I thrust myself up and down on his cock as fast as I can, spurred on by the fire building back up in my belly and the sensations he's drawing from my breasts in equal measure.

I can feel his breathing pick up and I know he's close. It's probably because my inner muscles are squeezing him so tightly. One of his hands continues to hold my breasts together and the other trails down my belly. When his fingers pinch my clit that is the end of me. I climax immediately, slamming myself down onto his hips again and again trying to prolong the feeling of euphoria that's washing over me.

Master's yelling out a string of curses as he comes inside me, eventually moving his hands to my hips to stop the bouncing. I am so lost to sensation that I don't stop fucking him until Master physically removes me from his cock and lays me out on the chair. I'm panting, he's panting, and then it all goes dark.

~#~ Epilogue ~#~


For a second I think maybe I've passed out and then I realize it's just the stage lights. Where Edward and I are up on the stage it's completely dark and the soft glowing high hat lights over the audience have been turned on. I feel Edward pull me up into his arms and take me backstage. He tends to me in the dressing room, rubbing down my arms and legs and then helping me dress. Thank you again, Lisa the scaredy cat. The evening worked out perfectly with the theater opening up for Edward and me to do a scene.

We're both quiet on the ride home from the club; exhausted from multiple orgasms and taking this needed time to process all that's happened tonight. By the time we get home we'll be Edward and Bella again. I'm feeling especially sentimental and emotional tonight. My mind whirls around all the memories I hold from my first stage experience. I'm so grateful that it was with Edward. Every moment of my submission to him has been an experience to cherish. Sometimes I still can't believe how lucky I am to have Edward in my life.

As soon as we get home I head right up to bed. While I'm brushing my teeth and washing my face Edward tends to Beanie and then joins me upstairs. When I open the bathroom door I see that Edward is already tucked into bed, fighting sleep as his eyes flutter open and shut. He's had a long day of working and two orgasms tonight. I suppose I should be happy he didn't fall asleep before I got into bed.

I would be on my way to sleepy town too if it weren't for the small matter of having that important conversation with Edward that I've been avoiding all day. I'm wired with nerves and adrenaline as I shake his shoulder forcefully to rouse him. I know it's mean, the poor man just wants to get some rest, but I will go mad if I don't tell him my news tonight.

"Edward, wake up."

He groans. "Come on, please? I have to tell you something." No response. "It's a secret I've been keeping all day. Don't you want to know what it is?"

One eye opens and he glares at me. "No," he replies and closes it again.

"Edward!" I whine pushing the blankets off myself and moving to straddle his hips. He ignores me even after I grind myself over his dick. "Don't make me fuck you awake... you know I can do it. Come on, five minutes?" I beg knowing this conversation will take much longer than that.

"Fine, five minutes," he says begrudgingly. His hands settle on my hips and he blinks his eyes open a few times.

I smile down at his hazy green eyes, stalling for a few seconds. "I'm pregnant," I announce triumphantly.

Edward springs up into a sitting position so fast he head butts me. "Ow!" I shriek, rubbing my sore forehead with one hand.

"Sorry! Sorry!" he says, much more awake now. "You're pregnant?"

I nod my head. "I found out this morning."

"This morning! Why didn't you say anything?" he demands still holding me in his lap.

"I took a home pregnancy test after you left for the club. I was waiting for the right time."

Edward rubs his eyes with his fingers and I watch as the pupils in his brilliant green eyes dilate. Finally he focuses on my face. "The right time was three o'clock in the morning?" he asks. "I can't believe you kept this from me all night. Oh God, you let me fuck you... Twice. And flog the shit out of you. Why?" His fingers rake through his hair nervously as he remembers our scenes from the club.

"I know, I'm sorry. I just wanted one more wild scene with you before I told you I was pregnant," I admit sheepishly.

"Why?" he asks again truly puzzled. But even has he says this, his hands move to hold my still flat belly.

I laugh lightly, placing my hands over his. "Because I know you, Edward! In your mind my uterus is a sacred vessel now. You're not going to fuck me that good for a very long time."

