Chapter 27

Kale jumped around in the barrier doing everything he could to break out of the barrier that they were currently in. Time and space passed around them slowly. Kagome allowed her eyes to watch the colors change and dance with the lights of time. It was really beautiful to see the blinks of colors in slow motion. She almost wished she could reside here for the rest of her long life only watching the stars and space but the sounds of her uncle trying to rip a hole in the barrier were ruining her pleasant thoughts about it. She had taken a seat amongst the clouds to allow him to wear himself down. Her arm had gone up to hold her head from her boredom of him doing everything he could to get back to the battlefield. And he was loud about it. He had called her a bitch about four times in the last minute. Her annoyance wasn't at the fact that he called her a bitch, though normally it would have been. It was due to the fact that he was acting like a spoiled child about it. Millions of years old and still throwing tantrums, she sighed in annoyance.

"Are you finished yet?" she asked, her voice echoing in the room.

"You will release me! Now!" he barked at her.

"I don't think I will." She sighed letting her attention get taken away by a nova. The blues and red collided beautifully before exploding wonderfully.

"You really think that you can keep me in here?!" He roared.

She shook her head. "Tell me, Uncle, why are you so mad?"

Kale shook in irritation. "What does it matter to you?"

Kagome shrugged again, her eyes looking to the sun passing them in a distance. "Was it because in the darkest moment with those humans, you lost your connection with dad with what you thought would be forever?"

Kale paused.

Kagome turned her back on him. "When you were so close to dying, you at least wanted your twin to be there and understand right?" she moved some hair behind her ear. "You did die for a while there didn't you?"

"How did you-?"

"My son is asking. For some reason, he really wants to know the answers to the questions."

Kale charged at her.

Kagome sidestepped before spinning to avoid his claws. "Come now Uncle, resorting to such a petty thing."

Kale tried once more and but missed only minutely as she jumped up only to land on a cloud. "I can't wait till I get to throttle you."

"What are you so mad about Uncle? We just want you to be able to be free and to live your life with your brother till the end of time. You are hurting. Father is also hurting. Admit that you are hurting in the worst way and things would go so much smoother for you and for me." Kagome asked sitting on the cloud once more. "Your brother was there with you even you left the plane of the living."

"You would lie to tell me anything in defense of your father!. You are no different than that bastard!" Kale roared sending a blast in her direction.

She slapped it away only for it to disappear away. "Really? Do you think that even now I would be defending him? He is fully capable of defending himself. Right now, this is about you Uncle. I want you to embrace me with a familial heart and not vengeance. Do you really want the world to burn because of what some humans have done?"

"You don't get to speak about it!" Kale yelled sending more blast in her direction.

Kagome disappeared under the blasts only to appear behind him. Wrapping her arms around his torso, she laid her head on his back. "But Uncle, I saw everything on both your ends. Father screamed for hours when you left the land of the living. Your parents would not allow him to go to you no matter how much he fought. And you, when Death was before you, you took her hand and asked her to take you to your brother."

Kale paused.

"Through all of the abuse those humans put you through; your brother never stopped trying to get to you. I'm sorry it happened. I'm sorry they did those things to you. No one ever deserves what happened to you. Humans are shitty Uncle. But killing everything and using my son and me to destroy the world isn't going to fix the past. You are angry at Father but Uncle; please for a moment consider something. Consider being a part of a family that would actually die for you. Your brother wants nothing more than to grow old with you and raise children together. Don't you want to find a nice woman or man to spend your life with?" She spoke gently.

Kale looked at his hands as tears seemed to form in his eyes. Growing old with his brother was a dream that he had long discarded due to his rage. "How do I know you have not made this up?"

Kagome took a step back from her Uncle. "Take a look for yourself Uncle."

The clouds swirled before them both darkly. The image was broken horizontally to show Kale and Kauhn during the same time at the incident. Kale's eyes widened at the memory of what had happened to him being brought before his eyes. He wanted to look away for he no longer was that weak child. The anger in him bubbled up for a moment before he looked down at his brother crying form. Kauhn was hysterical as their father held him down on the ground to stop him. Kale watched his brother do everything he could to get away from them and to come to them. He was telling the truth. It had been true that his brother had tried to come for him. The more he watched, the more his heart shattered. When they ripped his scales off, Kauhn's scale came off too. There was so much blood on the floor from them being removed. When they beat him to death, he cried and bruised all over where he himself had been hit. And when the raped him, he screamed for hours upon hours. Their mother had done her best to console him but he couldn't be. That time span of just five minutes when he had crossed over to meet death, he watched his brother attempt to follow him but their father had intervened, knocking him out in the process.

"Was Death nice?" Kagome asked softly.

He nodded. "She cried upon seeing me." He answered not looking away from his brother.

She nodded back in understanding. "And sent you back huh?" her hand came up to her belly. "Uncle, please allow us to embrace you as your parents should have. Not just my son and I but father as well. He really misses you. You miss him too right?"

Kale turned to look at his niece whose arms were wide open.

"There is no ill will from either of us Uncle. My son wants you to touch him actually."

He took slow steps toward her ignoring the voice in his mind to just blast her to oblivion. It screamed at him to just end them both and take over the world without them. Again, the voice was ignored as he reached his niece. She wrapped her arms around his torso and laid her head on his shoulder. He stood there shook for a moment allowing the warmth of the two of them to fill his soul. His eyes widened at the silence he heard. There hadn't been silence for 50,000 years. But now it was quiet. His eyes watered again as he wrapped his arms around her, careful of his great-nephew.

"We will continue to embrace you as family for all of time. You have missed out on much, Uncle. Father will be overjoyed to have you back." She nodded feeling his shoulders shake.

"I want to be back." He whispered. "Forgive me, Kagome. Forgive your old Uncle for all that he has done to you."

She smiled. "All is forgiven forever, Uncle."

"You have your father's heart I see." Kale chuckled lightly.

"You think so?" she continued to smile. "Come, it's time to see everyone."

Kale nodded and separated from her. "It is time."

"Everything will be fine." Kagome nodded raising her hands up to the heavens.

Kale watched time pass him again. "I hope so." He murmured.