He frowns, pulling his hands away. "You're right. I'm not. I won't even sleep with you again until you've seen a doctor. I don't know how this works."

"Alice told me a while ago she and Jasper were still having sex until her seventh month. It's perfectly safe," I promise him. She really did say that. I should add the only reason she cut Jazz off at all was because she said she felt too fat to fuck. Her words.

"So you took a test?" he probes.

"Yes, it's in the trash. Why? You don't believe me?"

"Of course I believe you, but I thought you were on the pill."

"I am. Was. I missed a few pills since the move. We've been so busy with the club and the wedding planning that I forgot a few times." I smile sweetly, hoping he doesn't get mad at my carelessness.

Edward's eyes grow wide. "Crap, the wedding! How pregnant are you?"

"I know I had my period last month. It was right after our trip to Port Angeles. So I'm guessing like four weeks? I'm only a few days late but the test said positive."

"Four weeks. So you'll be thirteen weeks on our wedding day. Does that bother you?"

I shake my head. "No I don't care what people think. Do you?"

"No, I don't care either. And besides, we've shocked everyone we know much worse than an unplanned pregnancy will," he jokes.

"I wouldn't say it's completely unplanned... just sooner than planned."

"So you're happy, then? About the baby?" he asks nervously.

"I was freaking out for about an hour this morning," I admit. "But I'm really happy."

I've had a lot of mixed emotions about becoming a mother over the past year but now that it's happening I truly am thrilled to know Edward and I are having this baby. He leans forward to kiss me, wrapping his arms around my waist. His lips ghost over my jaw and down my neck where he sucks gently on my collarbone.

"I really can't believe you're pregnant," he says after a few quiet moments.

I giggle as he lifts his head and brushes his nose against mine. "Do you want me to show you the damn test, Edward?"

"Yes," he says hoping out of bed excitedly.

I guess he's fully awake now. I follow him into the bathroom as he reaches for the wastepaper basket. He sifts through a few pieces of toilet paper I threw in there to hide the test. He pulls it out and reads the digital screen. "It's blank," he announces.

"Oh, well I guess the results only display for a few hours," I shrug.

He looks at me strangely. "Do you have any more?"

"Yes," I answer warily. "I bought a box of three."

"Good. Take both of them. I wanna see."

I chuckle at his enthusiasm. "You've lost your mind. I can't pee anymore; I just did my business when I brushed my teeth. I know I'm pregnant."

"Come on, try?" he presses.

I roll my eyes at him deliberately and then pull both the remaining tests out from inside the vanity. I wet both tests at once and manage to get enough urine on them to make the little hour glasses appear and start turning over. Edward is immediately drilling his fingers on the countertop. Does he really not believe me?

Three long minutes later Edward gasps. "Look! It says you're pregnant!"

I roll my eyes deliberately. "Told you so!" I retort.

He pulls me into his arms and kisses my lips again. I'm so relieved he isn't upset. It was no secret Edward's been looking forward to becoming a father but ideally this would have happened after we walked down the aisle.

Edward can't seem to stop kissing me. I am lifted off the bathroom floor and carried bridal style back to bed. He deposits me gently on my side and he curls up next to me. As he's kissing my neck I fling my arms around his shoulders I can't think about anything except how happy I am. And then our cell phones buzz simultaneously on their respective night stands and we both freeze. A mass text can only mean one thing.

"Alice!" we both exclaim and push apart to scramble for our phones.

Edward gets to his first and opens the text message that has just been delivered to both our inboxes. "She had the baby," he announces. "It's a girl."

"Yay!" I cheer opening my phone and reading the message for myself. I'm delighted to see Jasper included a picture. "She's beautiful!"

Edward scrunches up his nose and tilts the phone this way and that. "Are we looking at the same picture? She's all red and pruny."

I laugh out loud. "Edward Cullen, if those are the first words you use to describe our baby I will kill you in the delivery room."

He scoffs. "Is our baby going to look like an alien too?"

I roll my eyes. He has a lot to learn in the next eight months. We both shoot off return texts to Jasper to congratulate them and I jump out of my skin when the phone in my hand buzzes again. I open a second message from Jasper and smile wide.

Amelia Catherine Hale. 7lbs 3oz. Get your asses to PA to see her

There's another picture with this message. It's of Alice holding baby Amelia. Alice's hair is matted with sweat and she looks exhausted. I've never seen her look less than a hundred and ten percent. "Never, I mean never tell Alice we saw this photo," I tell Edward in a serious tone.

"Agreed," he says nodding his head. "I wouldn't want Jasper to die so soon after becoming a father."

"So shall we plan a little trip to Port Angeles tomorrow?" I ask.

"Absolutely. Do you want to stay overnight with Rosalie and Emmett?"

"Yeah, I'll give Rose a call tomorrow to make sure it's okay with them. And I should visit Mrs. Beagle while we're in town," I add thoughtfully.

Edward grimaces. "Okay but I think I'll skip visiting with you this time to avoid getting roped into another public masturbation ceremony. That woman is impossible to say no to. Besides, I need to spend some quality time with my niece. Wait, my second cousin. Shit, what do I call her?" he wonders out loud.

I giggle. "I think Uncle Edward really suits you. But so does Daddy."

Edward smiles wide at me. "Yeah, I like the sound of that too."

He wraps his arms around me and begins kissing my neck right where he left off a minute ago. I moan and relax against him, feeling the exhaustion of the day creeping back in. We really need to get some sleep if we're driving down to PA in the morning.

"Are you worried?" he whispers pulling back just enough to look into my eyes.

"About having a baby?"

"Yeah. You used to worry about how it will change our relationship. We won't be able to have 24/7 Saturdays once there's a baby in the house. And what about the club? We just agreed to start training a new Dom," he murmurs softly.

"You're right. We'll have to talk about those things. But I have faith in us, Edward. We'll find a way to make this work; to not lose ourselves completely."

"I love you so much, Bella. I can hardly wait another nine weeks to make you my wife."

I smile against his cheek and rub my hand over his chest. My fingers sweep through the hair on his sternum as they move to cup the back of his head. "I love you so much too, Edward."

There was a time in my life when I thought submitting to a dominant would be an adventure, and it certainly has been a wild ride. Never did I think I would be so fortunate as to find a talented and loving Dom like Edward, and better still that we would fall in love. I think Edward and I both know that the lifestyle we've led together has to evolve in order for us to grow not only as a couple but as a family. We understand each others' needs and will find a way to incorporate them into our marriage and impending parenthood.

It looks like Alice was right again, we are going to end up living in the same neighborhood carpooling our kids to school and soccer practice. I can imagine our lives a few years from now. Alice and I will wave goodbye to the kids as they step onto the school bus and then we'll go back to one of our homes to have coffee and talk about anything and everything. Maybe I'll have a personal assistant client to attend to after that or maybe I'll run over to Full Exposure to handle some managerial tasks for Edward.

He is so happy to get another chance at broadcasting. I just know in my heart that he'll be able to make a new name for himself here in Seattle. I'll be very happy when I can once again watch him work from the privacy of our bedroom... waiting patiently for him to adjust his neck tie.

Even after the baby comes Edward and I will find a way to make time to be together, whether it means dinner and a movie or an evening at the club. Maybe Uncle Jasper and Auntie Alice won't mind babysitting on a Friday night every once in a while. And we can do the same for them. It will be quite convenient having them just a few blocks away. And I know Grandma Esme will watch her grandkids every opportunity she gets.

I used to be afraid of what having a family would mean for our taboo lifestyle. I realize now that the reason Edward hasn't been afraid of our relationship progressing is because he's known that even as our BDSM life changes it doesn't mean the end of something beautiful. Our life together is going to be beautiful even if we never get back on that theater stage again. Getting married and having a baby means we're about to embark on a whole new adventure. And I say let the fun begin!

I know our love is strong enough to survive anything life throws at us. I am beyond excited to make Edward my husband, and begin our next beautiful adventure together.

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